November 25, 2022

37 Best Sex Moves To Make a Man Happy Sexually And Emotionally

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Sometimes even in the most romantic relationships the sexual intimacy fades with time. And if you are a woman you know it better than anyone else. To overcome this issue here are 37 best sex moves to make a man happy sexually and emotionally.

For women intimacy isn’t just about good sex moves or sex surprises or foreplay tips. It’s about taking it slow, bonding with a man sexually as well as emotionally to keep him happy.

It’s not about heavy petting or having sex on the couch or having sex in front of the mirror. It's about knowing why you’re together and making that bond stronger.

Taking out time for yourself and your partner isn’t always easy, but if you’re consistent you should feel an improved connection within days of implementing these 37 (combined) foreplay ideas, unique sex tips and freaky sex moves to keep your man happy sexually in the bedroom.

As per survey and research on best sex moves presented by School of Psychology, University of Ottawa, Ottawa, ON, Canada in a paper called: "Twenty-one Moves Guaranteed to Make his Thighs go up in Flames: Depictions of a "Great Sex" in Popular Magazines".

So dear Ladies, stop everything that you are doing and master this 37 best sex moves that makes a man happy.

Discover some amazingly good and freaky sex moves that neither of you have tried before in past to spice up your long-term relationship.

Part 1 - Sex Moves And Sex Ideas to Turn Him On

#1. Maintain constant eye contact (facing each other) while making love. Try not to unlock eyes, even when you’re climaxing.

Pay attention to pupils dilating, his breathing, and the expression on his face when he comes.

Take a mental picture of that moment, and refer to it when you’re experiencing challenges in your relationship.

#2. Talk about your physical needs before sex begins. “Baby, tonight I want you to . . .” When you fill in the blanks, don’t hold back.

Find out what sex moves or sex ideas neither of you have tried before, and … “Go there!”

It could be any sex move, like having sideways sex, doggy style, cowgirl position or an old-fashioned missionary sex. Anything.

Sex is a cozy demonstration. However, there are numerous approaches to make it progressively personal and something hotter with unique and sexy sex moves.

Shock your man by keeping in touch with him generally, even once you are climaxing.

Focus on his face, keep facing each other while maintaining eye contact, and just imagine the sexual moment. Also, you'll strive to talk regarding your physical desires while not holding back.

#3. Role play romantic scenarios, scenes from porn, and sex scenes from well-known movies. Think of sex scenes in movies like morning sex, sitting on his face or deep throating.

Mickey Rourke and Kim Basinger in ‘9 1/2 weeks’ or Diane Lane and Olivier Martinez in ‘Unfaithful.’ Take it slow, keep it light and fun.

You may feel silly, or you might not know how to make love to your man in a steamy shower, but at the very least you’ll make a good memory. And don’t forget, if it gets awkward, it’s okay to laugh.


#4. Wear tasteful lingerie. Wear tasteless lingerie. Or leave it on. Try it either way, or try it every way.

'Lingerie' is the most part, invested with meanings of femininity, sexuality, and desire. As we survey and research, Number of women purchasing lingerie to make their sex life more romantic. 

We were all born to engage in sexual relations. Yes, it's a part of our animalistic impulse to be overflowing with the persistent want to seduce and ravish.

So try to make it more enjoyable by wearing sexy nightwear and make your man want you more.

DO Experiment With Dirty Talk - The Best Sex Move To Keep a Man Happy Sexually And Emotionally.

#5Dirty talk during sex. “Fuck, suck, pound, eat, lick, taste, deep throat, hard, cock.” If you didn’t already know, lots of men love women who can fuck and talk like a sailor.  See if your man is down to try some raunchy tete a tete.

Executing the idea of using romantic poetry and super-hot words in the bedroom, in a public place, or via text message can help you at peak levels.

It can comfort you physique and heap on the emotional and sexual tension, intensify your orgasms and boost your fun.

If you keep exchanging dirty thoughts with each other and act accordingly in 'the sheets,' you will create a craving and sexual tension that will be strong or even stronger than those at the start of your bond.

