May 5, 2022

How to Seduce a Woman With Word (Naughtiest Trick You’ll Ever Read)

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Seducing a woman with words is the key to making any woman want you badly. But at the same time, very few man know how to seduce a woman with words.

Believe me, guys if you can master this hidden art of seducing a woman with your words then you’ll certainly have a great time keeping any woman with you.

I want you to learn how to seduce a woman with words. 

So if you are ready read this article until the end as I will create a story on how you can arouse a woman sexually with words.

Say for instance:

She’s sitting in the coffee shop with you. Now, how can you create a sexual environment to seduce her?

Read here.

Imagine her hair is sparkling in the sun. I’m looking directly into her eyes. I take my foot, and I caress her calf lightly.

We are surrounded by people, it’s a busy coffee shop, it’s almost noon, people are standing in line and flowing inside and out, and I am sitting across from her.

Now one of the things that’s so interesting about this technique is it’s hard to believe that people can be so oblivious to their surroundings. But I know this. And now you know this.

In my mind, I create a bubble around me and my girl to seduce her with words (for me that girl is my wife now).

Think of it like an imaginary force field. And within that bubble I have free reign to say whatever it is that I want to say.

In this case, I want to talk to her all about sex and talk dirty. And what I want to do to her.

The beautiful part about this is that I have her trapped, and that’s what makes this so fun.

Because she doesn’t know what I know – that we can have an in-depth sexual conversation right in the middle of lunch rush hour and nobody will be the wiser.

And so right there, I begin “to seduce her sexually with my dirty words. In fact so dirty that sometimes you can even make her squirt you can get her so turned on.

Here is how you can do it.

Staring into her eyes, I take my time looking deeply at her body, I look at her bra peeking out from under her shirt and I let her see that I’m looking closely.

Then I follow the line from her breasts to her neck, from her neck to her lips, and in this place, in this place, in this beautiful place I begin teasing her.

Teasing her slowly. Telling her what I want to do to her. Knowing that she’s squirming, wondering if people will hear.

And I tell her that I want her to find a way to pull her panties down while we’re talking.

That she needs to be discreet, but I want to know that she’s with me and that I want to see her pussy under the table.

That in about 5 minutes, I’m going to drop something on the floor, and when I go to pick it up, I want to make sure her hand is on her pussy.

I can see her turn red, blush. She looks around wondering if anybody is looking, if anybody is hearing?

That’s the beautiful thing about this technique on seducing a woman with words; it puts a lot of emotional pressure and turn-on on the person you’re playing with. So she looks at me, and she mouths the words “Are you serious?”

And of course I say, “Yes.” And my eyes pierce her eyes.

I want her to find a way to take her panties off right here in the coffee shop. I want to watch her squirm.

I want to enjoy the sheer pleasure of the naughtiness of this situation. Because we both know it’s naughty. We both know we shouldn’t be doing this and yet here we are.

Mind fucking each other. And it is a turn-on. For a moment I check my phone. And I turn my attention away from her and I send her a text.

And the text says, “How wet is your pussy right now?”

When the text comes, she checks her phone.

She doesn’t look at me, but she texts back, “Very.” And then she texts again, “I’m scared.

I text back, “I know. Take your panties off.”

And so she starts fiddling with her purse, she starts distracting, and slowly but surely she wriggles out of her panties and they slide down her knees and land right by her ankles. 

And so in that moment I say to her, “You do understand that if I get up right now, or make a scene, people are going to see your panties around your ankles.”

And she’s like “No, don’t do that!”

I say “Good. I won’t. If you spread your legs, and let me see your pussy. In a moment I’m going to drop something on the ground, and when I do, you spread your legs, show me your pussy, and I’ll pick up your panties and stick them in my pocket.”

Then in the next moment I pretend to drop something on the floor, and I bend to retrieve it.

As I requested, my lover’s legs are wide open. Her pink, sweet pussy exposed. I reach down, lift her leg, and take the panties in my hand.

I put them in my bag. She gasps when I touch her. Feeling such turn-on

In this moment, there is so much energy between us, it’s all we can do not to jump on the table and fuck right there in the restaurant, in the coffee shop.

We finish our coffee and the entire time, as I’m sipping, I’m talking great details about her ass, her lips, her hair. That I want to see her breasts. That I want to taste her, feel her.

Can you see how powerful these naughty texts can be when used in the right way? This texts and words play a very significant role in seducing a woman with words and getting her addicted to you sexually.

I’m engaging all of her senses in our bubble and soon her self-consciousness drops away because she realizes that nobody has a clue what’s happening . . .

And if they do, because they may, if they do, they’re nervous themselves so they’re trying not to pay attention to our connection, our desire to fuck in the coffee shop.

Once I know that I have amplified the stakes enough, I take her by the hand and I lead her out into the street.

This is fun because when I’ve got her by the hand and she’s not wearing any panties and I’m walking a little too fast so that her skirt could pop up, she knows she’s in my hands, she knows she’s in good care, and she knows that I am taking her back to my place to fuck her brains out.

And she is so ready. So turned on. So energized.

And so am I because there is nothing more fun than talking openly about sex in the middle of everything and nobody having a clue. It’s a little bit like being in the Matrix.

And when you try this technique to seduce your girl with the power of dirty words, you’ll see what I’m saying.

It’s like you two enter your own world and everybody drops away and somehow they don’t see or understand what’s happening.

And that’s what makes this Technique so good. Because if you can fuck her mind well, she will be so turned on, so excited, so energized, the actual sex will be phenomenal.

And I will say this, when I actually got my wife back home, she gave me the most amazing blow job ever, as soon as we walked in the door.

There was so much pent up sexual energy, because there was so much desire that couldn’t be realized in a public place.

That’s what makes it so great. You can use this in text and you can use this by phone.

The technique is the same. Basically she is in a public place or you’re both in a public place, and you’re communicating directly and graphically about fantasy and sexual ideas that you have that you both want to do and experience.

You can use any of the other techniques you’ve already learned in this article and also in my past articles on dirty talking, and texting.

Any of the ideas where you’re creating stories are very, very powerful to use in this particular “seducing her with words” scenario.

The idea here is to take advantage of the social pressure. You do mundane things in public, like ordering coffee and cream, you touch her with sexual intent, and you make a very public situation private.

You’ll see the amount of sexual tension this creates. It is one of my favorite techniques and one that I use often.

At any dinner, an amusement park, a movie, the “the seduction with words” is one of the most powerful, erotic, energy-building techniques there is.

Again, you can mix and match the techniques to unleash her animal and her sexuality.

And to create that tension of feeling so horny and yet not being able to do anything about it.

Bonus Content: Do this technique as soon as possible after reading this powerful article. This is a powerful, powerful technique, and you want to use it immediately.

It is fun, it’s energizing, and to get really good will take some practice. But I want you to get started.

Identify a coffee shop, take your partner or playmate there, and have fun. Because this is fun. Build the tension.

Because when you have sexual tension and an obstacle, you have mad release of dopamine and excitement, and sometimes even bonding, because you’re creating this caper together.

I trust you will love this technique as much as I do.

I will stop here. I believe you loved reading this article on how to seduce a woman with words.

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