May 5, 2022

Sexual and Dirty Questions to Ask a Girl to Get to Know Her Inner World

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What if conversation with the hottest females was never a struggle again? What if you knew what sexual and dirty questions to ask a girl you loved and flirt like Russell Brand and never struggle in conversation again?

Sexual and Dirty Questions to Ask a Girl to Get to Know Her Inner World – is the theme of this article.

The modern artist . . . is working and expressing an inner world – in other words – expressing the energy, the motion, and other inner forces. –Jackson Pollock

This is the era where a guy should be deadly enough for flipping the switch on a girl and making her chase and want him.

And to do this you have to be fluent in dirty talk.

Sexual and dirty questions when asked in a certain way can push her to keep coming back for more because nobody else knows how to give her such an intense and mind-blowing sexual experience by getting her in mood.

She’s not sure how you do it. All she knows is that when you tell her what you’re noticing, she gets wetter and hornier and cums harder than she’s ever cum before.

So now that you’ve gotten a little taste of what dirty talk can do for your sex life, you’re beginning to think you are ready to take this dirty talk stuff to the next level.

You want to know how to really get inside her head and find out exactly which fantasies really make her tick. You want to get inside her head so you can get more head.

That is why I’m going to explain what’s the best sexual and dirty questions to ask a girl to expand your dirty talk vocabulary and safely navigate her erotic, primal brain and get her addicted to you.

One very easy and direct way to navigate her erotic mind is by doing this simple thing that seems so basic it might bite you in the ass if I didn’t point it out.

What’s the simple secret to firing up her primal sex mind?

Ask her direct-dirty and sexual questions. 

Why is this important? Because it’s a proven, step-by-step process for easily turning on her primal brain.

Ask simple, sexually nonjudgmental questions sexual questions.

What are some things that really turn you on? 

Have you been surprised by something that turned you on that you had no idea would turn you on? If so, what was it?

Do you have fantasies that you like to think about when you are masturbating? If so, mind sharing?

Are there any names you know you like or think you might like to be called in bed?

What’s the craziest place you’ve ever had sex?

Have you ever made out with another girl? If so, how far did you go?

Have you ever had a threesome? Girls or guys?

Have you ever been spanked during sex before? Did you like it?

Have you ever had anal sex? Did you like it?

Is there something you’ve always wanted to try sexually, but have been too afraid? If so, what is it and what about it scares you?

Another great dirty question you can ask a girl is:

Do you have any fantasies that really turn you on in your imagination, but you know you wouldn’t actually want to have happen in real life?

Asking a question like this last one can help create safety for a woman who is worried that if she shares a fantasy with you, you will think she wants to do it in real life and with you THAT night.

Many fantasies are just that – FANTASIES.

For instance, many women have sexual fantasies about having random casual sex with a delivery person or a hot plumber coming over.

However, this doesn’t mean that she wants to actually have sex with the plumber.

Fantasy has to do with our erotic imagination and stimulating our erotic imagination is a wonderful thing.

Being inquisitive can offer a lot of good information about a woman’s likes and dislikes; yet many women are still in the process of discovering what really turns them on and working on getting comfortable with how to share this information with a partner.

Therefore, these conversations may not be as fruitful as you would like.

Fishing for information and exploring erotic fantasies together becomes an important part of your discovery process.

Many men are intimidated by this because they are unsure about how to navigate uncharted erotic territory. It can feel slippery.

What is one women’s erotic pleasure could be another’s erotic kryptonite.

So how do we navigate these uncharted territories while keeping everyone safely buckled in?

First of all, the only way to know what we like is by knowing what we don’t like.

We appreciate the sunshine because we have experienced the darkness.

So know this, it is not the end of the world if you step on a land mine.

From a female perspective, every self-discovery is a valid one because the more she knows about what she doesn’t like, the closer she is to knowing what she does like.

That’s worth repeating: The more she learns about what she doesn’t like, the closer she is to knowing what she does like.

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Fragile egos lead to sexual dead ends! This is my big Sexual Zen Mantra.

If a woman feels that you will be hurt if she tries something new with you but doesn’t end up liking it, she will be less adventurous with you.