#6. Ask your man to wear your panties for you. (Yes, some men will do this!) If your man does this for you he really, truly trusts you.

A foray into cross-dressing can bring your one on one connection to a whole new level.

#7. Have sex without using any words at all. Touch each other non-stop.

Keep your hands consistently on each other’s bodies, caressing, stroking, and lovingly. 

Tease his mouth by your tongue and lips ever slightly, and leave your man to ask more and more now and then.

Note: These are the best sex moves that makes a man happy and it matters a lot to a man when it comes to sex and foreplay.

#8. Straight up fuck to hardcore music. Do you normally “make love?” Do it harder -- faster -- this time. Seriously.

One or both of you should have a little trouble walking for a day or two. And the reason why is your little secret.

“Why am I walking this way? Umm, I pulled a muscle at the gym.” (Yeah, sure people will believe it!)


Use Sex Toys To Please Him And Keep Him Satisfied Sexually.

As per Irish Times sex survey the majority – 58 per cent – of sexually active people who responded have used sex toys, with women slightly more likely to use them than men.

#9. Try new sex toys to please your man sexually. Never used sex toys before? Start small (or big) with a vibrator, Venus Butterfly or Orgasm Rabbit.

Chances are you’ll become interested in experimenting with other, more “devious” toys. Cock rings?

#10. Change up the pace. Alternate between slow love making and hard pulse pounding fucking.

If you’re not sure when or how to move from slow to fast, put together a playlist to guide you. Then you just have to keep up with the tempo.

#11. Set a timer to see how long you can continue with heavy petting moment with each other without coming.

Can you go 30 minutes? 45 minutes? 1 hour? Mother of Gaaawd, can you make passionate, sweaty, sticky love with your man for 2 whole hours? (Doesn’t it sound like a freaky sex move and fun sex idea to try with your man?).

Freaky Sex Moves To Try In An Airplane.

#12. Although this sex move is not a compulsion but you can try if you are in for some kinky sex ideas.

Have sex on an airplane! Hmmmm. Maybe you're not adventurous enough to try the official “Mile High Club?” (Those airplane restrooms are really small…)

Try sneaking in a hand job or give him deep throat— one of those airplane blankets or your coat will come in "handy" for concealing your "dirty deed."

Try to pull this off without either of you smiling or laughing.

Can you send him into sheer ecstasy? Can he stay quiet and keep a straight face?


#13. Similar to the airplane, you haven’t lived until you’ve had sex in a public place.

Get crazy on some playground equipment (late at night when there’s no kiddos around), or bang out a quickie in a movie theater.

Just make sure the theater is relatively empty -- or not – depending on how risky you’re feeling that day.

#14. If you're normally submissive, go all out aggressive.

Tell him what to do. "Sit down. Lay down. Touch me here." This doesn't mean you need to go full on dominatrix… But come to think of it..

#15. Try some BDSM! Go full on BDSM! You know! Bondage, dominance and submission, sadomasochism.

You don't need to go 100% "50 Shades of Gray" but try pushing the boundaries past your usual comfort zone a little bit.

You might just stumble on something that sends you and your partner to sheer ecstasy. It really is a whole new world.

#16. Wear high heels or thigh high boots while you're having sex . Yes, LEAVE THEM ON! This is one of the best sex moves to surprise your man.

Remember, men are VISUAL creatures. They find this incredibly hot.

The image of you wearing “ass-jacking” heels or thigh highs will be burned into his brain indelibly!

#17. Take turns watching each other masturbate. Or masturbate at the same time.

Keep constant eye contact, and turn up the heat on the sexy, dirty talk.

There are lots of ways in which you can flirt to make your man crave you more.

Words are powerful tools, so muttering something twisty in his ear, asking dirty questions, saying something in front of other people that only he will understand in a sexual way (some code term for something sexual only the two of you be familiar with), and also using body language can work surprises once seducing is involved.

#18. “Let’s make some noise!” If the kids are with a babysitter for the night don’t hold back. Get loud and proud! Howl with pleasure and delight.

