May 4, 2022

Michael Fiore Text Your Ex Back Review – Best Seller in 2016

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Now if you have stumbled on this page and reading Michael Fiore Text Your Ex Back Review than one thing is for sure.

You are dealing with a broken heart and looking for doctor's help and that Doctor is Michael Fiore The author of Text Your Ex Back Program. Right?

Yes you have landed at the right page, so don't worry my friend because the good news is that I’m here to help you along with Michael Fiore himself, just like I’ve helped hundreds of people before you by writing quality articles on my blog to improve their love life.

In this Michael Fiore text your ex back review. I will lays out a step-by-step process that will show you how to use simple text messages from your cell phone to rekindle the relationship and lost romance with your ex.

It will help you to open him or her up to the idea of being with you again, and get things off on the right foot as you start dating each other again.

Before that A little introduction of mine, Hi I am Manish Yadav a passionate blogger from India, who loves to script his thoughts on love and relationship on this blog.

Unfortunately I could not get my ex girlfriend back, but she is definitely the inspiration behind my blogging career and with the help of this blog.

I aim to help couples around the world have better love life. that was a bit about me, now let's move on with the review

I have been following Michael Fiore for last two years and I really admire the way he tries to bring broken pieces of puzzles together with real life examples and solve those puzzles with so much ease.

This is the reason why I decided to write a review of Michael Fiore’s text your ex back system. And I have to accept the fact, if you really follow the text your ex back program than nothing in this world can stop your ex from coming crawling back to you.


Michael Fiore Text Your Ex Back review. 

Let's learn in detail about the text your ex back program the course content and how it will help you to get back with your ex.

There are many ex back program available on the web claiming to help you but nowhere near with the quality of content and information available in Text Your Ex Back.

Your cell phone has lot to do when it comes to using text your ex back program. It's because these days, you will not find any men or women not having cell phone.

Also, having a cell phone is a different thing. But making perfect use of it for your benefit is something that very less people know.

What I mean is using the right text messages and more importantly at the right time to help reinvent the lost romance again in your love life.

This program teaches you what type of text message you must send in beginning of your breakup to reinvent the lost love in your ex's heart and as you progress you get more and more text message template that will help you to fully regain your lost intimacy.

In this program Michael Fiore emphasizes on five very important aspect of life after break up and these five core aspects for me are the corner stone of this program and also for getting your ex back permanently again.

  • Understanding the reason behind the breakup by realizing your mistakes and accepting it.
  • Once you realized it was your mistake too and not your ex's fault entirely. Trying to fall in love again with pure heart, keeping no grudge.
  • The process of reinventing the lost spark and emotional connection by means of texts.
  • Once the lost spark is ignited again, finding the right cure for the cause of the break up.
  • Once you found the right cure, making a commitment of not repeating it again.

Text your ex back is an eight week program that consists of 11 modules which teaches you the exact strategy that you must apply to get your lost love back again.

You will learn step-by-step what to do and what not to do.

As I said above the key point is you will understand how to create the right atmosphere and right timing to send your messages to get their attention again back on you.

Mike teaches each step via video and pdf eBooks, and reveals some extra ordinary psychological tricks to make your ex respond positively and see you in a entirely new way.

More importantly he makes you understand and realize exactly what went wrong with your relationship that resulted in break up.

And how you can find the right cure to your fix your broken relationship and get back together again to have a wonderful life full of abundance and love.

Now This Was The Brief Summary Of The Course

Now, before you continue to read the text your ex back review. I want you to think for a moment and ask yourself.

  • Was your relationship very abusive with your ex?
  • What kind of thoughts linger in your mind when you think about him or her! Good or bad?
  • Do you believe you still love your ex and want to rekindle and reinvent the relationship again.

I am asking you to do this exercise because text your ex back is a very powerful program and it will definitely help you to get back with your ex.

But my point is this relationship worth going after. What if after getting back together again the same thing repeats, as that will be a nightmare for both of you.

Depending on your answer to the above questions. I want you to read ahead and if you are sure in your mind only than buy the text your ex back system.


If you are still reading Michael Fiore Text Your Ex Back Review, it means you truly love your ex and really want to get back with him or her.

But you must be wondering whether this program really works?

Your question is absolutely significant and I can understand what you are going through right now. But before I go deep in my review let me assure that the text your ex back system really works.

As I have already mentioned above, it has helped hundreds and thousands of sad couples to bring smile on their face again and it will help you too.

Be confident about it, the only thing is if you happen to purchase the program please follow every little advice in it carefully including the Q&A in the comments area.

In the comments area you will find hidden gems, believe me lots of men and women have revealed what went wrong in their relationship, what they did to get back with their ex.

And how this program helped them to shape up their love life again by bringing it on the right track.

You can watch this video on what to text your ex to get them back – Experience of User Jennifer Engel (2:53 Minutes)

Now, let's jump to the 11 modules and take a look at each of the modules one by one which are in the form of Pdf, audio and video.