This makes sense because she would be risking having to do something unpleasant at her own expense, over and over again, in order to salvage your ego.

It’s important for you to create an environment that communicates that you are game for anything and totally understand that some things are going to be failed experiments.

One way to communicate that you are game for anything and don’t expect her to like everything you try is by sharing a personal story about an ex-girlfriend.

I used to date this woman and we had fooled around a lot. The sex was really great.

We decided to try this thing one night that I was into but she had never done before (insert whatever the thing for you would be).

She thought she would really be into it, too, but realized it wasn’t her thing. We had a really good laugh about it.

I mean we were so sexually compatible in so many other ways it really didn’t matter to me that she didn’t like that one thing.

I’m telling you this because I think it’s important for you to know that I’m open to trying new things with you and totally cool if you decide it’s not your thing.

A woman will never feel safe to share her inner world unless she feels like you can handle hearing the words “no” or “never again.”

Keep it playful with fishing verbalizations:

There are a few ways you can discover what some of her erotic fantasies are, if she is uncomfortable sharing or if she just hasn’t discovered them yet.

#1 Use fishing verbalizations: But this time you are not asking her dirty sexual questions. In fact you are trying to appreciating her.

For example, say something like, “Your ass is so hot it makes me want to spank it.” See how she reacts. Does she egg you on? Does she grin and say, “I’m a bad girl who probably should be spanked!”

That ass is so hot it makes me want to fuck it!

Fishing verbalizations are a great way to take her temperature in the moment about something you aren’t sure whether or not she’d be into.

For instance, while she’s giving you a blowjob, you could ask these sexual question.

I’m so close to cumming, do you want my cum in your mouth or on those beautiful tits?”

God you’re so beautiful, sometimes I just want to cum all over your face!

Including the word ‘sometimes’ adds an element of choice for her and sets up a win-win situation.

With ‘sometimes’ she knows that she can either go along with your suggestion or not go along with it and either way you are going to be happy.

 The last time we went out and you wore that little miniskirt that you know I like, it was all I could do not to drag you into the bathroom and fuck the shit out of you right then and there!

You get the idea.

Dirty Sexual Questions to ask a girl to discover her turn-offs

Another way to fish for information is by asking questions like:

I had a girlfriend who really liked being called a dirty cunt and slut when we were fucking. Has anyone ever called you names like that during sex? Did you like it?

Being degraded can be a real kinky turn on ideas for some women. For others, it can be a huge turnoff and trigger really negative feelings!

So, it’s always a good idea to have discussions BEFORE being in the heat of the moment and before using any sort of humiliation language.

Use these fishing verbalizations and get good at noticing how she responds. Does she kind of chuckle and look away?

That probably means she’s not into. Or does she make intense eye contact with you and pull you harder toward her?

Or does she tell you upfront that the idea of that makes her seduced? That’s probably a good sign that she’s into it.

I know it’s frustrating. I wish all women just knew what they wanted and knew how to say it, but the truth is many of them don’t and that’s where the ideas of dirty questions comes.

They are either inexperienced or too shy and it’s going to be your job to coax the primal slut that lives inside every woman out in order to have the kind of mind-blowing sex you want to have with her and even make her squirt at your whim.

I was with a girl who was completely out of touch with what she wanted in bed and I started using some of these fishing techniques (sexual questions) on her and, boy, did I get more than I bargained for!

She turned out to be incredibly kinky, in exactly the way that I like to be kinky, and became one of the best lovers I have ever been with.

Not to mention she was so grateful to me for helping her discover her kinks that she often woke me with my dick in her mouth.

I mean the girl just couldn’t get enough. We aren’t together anymore as I am married now, but she is still someone I can call up and have a booty call with whenever I want. No strings attached, no drama she is just happy to be there.

So BE WARNED you might unleash an insatiable, sexual beast when using this technique and get lots and lots of the kind of mind-blowing sex that you always wanted.

Think you can handle it?

I will stop. I hope you loved reading this article on sexual and dirty questions to ask a girl.

Now, before I stop I want to recommend you a powerful program called “Language of Lust” if you want to master the art of dirty talk and expand your sexual techniques and force woman’s to chase you then, this is for you.

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