When your man hears you squeal with pleasure his brain gets a huge squirt of oxytocin and dopamine and his ego gets an incredible boost. 

He’ll work even harder to keep you moaning in ecstasy. For me this is again one of the best sex moves for a woman to satisfy a man physically and emotionally.

#19. Have you ever heard of the “Sextember Challenge?” (It’s not just for September!) You have sex every day in a month -- all 30 days -- or 31 days.

Short of a life threatening emergency or death in the family, you and your lover MUST make love at least once every day.  

Pick one month, and commit to having sex every day, no matter what. Try different sex positions on each day, it can be anything like having sex on the couch, try doggy style, have sideways sex, or have morning sex.

Quick sessions, long sessions, tired, early morning sessions. People who try this SWEAR it brings them closer.

#20. Have your man undress you with his teeth. No hands allowed.

Speaking of undressing, how about a nice game of strip Trivial Pursuit? (Strip poker is so predictable…).

This is a really freaky sex move to keep a man happy sexually and emotionally.

If you've both fabricated an elevated level of trust, you can go the additional mile to request that your partner wear your hot lingerie for you. It makes an association at a more inside and out and more peak level.

Surprising Sex Moves To Make Your Man Want You More.

#21. Remember as a teenager when you made out in the backseat of your boyfriend’s car? Well, you’re not that awkward girl anymore!

You’ve come a long way, baby!

Find a deserted parking lot and let your man devour your flesh like it’s your first time all over again.

Better yet -- get on top, sit on his face and ride his hard cock! See how long it takes to make the windows steam up.

#22. Surprise him by hopping in the shower and giving him a handjob or blowjob. He’ll never expect it.

Or, have good ole’ standing up shower sex. He might need to hold you up against the shower wall, which is extra hot and sexy! 

#23. Where no man has gone before… If you’ve never tried anal sex, give it a shot.

It’s not for everybody, but some ladies get an intense orgasm from it. 

Anything is worth trying once, right? Hint: there are some anal “starter” toys that can make things easier for a novice. 

#24. 69. What’s better than Oral Sex squared? NOTHING! You’re blowing him – he’s blowing you.

Let’s face it, everybody loves receiving fellatio.

The challenge is, can you deliver pleasure while simultaneously receiving pleasure too? Are you up for the challenge?

Part 2 - Post Sex Moves To Spice Up Your Long-Term Relationship.

Now let's understand some amazing post sex foreplay ideas and sex moves to help you connect better with your man.

Post sex: Sexy Sex Moves And Foreplay Ideas.

#25. Don’t just hop out of bed and turn on the television after sex!

Lay there -- hot, sticky, and naked -- and stare at each other.

Hold each other, and talk about what you liked most about your lovemaking session.

Then create some anticipation and set the tone for the next time. “I want to try _____. Next time, can we try _____ ?”   

#26. Food. No, this isn’t kinky! When was the last time you had a good hump session, followed by breakfast in bed?

If you’ve never done this before, you should absolutely try it!

Feed each other pancakes, strawberries, and whipped cream.

(Okay, when you bring whipped cream into the mix maybe things can get a little kinky…).

Again this is a powerful post sex foreplay idea and sex move to keep a man happy and surprise him......isn't it.

#27. Post coital massage. Bust out the essential oils (or baby oil) and get started rubbing.

If you’ve never given a massage before, don’t worry. Your lover won’t expect a “professional” experience. Of course, you can always look up some massage tutorials online.

He’ll appreciate your warm touch and affection either way. And then it’s your turn to be on the receiving end!  

#28. Full coverage kissing. Let him kiss every inch of your body.

When you’re laying in bed, basking in post-orgasmic afterglow, the added physical attention will send a rush of oxytocin and dopamine through your body, making your love making session even more memorable.

You could even get fully aroused again and be ready for “Round 2.”

"Shower sex can be really hot because it has a sense of urgency to it—you're not going to stay in there for an hour," says Janet Brito,

#29. Try shower sex in front of a mirror. Place a mirror and soap each other up really good. Scrub off the hot, sticky juices. You’ll want to be nice and clean for later.  