#Module 1 - Introduction - The first module has 13595 comments and you can yourself understand with these number of comments how popular Michael Fiore's Text Your Ex Back Program is!

It is the introductory part in which Mike explains how the program will work and what you need to do in order to make the program work best for you.

Don't skip this part because there are many people who get enthusiastic and just cannot control their emotions and start texting at the wrong time.

In the process most of them fail in the first round itself and never get back with their partner.

#Module 2 - The Dumper And Dumped - The second module has 7075 comments and in this module you will get some deep insights about the breakup.

You will actually realize why your relationship ended. Mike Fiore will open your eyes with real life case studies to make you understand and realize the reasons and cause of your break up.

You will also understand if you were the culprit and did the dumping and now after realizing you feel sorry and want to get back with them.

If this your situation than this module is really important for you because there is a specific worksheet for people who are dealing with this situation.

#Module 3 - The Big Goal - In this module Michael Fiore teaches you about the big goal and he wants you to brainstorm and answer three significant questions.

  • Question 1: Why do you want your ex back?
  • You need to brainstorm and ask yourself why and depending on your answer you will move forward. For Instance...

    Do you feel incredibly attracted to them?

    when you get around him or her do you feel safer and more passionate than any other time in my life.

    Do you get a feeling that you don’t want anyone else to have them?

    Do you feel in your heart despite of some bad times, we work really, really well together?

  • Question - 2 What do you actually want? and "What's your "Big Goal"?

Do you want to have sex one last time with your ex, just because you guys           shared awesome sex chemistry?

If you guys come together again, how your relationship will be different?

If you really get close to this goal of getting him or her back in your life will            you be really happy?

  • Question 3: How are you going to get there? What's the realistic "Baby Step" that would start you down the path of your "Big Goal"

  • By Speaking To Them or Not speaking at all?

    Hanging out all the time but not being romantic?

    Speaking and seeing each other only when you have to deal with the kids?

    Some combination of the above?

Believe me guys these are really some serious exercise that will pump your adrenal.

This is where you take everything and put it all together into the start of a mental and emotional action plan. So it’s important to answer the questions as honestly as possible.

#Module 4 - Flight Check - Basically the preparation step

In this module you will start prepping. This is where you learn the idea behind how and when to contact your ex for the first time and how to make sure that you’ve truly forgiven him or her.

Mike also puts lots of stress on significance of having no “bitter” feelings as this could drive a wedge between you. This is also good for helping you get your confidence in check.

#Module 5 - Text Judo - This is for me the core module of the Text Your Ex Back Program 

In this module you will learn how to trigger your ex's emotional buttons by texting and talking about your past experiences and the good memories that you guys spent together as a couple.

Mike breaks down the strategy that you will use for texting, starting from simple Hello text, progressing to intimacy booster texts, creating emotional honesty, then reigniting the hidden flame of love to eventually reach the Big Goal – connecting in real life and getting back together, or ‘seal the deal’ texts as Fiore calls them

#Module 6 - Across The Bow - Making Cool Contact 

This modules lays the foundation for what kind of relationship or contact you will keep with your ex for the next month or so.

Mike explains that there has to be some clear rules to follow to prevent this stage from going wrong.

If you are able to master this module perfectly you will have your ex crawling after you just like a desperate kid runs behind his mom.

The best part about this module is the easy to follow instructions making it clear and powerful.

You are provided with case studies and proven tips of what message to send them and how to reply within the conversation in the best possible way depending upon their reply to keep them interested.

What’s good about the program is it understands that every individual is unique and everyone has their own thoughts and behavior pattern and your reactions too will be different to the texts that your ex sends you.

This is the reason why this program is so powerful and successful as it understands human behavior and all the modules in this program are well equipped to handle any kind of person and you don’t ever get a impression that some sort of robot is following a prescribed set of texts. 

#Module 7 - Prepping the soil - Getting them emotionally with your influence.

This module is all about cranking the emotional heat by emotionally getting into your ex's mind by using emotional language.

This module will help to create new feelings in your ex's heart for you which will set the right tone for the next stage of texting, found in module 8.

Let's find out some of the example texts in this module

Do you remember that time we climbed Mount Baker together? I was just thinking of the smile on your face when we got to the top of the mountain and how sweaty we both were. That was a really fun day. =-)”

Do you remember that time we were in Madrid and ended up wearing those stupid bear suits? I just found a picture! You looked pretty good as a panda.

From a naked eye it appears a normal text message, but these are enough to linger your thoughts and make your ex go back in past again.

#Module 8 - Bonus Text Technique The Green Eyed Monster, The act of making your ex jealous.

Most people if you ask will always take jealousy in a wrong way, but in this module mike describes jealousy can be a very constructive force, and if used in the right way, it can be a very effective tool to drive your ex wild and crazy for you again.

