May 5, 2022

25 Best Naughty Gifts For a Man (He Won’t Be Able To Resist)

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best naughty gifts for a man

The holidays are coming up, and you're not sure what to get your man. You want something sexy enough to make him blush, but also something he will use.

That's where these 25 naughty gifts come in! This list has it all, from a naughty calendar for the office to a personal massager that can be used in bed or alone in his office.

We have an electric toothbrush with a vibrating head that will tickle his tonsils if he's into gadgets.

Want to tease him? We have some of the most erotic toys around so he can pleasure himself while you watch.

And if it's something more personal you want to give him, try one of these male sex dolls or intimate gifts for him! We hope this helps you find the perfect gift for your man!

I'm sure your man will appreciate these naughty gifts ideas. So keep reading.

1. Naughty Coupons for His Birthday.

It seems that men love coming up with naughty coupons as a way to play out fantasies

This is among the perfect naughty gifts for husband. A secret message can be included and exchanged during private time, and you could even post these anonymously for a wild night out.

You can print these off at home and write in your messages or purchase one of the many coupon books available online and it will be the best naughty gift on birthday.

2. Naughty Photo Album.

If you want to embarrass him a little bit, why not make an album full of sexy photos?

Make sure they aren't too revealing, though, otherwise it might ruin the surprise and shock value!

This is a great way to show your man you have been thinking of him, and if he can't resist looking, then that's up to him!

You can upload the album onto Facebook or Flickr, print them off at home, or purchase an already made naughty photo album.

3. Scented Candles.

A lot of men are very visual, but don't underestimate the power of scent. 

Take some sexy photos and print them off onto photo paper, then roll up with a piece of card to keep its shape, insert into an empty glass jar and seal with a lid.

Then purchase some scented candles or reed diffusers for a naughty gift on anniversary and place them around the room.

When he lights them, his olfactory senses will come alive, which will also get him in the mood for some sexy fun!

4. Sexy Underwear.

This is a great gift to give your man if you want to spice things up and surprise him

Many lingerie shops offer complimentary personalization, so why not get the man in your life to choose his favorite pair and then add a lovely message on the waistband?

You can also purchase pre-personalized underwear, but it may be worth targeting a high-quality lingerie store as these will come with a higher guarantee.

Non-Sexual Sexy & Naughty Gifts For a Man.

5. The Naughty Wall Clock.

This clock is an excellent gift for a man who loves to be cheeky and can't resist having some fun.

If you want to get creative, why not fill up his room with these wall clocks, so he's constantly reminded of how much fun you're going to have later?

It may seem cheesy, but it is among my favorite naughty birthday gifts for boyfriend

6. Coffee Mug.

If your boyfriend lives for his cup of coffee in the morning, then treat him to a new mug this Christmas. 

Not only will it bring out his creative side, but it's also a lovely way to show that you care too!

Our recommendation would be to get an image of something he's drawn and have it put on a mug if he has doodled before.

7. A Personalized Shirt.

If you want to buy naughty gifts for him Christmas is the best time as your loved ones will treasure these gifts for a long time to come, and what better way to show him how you feel than by getting a personalized shirt!

You don't have to go all out and get yourself one too, but it is always lovely.

8. The Personalized Poster.

This is a fun gift for your boyfriend if he's a movie buff and enjoys going to see the latest release at the cinema!

You can get a photo of you two put in a bit of frame and add it to a poster with the title of his favorite film, which will make a great addition to his room.

best gift ideas for a man

9. Coupled Mugs.

Another great gift idea for Christmas is a set of mugs, and this one will show off your couple's status in the cutest way possible!

It's relatively cheap to get these printed up, but they make a lovely decoration around his home. If he doesn't like them, you can always use them yourself!

Sexual Gift Ideas For a Man That'll Turn Him On.

10. Adult Dare Game.

This is a great naughty gift idea for couples who love to have an exciting night in! 

It's also a good way of getting rid of any inhibitions as you can always dare each other to do something new. 

The best part about this game is that the more daring your dares are, the better it will be for both of you in the bedroom!

11. Pillowcases.

A gift idea for your boyfriend is a set of pillowcases featuring something saucy you've said about him, perhaps if he's been naughty or nice to you this year?

This will spice up his bedroom and give him a cheeky reminder of your love for one another! You can get these made-up online, and they're pretty cheap to buy.

12. Naughty cuff links.

If he loves to wear cufflinks, these are great fun gift ideas for him.

