May 6, 2022

25 Warning Signs Your Man is Ignoring You [Time to Fix It]

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If you’ve lost that lovin’ feelin’, and somewhere in your mind you feel that your man is ignoring you then this article is for you. 

I understand at this point for you It may sound like a far off dream to feel intimately connected to your man.

It’s no wonder that romance is at peak in the first half of any intimate relationship. And it gets pushed down to the bottom of the list in the second half if you fail to spice things up and believe me you're not alone.

There are many women around the GLOBE who're facing this issue of commitment and they complain "that he's ignoring me".

If you've read my articles in past, you’ll hear me say this a lot, but many women are operating under a hideous burden of shame, embarrassment, humiliation, and self-blame for the lack of love and passion in their relationships.

Many women are such selfless givers that they routinely overlook their own needs and desires for YEARS which allows their man to them for granted and eventually leave a perfect women.

Sometimes, never even realizing they’re not truly satisfied until, all of a sudden, the

wheels fall off and the truth hits like a bolt out of the blue:

“I need MORE.”

In fact, just so you really can internalize the fact that you are NOT alone in this journey.

Here are just a few of the most common problems I hear from my female followers:

Each of these comments is from a real, live woman just like you (throughout the article, names have been changed to protect the innocent.)

Do any of the following statements feel AT ALL familiar, in ANY way,

to your current or previous relationships with men?

1. ‘He’s so distant and closed off! Why does he have such a hard time opening up and telling me how he really feels?’

2. ‘Why doesn’t he TALK more?’

3. ‘I thought he was into me. What happened?’

4. ‘He was so sweet and loving at first. But now he’s totally changed. Where did he go? What did I do wrong?’

5. ‘I don’t feel free to express what I truly need from my man, physically, emotionally, or day-to-day.’

6 ‘He always seems so defensive. Even when I’m really nice and choose my words super-carefully, he takes it personally and just argues with me.’

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7 ‘My man is a workaholic. He takes work so seriously that it drives me crazy. I miss him and wish he’d lighten up more.’

8 ‘He just doesn’t seem that turned on by me anymore.’

9 ‘I can’t tell if he really loves me, or if he’s just going through the motions.’

10 ‘He used to go out of his way for me. Now he doesn’t.’

11 ‘He doesn’t notice things about me. He doesn’t care when I’m not feeling well or when I’m stressed. He hardly ever asks me any questions about myself, or ask about my FEELINGS.’

12 ‘His idea of togetherness is watching the TV from different sides of the room in total silence.’

13 ‘When I try to tell him what I need, he takes it as though I’m criticizing him or attacking him. He attacks me back instead of listening to my honest feelings.’

14 ‘I never know what’s happening inside him. I don’t really know who he is, or what he wants.’

15 ‘The first inkling I have that something’s wrong is when he explodes for no reason. Then I find out what’s REALLY bothering him – but only after days of him being cold and aloof.’

16 ‘Just about the only time he pays attention to me is when he wants sex. And then he expects me to be turned on and down to make love in an instant, when I’ve been feeling ignored and neglected all week. I need emotional investment to be attracted to him, and he just doesn’t get that!’

17 ‘He always has to be in CONTROL of everything! Why does he have to tell me how to do everything?’

18 ‘What the hell happened? He tried so hard to get me … now he’s got me, and it’s like he’s just LOST INTEREST.’

19 ‘I wish he would love me more.’

20 ‘We just don’t seem that connected anymore.’

21 ‘I wish he’d take on more responsibility around the house/with the kids. But if I ask, it never works. If I ask again, I’m nagging. If I say nothing, nothing happens. I literally can’t win.’

22 ‘I feel alienated. Like we’re hardly even friends any more. There’s no sense of togetherness.’

23 ‘I feel like I’m starving for his love. And I can’t ask him for what I need, because it never, ever works.’

24 ‘He says he loves me … but I can’t feel it.’

25 ‘I miss the way things used to be.’


If there is even the FAINTEST pang of recognition for you there.

Then I need you to know something VITALLY important.

And listen, as far as ‘feeling invisible’ to a man, feeling him pull away, and starving for more love goes.

Every woman has been there.

And … it’s really, truly not your fault. I need you to internalize this, right now, because most women are walking around under a HUGE psychological load of feeling not good enough, ‘less than’, or somehow unattractive to a man.

It’s a load you don’t need to carry. It’s a load that makes you feel unattractive.

It’s a load that makes you act unattractive.

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So take a deep breath, exhale from the bottom of your lungs, and feel that load sliding It’s not your fault. 

If you’ve been feeling distant, disconnected, or like he’s losing interest in you and INFORMATION.

To prove my point, here’s an example for you.

Imagine this:

I gave you a recipe for steak, and told you to make bread.

You follow the recipe exactly, and you get Steak. Hmm. What a surprise.

You really, REALLY want that loaf of fresh, delicious, warm bread though, so you keep TRYING.

You try again, and again.

But each time, you end up with STEAK! Aaaargh!

So … does that make it your fault that you’re not getting the result you set out to get?

No. It’s just that you don’t have the right recipe.

If all you have is a recipe for steak, then that’s what you’re going to get, no matter HOW many times you keep trying.

My role here is to give you the recipe you NEED, to get the results you WANT.

And I have just what you need. It will work for you, just like it’s already worked for

hundreds and hundreds of other women just like you.

So, if you’re at the end of your tether. It’s really, truly not your fault.

You just haven’t had the right recipe. Now you’ve got the right one.

Remember it’s true you love your man and that’s the reason I want to share with you something special.

If you really want to discover a whole new universe of passion and connection beyond anything you’ve ever imagined.

If you’ve ever felt, your man is ignoring you, rejecting you, breaking your heart, and pulling away, you have to Watch this short video right now.... it will permanently change your life for the better:

You’ll learn the 5 brutal mistakes women make that make men repulsed and leave... and you’ll learn a secret set of words that will send his pulse RACING with love and devotion for you (and only you).

I will stop here I urge you to Watch this amazing video below  by my friend Felicity Keith a very successful Dating and Relationship expert.

I am sure you found this post useful . So I request you to share it with other women around you. Remember sharing is caring.

Have a great day and keep coming back.

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