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How to talk dirty to a guy? This phrase has become a seduction symbol in the modern arena.

Still very few girls and women have found the right way to wield this incredibly powerful weapon to spice up there sex life.

Most girls and women are either too shy to give it a try as they find uneasy to use the right sexting tricks or simply just don't know the where and how to get started when it comes to dirty talk.

But don't worry its time for a HAPPY CHANGE because to day I'm going to show you the secrets of dirty talking.

I’m going to disclose the "Naughty little sex phrases" guaranteed to drive him wild in bed during sex.

Since the concept of naughty talk or talking sexy and making love to a man looks like a mystery for most women and girls.

That's the reason I’ve broken it down into easy steps that will help you enhance your sex life with your man.

Believe me this dirty talking guide is proven to work 100 out of 100 times.

And the naughty sex secrets in this guide have amazing potential to widen your sexual horizons, help you through difficult times in your love life, improve your intimacy level when your sex life appears boring and so much more.

All it takes is to read this few easy steps and you’ll start to see the transformation for yourself.

So if you're ready lets begin.

A man and a woman . . .

The man is the eagle that flies.

The woman is the nightingale that sings.

To fly is to master space.

To sing is to conquer the soul.

The man is a Temple.

The woman is the Altar.

Before the temple we uncover ourselves;

before the altar we kneel down . . .

The man is where the Earth ends.The woman where Heaven starts. —Victor Hugo

Sex and the perfect Lover takes you by the hand on the road to experience sexual pleasure and ecstasy on a permanent basis.


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Remember by reading this dirty talking guide you're not only preparing for sex, but preparing for love of your man that too for life time.

Once you have practiced all the techniques, once you have become versed in the arts of perfect love making mixed with dirty talk, you can continue on the way of the Tao to a deeper inner level and arrive at a new stage.

The realization of love combined with incredibly powerful sexual enjoyment because I believe true love cannot be completed without satisfactory sex.

So if you're ready lets begin.

But before we actually jump on to the sweet realm of desires and sexy talk I want you to understand that talking dirty to a man and being naughty doesn’t mean you should act like a porn star in the bed room.

Confused! I will clear my point below just continue reading.

#1. Talk Dirty With your Man But Keep Your Respect Intact.

Boundaries are must in any relationship. And sexual boundaries are critical, even in long-term relationships and marriage.

What I want to say is the moment you think of dirty talking to please a man most women and girls get into a state of mind where they imagine that sexy talk is all about acting like a porn star in the bed room which is just not true.

Fortunately with my experience in dating and relationships over the years.

Confidently I can say that the real deal on the complexity of a man’s sex drive AND how exciting your sex life can be even if you don’t want to say the word “fuck.”

The only thing I would suggest you is to choose the right situations to use the ideas that you will discover in this powerful naughty texting guide.

#2. Do a Quick Research On His Secret Sexual Fantasies

Discovering your man’s secret obsessions and sexual fantasies needs you to put on your researcher hat and take notes. There are two ways to complete this interesting task.

#Ask Him Tactfully - Check his mood and ask him to share his secret obsessions and fantasies with you. Ask him in a casual way and be willing to listen to his secret sexual thoughts and share yours ,too, if he asks.

You can begin with this words: Hey baby! I want to know about the if's and but's of your​ sexual desires something that is you've buried in your heart for so long and now it's time to reveal those secret thoughts to me "Your sexy little slave".

I would love to know what your secret sexual fantasies are. I want to know all of the ways I can turn you on.​

He may be hesitant at first but it's OK. But if he is willing to share away right then. Amazing! He might share one or two vague or casual things like:


I love seeing you in that red sexy bikini of yours you look stunningly HOT.

I fantasize about you giving me endless blow-jobs.

Or he might say something like this. . .I only fantasize about you, sweet heart.

Now, if possible ask him to share more.

That is so sweet you say that. But I’m sure there must be some things you haven’t told me about. I really want to know because I truly love you. And this is a judgment-free zone. Want me to tell you one of mine?​

Go ahead and be vulnerable. Share some of the things that you’ve never told him before. Or give him more details and context about a fantasy you may have partially shared.

This creates a safe space for him to open up to you. Revisit the conversation if he hasn’t been particularly open.

Remember when we talked about fantasies the other day? I’ve thought of another I would like to tell you about.

Share it and then ask him if he wish to share with you. Make this kind of conversation a some what regular thing to keep learning about each other.​

#3. Learn About His Sexual Preferences Before Trying Naughty Tricks With Him

Does he have a strong preference for being dominant?

Does he consistently take a strong, commanding and aggressive demeanor with you?

Does he show you he prefers being submissive? Language or consistent responsiveness to you being the aggressor. Strong attraction to a dominant female character or any actress.

What body part of yours does he fixate on?

Is there commonality between the celebrities he’s attracted to?

Demureness, girl next door, wild woman, overtly sexual or highly virginal?

Of the fantasies he’s shared, what themes show up and what desires are at the core? For example, it could be to be worshipped, it might be adventure, or it could be control over a woman.

#4. Finally How To Talk Dirty To a Guy Using Seducing Words

Remind him about the last time you had sex with him with this amazing lines believe me after listening to this sensually tantalizing lines he will be thrilled again to fuck you the way he did last time.

Read it below to learn how to talk sexy to man.

The silk scarf tied around my wrists was cutting into my skin. The blindfold shut out every bit of light, and yet I still had my eyes closed behind it.

