May 5, 2022

How To Seduce a Man And Drive Him Crazy In 13 Seductive Tricks

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Have you ever been wondering how to seduce a man and drive him crazy for you and only you? If yes, Believe me, you're at the right place because today your wish will be fulfilled just continue reading.

All I ask you is use these sizzling tricks CORRECTLY UNDER THE RIGHT CIRCUMSTANCES to seduce your man, and he'll be putty in your hands. Trust me

The powerful seduction techniques that I'm talking about are very subtle, devilishly innocent and he can never accuse you of seducing him and creating the sexual tension as its all done in a very disguised manner.

Once again these are some powerful seduction techniques to use on men, in fact, any men.

And using this will make him chase you and get emotionally connected with you.

Believe that he’s the one who desires you.

So I urge you not to waste a single minute and start reading, and in the end, I have an excellent recommendation that will change your whole perception of sex, seduction, and lovemaking.

13 sizzling tricks on how to seduce a man and make love to him.

#1. Work With Your Mascara To Seduce Your Man

The mascara that you apply on your eyes really has the power to arouse him.

Mascara gives an intoxicating look to your eyes as if you've consumed some wine.

And you know how intoxicating our eyes look after having a glass of wine.

So if you can create that same feeling and look as if you're drunk, it can be truly so enticing, and you can get him wild with your eyes.

But hold on the trick is you don’t want to reveal you’re attracted to him and want him desperately, the rule is to give him subtle hints don’t overdo the little staring game.

Look, but always look away the moment he looks at you.

By doing that, he’ll never be sure if you’re even staring at him. And yet, he’d start to get more and more curious about you.

#2. Men Are Highly Visual Creature Let Him See Your Best Side If Yo want to Turn Him On.

Do you believe you’re hot and sexy? No? Then start thinking and feeling that you're HOT and SEXY.

Because confidence is what makes or breaks you.

If you want to become wildly seductive to your man, first you need to feel like one.

And when you do, you’ll be able to execute this move and put it to perfect use.

Men love boobs, sexy curves, and butt.

You know that right? Look your best when you’re around the man you want to seduce.

In other words get into his mind and understand how he thinks about sex.

Let him see and admire your beautiful curves, alluring hot moves and those toned sexy legs of yours.

When he falls in love with your body, he’s certainly on his way to getting seduced by you.

Once again do not overdo you need to silently seduce him without being too obvious. I hope I'm making sense.

#3. A little Peek-a-Boo.

The captivating thing about being a woman is that you can do something outrageous like wearing extremely short skirts and plunging necklines and still accuse a man of being a pervert.

Of course, now women aren’t wearing these sexy outfits to please everyone.

They're just wearing these sexy outfits for the man they wish to seduce.

If you want to attract a man, never bare everything or wear skimpy clothes.

It draws the wrong kind of attention. Instead, wear something that provides you an opportunity to give him a little peek now and then.

If he’s standing around you, lean forward to pick a piece of paper or your bag.

A man's eyes are pretty quick ad very visual when it comes to sneaky boob grazes.

Giving him the opportunity to take a sneak peek now and then would only keep his attention on you more, and hopefully without any clothes on.

Now taking the clothes off for him is your decision, but this move will seduce him and make him want more.

But I suggest you do this only if you're certain that he's the one for you.

#4. Give Him a Seductive Smile.

Men are naturally drawn towards women who are happier and more fun to be with.

A smiling, flirty woman is much more approachable than a surly, clingy and saggy lady.

When you’re having a conversation with him, smile often.

It’ll make you look sexy, confident matured and happy, which will not only keep him interested in you but also draw him closer.

But once again don’t overdo the smiling by making it visible, try to keep it sweet, genuine and straight forward that you’ve got a thing for him.

You’re trying to seduce him, not let him know you like him!

#5. Flirt With Him.

If you’ve got these first few steps right, the man you’re trying to seduce would already be interested in you, sexually or otherwise.

Now it’s time to warm him up and let him know that you’re up for a bit of safe flirting now and then.

