May 3, 2022

8 Differences Between Beautiful Women And Women Who Are Hot

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Description: A lot of people are confused about beautiful women and hot women. They tend to use the words loosely to mean the same thing.

However, the two terms are very different from each other. We explore 8 differences between women who are hot and those who are beautiful.

Numerous adjectives describe women worthy of a second or third look, such as hot, sexy, gorgeous, ravishing, stunning, and many more.

One that has never lost its place is the word 'beautiful.' Beauty contests are enough proof that 'hot' and beautiful are not the same thing.

You see, beauty is multifaceted, more wholesome, and usually innate.

A beautiful woman may be hot, but there is more to beauty and feminism than what appeals to the physical. 

The line between the two terms is thin, but it is best shown by comparing a beautiful woman’s qualities and those of a hot one.

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1. A Beautiful Lady Shines in In Every Part of Her Life

Beauty has very little to do with looks, and this is the most significant difference between a beautiful woman and a hot one.

The Miss Universe website states that the winner must have the ability to articulate her ambition, be authentic, have credibility, and exhibit grace under pressure. The definition of a beautiful woman is not fixed, but these words sum it up nicely.

The beauty of a woman depends on a person. As the saying goes, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

A beautiful woman displays it in every part of her life, including her love life, family, work, talent, and even at home. She exhibits a particular 'X' factor that is apparent to anyone who can discern it. Her talk, her walk, her thoughts, her feelings are all beautiful. 

On the other side, a hot woman will be attractive on the outside, but her character and person will have different attributes. If she's proud, selfish, insensitive, lazy, graceless, or of any other base character, she cannot be beautiful no matter how stunning she is.

2. Beauty Does Not Have to Be External.

Florence Nightingale, the famous nurse, earned her beauty stripes on the battlefield. She dared where no one else would, risked her life, and served humanity under the most dehumanizing conditions of suffering and pain.

We may not know how she looked like, and it doesn't matter. Florence was and still is a gorgeous lady.

Beautiful woman traits do not include an attractive body. It is not required, because beauty can be entirely inside, in her heart.

Many women are beautiful because they fight for just causes such as climate change. Others will be remembered for their kindness to people who nobody else would spare a thought.

If you were to take away the cosmetic attributes of a hot woman, she would lose her qualities.

Perhaps men call her beautiful because of her body shape, but she won't be if she adds some weight. Beautiful women and the world’s adoration go hand-in-hand.

3. Hot Is Superficial, Beautiful Is a State of Being

A woman who is only hot exhausts her values at the skin's surface. The attraction is merely physical, and the pleasure gained is only a passing moment. Beauty, however, is who a woman is as it cannot be separated from her being.

While being hot is merely a facade and a mask hiding the real person inside, beauty is naked and open. It is hard to cover up beauty because it is not petty.

Where you would be content to sleep with a hot woman, anyone with half a mind would rather hold a beautiful one instead. When you love a beautiful woman, you know you have a special person in your life.

A beautiful woman is like a rose flower. She may be bred in hardship, but her qualities are a scent that wafts near and afar to those who know what beauty is.

Among other adjectives, a beautiful woman is also called divine, elegant, fascinating, charming, graceful, grand, captivating, and angelic.

4. Beauty is Rare, Hot is Commonplace

With the wave of cosmetics and cosmetic modifications available today, hot women have become the norm. Even naturally, gorgeous women are everywhere, and it almost anywhere can get a date with a stunning lady today. 

However, beauty is much harder to find. That combination of purity of heart, grace, confidence, and natural 'oomph' is precious when found in a single woman. Usually, such women are gems in society for the vital part they play.

Beauty is almost magical in its nature. Hot women can walk around like queens, but beautiful women tend to transcend what is considered normal.

Finding a beautiful woman is like a rare jewel, hard to find, so she should be treasured all the more.

5. Hot is Subjective, Beauty Just Is

How hot a lady is based on other people's opinions and evaluations of how good she looks. That is why one person may find a certain feature, such as a generous bosom, hot while another feels that perfect skin is a better indicator.

For the same reason, being hot is transient in that it can fade once people decide that the person is no longer 'hot' to look at.

Views about what is considered beautiful change with time. In the dark ages, women with delicate air were deemed to be beautiful. Today, the empowered woman is evolving to be a symbol of beauty.