A sudden sharp pinch of my left nipple made me yelp in delicious pain.“Shhhh, Baby You aren’t allowed to make noise. Do it again and I will spank you!” he said.

I thought about defying him. . . just to relish the smack of his hand against my ass. But before I could open my mouth tot empt fate, I felt the tickle of a feather running up my inner thigh and then his mouth met mine in a passionate kiss.

He stopped suddenly and pulled away. I felt lost for a second not knowing where he’d gone. But this was part of the game. Stopping and starting. Hard and soft. Pain and pleasure.

My senses were on the highest alert not knowing which wayhe was going to pleasure me next.

He knew I was anxious and he reassured me. “I love watching you so turned on and wanting me. Nod your head yes if you want me right now.”I wanted to be cool but I nodded my head vigorously.

I couldn’t see it, but I swear I could hear his smile widen.“Now before I fuck you, I want you to spread your legs as wide as you can for me. And hold them there until I tell you that you can move”I obeyed.

I felt completely exposed. Tied to the bed. Naked with my legs as wide as I could make them. Totally vulnerable. I was a little scared. . . but I did it anyway. Which absolutely thrilled me.

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#5. The Combination of Role Play With Dirty Talking

If you are role-playing a specific scene, adopting characters and talking like them is natural. For example, to really get into the dominant sub role-play of master and slave, act like he has complete dominion over you. Call him master. Talk to him as if he carries ultimate authority over you.

If you do use a blindfold technique which is one of the best sex moves you can try, In this technique voice mixed with silence plays a very important role.

Keeping your partner off guard by not talking and just acting adds an element of surprise. Asking him to describe in detail what is about to take place heightens the anticipation for you.

If he’s blindfolded, telling him what you are about to do to his body will totally turn him on.

Using the play-by-play technique is always helpful. Saying out loud how something feels, how much you like it, if you want it harder, slower, longer, more. . . all of it works!

I’ve found that when engaging in different variety of role play and kinky sex techniques most women feel a bit uncomfortable.

But my friend I want to add that if you serious want to add some real sexual adventure into your sex life you must try some of role play ideas.

Believe me it will not only make you will feel confident but also bring out a raunchier side to your dirty talk which probably you wouldn't have been able to discover in normal course of routine sex.

#6. The Stress Reliever Dirty Talking Lines

This is again honestly speaking not written by me but by Felicity Keith of

I show up at your office to surprise you with a lunch date. As soon as I walk through the front doors, I can tell things are hectic.

I spot you across the room, having a conversation outside of your office. Somehow you sense my presence, and our eyes meet.

You smile and motion me over.

I walk toward you and admire how good you look. And not just your clothes. . .you look powerful and confident. A man in charge. I’m immediately reminded how proud I am to be with you.

But as I get closer, I can see how stressed you are. The tension in your face, neck, and shoulders is obvious. A little grin creeps across my face as I think of how I can ease that tension foryou. .

.“This is a nice surprise. What are you doing here today, honey?”you ask as you dismiss your co-worker and greet me with a warm hug.“I know how hard you work, and I decided to deliver a special treat to you in person.

Let’s go into your office for a minute,” I purr.

You open the door and follow me in with a confused smile.“Shut the door and lock it, please.” You comply.

I grab your belt and pull you closer, turning you around to face me.

“So what is this treat you’ve brought me?” you ask.

“It’s a amazing stress-reliever. I can tell you are having a hectic day,” I explain as I slide my trench coat off and let it fall to the floor, revealing that black wrap dress I know you like on me.“Something I think you will really enjoy.

”You look me straight in the eye. “Baby, what exactly are you doing? I have a client conference call in ten minutes.”I put my finger to your lips “Shhh. . .you will make your conference call.” I gently guide you to your chair, deftly unbuckling your belt and unzipping your pants.

“Sit,” I order. You sink into the smooth leather seat.

I ease myself onto my knees between your legs. Your excitement is now visible, as you’ve clearly figured out what my amazing treat involves.

“I was going to take you to lunch. But seeing your stress and also seeing how in control you look at the same time. . . I have to do this instead.

”I free your rock-hard erection from your pants. Looking you straight in the eye, I wrap my mouth around you. Swirling the tip of your hard dick with my tongue with every pass, your legs quiver with pleasure.

I begin to pick up rhythm, taking you deeper and deeper into my mouth with each head.

You stifle a moan and lean your head back on the head rest of your chair while I go to town. Faster and faster, I am relentless in my need to make you climax.

Your hands are in my hair and your breathing is heavy and rapid. I know you are close. Your entire body tenses before release.

Just as you shudder and explode into my mouth, the intercom on your phone buzzes “We are meeting in conference room A in three minutes.”

“Perfect timing,” I announce with a wink. Standing up, I straighten my dress and smooth out my ruffled hair.

“Better get to the conference room. See you when you get home!”and I make my exit.

Amazing right?

It may feel a little awkward to be so bold with your man initially. But quite frankly, that’s part of the fun. It is a little scary. And it will get your adrenaline pumping.

As you must understand that flexing your creativity by exploring your sexuality amps up your sex appeal.

I encourage you to think of it as saving for a rainy day. Or making a deposit into the sexual tool kit that your future lucky man will get to enjoy if you're single.

And if you're already dating or married use the above dirty talk tricks and ideas to make you man sexually and emotionally obsessed with you and only you.

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See you again keep coming back on my blog GOD BLESS and have a great day.


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