May 4, 2022

How To Fascinate a Man Even When You Are Average Looking

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how to fascinate a man even when you are average looking

“How do I stand out in his mind? What can I do to make him see me as pure gold?” How to fascinate a man to make him think of me 24/7

These were the two questions I was recently asked, which inspired me to write this report on how to fascinate a man you want to be with. 

I was working with a client of mine, when she suddenly asked – “Is there a method to making yourself stand out in a man’s mind?” Or what makes a man ready for a relationship?

Well, I didn’t really have an answer at that point, but after talking to her a bit more, something popped up into my head.

Have you ever had a moment, where you assumed that you didn’t have an answer to something, only to realize minutes later, that the perfect answer has popped up in your mind?

That’s exactly what happened to me that day.

But before, I get into the details about this; let me tell you where I got this information from.

Many years ago, I was struggling with my dating life and when I say struggling I was truly feeling the heat. (please note I am a Man but I do understand female psychology)

So because of this, I got into a habit of reading many relationship psychology books. With time, I realized that there is one unique concept, which is coming up over and over again, in every book I read. 

In fact, I realized that this concept forms the basis of every relationship, and every situation I encountered with a woman.

This one concept alone, was the answer to all my dating/relationship issues, and I still use it till this very day. 

While talking to my client that day, I realized that she needed to learn this same concept. 

I figured that she was struggling, because she didn’t understand this one concept, and this is when I realized that I should share this exact same thing, with other women as well.

It is how to fascinate a man or how to get his attention sexually as well as emotionally. 

This is really important because this one thing alone, will give you the power to make any man fascinated and see you as absolute gold, and he will find himself wanting and craving you, pretty much like a hungry dog who craves a piece of bone. 

I’ll get to all that and more in a moment, but before that I need to give you 3 very important reasons why it’s really important for you to learn this secret behind fascination a guy and getting him ready for the perfect relationship.

Big reason # 1 – You will realize that looks aren’t that important to a man…

I know what I just said is probably hard to believe for you.

I mean, we live in a society where pretty women are chased around all the time, so most women walk around with the belief - that if you aren’t pretty enough, then you can’t attract a high quality man

Well, I would like to completely debunk that myth today. You might not realize this, but attraction is about 10% looks, and 90% emotions. 

In other words, you can be the prettiest one in the bag but if you don’t have the ability to emotionally trigger a man's hero instinct, he won’t stick around for long. 

To prove this further – Let me ask you a question…

Have you ever seen a really attractive guy dating an average looking woman, or someone you would consider completely out of her league?


What do you think he sees in her?

The fact is - he sees something that none of us will ever see in her.

I’ll explain all this and more later in this report, but for now, the point I’m trying to make is that there are millions of average looking women, who end up with really high quality and successful men on a daily basis. 

The key lesson here is that – These women understand something many women don’t, due to which they enjoy the results, many other women will never enjoy.

Big reason # 2- He will see you the way you want him to see you…

Ever had a situation where you really wanted a guy to notice a certain quality in you, or notice you a certain way, but he somehow couldn’t see it?

Or have you been in a situation where you wanted to present your best self to a guy, only to realize that he sees you in a completely different light, which is much different, than how you wanted him to see you?

Or, if your situation is really bad, then you did or said something around him, which is the exact opposite of how you usually operate and now you regret it massively?

But, now you are stuck in a situation where you can’t change his perception of you, and feel trapped?

After you learn what I’m going to share with you in this report, you will able to make him see you the way you want to be seen.

You will be able to make him notice all the positive aspects of you, and ignore all the negative ones.

In other words, you'll learn exactly how to fascinate and woo a man. 

In fact, I’ll show you exactly how to stay interesting to a guy and how you can present yourself in a way, where he assumes that you are really valuable, and as a result he will reward you with very special treatment. 

I’ll give you all this and more later in the report. 

Big reason # 3 – Attraction will become automatic after this point…

Most women feel that they must do something to make it work; they assume that if a man isn’t feeling attracted to them, then they need to try harder.

Well, attraction can’t be forced. If you force it, it leads to many relationship problems and issues. Besides, why would you want that anyway? 

What’s the point of trying to force a man into liking, or wanting you?

Wouldn’t it be fascinating if he himself gets ready for a relationship, makes up his mind about you, and comes to a conclusion that you’re an amazing woman, and he can’t help but feel attracted to you? 

Well, this is exactly what’s going to happen once you understand the big insight of this report, and put it to action in your life and fascinate the man you love. 

Okay, so now that you understand the 3 major reasons why you must understand this, let me now transition to the next level, and explain the exact thing I’ve been bragging on about so far.

In order to make a man see you are pure gold, you need to understand the concept of “Perceived value”.

In short, perceived value, is the perception a man has, on how valuable you are in comparison to other women. So the equation works like this. 

 how to attract a man even when you look average

Your value = His perception of you, compared to other women.

As humans, we are constantly in unconscious conversation with our environment, to determine the value of something.

In other words, we are always unconsciously scanning people’s behaviors, and making an unconscious judgment on how valuable they are.

You might not know this, but you do it all the time as well. Can you think back to a time, when you met a guy who appeared to be really special?

And if you were to be brutally honest with yourself – Did you find yourself trying that little bit extra, or putting in a little more effort, to gain his approval or acceptance?

