May 5, 2022

16 Ways to Play With Female Erogenous Zones (I Love 14th)

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Dude, in this exciting guide, you are going to learn what are erogenous zones & juicy details about female erogenous zone that you probably never knew or heard of.

Many men have heard about female erogenous zones but most of them do not have much idea about it.

Erogenous zones is an area of the body that creates sexual excitement when licked, kissed or otherwise stimulated. 

There are probably a lot more male and female erogenous zones than you ever imagined.

You all know about the obvious ones:

The genitals and the breasts, and maybe you also play around with some of the other popular ones like the neck or the ears.

It’s time to learn about and explore some of those lesser known female erogenous zones and learn some new tricks on the old faithful ones.

Part 1 - Upper Body Parts: But remember not all erogenous zones are hot spots for every woman.

Learning how to stimulate woman's erogenous zones with erotic licking and kissing is going to seriously increase her desire and pleasure when you’re getting physical.

Try out each of these techniques, get your partner’s feedback, use what works and discard what isn’t doing it for her.

#1. The neck also the most common erogenous zones for women.

The neck is often an instant “get her turned on quick” zone. The area where the neck meets the shoulders is particularly sensitive.

Try lightly licking this area and let your tongue travel up toward her ear.

Then passionately kiss and suck on her neck, being careful not to suck too hard and leave a mark.

You don’t want to give her a hickey, we’re not 16 anymore.

Once things getting going you can lick her neck with more pressure and go back and forth between licking, sucking and kissing her on different parts of her neck from her ears down to her collarbone.

Steer clear of the front of the neck.

If your partner is ticklish, it’s best to stick to more firm kisses and licking and avoid light touches that might just make her giggle and push you away.

#2. The ears the second most powerful female erogenous zones.

The ears are very sensitive to being licked and kissed.

You can begin by sucking or nibbling on her earlobe. Then take it up a notch by running your tongue along the curves of the ear and inside.

Finish it off by pushing your tongue into her ear (not forcefully), this action will send shivers down to her genitals and remind her of other areas that you can enter.

#3. The back of the neck the third most juicy erogenous zones for women.

While you’re at it, the back of the neck is another hot spot.

You can approach her from behind and give her a moist, sensual kiss that will send shivers down her spine. 

From there you can either make your way to the sides of the neck, up to the ears and mouth or continue down to the back.

#4. The back and shoulders.

After kissing the back of her neck, make your way down and begin kissing, sucking and licking all across her shoulders and neck.

You can bring this to the next level for both of you by reaching your hands around her body and kneading her breasts as you kiss her from behind.

From this sex position you also have the perfect opportunity to press your hard penis into her butt to let her know just how much you turn her on.

But don’t go too far, you have a lot more work on the erogenous zones to do before you move on.

The back and shoulders is a key erogenous zone for women because it’s often neglected.

Stimulating this area will also help to make her feel more relaxed, which is key to her letting go completely to the sexual experience. 

The entire back is sensitive and kissing, sucking, and licking, while perhaps also kneading with your hands, feels fantastic.

Make a trail of moist kisses down her spine and make your way to her lower back.

This part of her back, just above the butt is extra sensitive and should get a little extra attention.

Part 2 Lower Body Parts - #5. The stomach one of my favorite female erogenous zones.

It’s important to know your partner here. Being kissed and licked in this area can be a huge turn on and feel very intimate.

The stomach is very sensitive and sensations here can feel so intense that they can even be ticklish.

If you have a ticklish partner, avoid this by using a more firm technique to your kissing, licking and caressing.

A light touch will only make her squirm, in a bad way.

Many women are self conscious of this area of their bodies, so be aware of this when focusing on it.

Sometimes a few sincere compliments can make a woman feel more at ease and open to your advances.

If you feel she might be pulling away, try mummering into her ear how sexy her body is and how much touching her turns you on.

#6. The breasts and nipples most men never give the attention and love it deserves.

Men tend focus right in on the nipples when it comes to this area and they leave the rest of the breast relatively untouched.

This is a mistake. The nipples are extremely sensitive, but there are a lot of nerve endings in the breasts as well.

Because they might be neglected, it feels extra good to have the breasts stimulated.

Try licking her breast starting from the bottom and going up.

Let your tongue relax so that is wider across (as opposed to when it is tense and more rounded).

Move your tongue up and over her nipples and swirl around them until you get to the center.

The amount of pressure here will depend on your partner’s sensitivity and what she likes.

Some women have extremely sensitive nipples and if you’re too forceful, it will hurt instead of turn her on.

Move between sucking on her nipples and licking them and the area around them.

Some women like light nibbling on their nipples, but if she has very sensitives ones, this will probably be too much.

