May 5, 2022

8 Compelling Ways to be Mysterious to a Guy and Arouse His Curiosity

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Being mysterious is an art that everyone cannot master. But if you can truly master this beautiful art of being mysterious to your guy, you win in most situations.

In other words if you can keep him waiting and waiting and waiting without turning his off and at the same time keeping the mystery alive that’s when you can make him chase you.

In this post we will cover certain aspects about how to be mysterious to a guy without hurting him, at the same time making him sure that you’re the only one for him and nobody else can love him like you do.

And after all that still the MYSTERY factor is alive and that’s what drives him crazy and makes him obsessed over you.

So if you’re ready let me reveal the secret how to be mysterious to a guy.

#1 It’s Important To have a Personality of Your own.

If you don’t have a personality of your own, or if you seem to be just waiting at home for him to call, he is going to realize that he is the one in control here, not you.

And as far as I am concerned being a woman you need to control your man….MIND it in a good way.

Note that when you guy is having the control, in that case, you keep RUNNING behind him and this is stupid and not sexy at all because it shows signs of neediness and fear, which are the opposite of attraction and love.

I hope you got the point have your own personality. It will boost up your confidence and eventually he will think of you as a woman he cannot afford to lose.

#2 Stop Making it Easy For Him!

Too much availability is equal to not enough value in his mind, and that is not going to trigger feelings of love and desire in him.

It sure as hell won’t have him wanting you seriously, or thinking of you as a potential serious girlfriend, let alone a wife.

The brutal truth is that if you work too hard to make a guy like you – or even make it too obvious how much you like him, he will lose his interest and even leave you – especially by being too available, then guess what? You are in effect training him to treat you badly.

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So, if you want to learn how to be mysterious to a guy than control your emotions and don’t be available easily. Let him follow you a bit. Believe me that's what men want in relationship.

#3 Be a Challenge To Him.

Guys value women who are a bit of a challenge. He is wired to chase, not to be chased. That's what he wants.

So he will value you more when he has to plan time with you, instead of just knowing he can call you anytime and you will come running.

Have you ever heard men wax nostalgic about something they owned as a kid?

You know what I mean. They see a little boy riding a red bicycle down the street, and all of a sudden you are knee deep in some story about how they delivered papers at dawn every day for a whole summer to save up to get a red Schwinn.

And then when he finally had enough, he went to the store all by himself, bought it with crumpled up money from his piggy bank, and rode it all the way home.

Basically, you need to be that shiny red Schwinn that he delivered papers all summer long to earn.


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#4 Build Amazing Sexual Chemistry with Him.

We all love to pretend it doesn’t happen, but there is a game at work in relationships – a game of sexual chemistry, love, and desire. The rules of the game are:

• The woman is the prize.

• The man EARNS the prize.

• If he doesn’t have to earn it, then it can’t be worth very much.

So, what does that mean for you?

It means that deep down, he wants you to act like a woman who’s worth having. Which means that what he definitely does NOT want is for you to give yourself to him on a platter.

He wants to work for you, earn you, and deserve you. He wants to chase you, to pin you down, to feel like HE is the one who finally “got” you.

We’ve talked about men being hard-wired to chase, and not be chased, and that is at play here as well. Think of it like dogs and cats: The dog’s instinct is to chase. He will sprint in front of a Mack truck to try and catch that cat.

But if the cat doesn’t run, the dog stops dead and looks kinda foolish. Because if you Don't play hard to get. Play hard to forget. the cat’s not running, the game’s over.

He wants to chase you - but only if you’re running.

OK, OK, enough with the bikes and the dogs and the cats. Let’s break this down

in practical terms, shall we?

Stop making it so easy for him.

Mess with his head a little bit.

Get busy with other stuff.

• Read a book in your own house instead of watching him play Halo for 4 hours straight.

Don’t respond to texts and emails straight away.

Wait awhile before returning his calls.

#5 Play the Game Like a Queen.

It’s a game, and you can either pretend it doesn’t exist and be lonely and confused, or you can accept that that’s how it works, play the game as best as you can, and get so much attention you’ll be knocked over backwards every time you check your messages.

In short? Don’t play hard to get. Play hard to forget.

That’s the deal. Take it or leave it.

This has nothing to do with listing reasons why you are The One, using logic to prove to him you are The One, or issuing ultimatums unless he sees you as The One. Put away the PowerPoint presentation, because you won’t be needing it.

#6 Paint your Picture as If You’re the Only One For Him

Show him you are The One for him by painting a powerful image in his eyes - in broad, emotional strokes - a vivid picture that he feels way down deep in his bones has come from his dreams.

What does this picture look like, you ask? I am glad you did, because I am going to tell you!

This picture that you are going to paint for him shows him how great his life would be if he could be with you every single day of the rest of his life, and how terrible and tragic it would be if he were to ever, EVER let you walk away.

Like he is the king of the world when he is with you, and nothing without you.

Believe me that’s the power of mystery so master it if you want to rule in the dating world.


#7 Make Him Feel It is His Decision to be with You

He needs to feel like it is HIS decision, and his idea, to make you be his one and only. And he needs NOT to feel like he was pressured or backed into it in any way.

The moment he gets a whiff that you are the painter – that you have orchestrated this whole thing, or have manipulated him in any way – he will feel cheated.

This means no bitching about how you are too good for him and he doesn’t appreciate you. If you feel the need to constantly tell him how great you are, then it means you are not showing him how great you are.

Show him you’re The One by being The One at every available opportunity.

It means no complaining that all your girlfriends are pairing off or getting married.

This is not a race. You don’t get a prize for sticking to whatever timeline you came up with during a sleepover in seventh grade, and you won’t feel any huge sense of accomplishment by doing what all of your friends are doing.

It means no nagging him about where the relationship is going. Your relationship is unique, and special, and all your own.

It has its own timeline, and its own dynamic. This is something that must be recognized and respected.

And, you sneaky little devil, it also means no hinting or dropping “subtle” clues as to what you’d like from the relationship.

If your needs are not being fulfilled, by all means, speak up. But do it like a grown-up. Men respond to plain talk, not to cheeky, passive-aggressive hints.

#8 If your needs are not being fulfilled, then SPEAK UP. But do it like a woman, not a scared, whiney little girl. 

That’s a hard one. It’s not fun to say to yourself, “Oh man, I totally do that, and it’s jeopardizing my relationship. I’d better change!” Which is why people so rarely say it.

But inside you, right now, is the power to change course. To become The One.

To make you see how important it is to recognize your faults, and because I know you probably won’t go back and do that right now, let’s review Part I here, real nice and quick:

• Make the effort to look, do and be your best. (Hint: If you do this even when he isn’t around, it will become second nature to you and won’t be nearly as hard to do consistently.)

Work on being the most confident person you can be.

• Be independent; live your own life.

• Don’t be a booty call, and don’t hand yourself to him on a silver platter.

• Make him earn your love and commitment.

• Don’t disrespect him by treating him like a naughty boy.

Give him the Brag Factor; it is OK to show him how awesome you are by doing awesome things.

• Make him proud to hang out with you around anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Now, go and paint him that picture – and make it a masterpiece.

I will stop here. I hope you loved this article on how to be mysterious to a guy.

But before I leave, I would love to show you something of GREAT interest to you.

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