May 5, 2022

How To Make a Man Miss You in (7 Playful & Cheesy Ways)

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Is my love life going good? Does my boyfriend love me? How to make him miss me? Some questions like these keep haunting you?

Maybe these are days when you feel like a stranger to each other. Is the intimacy missing in your love life? Wondering how to make a man miss you?

Do you feel the gap is increasing day by day? Whatever the situation is let’s face it, girls. I am here to help and discuss the tricks on how to make a man miss you.

Remember one thing men need constant attention as they are confused all the time. Trust me girls all you have to do is find the right balance for your relationship to gain momentum for it to flourish.

Just make yourself so confident and attractive that your man is forced to choose only you. So let’s get started on the journey to how to make a man miss you.

#1. Be mysterious to catch his attention.

Mystery always attracts men. It is a fact that opposite always attracts but if you are girl full of mystery than the attraction will be more which will certainly make you different from others.

When you are on the role to impress a man just make sure not to reveal each and every page of your life.

Leave some mystery it is the best way to make him think of you.

Hold things back push him to ask more and more at the same time you try to hide more and more. Don’t talk much.

Men like woman who talks less and whenever she talks she talks good. The hidden pages of your life will force him to chase you. So try out this mystery thing to make a man miss you.

#2. Spend a great time without him.

Being in a relationship it is common that you will like to spend the most part of your fun time with your man.

But the best way how to make a man miss you is by spending a great time but without him.

Just ignore him for a little while trust me that ignorance will become bliss for you. Just do fun things pursue your hobbies and meet close friends and go out to have fun.

The best part is telling your man how great was the day you enjoyed so much and remember reveal the only little piece of information as mentioned above.

Be mysterious and that will be more than enough to get things going and make him miss you badly.

Remember he will be curious to know how you are enjoying and smiling without him which will make him follow and notice you and divert his whole attention on you.

#3. Make your smell attract him.

When you know what gets him going it becomes much easier to make a man miss you. Good smell is one of the best ways to attract a man.

A powerful and seductive smell always catch a man’s attention.

While going out on a date with your man always use a perfume which is pleasant to smell the smell of your body should stimulate the sensual feelings in his mind which have a direct connection with sexual desire.

A good smell can do wonders for your love life. Trust me he will be so attracted by you that he will feel your presence even after you are gone.

The trace of your smell will force him to remember you. He will feel an intense emotional connection towards you which will drive him crazy enough to miss you badly.

#4. Be sexy in bed.

This is something very important for a man. Sex is very important in any relationship, particularly healthy sex.

The best way how to make a man miss you is to talk dirty by texting him and tempt him to ask you out to meet and getting horny.

This will heat things up on both sides and anticipation to have hot sex will go up and the most important part is to promise him to give exactly what he wants and desires for.

Being in a relationship it’s very important to be good in bed switching mood in foreplay from sweet to spicy takes a bit of exercise.

Steamy sex is all about how you feel with your partner.

The best idea is to talk dirty and fantasize looking in your partner’s eyes while making love feel the passion and have the best kiss of your life which will stimulate your mood to have adventurous sex.

Just go wild and show the burning desire hidden in your heart. A little bit of dirty talk and fantasy and some seducing love pick up lines will keep him interested.

#5. Always look awesome and attractive.

If you ever want to know how to make a man miss you the simple answer to this is look awesome, feel awesome, feel confident and attractive.

Men always like cheerful and attractive women. Show him that you are happy without him physically and mentally.

You are having a great time in his absence make him realize that you are not miserable without him.

It’s a very simple equation he will not miss someone who is still crazy and hungry for him.

Stop following him once you stop he will automatically see the difference and will start chasing you. This is how you can make your boyfriend want you.

#6. Make him feel jealous.

Jealousy is the best tool to make a man miss you. The most important thing in making your man jealous is by choosing the right kind of guy.

Try to get the attention of someone who is really fond of you even better is to introduce him to your man and praise by highlighting the good points in him.

Pressing the right button will really ignite the fire of jealousy in your man.

Note jealousy only works if there is true feeling and love if he really loves you this step will kill him deep inside and no man likes their partner praising someone else and even worse they will never tolerate watching their partner going to someone else.

 Nothing drives a man crazy so much when a girl they are in love with is hanging out with someone else.

#7. Take time to reply his calls.

The most common questions by girls are where are you, who are you with, why you didn’t reply to my message.

This is a really stupid thing to do never make him feel you are sitting by the phone waiting for his call.

In fact, be tough enough to avoid his text messages, whenever he texts you don’t reply instantly.

Take your time and reply in a couple of hours which will keep him guessing why you are not replying and guess what when you do reply tell him that you were with one of your guy friend who you met after a long time and you really great time talking to him.

These words are more than enough to make him anxious and vulnerable.

These are some tips on how to make a man miss you. But what important is when you are in love always try to make it peaceful and loving.

As far as rejection is concerned you need to accept it’s a part of life you cannot force anyone to be with you.

True definition of love lies in the eternal feeling and it should remain eternal to develop in your heart.

Forceful love has no meaning some or the other day it will end. So accept things and face them as facing is the only way to get through.

I hope you found the post on how to make a man miss you useful. If you really liked it, please share and comment and also do not forget to watch this video below.

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