May 5, 2022

How to Get a Guy to Obsess Over You in 3 Proven Steps

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You may know a couple of tricks to making men desire you, but do you know what the major secret on how to get a guy to obsess over you and getting him to actually NEED you?

I’m not talking about having him just like the idea of being with you or wanting you to be with him.

I’m talking about being able to legitimately have a man in a state in which you are his secret obsession and truly believes that you and only you are the key to making him feel truly complete.

Do you have any idea what a man is prone to doing for a woman when he’s in a state like that?

Do you want to learn how to get a man to obsess over you? If Yes, Read this marathon guide until the end.

Women who employ this technique are going to be dropping tiny seeds of desire in his mind to make him obsess and that obsession will flourish into larger blossoms of attraction.

As the seed continues to blossom and grow, with desire flourishing to levels previously unheard of, eventually something that I like to call a “love fruit” comes into being.

I call it a love fruit due to the feeling of fulfillment and satisfaction that your man will have once he fully indulges in the complete extent of his devotion to you.

3 powerful steps to learn how to get a guy to obsess over you.

Step #1 – Provide The Feeling of Emotional Choice To Make Him Obsessed With You.

Never forget this absolutely critical principle: the man’s number one desire is always going to be fulfill his ancient DNA-coded desires to provide, lead and guide.

His desire to fulfill these roles is embedded at a level that has remained completely untouched for over two hundred thousand years.

Satisfying the ancient desire of a man to be looked to as a provider and leader is almost unparalleled in its effectiveness.

But on the other side of the same coin, failing to satisfy this desire will create one of the least desirable effects possible in terms of successfully building a relationship.

If you fail to create the kind of feeling within him that will imbue him sensations of being a leader and a provider, he will like he’s caged.

You’ve got to make it so that he legitimately feels like he has what he needs to be looked to as a dependable, strong male figure with the power to make decisive calls.

Before we move any further in this direction, we must fully cover exactly how to define the concept of what I’ve called an emotional choice to make a man obsess over you.

An emotional choice is not an extremely complicated thing to understand.

All that an emotional choice indicates is that the man has the ability to actually choose that he wants to be with you, to choose that he wants you, to choose that he desires and you to choose to be monogamous with you in the end.

So how can you win him emotionally and get him obsessed with you? Here is the thing.

It is imperative that you understand the value of refraining from emotionally projecting on your man.

If you can avoid emotionally projecting on him, you can save the relationship from falling apart before it can even begin in the first place.

You need to provide him with all of the emotional space, freedom and leeway that he needs in order to rationally make the choice.

It may be true that you love the person that your man is more than words can describe.

It may be true that you want to be with your man more than you’ve wanted to be with anyone else you ever have.

Doing this will not only give him FREEDOM but also make him chase you as he will understand that you are not a clingy or desperate woman.

With this you will become much closer to being able to show that you WANT the guy but don’t actually NEED him at all.

In contrast, a woman who basically makes a guy her “end all” or “be all” is often unintentionally putting a massive amount of pressure on him which is not good.

Now, if you think that you understand the full importance of allowing him the right to having an emotional choice –and what it takes to make that possible-, we can move onto the second step on making a guy obsess over you.

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Step #2 – Give Him A Feeling Of Control To Make Him Obsess Over You.

In this step, it’s imperative that you manage to also set aside a bit of your pride that comes from a need to always be in control – I understand this is easier for some than others.

If you really want to be able to fulfill your man in this particular way to a degree that none other than his ultimate partner can truly match.

Then you have to work out a way that you can reasonably give your man the ability to prove himself by allowing him that precious sense of control that he craves.

In other words, when you do anything that deprives a man of sense of control, what you are essentially saying to him is:

“Hey, you, stop whatever you’re doing and be with me. 

Forget about how you actually feel about being with me.

Who ever told you that what you feel actually matters?

You have needs? I never said your needs are important.

Your wants are even less important.

Just do what I want and everything will be fine.

Your ideas don’t matter when I’M thinking.”

Do you think that you could even give this a score of 1 on a scale of 1 to 10 measuring how much it would make the average man want to commit? 

Unless he’s a masochist, he’ll be running back home to his mother and curling up under his childhood blankets in fear until the cold sweats finally wear off.

Or alternatively, he must just decide that you are not someone he wants to invest any more time in getting to know.