True beauty, however, is what it is. It is not dependent on what others think, because if a woman has that 'it' factor, everyone will see it.

If she has poise and grace, not many will debate that fact. Beauty is self-defined and special, while just being hot is highly subjective.

6. Hotness is Sexual, Beauty is Respectful

When a man says ‘she is hot!’ he means that he is attracted to her physically, and usually sexually.

Physical beauty, what we call being hot, is often sexualized in a way that true beauty cannot be. Young men often talk of ‘hot cougars’ and ‘hot milfs’, which is not very respectful of the innocent at all.

Beauty is regal and difficult to corrupt in that manner. A lady who is beautiful and carries herself well demands respect from others automatically, keeping away the sexual objectifiers at bay effortlessly.

That is why a father can say that his daughter is beautiful; such is the purity of beauty. It would be strange, indeed, if he said of the same daughter that she is hot. You can also say of a royal woman that she is beautiful, but not hot.

When you love a beautiful woman, be sure to tell them often how much you adore them.

A beautiful intellect, a beautiful soul, and a beautiful character are some of the things that should be complimented much more often than usually happens.

7. Women are Beautiful, Men Are Hot

Beauty is a feminine trait in every way. In the strictest meaning, men cannot be beautiful, but their male equivalent might be considered being the quality of gallantry. Instead, men are said to be hot.

If you encounter a fine male specimen who makes your heart race and your breath fail, you might adequately say that he is hot.

The same thing happens to men, and they usually have to loosen their ties for the increased body temperature. Which, by the way, is one of the reasons why we have the word hot to describe gorgeous ladies.

8. Hot is Youthful, Beauty is Ageless

Hot has an expiry date. That flawless skin and dazzling hair will age and fade away unless it is strengthened from the inside.

That is because most women are just hot when at the prime of life and start to age soon after.

However, beauty is ageless. A lady who is beautiful in her youth will be shining in her old age.

The light inside cannot be extinguished except with a complete overhaul of personality and character, which is almost impossible. Thus, beauty is timeless and unbounded.

FAQs on Hot Women And Beautiful Women.

1. Where can I meet beautiful women?

Beautiful women are everywhere if you are willing to look. Unlike hot women, beautiful women are discerned through lengthy interaction to know what lies beneath.

When you come to know them long enough, most women are beautiful in their own way. The chances are that they surround you in the form of your mother, sisters, friends, and colleagues.

If you want to meet beautiful women, you need to follow their interests. You can usually find them at exclusive bars, fine restaurants, fitness and yoga classes, charity events, high society events like fashion shows, and more.

2. Can you trust beautiful women?

Yes, you can trust beautiful women. Not just stunning the hot women, but even those who have an inner beauty that hints at the strength of character and force of will.

Such beautiful women would not hurt you if they can help it. If you are attracted to a beautiful woman and get a chance to talk to her, then she already likes you. That means you can trust her to have your best interests in mind.

3. What are the traits of a beautiful woman?

Beauty is shown by what a person does, what they believe in, how they talk, and more. While hot women are easily gauged at first glance, beautiful women are defined with a set of more complex traits. A woman is considered beautiful if:

#1. She thinks of others before her welfare.
#2. She is intelligent, well versed in general knowledge, and can think critically about significant matters.
#3. She will likely have special skills. Most are art connoisseurs or environmental experts, among others.
#4. Confidence - a beautiful lady, is not afraid to speak her mind and follow her dream.
#5. Look, feel, and smell great - of course, most beautiful women are quite stunning as well. They can look after themselves, and usually elicit powerful pheromones from males around.

4. Why can’t a beautiful woman get a date?

Beautiful women sometimes have a hard time finding true love. It happens because possible suitors are sometimes put away by the aura she projects. Beautiful women often feel out of the league of common men, but when they do find love, it is with special beautiful souls like theirs.

5. How does a beautiful woman look like?

There is no standard definition of a beautiful woman. While physical beauty has some defined desirable qualities, total beauty is observed and beheld at close range by those around her. Thus, any woman is beautiful in their own way.


The difference between hot and beautiful women is not so much in how they look as in who they are and how they carry themselves. Beautiful women are unique in many ways, and their attractiveness goes beyond physical traits. What do you consider to be beautiful in a woman? Please let us know in the comments below; we’d love to hear from you!

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