May 5, 2022

How to Get a Woman Addicted Sexually (With the Masculine Technique)

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How to get a woman addicted? A question that haunts men day and night.

For some men, it’s as easy as driving a car and for some, it seems like a never-ending battle.

But do not worry today I will show you a technique that will help you to make any woman addicted to you.

With this technique you can make her sexually aroused and get her in mood for sex with ease.

This technique is not about romance novels or prince charming shit. 

It's about learning to tune in to the Sexual SUPERHERO at the core of who you are.

It’s about being true to your deepest desires, sensations, vulnerabilities and learning to powerfully use the power of words and dirty sexting to make her pussy swell, her clit scream, and her G-spot squirt. 

Does that excite you? I hope so. 

It's normal to feel shy or even ashamed about letting your guard down and expressing such pure sexual emotion with another person. 

However, when I explain the potent effect your voice and your language will have on your partner, you will be trying it out – tonight will definitely get her addicted to you sexually.

Plus, I have some exercises for you that will ease any anxieties you have and get you so comfortable, you'll be using your dirty talking words in no time.

Here’s a question: Why do women make so many pleasure sounds during sex?

Because it's what they’ve been taught by porn, romance novels, and movies. Heavy breathing and moaning means pleasure. 

Actresses writhe around making loud noises on screen.

The technical term for female sex noises is copulatory vocalization. I call it complicated.

Here’s why. If you've ever seen When Harry Met Sally, you remember the famous fake orgasm scene in the deli. And the punch line, “I’ll have what she’s having.” 

Humorous. True. Every woman has done a version of the fake orgasm at some point.

And fake orgasm sounds mean that you may be doing it wrong, boring her, or not turning her on – and you’ll never know there’s a problem. 

And because we all know these examples of what sex is “supposed to look like,” culturally we’ve agreed that THIS is how “good sex” is supposed to be. 

So men and women, we all do our part to play the game. Which is stressful. 

I can’t tell you how many dudes say their great lovers and when I speak to their partners, the partner is like, “not so much.” 

The point is that women moan as a form of sexual communication. If her pleasure is real, then moaning lets her partner know that she likes what’s happening.

We've already discussed why we feel uncomfortable talking about sex (much less giving specific directions . . . but I'll teach you that, too). 

So moaning, sighing, and ‘yessing’ become your default “language” during sex – which sucks for everybody.

It creates lack of clarity, uncertainty, and misunderstandings. It can also create harbored resentments. 

In theory, a woman's moaning tells her partner, “Excellent job!” 

So men have learned to interpret female sex noises as positive affirmations. 

Also, many women know that a few well-timed moans and “cum for me” can help get your partner to climax.

But there’s another kind of vocalization that comes from men. A Masculine Moan. 

#1. The Power of The Masculine Moan to get a woman addicted to you sexually.

I was in my home town in Varanasi a place in India during a vacation – and one night, while in the agricultural field,

I heard a sound that would change the way I looked at sounds and sex forever. 

In the middle of the night, I woke up inside my room. At first I thought it was the couple in the dark outside. 

But then it got louder, more chaotic, and finally exploded with a ROAR. A wolf’s roar.

And if you have never heard a wolf roar in the middle of the night, you haven't heard the sound of raw, primal power. 

When I heard that sound, my heart went racing out of control. It was a sound that was so deep, so primal, it kept me and my girlfriend up for the rest of the night.

But for a good reason. My girlfriend leaned over and said to me, "That was kinda hot. Will you fuck me and roar like that?" 

I thought, "Why not?" 

And as she was cumming, I was roaring from my belly, breathing heavily, panting, and ultimately climaxing myself.

She dug her fingers into my flesh. She was lost in sound, lost in pleasure, lost in the primal sexual being that she is. 

Sometimes, as men, we are just too domesticated.

The masculine moan is authentic, gutteral, and driven by pure sexual pleasure. It comes from deep inside the belly. It’s raw, real, alive. It's wild. It's feral. 

Scientists have shown that making noise during sex serves as a desire driver.