When you’re having a conversation with him, start flirting with him and make him want to continue the conversation with you.

If his eyes are eager to pop out in excitement or if he’s got bits of drool, you’re doing a fantastic job at this, aren’t you, you seductress?


#6 Lingering Unexpected Touches

When you’re having a fascinating conversation with him at dinner, place your fingers over his palm while emphasizing a point or hold him by his hand as you’re crossing the street.

Or if you’re sitting next to him, help your feet to touch his feet and pretend like you didn’t notice.

Create inherent tension and situations that would push him to reach you, and that will not only seduce him silently but also beg him to be more with you.

#7 Don’t Ever Throw Yourself At Him.

If you actually want to learn how to seduce a man, never throw yourself at him or let him realize that you believe he’s hot stuff.

By letting a guy know that you’re madly attracted to him, he wouldn’t feel thrilled by any of your seduction tactics. He may believe in his mind you’re pushing hard to grab his attention.

And you don’t want that to happen as this will dilute your image in his eyes. When you let a guy know you like him, it’ll make him start the game of playing hard to get with you.

Instead of seducing your guy, you’ll end up looking cheap and desperate in his eye.

Always remember to create a situation where it looks sure that he’s the one chasing you, even if you’re laying a seduction trail for him with every trick you're applying.

#8 Ignore Him Now and Then

Every once in a while, when you feel like things are going too easy between the two of you and it seems that the adventure and spice are starting to fade away stop giving him a lot of importance and conversation time.

A guy will always take things easy when he feels like he’s having an excellent time with a girl.

So at least in the initial phase, don’t ever let him feel like he’s able to make an impression on you.

Ignore him now and then, or just play hard to get with him. It’ll shake up his insecurities all over again, and make him woo you harder.

It is a subtle but very powerful seduction technique to use on your man and get him to wonder all day and night long whether you're really into him or not.

#9 Take Him To The Dance Floor

Guys can never resist a girl’s curves. Take those sexy curves and move them on a dance floor, and he’ll be flattered by you.

If you can work your way around getting him to take you out clubbing, then you’re definitely on cloud nine of seducing a man.

Show off your dancing talent on the dance floor, and let him watch you.

Dancing with each other is an incredibly powerful way to build the right sexual chemistry and leave a few lasting memories with lingering touches.

#10 Create Awkward Situations.

If you want to know how to seduce a man, get this one right, and you’d leave the guy you want to seduce with a heart full of love and a trouser that’s stretching on a hard on!

Squeeze into a crowded elevator with him and “unknowingly” let your butt graze against his leg.

If he’s sitting down in a chair, come from behind him and reach across his table to get something when he’s not looking.

He’ll involuntarily turn, and his shoulders have nowhere to touch but your breasts. And that’s by accident, of course.

And when you hug him, make sure he can feel your girly parts touch him.

Don’t make any of these moves visible and he’ll think he’s the lucky one for getting to touch you in places he could only dream of.

Give him the chance to touch you, and create awkward situations around him.

His pants will get tighter, and he’ll do more than just fantasizing about you.

#11. Put Effort in Your Looks.

Sure, one of the great bonuses of having an amazing man is that you can be yourself and not spend hours primping before seeing him.

However, you want him to sit up and take notice of you in a different way.

So when you do spend time with him, take the time to look good. Makeup, hair, flattering outfit, jewelry, sultry perfume.

Get ready like you would for a date. This also means taking care of your health.

If you aren’t happy carrying excess weight, now is the time to embark on a healthy eating and exercise plan.

It does NOT mean crash diets and becoming a complete gym rat.

Just put in the effort to transform into the healthiest version of YOU you can be.

Believe me, this has a lot to do with seducing your man because men love women with good looks, sexy curves, and appealing personality.

#12. Lay It On The Table to Seduce Him.

This is the scariest step. Because after doing all of the other work, if he hasn’t made a move on you, there is a fair probability you may get rejected.

However, there is also the chance that he’s waiting for a clear invitation from you.

