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Signs He Wants to Commit But is Scared – (Discover Reasons Here)


Have you had that deep nagging feeling around your man that he is afraid of commitment? Does his appearance and actions show signs he wants to commit but is scared?

These are Heart Breaking questions and today you’ll discover the truth behind this questions why are men afraid of commitment.

But before that I would love to know something from you.

What if you knew a powerful secret about men that could make you happier, healthier, and more irresistibly attractive than you ever believed possible?

What if you knew the truth behind keeping a man in love and how a man’s mind really works the truth he would never willingly tell you himself (but desperately wishes you knew anyway)?

So let’s find out why your man show signs he wants to commit but is scared of actually committing to you.

The Truth For Most Men Relationships Are Jails And You’re Holding All The Keys and That’s One of The Reasons Behind The Fear of Commitment.

Okay, first ugly truth.

Most guys are afraid of commitment because it represents a JAIL CELL tothem. And YOU are the scary jailer who’s holding all the keys.

In other words man feel you are trying to control him or rule him.

There are some guys out there who are simply not mature enough, andthink about relationships as a woman “locking him down” or being “takenoff the market.”

They see themselves as players.

They want to conquer and move on, not settle down.

And, that’s fine – mostly because you can see them coming from a mileaway, and you can easily avoid them. Bye, player! Go have fun at theclubs!

But there are other men who are up for actual, regular dating, and will even date one woman for a while – but when it comes to a serious commitment, or even admitting love, he balks.

What’s up with that?

Get ready, because here is a hard truth: It has nothing to do with you,and everything to do with fear. His fear. To explain why, let me tell you thestory of Alex and Paula.

Learn From Alex And Paula A Story I Read in a Book.

Alex and Paula were dating for a couple of years; I guess you could saythey were pretty committed. But when it came to a more permanentcommitment, let’s just say that he didn’t exactly want to put a ring on it.

I will tell you right up front, it was out of fear – fear that he would be stuckwith Paula, and life as he knew it would be over.

He did love her, and she loved him. There was no doubt about that. Butthere were some fundamental differences in their outlook on life that shedidn’t understand, and he just couldn’t get through to her. And it becamea real sticking point.

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You see, Alex was a pilot for a major airline – the only job he’d ever had,and one he’d wanted since he was a little boy. It was the job he had whenhe met Paula and they fell in love.

But the longer they dated, the more Paula complained about Alex’s career.She hated that he was away for days at a time, and often had to workweekends and holidays. She kept begging him to work for the airline insome other capacity – to find a job with them that could have him homeevery day for dinner.

And, she kept hinting that there was no way she could think about havingkids with someone who was “never around.” She would joke that shewould be a “single mom.” It hurt Alex to the core, because he loves kidsand wanted some of his own someday.

And it didn’t help that she would say this to others while he was standing right there – it made him seem like a monster.

Then there was his free time. Obviously, Alex wanted to spend as muchtime with Paula as possible.

But for years before he met her, Alex and his friends would take advantage of his airline buddy passes and often go for short jaunts – Vegas for the weekend, or Vermont for some skiing – a couple of times a year.

It was something that he really loved to do, and it recharged his batteriesin a way nothing else could. His friends’ wives were fine with their travels,but as you can guess, this did not sit well with Paula. At all.

The longer their relationship went on, the worse it got. Soon it got to bethat every story she told started with, “So Alex wasn’t around AGAIN,and…” It made him feel terrible, like he was some kind of deadbeat.

And Alex was sure that she would never, ever come around to his point ofview; in the end, he had to choose between two lifelong passions, and hisgirlfriend.

This was where ultimately, his fear of commitment kicked in and made the decision for him.

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He was terrified of what that future would look like, and so he made thepainful choice to leave her even when she was perfect for her. And lo and behold, guess what happened?

Jessica happened. Alex met Jessica, who understood his passion for bothhis career and his pastimes, and cheered him on.

She knew that those things were what made him feel appreciated, and a happy man she respected and loved, so why would she ever want him to stop?

Alex and Jessica are now married – happily, I might add.

If you are finding that you simply cannot abide by what your guy is doing,then it is not that he has to change; he was doing whatever it is longbefore you came around, and he will be doing it long after you are gone –not only that, but he will be doing it with someone else who will supporthim.

Of course, it doesn’t mean that you have to yes him to death. Nobodywants a butt-kisser. A man likes a woman who has her own mind, and can give him a challenge when he wants (or needs) one.

And if he is doing something that is truly harmful, then you need to walkaway. We’re going to get more into how you can’t change a man a littlelater, but for now, suffice it to say that you can’t, and you never will.

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