May 6, 2022

19 Reasons Why Men Lose Interest in a Women And How to Fix It.

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Why men lose interest in a women after the chase?

A question of ages, but today the mystery will be revealed.

Believe me, the answer to this question exists within you - I will share 19 simple reasons that will prove why men lose interest in a women in the beginning of relationships and in some cases after going for couple of dates and in worst cases after sleeping with women.

Okay, it’s time to take a look within why men lose interest and ignore the women they love.

let’s find out what your strengths and weaknesses are in your relationships. In other words what are the things that changes a man's mind to leave the women they love.

Why? Because many women actually ‘train’ their man to give them the behavior they don’t want without even realizing it and that's the reason most men don't commit to be a long term lover.

So, here’s what you’re going to do:

Answer the following 19 questions honestly, on a scale of one to five to find out why men lose interest in women and feel insecure.

(One is almost never, five is almost always.)

Write your answers down on a piece of paper, your phone, or a new Word or Pages document on your computer to get your score afterwards.



1) I get nervous around a man I really like, and find myself self-editing, worrying about how to phrase things, and not saying what I really feel so that he’ll like me more.

2) I feel self-conscious around men I like, care about, or want to impress.

3) Sometimes I find myself asking for reassurance of some kind from men to make sure I’m ‘doing it right’.

4) I find that if I act a bit unsure, uncertain, or overwhelmed around a man at times, I get a better response from him.

5) If I showed him my true power, I think he’d be turned off. Men like it when a woman doesn’t always know exactly what to do and how to do it.

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6) If I’m annoyed or angry with a man, I try not to show it.

7) When I’m angry, I have to wait until I’m REALLY annoyed with him before I give myself permission to tell him what’s been bugging me.

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It’s difficult for me to be open and honest about the problem until I’m so mad that I can’t help blurting it all out at once.

8) I find myself ‘mothering’ a man. I will take it upon myself to check up with him to make sure he’s doing what he needs to do.

9) I ask questions like, ‘Did you remember your wallet?’ or ‘Did you remember to set your alarm clock?’ to the man in my life.

10) I am afraid of what a man might feel if I say what’s really on my mind, so I often self-censor.

11) If he knew what I was REALLY like, he wouldn’t be so attracted to me.

12) If I’m angry with a man, I usually act sad instead of acting angry.

13) I cry instead of yell. It’s easier.

14) I alter my behavior around the men in my life based on what I think they’ll like more.

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15) When I ask for what I want from a man, it doesn’t usually go well.

16) I have a tendency to hold grudges.

17) It’s usually easier for me feel resentment on the inside than it is to speak up and clear the air.

18) If I earned more than my husband I think he’d be upset about it.

19) I wish he respected me more. Scoring: How You Did.

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1-20 points: EXCELLENT … You have a strong backbone and sense of self-worth.

You don’t change who you are for a man, even when you REALLY want him to like you.

You don’t have too many ‘weak areas’, which is amazing and truly rare – keep reading to make your relationships with men as strong and loving as they can possibly be.

21-57: HMMM, NOT BAD … This is pretty good, but not great. There are some areas you need to work on here to make sure things don’t go downhill in future.

The more you self-censor and deny who you really are, the harder your relationships will be, and the harder it will be to get the love and appreciation you truly deserve.

So if things haven’t been as good as you’d hoped with men, you can expect a significant uptick in his behavior the moment you start applying the principles in this article.

Remember, being who you are with a man means expressing yourself truly, in the moment, and as you feel what you feel.

It’s not about being aggressive or abrasive; think ‘iron hand inside the velvet glove’. We’ll cover how to do this in future.

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58-76: UH-OH … Warning! You are definitely not getting the affection and appreciation you deserve from your relationships.

Loving and nurturing a man is one thing, but not when it comes at the expense of getting what YOU need in a relationship.


The world needs stronger women, and to start expressing yourself fully and getting the love and appreciation you deserve, you need to commit to being an irresistibly powerful woman starting RIGHT NOW.

Keep reading and do not put this book down until you have read every page and begun practicing what you learn here.

77-95: RED ALERT! Whether you realize it or not, your behavior with men is trapping you in a vicious cycle.

You will never have a man treat you like his dream girl until you know who you are, how to stand your ground, and how to relate to men so they come your way and acknowledge your power as a strong woman.

You might even have forgotten what it’s like to truly receive love and affection because you’re so used to accepting less. You deserve so much more from men.

But do not worry the small tip that I’m going to share with you NOW has the potential to show you exactly how to get it.

Let’s start by thinking about some smokin’ hot sexy ladies in popular culture.

Now, each of us has our own definition of sex symbol, but I’m sure by looking through this list, you’ll see a few names that immediately make you think “SEXY!”

Britney Spears, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga Whether you are a fan or not, it’s fair to say that these women all appear to be in touch with their sexual selves.

More importantly they are confident women living life on their own terms.

I want you to understand two terms here if you find out why men lose interest in a women.

The term “sex symbol” and "self-confidence.

These two terms easily applies to any of these lovely ladies. Take a moment and think about the famous women who ooze sex and confidence to you.

Jot down your answers to these questions.What do they do that’s different? What kind of body language, tone of voice, mannerisms, and facial expressions do they use?

FINAL QUESTION: Who epitomizes Sex Symbol to you the most? (note - it doesn’t have to be a name from the list above!)

Step Two: Channel the Sex Symbol Now that you have a mental image of your Sex Symbol, I want you to“channel” her.

To channel another person, you need to consider how they act in all sorts of situations.What outfit would she choose to wear on a date?

What does she wear to bed?

How would she flirt with her man?

How does she walk (or strut)?

How would she dance?

What would she order for dinner and how would she eat her food?

How does she style her hair?

What perfume or lotion would she choose?

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Sit back for a few minutes and really think about these details and write them in your journal. You are going to want reference these ideas because you are going to use them again soon!

Remember most men lose interest because you're out of touch with your Inner Sex Goddess, that’s totally normal! So what I want you to do is think back to this exercise. Channel that confidence and sex symbol!

Until that connection to your ISG is solid, though, you may need to recall what it felt like to channel someone else. I do not endorse faking anything when it comes to sex and confidence—this is one exception.

Sometimes it’s easier to adopt a persona when we are learning and trying new things.

Eventually, what will happen is that your own ideas and desires are going to start bubbling up. You will begin to discover YOUR Inner confidence again. Maybe she has some new tricks up her sleeve ;)​

If you're still confused and think that it's a lot of work. Do not worry I will recommend you something that can change you entire life with men.​

Or if you're still wondering how to make a man to commit to you, to fully devote himself to you, and no matter how hard you try, you just can lock down the love you deserve.

Now, you could just accept it and say that's all you can get in life.... But that's absolutely wrong!

You deserve to have a man love you, a man who's fully devoted to you, a man who would do anything for you.

Deep down, you know it's true. You just haven't found the right way to make it happen.

And to turn it into reality I want to share with you a Powerful System. It's called "The Devotion System" Created by Amy North a very successful Dating and Relationship Coach.

My friend Amy North's powerful strategies have helped thousands of women achieve exactly that kind of long-lasting romance... and you can, too. You just have to take action.​

Watch This Free Video Below to make him devoted to you.

I will stop here, If you loved reading this article on why men lose interest in a women please share it with others around you.

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