#30. Stay up late watching movies. Naked. Yes, “Netflix and Chill” with your partner. While naked.

Want to add a new element into the mix? Watch some porn and talk about some of the good sex moves and positions you’d like to try next time.  

Sex Ideas For Women Who Feel Penetration is Painful.

A tip for women who who feel penetration is painful. If you're feeling pain — particularly with penetration — then it's time to boycott penetration slightly and go for heavy petting.

To supernumerary, practice sensate focus drills. Keep the focus on cultivating sensual touch, erotic massage, and pleasure instead of performance.

At the moment, you both should incorporate your enhanced for comfort and satisfaction sex positions

#31. Give each other pedicures. Yes, ladies, I said it! Some men LOVE doing this with their women.

They’re interested in seeing what all the hub-bub is about; and most men have never had their feet “pampered.” Besides, no one else will see his newly painted bright purple piggies. It’s your little secret!  

#32. Talk about your sexual fantasies. Your most intimate, dirty, kinky, naughty fantasies. Talk about “how” you’d like to do them.

Why you’d like to do them. Who you want to be involved! (Threesomes or Foursomes? . Hey, we’re just fantasizing here, so everything is fair game!)  

#33. Are there things on your “never” list? Talk about them and explore “why” they’re on the “never” list. “Oh, I could never have ___.”

Many people say “never” because they don’t fully trust their partner.

The more you build intimacy, the more trust you have in the relationship, and a whole new world of possibilities can open up.

#34. Food! Again? Just for fun, order some food for delivery.

When the driver arrives, show up scantily clad, or barely covered in a robe, and see how the driver reacts.

This will make a great story for the grand kids one day!

#35. Read to each other. Current events, books, or magazines.

It’s probably best to stay off social media, though. It’s too easy to get sucked into the rabbit hole, isn’t it?? 

#36. Help each other on a work project or a hobby. Crafting, boating, jogging – whatever! It’s super-hot when your partner wants to get involved with your interests.

#37. Get up early and cook breakfast together. Watch the sunrise, and enjoy the peace and tranquility before the daily chaos begins. There you have it! 

As you can see, there’s a “communication” element to almost all of these sex moves and foreplay tips. Keep the lines of communication open, no matter what.

Your man will appreciate the fact you made an effort to strengthen your intimate connection with him. And hey, if you’re new to this, start small.

Don’t feel like you have to attack everything on this list all at once. It’s important to keep things fun and appreciate the memories you create together.

I will stop here. I hope you loved reading this short but sexy guide on best sex moves to keep a man happy sexually and emotionally.

General FAQs about What Sex Moves Will Keep Your Man Happy.

What I shared with you was an awesome information , but it was only the tip of the ice berg and there are many other sex moves and sex ideas you can implement to spice up your long-term relationship and keep yourself and your man happy.

Below is the summary of the tips and tricks you learned above to seduce your man and keep the intimacy alive forever.

1. How can I be a good wife in bed?

Commonly, many women concern exploration within the room or kitchen. The best way to be hot in bed is to try different positions.

Move away from the normal missionary position and attempt different moves that cause you to feel sexy, or empower him to go harder.

The way to continue exchanging places exploring various movements make your time memorable and you guys want this moment more now and then.

2. How can I surprise my man sexually?

Bother your partner with new, hot undergarments. It may be tasteful or tasteless, simply wear it and mess around with him all the while! You can likewise attempt dirty talk during sex or foreplay, as a ton of men loves this from their ladies.

3. Where do men like to be touched?

He likes to be touched during a heap of places ladies may never even think about. The most common body part is their hair.

Slightly Ride your fingers through his hair, or snack on his neck, just beneath the ears. Men will never get enough of this; particularly once a teasing kiss with the tongue follows it, this will make him crazy.

So if you loved reading everything about this article watch the video below to learn lots and lots of good sex moves and ideas to keep your man happy and satisfied and change your life forever.

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