The moaning, breathing, low growling enhances pleasure for both partners. You will benefit from your Masculine Moan as much as she will.

Because when you are free with your vocalizations and moan and growl with wild abandon, without fear or anxiety, the end result is bliss.

And this free feeling is what gets a woman addicted to you sexually and emotionally.

#2. So, Why this will blow her mind?

Because it’s primal. Women are wired to respond to confidence – and a roar and moan of confidence is really exciting during sex. And unexpected.  

That's because most men fuck like they masturbate. Fast, furious, and quiet. 

 Which is not a good thing.

Your moans and growls actually tap into the primal part of her brain. They excite something deep inside of her. Something inexplicable. 

And when your “copulatory vocalizations” are expressed while being totally in touch with your desires, the result is nothing short of pleasure and more sexual freedom for you both.

Plus, some kind of vocalizing allows the self-conscious mind to let go. It stimulates breathing and the vegas nerve, which helps regulate the central nervous system. 

By vocalizing your sounds, not only is the primal part of her brain activated, her feeling of being desired to a man is totally amped. 

And it will boost HER sexual confidence because, frankly, she must be doing something right to make you moan/scream/curse/roar like that! 

When she knows she’s making you feel good, too, that helps her relax and not feel so self-conscious about her own pleasure sounds. 

This is a great dose of pure sexual confidence for a woman

You are giving her this incredible vocal affirmation about her sexual effect on you . . . while activating her brain chemistry at the same time and getting her addicted to you sexually.

#3. So let's learn the Masculine Moan. 

Step 1: Find Your Growl

In order to tap into your authentic pleasure vocalization, you need to practice.

It may take some preliminary growls and moans and grrrrrrrs before you feel comfortable expressing them during sex. 

The first step is to perfect those warm-up vocals alone. Warming up and practicing helps you access your deep emotions and feelings. Here are some exercises to do just that:

Say her name – with a growl.

Practice saying her name out loud.

Now lower the pitch of your voice and say it again. Relax your throat and your tongue. The sound should be coming from your belly and resonating in your chest. 

Now say it slowly, like you are growling but whispering also.

Try it out a bunch of ways and see what makes your chest vibrate the most. 

Step 2: Make Pleasure Sounds in Daily Life

Savor your food. Savor a sight. Savor her body. Let things in the external world affect you in a positive way. 

Not fucking road rage. That's the external world affecting you in a negative way. Let it affect you positively, let your body respond. Let your voice respond. 

Moan while eating. Get a scoop of your favorite ice cream. 

Dip your spoon in and lick it off. Taste the flavor. Little by little and let out some mmmms, ohhhhs, and ahhhhhhhhs. You can even growl in pleasure. 

Get into it. Imagine the ice cream is her pussy. You are seducing her and getting her addicted to you with the way you are eating that delicious food.

Does this feel silly at first? You bet. However, the more you get used to the sound of your voice, the easier it is to use it.

Step 3: Verbalize Your Desires. 

Grab your journal and worksheets. Say out loud the things that turn you on or the sex acts you enjoy. Just read down your list, “I am turned on by . . .”

Now, I want you to say them as if you are directing your partner or giving the play-by-play.

For example:

I love it when you (lick/suck/bite/fuck/pound/kiss/nibble/spank) my (cock/neck/ass/balls).

You feel so (tight/good/incredible/fucking amazing) when you (fuck me/put my cock inside of you/ are on top of me/ lift your ass to me).

Ask for what you want to experience. Direct her. 

The point of saying your desires and the play-by-play out loud is to get comfortable with these words. You may end up saying these things as part of your Masculine Moan or you may not.

But verbalizing your desires accesses a slightly different part of your brain, which increases your connection to your core sexuality.

It also opens the door to those deeper desires you may not have recognized were even there.

It may be hard to see, but there's definitely a method to my madness here.

Step 4: Moan and Growl While Masturbating, Fantasizing, or Looking at Porn

Finding some private time is ideal so you can really let your vocalizations fly as you orgasm. For some of you, alone time isn't easy to come by.

