May 4, 2022

10 Ways Grow Closer To Your Partner And Build a Happy Relationship

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10 ways to grow closer to your partner and build a happy relationship

Description: Do you find your relationship boring and want to fix that? Are you finding that you are not as close to your man as you need to?

There are ways that you can build strong bonds and get a happy relationship, that will lead to a happier you. Let me tell you how.

Keep the spark alive! Have you ever heard that saying and wondered why it should mean anything to you? What if you meet someone on one of the best online dating sites,  do you also need to put in work for a happy relationship?

Yes, you do. You need to keep the spark alive. The work does not necessarily mean that love has gone away, but you and your partner are perhaps both busy doing life, or just getting too comfortable in the knowledge of yourselves.

I have found out that there are many fun things that you can do to develop happy healthy relationships and grow closer to your man.

#1. Work Out Together To Get Close To Each Other.

Ever thought about how to have happy relationships? Working out with your partner is one way. Endorphins are released when you work out.

These hormones interact with the brain and reduce the perception of pain. The effect it also has on the body is similar to what morphine does: triggers a positive feeling in the body.

Imagine you and your partner having the same happiness juice released at the same time, and imagine how that happiness can translate into you both having a happy relationship.

#2. Ask Intimate Questions To Grow Closer

Ever been asked some questions about your personal life and you were particularly touched because the questions made you feel loved? We get those moments sometimes, don't we?

Asking intimate questions also translates to a desire to know beyond the surface. The process of asking intimate questions has led to partners finding out when their better halves are not happy in relationships and then fixing it.

Start with asking simple questions, so that as you dive deeper, it flows and your partner is comfortable answering those personal questions. You can even write them down and ask them bit by bit as you spend time together.


#3. Plan Schedules Together

As adults, it is very normal for us to get engrossed in ourselves. We think of what will make us happy first, before thinking of another.

That is fine. However, one of the happy relationship secrets is to think of your partner as you think of yourself.

This means you and your partner need to plan your day thinking about how both of you can spend some time by yourself, away from work and other activities that you do not do together.

Creating schedules that will make you spend quality time together is one way to build happy family relationships.

#4. To Grow Close And Happier Say More Than I Love You.

Contrary to popular opinions, A happy relationship for a man or even woman does not just come from saying only "I love you". your partner indeed needs to hear you say that you love them a lot of times, as no one ever tires of hearing how much they are loved, but go the extra mile 

Find out other ways to say it. This can come by first knowing what being loved translates to for your partner:

● Is it by the things you do for them?

● The times you spend with them?

● The gifts you buy for them?

● The way you touch them?

● How nice would you compliment their effort?

The book “ Five Love Languages” by Gary Chapman, best explains this. As you read and understand your partner better, your relationship will be a happy one. 

#5. The Random Little Things Can Bring You Closer as a Couple.

Do happy relationships exist? How many times have you laid awake at night, thinking that your partner is farther away from you, even though they are just lying right beside you?

How many times have you wished you could rekindle the sparks that you both had at the beginning, yet the solution is often far-reaching and you give up thinking that it may be more difficult than you thought?

Well, there is good news. You can develop a happy relationship with your partner, by doing just the little things- the random little things:

● A surprise notes in their favorite spot in the house.

● Helping to take out clothes to the laundry.

● Buying their favorite things, even though it is not an anniversary or birthday.

● Calling in the middle of work just to say “I love you”.

● Helping with chores around the house.

● Listening to conversations that matter without distractions.

● Paying attention to the needs of your partner.

● Making a cup of coffee without being asked.

● Knowing the right amount of sugar and milk that your partner loves.

Once you put these little things into practice, you will begin to discover ways to please your partner and have a happy life in your relationship.

#6. Develop Sincere Interest In The Things They Do?

The media has got to be a master in depicting how a happy relationship should look like. Yet somehow, they have implied that feigning interest in the work-life of your partner, is one of the secrets to happy couples and relationships

This is so far from what the truth is. Let us paint a scenario together. One fine Monday morning, you walk into your office with a cup of coffee at hand.

The secretary stops you to tell you how beautiful your outfit is. But beneath the compliment, you could hear a sarcastic tone and a glimmer in her eyes that tells you the compliment is false. Imagine how that will make you feel? 

It is the same way, our feigned interest is easily noticed by our partners, whenever we pretend to care about their jobs. Having sincere interests in what our partners do, makes them feel special and in turn, leads to a happy marriage relationship 

#7. Take Walks And Trips Together To Get Closer And Happier.