After all, you’ve started treating him differently, and he knows somewhere in his mind that you're a feast.

So better make sure that next time you hug him or say goodbye, pull away a bit and look him in the eye.

You can say, “Funny, I think I want to kiss you right now.

”Tell him your last hangout felt like a date. Ask him if he noticed that at all.

Or you could just really be bold and tell him you have romantic feelings for him and wait for his response.

#13. Final Step: Erotic Fantasy Movie Show.

This one is a sort of kinky sex idea that you can use on your man to seduce and arouse him. A kind of illusion

This step is awesome if done correctly and for your information, this step is not my personal creation.

I happen to read it in language of desire system created by Felicity Keith which is one of the best-selling programs that has helped thousands of women to understand the secret fantasies and sexual psychology of man.

You Can Watch The Free Video By Felicity Here or continue reading below as I will add the link at the end of this article too.

The erotic fantasy movie show is all about talking dirty to your man to seduce him from in and out.

In fact it is the RIGHT way to share one of your fantasies with virtually zero risk. If you feel a little shy about describing what you’d like to do, you can frame it as if you had a dream, which feels a bit safer.

The Dirty Talking Example Would Go Like This:

I had the best dream about you last night. Want to hear it?

Well, it’s a little naughty. Go ahead and sit down or lie back while I give you the details.

I was having dinner with some coworkers after the big sales presentation.

We were in a corner booth, and I was sitting on the end. The restaurant was very fancy, gorgeous table linens,dimly lit by candles.

All of the sudden, I started feeling a little tickle on my leg. I jumped at first, but the hands down there steadied me and held me fast.

I started to panic, wondering who or what was down there. I slid my napkin off my lap to the floor so I could peek under the table cloth.

That’s when I saw you. Somehow you had gotten yourself to the restaurant I was at, and you’d snuck under the table.

I looked at my coworkers and nobody knew that you were there .Relaxing a bit, because I knew it was you, I moved my legs so you had easier access.

Because I knew without a doubt exactly why you were down there.

Your hands made quick work of the situation.

You pushed my skirt up and moved my panties aside with your fingers.

Circling my clit, rubbing, pressing, getting your fingers all slippery with my juices.

Oh my god. . .In and out, around, pushing, pressing, torturing me with delicious pleasure as I sat there like nothing was going on.

You quickly brought me to orgasm, and I could sense your wicked smile as you felt my legs shaking hard, knowing that above the table I had to pretend I wasn’t coming.

Then you were gone! I got up to use the restroom.

As I was walking down the dimly lit corridor, the waiter stopped me and said I had a phone call. He led me to the coat closet and shut the door behind me.

Just as I was about to freak out, your strong hands were on my shoulders.

You turned me around to face you.“How did you get here?

What are you doing?” I asked, but you silenced my questions with a passionate kiss. . .

And you pressed your strong erection into me. I quickly unzipped your pants and pulled you to me.

Even though I knew the restaurant staff was aware of us in the coat closet, at that moment I didn’t care.

I needed your rock-hard penis in me right that second.

We loudly fucked on a pile of other people’s coats! Right as you came, I woke up. Startled and totally hot for you. Wasn’t that a crazy dream?

Tell me how was that erotic fantasy movie awesome isn't it?

If you truly want to discover the secret sauce behind how to seduce a man and drive him crazy for you and only you.

You must try the language of desire program by Felicity Keith. 

Believe me this is the best possible program that holds the power to truly transform your sex life and make your man sexually and emotionally obsessed with you.

I will stop here and I hope this article on how to seduce your man helped you once again I urge you Watch the free video by Felicity Here or Below

As in the program The Language of Desire she teaches you ways to get over any shyness you may feel about talking dirty and give you over 200 plus dirty phrases that are totally done for you.

She teaches you the step-by-step exactly how to seduce a man by talking dirty and get comfortable saying naughty things.

Watch Felicity's Story Here: How She Transformed Herself in to Goddess From Being an Ordinary Woman.

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