Also be mindful that women’s breasts usually get sore before they are about to get their period so their nipples and breasts should be handled with extra care during this time.

#7. The fingers and toes.

Have you ever had a woman suck on your fingers or toes? (Side note, if you haven’t, ask your partner to do it right away!).

This feels amazing. If you’re not into feet or she’s too ticklish, sticking with the fingers will get a similar result.

Start by licking her finger up and down.

You can even start before this with a hand massage that will get the blood flowing to the area.

Once you have enticed her by licking her fingers, start slowly teasing her by putting her finger in your mouth and giving it a little suck, but then returning to licking or massaging

Finally give in by fulling sucking on her finger.

Don’t be afraid to put a little pressure in your sucking here. Make sure you continue to change it up as you stimulate this area.

#8. Other female erogenous zones that men needs to try.

Not every erogenous zone might be something you can or want to explore with your mouth.

The armpit, for example, is said to be a very sensitive erogenous zone.

If you think this might be something your partner will like and you want to explore it, but feel queasy thinking about putting your mouth on her pits, try stimulating this zone in the shower where washing her body will already be an amazing form of foreplay.

The backs of the knees, the soft skin of the inner arms, and the feet are also said to be extremely sensitive erogenous zones for women that could be fun to play around with.

The scalp is another area that you can’t use your mouth on, but you can stroke her hair and give her a scalp massage while exploring other erogenous zones in that area.

#9. Try erotic kissing and licking in neglected areas.

Even if something isn’t technically an erogenous zone it can feel amazing to have someone lick, kiss and suck on parts of your body that usually don’t get that kind of attention.

She will feel like you are truly paying attention to every inch of her body and worshiping her fully.

Part 3 - #10. Don’t spend too much time in one spot.

Even if you’re getting fantastic results from one of these erogenous zones, remember not to overdo it by focusing too much on one area.

Women are complicated creatures and in the quest to understand what gets them turned on, men can often get stuck on what they know works.

Even if something feels amazing, it’s going to get old and lose its sensitivity if you ligger on it for ten minutes.

Keep her guessing and move between the different erogenous zones that seem to get the best results.

Change up your technique by stimulating different areas of each zone and fluctuate between kissing, sucking and licking.

Here are a special bonus content on how licking her erogenous zones and sensual body parts can lead to Oral Sex.

It’s no surprise where this is heading.

All the work you have done to get your partner extremely turned on can lead to a few different things.

But we’re going to continue with our oral fixation and discuss erotic kissing and licking techniques leading to oral sex, and including oral sex and anal oral sex.

There are a couple of erogenous zones we didn’t cover in the last section that are perfect precursors to oral and anal sex. They are:

#11. The inner thighs.

This is a great erogenous zone to save for last, just before you’re about to give her oral sex.

At this point she will be super wet from inside and stimulating this final zone that’s so close to her vulva, clitoris and vagina will make her wild with desire… but, still, take it slow and build up the anticipation. 

Start off by licking your finger and tracing your wet finger along her inner thigh, moving toward her genitals but not quite making it there.

Then move on to lightly kissing, licking and sucking on this area.

Slowly make your way up until neither of you can hold off any longer.

#12. The butt.

The butt is another area that is sometimes neglected, especially when it comes to erotic kissing and licking.

Men tend to be quite content to massage and squeeze their partner’s butt, not realizing that there is a way to take it to the next level.

Using erotic kissing and licking techniques on this zone is also a great way to lead up to anal oral sex and anal kissing. 

Kiss, caress, massage, lick and suck all over her cheeks and into her butt crack.

If she hasn’t experienced this before she will be surprised about how sensitive this area feels when your mouth is on it.

Anal Oral Sex Anal play can be a terrific way to bring your erotic kissing and licking to a whole new level.

Even if you and your partner have never ventured into the world of anal play, that doesn’t mean you can’t start now.

Many couples engage in anal play and it brings yet another exciting element into their sexual relationship.

Most men don’t realize that, like the surrounding areas, the anus and surrounding tissue are rife with nerve endings highly sensitive to touch.

If cleanliness is a concern for you or your partner, you can start your sexual adventure off by bathing together.

A great way to start foreplay by washing each other and getting slippery wet.

You can begin the anal play and make sure everything is clean by inserting a wet finger into her anus.

Try wetting it with your saliva or lube as opposed to water.

Once you’re sufficiently clean and turned on, you can get out of the shower and get down to business.

To further protect yourself you can use a dental dam, which is a thin sheet of latex or polyurethane used to protect during oral sex.

Sometimes anal oral sex, or anilingus, is combined with regular oral sex and the man will move between the two areas stimulating both with his hands and mouth.

Please note that if you are inserting your finger, a sex toy, or your penis into the anus then you need to wash it before inserting it again in the vagina in order to avoid giving the woman an infection.