In that case, lock the door to your room (or bathroom) and crank up some music to give yourself some privacy. (I love my portable BOSE radio for this.)

Think of your list of what turns you on. Mentally conjure up your deepest, darkest, wildest fantasies.

As you start to self-pleasure, begin growling. As you build to orgasm, continue your moaning and growling, but feel free to let out whatever happens naturally. Including a roar.                                                                                                                                                           There is not one “right” way to growl and moan. The important thing is to let it OUT.

Remember when you experience self-pleasure only then you’ll be able to make a woman addicted to you sexually and mentally both ways.

Don't think about what it is you are saying. Release self-judgment.

And do NOT censor yourself. Just make the noises and say the words that happen as they happen.

It is normal to feel completely self-conscious when you do this at first.

I felt like a complete idiot when I first tapped into my wolf’s roar. It was like I'd been possessed and was letting my animal out. 

Afterward, I was a bit shy and embarrassed by the sounds that had come tumbling out of my body.

But there was something so powerful and fierce about expressing myself that way, and I let those feelings of power outweigh my insecurities.

I want you to do the same.

Practice accessing your growls and moans from that primal and uninhibited place. When you feel comfortable, move to step 5.

Step 5: Share your sounds

One important thing to note: you may find that your “moan” may differ according to your mood or what you are fantasizing about when you masturbate.

Your Masculine Moan isn't a one-size-fits-all noise.

Your Masculine Moan is when you are so tuned into your desires and emotions in the moment that you let go of your inhibitions. You access the core of your sexuality and you express what shows up.

I tell you this because when you share your growls and moans with your partner, they may not be the same as when you practiced alone.

That's normal.

There isn't an elaborate set-up to getting ready for vocalizing. You just need to relax your thoughts and simply focus on how you feel, both emotionally and physically. 

What helps me is to mentally switch off the logical side of my brain and switch on my feeling side – my pleasure sensing side.

You also need to banish any thoughts of self-consciousness. Remember, you are powerful.

You are fierce. You are damn sexy, and you are going to addict her to you, you are going to blow her mind and her body.

It doesn't matter if this is a long drawn-out, tantric love-making session or a hot and heavy quickie, you can share your sounds in any sexual expression. 

I found one way that is easy for me to get to my Masculine Moan place is to start by saying her name and that I like what she's doing.

From there, I allow myself to verbalize whatever shows up. I definitely don't think before I speak. 

I let it flow. Sexual flow. Verbal flow. Energy flow. 

And I let my Masculine Moan take over and just go with what happens. THAT is why this is powerful tool to Getting Her Addicted To You.

Because it is completely in the moment and uncensored. Remember, there isn't a wrong way to do this!

Her reactions:

She may react in a few different ways.

She may growl right back at you in obvious approval. She may be inspired to join in and moan and let her own string of words fly out – and I call that "sex jazz."

And she may be stunned into silence. This kind of primal display of your physical pleasure may shock her. This does NOT mean she's judging you or doesn't like it.

Quite the contrary.

This may be the first time she's ever witnessed her own ability to bring a man to the brink of orgasmic ecstasy. Especially if either of you have been the quieter type in the past.

You can smooth over any awkward silences by simply saying something like, “Wow, you really got me going tonight!” with a big grin and a snuggle.

She may ask you why this time was different or what she did to make you moan like that. Your response is totally up to you.

One idea is to tell her that you finally feel free enough to express yourself that way with her. That she makes you feel safe and comfortable enough to be uninhibited.

Or you could just say "I don't know, it just sort of came out!" and leave it at that.

No matter how she responds, just know that you've solidified your sexual connection.

You've gotten her more and more close to her primal voice and flow. You've shown her how much she satisfies you and how in touch with your primal sexuality you are. 

Her brain and body – and even her pussy – are now more in tune with you than ever! And this technique builds on itself and makes her addicted to you and make her want you more and more.

I will stop here. I hope you enjoyed this article on how to get a woman addicted to you sexually and emotionally.

Now, before I stop I want you to Watch This Powerful FREE Video Presentation It’s Just Awesome so don’t MISS IT.

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