For instances - How would you react to someone who is trying to have a relationship with your partner.

You will definitely feel bad isn't it? Of course you will that's what I believe. Now what jealousy does is it reignite the hidden love and spark and helps us to forget all the fights and conflicts and remember what first attracted us to each other. 

It's human nature and can't be changed and you have to harness this super powerful technique in the right way to get back with your ex again.

And if you get struck somewhere for tips and ideas, just read the comments area and you will find lot of people sharing their thoughts and views. 

#Module 9 - Planting the seeds meaning igniting the desire in their heart again.

Revealing your inner beauty and love by planting the seeds of hope and desire again.

This module is the result of all your effort that started from contacting your ex again for the first time and now reaching the stage of intimacy by proving them how great you are.

These are truly powerful texts that he or she can’t ignore.

This texts messages in this module will help to strengthen and deepen emotional connections, and making them feel that you will always stand beside them no matter what happens.

If they are going through tough times you are there to understand and support them.

#Module 10A - Reaping The Harvest

This module is all turning them on with the help of attraction texts which is And it’s a FANTASTIC way to get into your ex’s emotional brain and bring them closer to you.

Again by teasing and making them want you without being too obvious, still building the curiosity in their mind.

#Module 10B - Virtual to Phyiscal

This part is about creating the curiosity in your ex's mind with text messages for setting up your date again after the breakup?

It all starts with sending powerful emotional texts by making them realize how you feel and how badly you missed them in their absence.

And more importantly you will create a scenario to make them actually feel that how important they are for you. Doing this will set the right tone for your dating day.

#Module 10C - Virtual to Phyiscal

By this stage if you have followed everything correctly and your ex is receptive then now is the time to go on real dates and have some physical connection.

In this module mike provides you with some helpful advice on how to plan the date date and how to manage by keeping things simple.

And even though you’ve had your first date, the texting shouldn't stop here. You’ll learn how to send the right post-date text to help your new relationship blossom.

#Module 11 - Texting Steady

This is the last module of Text Your Ex Back program. You will figure out that this program is about a lot more than texting.

It’s about getting closer to the person you love, accepting them for who they are, inviting them to accept you for who you are, and laying the groundwork and foundation for a stronger and better relationship.

In this module you will get more comments from users including success stories and support for those still in the process.

I have myself read some of the stories and believe me they were really powerful and touching.

If you have made it till here, I really appreciate your patience and you admire this text your ex back review by me. Now let's jump to the Pros and Cons which is the final part of the text the ex back review.

Pros - I loved you will love too..

A perfect program for understanding where and how everything went wrong and maybe without the help of this program you would have not realized what was wrong and how you too were equally responsible for the breakup.

A thoroughly designed step-by-step manual.

100+ text messages templates

Explains the core principle on how to strengthen your relationship.

Cons - you will hate..

If you are thinking that you will change everything in one night by purchasing this program please don't buy. It's a process which will pay off but you have to have patience to see good results.

Though it is thoroughly designed still requires effort and integrity.

100+ text messages but they are useful only when you use them correctly and strategically.

You will also receive 4 Bonuses along with the 11 Modules

  • Infidelity Buster.
  • Instant Forgiveness.
  • Facebook Romance Secret.
  • 100+ Ready to use text message templates.

My Final Verdict on Michael Fiore Text Your Ex Back Review

To be honest text your ex back is genuinely a very good relationship guide system which not help to get you back with your ex, but it also makes you realize the true meaning of falling in love with someone and how little mistakes sometimes ruin you relationship.

If you happen to purchase this program there will be some homework to do, but trust me it's very thrilling and exciting as you have all the cards play with.

But the real game is how efficiently you apply the text message tricks to build the intimacy and ignite the flame of love that was totally vanished.

Ultimately if you want your ex back and are willing to put in the required effort, this program will give you the best possible opportunity to get back with your ex.

Not only that you will once you get back with your ex using text your ex back system, you will gain so much experience and maturity that you will automatically create wonderful new beginning together that will stronger, healthier and happier than before.


60 Days Money Back Guarantee

First guarantee is that you will get your ex back once you follow Michael Fiore's teaching step-by-step and second guarantee is money back guarantee. If you are not getting results and you are not satisfied with the program (which is next to impossible) you will get your full money back without any questions asked. 

Guys I will end my review here, this is best program you can buy if you want your ex back completely.

I can only ask you to trust me and go ahead and buy this program the link below.


I work really very hard on my blog to provide quality information to my viewers and if you happen to buy this program through my link honestly it will help me make few dollars ​in commission, which in turn will help to feed my poor little family.

I don't believe in lying I am a very transparent person and I know lying won't get me anywhere and I really want want to help couples have better relationship and love life.


If you really liked this long review of text your ex back Program, please share it with other couples around the world to help heal their broken heart. See you another day in a new post, till than Good Bye Friends.

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