If you’re using your fingers you can designate certain fingers for the anus and others for the vagina.

With anal oral sex you can try several different sex positions

If you want to perform oral sex on her vulva as well, she can lay on her back in the traditional position, but with a pillow or two propped under her lower back/upper butt, in order to give you full access to all the areas.

You can also have her lay on her stomach also using a pillow under her lower abdomen and hips to give you access to everything.

Standing up is another option or having her lay down at the edge of the bed with her butt slightly hanging off and her legs propped up.

#13. Pro-tip Start off slowly.

You should have already been stimulating some of her erogenous zones and using your erotic kissing and licking techniques in other areas. 

Maybe you have even been leading up to it by licking and kissing her butt.

Slowly spread apart her butt cheeks and blow some warm air onto the anus and surrounding area. Lean in closer and breath onto the area.

Using your tongue, try out several different techniques to see what gets the most pleasurable response.

Try letting it go fat and flat and lick the anus and surrounding areas with a similar technique to the one you used on her breasts.

You can also flex your tongue to make it harder to be able to give a more powerful stimulation. Try flicking your tongue on the rim of her anus.

Use the tongue to tap the anus. Trace the rim with your tongue. You can also make your tongue stiff and hard and penetrate the anus with it.

Your mouth can also kiss and suck the anus and the surrounding areas, including the perineum (the area between the anus and the vaginal opening, aka the taint), the crack, the butt cheeks, the lower back, and the upper thighs.

Your hands should be fully engaged here as well.

You can use them to stimulate the butt or anus as well. You can use them to stimulate the clitoris or to finger her vagina.

Bonus positions: -

- Your partner can sit on your face 

- The 69

- The woman on all fours with her back arched and her legs spread.

#14. Oral Sex Tips

After a lot of work on her other erogenous zones you’ve finally made it to oral sex.

Who doesn’t love this form of sexual pleasure?

It allows you, as her partner, to give to her completely without thinking about your own sexual pleasure.

And she is free to let herself go and be completely selfish in receiving.

Oral sex is usually pretty popular among both men and women.

Here are a few final tips to make sure this erogenous zone gets as much special attention and care as other others.

Take it easy down there.

You might be all worked up and she’s probably even more so.

But just like the first time she touches your penis in any sexual interaction, her clitoris is super sensitive to the touch, so you need to be gentle at first.

Start licking, sucking and kissing the area around the clitoris before moving in.

You can run your tongue along her lips and insert your tongue into her vagina.

This will give her a chance to get warmed up and it will build anticipation.

When you do begin stimulating the clitoris with your mouth, do it very gently.

Begin first by licking the clitoral hood (the area just above the clitoris).

The clitoris actually continues inside the woman’s body so licking this area will stimulate the part of her clitoris that is just below the surface.

It allows her to get more excited without you coming directly in contact with the ultra sensitive, exposed clitoris until she’s ready.

#15. Keep it interesting.

Yet again, even if you seem to have found a licking stroke that seems to be getting a great response from your partner, you should still change it up every now and then.

What’s going to eventually bring her to orgasm will be a variety of different stimulation down there, not the same thing over and over.

Pay attention to her reactions.

Does she seem to be pulling away when you do certain things and pushing her hips upward when you do others?

Listen to her breathing and moaning as well. When in doubt, ask her if she likes something.

After she has become more aroused you can gently suck on her clitoris for some extra stimulation.

You can also kiss it and take it into your mouth with soft, full lips.

Try doing this and then slowly running your tongue over her clit with everything in your mouth.

This will stimulate the areas you’re licking and your mouth will also be coming into contact with the clitoral hood and other sensitive surrounding areas.

Don’t be afraid to use your fingers.

Once she is really turned on, try inserting a finger into her vagina while simultaneously giving her oral sex.

Crook your finger slightly in a come hither motion in order to stimulate the G spot.

#16. Pro-tip Don’t let your hands be idle while playing with her erogenous zones.

Most of her focus is going to be on the amazing sensations in her clitoris, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make sure your hands aren’t following up with some extra stimulation.

Besides inserting a finger into her vagina, you can also insert a well lubricated finger into her anus as well.

You can use your hands to massage her butt and move her hips closer to your face.

You can also use your free hands to reach up and touch her breasts and nipples.

In closing… Erotic kissing and licking on female erogenous zones is an extremely important part of the sexual experience.

Honing your skills in these areas will make you a better lover who is more tuned in to your partner’s needs and desires.

Not only will it improve your sex life, but it is also an important part of maintaining a happy long-term relationship.

I will stop here. If you truly loved this guide on erogenous zones for females then you'll also love this powerful presentation here. (note this presentation is different from this guide but it will rock you in the bedroom)

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