You can get them personalized with something you want him to think about when he's wearing them, and then they'll be a fantastic accessory all year round!

They make great stocking fillers too, so if you're looking for last-minute gifts, this might be what you're looking for!

13. Leather harness sexy gift for boyfriend.

This one is for the naughty at heart, the ones that love to experiment in the bedroom.

If you're searching for a fun gift that can spice up your sex life, this might just be it! 

The model I love has an adjustable harness with 3 O-rings, so it's versatile and, most importantly, safe to use.

14. Sex board game.

This one may be a more risqué gift, but you know what they say. It takes two to tango.

This game can bring some spice and fun to your relationship, and it'll help the both of you communicate better. 

Plus, he can learn how to pleasure you better too, which will seal up your deal!

15. Sexy leather blindfold.

I decided to include a sexy accessory, something for him and you.

This blindfold is made with faux leather and will make not seeing a whole lot of fun!

You can use it on him or during foreplay. Who knows where it may lead you?

Fancy Gift Ideas For a Man (he will love it)

16. Tie with your sexy picture on the back.

This one is very novel, which makes it the perfect gift.

There are so many sites that offer this service, but I recommend you to go for this particular one because you can upload your photo, and they will resize it, so you don't lose any detail when it comes to seeing it on his tie.

The results are stunning! The picture quality is very decent.

The tie itself feels thick and durable, the print color looks great, so what's not to love about it?

It lasts long, he will love to wear it (obviously after you've given it to him), and if that wasn't enough, you could buy one of your photos for yourself as well to keep as a memory.

17. Leather briefcase.

You can never go wrong with a leather briefcase. They are timeless, and they work for any occasion.

Plus, they last long (if you maintain them well). I think this is one of those gifts that will go on his essentials list; he'll have it for years to come! An expensive but timeless gift

18. Leather wallet

Just like the briefcase, a leather wallet is also a timeless gift. You can personalize it by adding initials or something unique that will distinguish your gift from other gifts he may receive.

This one, in particular, has an iPad pocket and comes with two styluses, which may be helpful if he likes to browse the web and wants to read. Plus, it looks classy!

19. Nespresso.

At first glance, this one is a bit of a no-brainer, but you may be surprised by how much he will enjoy the Nespresso machine if he's a coffee lover.

This particular model can prepare 2 cups in under 1 minute and has its aeroccino lot to make a creamy froth for your cappuccino, latte, etc. 

The coffee is tasty, and it's a high-quality machine so that you can enjoy great cups of coffee anytime.

I guess this one will be on his essentials list because of the price tag it comes with!

20. Stainless steel watch.

This is for the stylish man who loves to be punctual and ready to take on the day.

This particular model by Tsovet has a pretty unique design, can go with almost any outfit, and last but not least, it's very affordable! I mean, come on, who wouldn't want this beauty of a watch?

21. Portable speaker.

This is a must-have for any music lover on the go. You can pair it via Bluetooth with your phone or any other device and enjoy some great music!

It's loud enough to fill a small room, comes with rechargeable batteries that last around 8 hours of continuous playback; this is by far one of the best gifts you can give him for this upcoming holiday

22. Book of cocktails.

I thought this was a pretty cool gift idea! This book has everything you need to craft some unique cocktails.

The ingredients are easy to find, it's very informative, and will teach you how to make your guests think you're an expert mixologist. Plus, what man doesn't like to drink? It's a win-win situation

23. Massage kit.

This massage kit is perfect for the man who takes care of himself and wants to relax.

You can add essential oils (if you know which ones he likes) and enjoy some quality time together, taking care of each other and relaxing.

It's a great way to bond, and he will love you even more for the effort!

24. Grooming kit.

OK, this may not look like the typical naughty gifts for him out there, but grooming is essential to many men.

This grooming kit comes with everything he'll need to keep his beard and hair maintained while on the go, so you can surprise him with a quick touch-up before he goes out or to make him look his best every day.

25. Big beanbag.

This is a fun gift! The price tag could be considered a bit steep, but if you're willing to spend the extra buck or two, I think this is a pretty cool gift idea.

You can have it filled with pellets, so it stays firm and supportive, plus the faux leather looks very high quality and doesn't look like it will tear anytime soon


I hope this article on naughty gifts for a man has helped you in some way or another. I'm a pretty big fan of gifts that can be used often and serve a purpose, so I feel most men will appreciate these naughty gifts ideas. Plus, they are pretty cool!

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