Well, that’s what happens to our mind, the moment we perceive something or someone to be valuable.

Second important point to be noted here is that – I mentioned perceived value, not real value. In other words, you might not be that amazing to the world but in a man's personal perception of you, you are absolutely amazing.

This explains the confusion between looks and attraction.

We have already discussed that looks aren’t the most important factor, and now, let me break it down even further and explain more.

What if you are not the best looking woman out there?

You might not be the best looking woman out there, but if a man perceives you as someone very valuable, then in his world, you will outsmart, outshine and stand head to shoulders above every other pretty woman out there.

Let me explain this in a better way – Think of a beautiful piece of cake with a lot of whipped cream on top. Now, the cream on top represents the looks, while the rest of the cake represents value.

Cream only forms 10% of the cake, while the rest 90%, is the main cake. If only the cream is tasty, and the rest of the cake tastes bland, a man would stop eating it, after he is done enjoying the cream.

Similarly, women who try to lure a man on looks and looks alone, only provide him with a temporary sense of pleasure. But, in order to deeply capture his heart, you need a lot more than that.

The second point to be noted here, is that men go through something called visual blur.

Visual blur simply means that after a while, no matter how pretty or great looking a woman is, she wouldn’t have the same emotional impact on a man as she did, at the early phases of a relationship.

In fact, after a while, a man would struggle to notice anything special in you.

This also explains the big reason why, so many celebrities keep jumping from one relationship to another, even when they’re really good looking. Looks and looks alone aren't enough to sustain attraction.

Okay, I hope I've explained that point properly, so now, let’s come back to the topic of value. Value represents the rest of the cake.

So the drill is very simple – in order to fascinate him and make him see you as absolute gold, you need to establish yourself as someone of very high value.

As this is the only thing that will get him ready for a relationship and keep his interest alive in you.

But now the big question is – How do you do it? Well, the process is simple.

For example – If he doesn’t call when he promised he would, you shouldn’t freak out and call him to see what happened.

You should rather stay calm and wait for him to call, whenever he is ready. In other words, if things don’t go your way, you shouldn’t react in a negative fashion.

And this brings me to the 3rd and the most important step, which is – You must assume attraction.

What do I mean by assuming attraction? Well, in short, you assume that every man is already attracted to you.
Huh? This sounds too weird. 

Well, if it sounds a little too out there, please bear with me, because it will all make proper sense, when you put it into action.

Let’s say you are the hottest and smartest woman out there, someone who men literally drool over, and can’t stay away from. Try to get into the mindset of this woman, and try to see the world from her eyes.

Now ask yourself - Does she walk around, hoping and praying for some guys attention? Or, does she walk around with complete confidence and self belief, that men would automatically feel attracted to her?

Well, such women usually walk around with the complete confidence and self belief, that they will be liked no matter what situation they’re in.

This is the mindset where the magic happens because, when you assume the habits of such a woman, mentally, and see yourself as someone who deserves attraction, you will start getting the same result these women get.

Guys, will naturally see you as someone of very high value, and feel the need to impress you.

I shared this very process with a female friend recently. She was having a lot of difficulties with her dating life. She was struggling with keeping a man hooked with her.

I made her do something weird. I asked her - assume that every guy was so attracted to you, that he couldn't control himself. Will that change your actions around them?

Absolutely, she replied.

Then, I asked her to point out everything she was doing around various men so far, things which could have been contributing factors to her failure with men.

Here is a small list of what she told me…

-I’m usually the first one to call them.
-I give in to their requests easily.
-I always ask them what they think of me, or whether they like me or not.
-I get really excited before a potential date.
-I sometimes do things I regret, and feel guilty about later.

So in a nutshell, everything she did was demonstrating lower value and it was no wonder she was struggling around these men.

You see, for her the battle was internal. So, I asked her to do the complete opposite of what she was currently doing.

In other words, instead of being the first one to call the guy, I asked her to assume that she was the most attractive woman out there, and let the guy call her first.

Instead of easily giving into their requests, make them work a little before you give in.

At first she struggled a little, because, all this was really new to her and didn’t really make sense, but, I asked her to suspend her disbelief and give it a shot anyway.

After doing this for a few weeks, she reported that she was feeling a lot more powerful, and men were showing her a lot more respect than usual.

And, when a guy shows you respect, it obviously means that he views you as someone of high value.

I have prepared a list of things, which will help you understand this even better, and make sure you use it, in your day to day dealings with men. 

Low Value Behaviors

-I must try hard to impress him; otherwise he might not like me.

-If I tell him how much I like him, he will like me back.

-I’m scared of sharing my true views about him because, I don’t know how he will react.

-I must put him first, above everything else; after all, he means the world to me.

-Love is really hard to find, so when you find your dream man, you must work hard to keep him because, you won’t find another one like him. 

High Value Behaviors

-I don’t need to impress him, rather, he should be the one making efforts to win my approval.

-I know that I can’t convince him to like me, nor do I want to.

-I openly share my views, and don’t fear his disagreement.

-I don’t put his needs above mine, nor do I put my life on hold to match his standards.

-The concept of the soul mate is a myth. Working hard on a man doesn’t make him like you more; rather, it makes him absolutely hate you. 

Give this process a shot today, and apply the concepts in your life to fascinate the guy you like. I can almost guarantee that you will see massive changes take place within no time. Good luck!

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