Whether you are in a long-distance relationship, or a close one, taking evening walks with your partner is healthy. There is something about walking with your partner that builds a form of intimacy.

As you do this, you do idle talks along the way, feel nature, and even get some adrenaline rush from some events that may occur on these walks.

It can also be a contributing factor to a happy long-distance relationship, as you and your partner get to visit each other and travel together, experiencing each other in different parts of the world.

Sometimes, a good travel budget may be a reason for not taking trips together, but it mustn't be a vacation. Just a short trip outside the town you both live in will help to give a happy relationship 

#8. Visit Each Other’s Places Of Interest To Get Closer to Each Other.

One factor that plays out in relationships is the age difference. The age of your partner may affect the kind of things that they may still be interested in. at every age of one's life, the things that excite them differ. Some outgrow it, while others do not.

If you are even in different generations, it makes it more difficult, because the things that you may define as fun things, may always look alien to your partner.

However, age differences have never been a factor when it comes to two wonderful people who have found love.

To have happy age gap relationships, you need to create the time to visit your partner’s places of interest. It may not be the places you like, but to have a happy healthy relationship, you need to find out why they like the things they like

It could be opera shows, football games, shopping or just things that may never interest you. But showing interest in what your partner does, and doing it with them, produces a happy relationship.


#9. Sex Talks To Grow Closer And Happier

One of the activities that make couples closer is talking about how they would like to be touched. No one knows how one wants to be touched, except he is told. You really cannot know what tickles your partner, except you are told.

The pleasure and satisfaction in sex come when both partners are happy. Some of the things to talk about are: 

● Sexual fetish

Sexual fantasies

● Sexual toys use or not

Favorite sex positions

● Anal or not anal sex

BDSM or not

You and your partner can see movies together, explore magazines, and just play with your bodies. The highest form of intimacy is having sex, but understanding the needs of your partner can make you closer than you think.

The goal is really to get your partner to the point where they are comfortable enough to be naked around you, without fear of being body shamed.

After relishing your partner's body, you have to admit that you want to share how your day went, or what made you happy. 

Couples who talk about their sexual needs, more than just jump on the act, have a happy life in relationships. After all, the thirst that comes with imagining sex, before it is done, heightens the urge.

#10. Partners, Friends And A Lot More

Ever heard someone say: “I want to be much more” and you said to yourself, exactly! That is what I want to be. Much more.

Everybody desires to be much more to another. To be a confident, partner, and friend. Everyone likes the special feeling of knowing that they are the one. The special one.

To build a happy healthy family relationship, you need to let your partner know that they are more than friends to you. That they mean much more than a friend. That means that whatever decision that concerns the relationship, is not taken by you.

There has to be a conversation so that decisions are made jointly. 

It will help you to develop happy relationships with partners when they know that they are a part of your lives. That they mean much more to you, and you value their opinion. 

Value is the word. When people feel valued, they know that they are much more. It helps their self-esteem and also boosts their confidence, as they will be comfortable to aspire to be much more than what they are.

Finally, the secret of many happy couples relationships is effort. Putting in work, because you value the person that you are with, and you want the relationship to be much more.

When the one you love is happy, it reflects on you. That sort of happiness shows in your countenance, attitude, and productive life.

Knowing that your love life is working, will spur you to put in effort into other aspects of your life because you are sure that they would work too.

Let me know if there are other tips that you have tried with your partner, and how that has helped your relationship be a happy one.

FAQ About How To Make A Happy Relationship

How Can I Have A Happy Relationship?

Relationships can be happy when both partners are determined to put work into the relationship.

When you and your partner decide to be deliberate about making your relationship work, you will lives around creating time, to ensure that you have ample time for each other and do numerous things that will spice up your relationship.

Are Happy Relationships Possible?

Yes, they are. Everyone wants to be happy. And to find someone to be happy with is priceless. We all desire happiness, love, and satisfaction in our relationships.

When you have found the one you love, you need to be conscious about keeping the love alive. And all these require communication, planned efforts, and showing up every day; Being present in your relationship.

Can I Have A Happy Long-Distance Relationship?

If you are in a long-distance relationship, it may have crossed your mind more than once, if you'll be happy in the long run.

One way to ensure that is by using the opportunity of moving to see your partner, like a trip for you both to spend some time and have a beautiful travel experience together.

The bonds formed on these trips can make you both happy. And as you spend quality time on trips, you will discover that you're both happier and building a happy relationship.

I will stop here. If you loved reading this step-by-step article on how to grow closer to your partner and create a happy relationship then you'll also this powerful video presentation below.

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