You need to respect your man’s ability to make choices in order for him to actually be a man.

As a man in a committed relationship, a status that many men go to their graves fearing no other thing more than their own creator.

He likely has a strong sense of purpose that he intends to fulfill in order to live up to the role.

Note that giving the man logical control is time, though perhaps easier said that done.

Technically speaking, all you have to do is temporarily suspend your emotions, and test your tolerance for being a little bit more impartial and calculative about things you feel strongly about.

Whenever you and your man are having some kind of disagreement, doing your best to avoid making it a matter of feelings will save you a lot avoidable stress.

Even if you feel in your heart that it’s an emotional matter, doing your best to approach it as a simple matter of risks versus benefits will keep you calm and lessen the chance of miscommunication.

It’s natural to want to fulfill your man’s emotional needs, and there are wonderfully effective ways to go about accomplishing that goal –

However, you mustn’t make the mistake that thousands of other women do.

In another instance of good intentions gone awry, women try to “open up” their men and turn the relationship into an emotional nightmare.

So now you see why it is so important to allow your man to have some control instead of trying to horde it all for yourself.

Relationships are all about how much you can give to one another, not how much you can intentionally get.

Give your man some of that feeling control he craves, and in return, you’ll find that he gives you the respect you desire and at the same time he will also get obsessed with you.

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Step #3 – Give Him a Feeling of Emotional Significance To Make Him Obsess Over You.

This is, without a doubt, the most important step in the process of the making a man obsess over you.

This third step regards the skeleton in the closet of the elephant in the room that you’ll almost never hear your average prideful man address outside of a therapist’s office – the fragility of the male ego.

Let’s not even mince words in the slightest here: men have fragile egos.

As tall as they build their egos up, they’re really like stacks of cards that can come tumbling down to the ground at moment’s notice.

A man’s constant internal conflict with the fragility of his own ego is the reason behind exactly why he values respect as much as he does.

When respect is denied, the man becomes insecure, reckless, and potentially violent.

As the man’s partner, you assist him in solidifying his sense of ego and self to keep from wavering when feels like he’s growing weak – this is the true meaning of emotional significance.

A man wants to feel as useful as he can, which is why a woman needing his help is so important to him.

Even being called stupid or dumb won’t impair his perception of himself if he is secure in his abilities as a result of his feeling of emotional significance.

While blows to miscellaneous qualities will rarely phase him, an attack on a man’s ability to provide, lead or guide will hurt him deeply, due to the perceived effect that it has on his entire sense of being.

He will feel like his very manhood is being doubted, and this will incite him to fight to defend it tooth and nail.

A lot of women, unfortunately, have a certain misconception that they do men a favor by protecting their ego with compliments that slightly stretch the truth.

While the intentions are honorable, this is hardly ever the right way go about it.

A man will be able to sense when someone is patronizing him, “sucking up” to him, or trying to “smooj” him –this will never be appreciated.

Insincere compliments are not genuine or valid, and a man only listens when something is genuine and valid.

This is why when someone genuinely questions the validity of his leadership, he feels very threatened.

If you approach your man with intention of deliberately lying to him in order to appease him, then I guarantee that only one of two things is going to happen:

-You’ll harm the integrity if your relationship with the lie to falsely inflate his ego, which will cause problems in the future.


He’ll catch onto it, and an instant rift will form between the two of you

Men may have fragile egos, but aside from that, you should really give them a lot more credit when it comes to being able to handle comments that you think may hurt his feelings.

As long as you’re being real, direct and clear with him, he’ll be able to take it.

Above all else, respect is forever integral to the upkeep of the man’s emotional significance.

Intersperse your respect for him with legitimate and honest feedback, and he will consistently work to better himself if he is mature and well-adjusted enough to see the value in constructive criticism.

Ideally, instead of crumbling, a man’s ego will instead activate a reparative process in order to give him that inner push he needs to work towards legitimately improving himself and altering his behavior for the better.

Lying to your man is truly just a selfish way of sparing yourself the discomfort, not really having his best interests in mind.

Falsely tell your man if he’s perfect if you want him to lose trust in you and faith in his power, but constructively criticize him if you respect his right to honesty and truly believe in his power to improve himself.

Basically these are the 3 steps on how to get a guy to obsess over you. 

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