May 5, 2022

What to Text a Guy You Like – Step-by-Step Guide To Crank Up The Heat

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What to text a guy you like and just had your first date, or maybe you just met him out somewhere or at a party, but he really made your heart race.

And there was definitely some chemistry happening. . . Your insides were fizzing like a shaken-up bottle of soda.

Even after you were home, you couldn’t wipe that silly grin off your face. And he DID seem interested in you!

He stayed late, you exchanged numbers, and he kept giving you that gorgeous smile. . .

And you wondered…How can I get more of THAT? What’s the next move? I don’t want to let this drain uselessly away. . .

Because it can also be scary, right? What if nothing more ever happens? What if I screw it up and make the wrong move? Am I crazy?

Do I really want to go through all this insanity?

Yeah. Yeah, you do! You absolutely want to see him again and find out if this incredible man and the powerful feeling he gives you could be for real.

And this is why:

You’ve waited SO LONG for an amazing, wonderful man to come along, and you don’t want to waste any more time or let this golden opportunity slip through your fingers.

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You’re not the type to sit anxiously by the phone, hoping someone else will make the first move.

Maybe that worked for somebody’s grandma, but it’s YOUR time now, and you are READY to get the romance and attention you crave!

Well, gorgeous, this article on what to text a guy you like is for YOU!

Why Texting ABSOLUTELY WORKS to Spark Romance

Yes, you probably have days where you feel over-connected.

After all, you’re dealing with your email, your calls, the Facebook chat window, Skype, Google Hangouts, and/or Twitter for some of or (hopefully not) all of your workday and even your weekend.

That doesn’t even count the in-real-life interactions and demands you deal with.

So why is a text message different?

1. Because a text message is a private, INTIMATE COMMUNICATION meant only for you.

2. It isn’t likely to be overheard (like a phone conversation).

3. You have all the time you need to carefully compose what you want to say (unlike a live conversation).

4. It isn’t public to the world (like your social profiles).

5. It’s rarely ignored (like the dozens of emails still sitting in your inbox).

6. It can be seen and secretly experienced EVEN if you’re in the middle of a board meeting. . .

7. And most people are absolutely addicted to their cell phones.

All of which adds up to one of the most powerful opportunities you can possibly have to get his attention in a sexy and exciting way.

Ready to find out how it works? Awesome.

Before we get into what to text a guy you like and talk dirty, you should know one important thing. I’ve said this before in my previous articles, but it’s an incredibly important thing to remember. . .

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The Big Difference between Men and Women 

Um, no, this isn’t high school health class, although I can see why you might have just had a horrible flashback.

Sorry about that = ).

No, the big difference between men and women that I’m talking about is the fact that we think about and experience romance very differently.

Short version (obviously overstated, but still. . . ):

Women’s idea of romance = intimacy and connection

Men’s idea of romance = what you go through to get to sex

Since this is written for women, you need to know that you’ll probably have to move a tiny bit outside your “romance comfort zone” in your text messaging if you really want to snag his instant and undivided attention.

NO, you don’t have to launch nasty, porny sext messages 10 minutes after you meet him. Ew. That’s only likely to draw the creeps. (I just got the shudders.)

Not, it’s far more subtle than that. But it does use the power of feminine sexuality to light up a man’s synapses and cause him to be absolutely unable to NOT track your presence in any room you both happen to be in.

And if you aren’t in the same room, his brain will quickly pack its bags and rocket in your direction.

Okay, that was a lot of words to tell you one small thing, but it’s important to know as you move ahead in this art of texting a guy you like.

Here’s Exactly How to Start Texting a Man You Just Met.

The following section of this report is taken from Mike Fiore’s Text the Romance Back, and if you like this and want even MORE, you should definitely check out the whole program! HERE:

OK, for this section I need to make a few assumptions:

1. You met this guy, and there was actual flirting going on or at least some indicator of interest from the other person. (So this isn’t right for trying to convince your long-term crush who has a girlfriend that you’re the woman for him.)

2. You got their number.


Step 1: The First Text

A lot of people ask me how soon after you meet a guy should you text them?

There’s no right answer, and it really depends on the tone of that first encounter you had.

Did you just talk for a second? Was there obvious interest? Did you guys end up making out under a fire escape?

To me, there’s really no point in playing games or waiting three days before sending a text. You also don’t want to come on too strong in your first text.

Here’s what I recommend: Send your first text within an hour or two of meeting the guy and getting his number.

You’ve got a few different options for what that first text should be:

Option 1: The “Favorite Part” Text Message

A Favorite Part of text message is one where you tell about your favorite part of the time you spent together.

Say you met up with some friends and went out dancing. While you were out, you met this really gorgeous guy and ended up dancing.

Before you left, you exchanged numbers, and he flashed you the hottest grin ever as you waved and left the club.

A great Favorite Part text to send would be. . .

Cara: “That was fun. You really couldn’t take your eyes off me, could you?”

The key here is that Cara’s being light, confident, and she’s assuming a high level of attraction to her by telling him that he looked at her in a certain way.

Here’s the cool part: it doesn’t actually MATTER if he looked at her that way. Simply by noticing this detail, she basically makes it true in his mind. He’ll start thinking, “Wow, maybe I really am attracted to this woman.”

Super confident. Super fun. And she’s telling him about a reaction he had to her.

Here are some other texts that do the same basic thing:

Melanie: “I love how nervous you got when I said hi. = )” (Totally puts him on his heels.)

Jolene: “Do you always do that to a girl you just met? = )” (Drives him crazy wondering, “What did I do???”)

Sandra: “You can pick your jaw up off the floor now, I’m gone. = )”

And we can go on and on from there. Try a few of these out, and then make your own.

 It’s best to base your first text off something that happened that first night you met.

Don’t push it: no saying, “It’s great to meet you. My god you’re gorgeous. Let’s have babies!!!”

Instead, make that first text about their attraction to you. Just be irresistible to him.

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Option 2: Open Up With a Good “Bait Question”

A Bait Question is simply a hard-to-ignore question that opens up an interesting conversation. It also tends to surprise the recipient and make him feel really good!

I love doing this to people I just met.

Get their number, and after you leave send a Bait Question. Any time between one hour after you leave and a day is fine, but you don’t want things to settle for too long.

My favorite Bait Question to send is. . .

Christine: “If you could be anywhere in the world right now and with anyone, where would it be? = )”

It’s really hard for someone to ignore a question like that. And the natural tendency after answering that kind of question is to ask you the same question in return.

Which creates a dialogue.

Which leads to getting to know each other.

Which leads to dates.

Which leads to. . . well, you get the idea.

Here are a few more good Bait Questions if you are worried about what to text him.

“When was the last time you felt truly, undeniably, ridiculously happy?”

“What’s the one thing you’ve always wanted to tell me but never thought you could?” (You need to build trust to do this one.)

“What are you most scared of right now?”

“What was the name of your imaginary friend when you were a kid?”

“What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done that you never told anybody about?”

“What band do you love even though you know they suck?” “What’s your biggest secret? = )”

“What did you dream about last night?”

“What did you want to be when you were growing up?”

Option 3: Try a “Curiosity Magnet” Text Message

A Curiosity Magnet is simply a way to tease the receiver. After you meet someone and get their number, you just send a standard curiosity magnet like. . .

Pamela: “Stop it. . . = )” You’ll probably get a response like. . .

Martin: “Hi. Stop what?” Pamela: “Thinking about me so much. You’ll see me again. Probably. = )”

No matter what, after that first text exchange, YOU need to be the one to END the conversation.

OK, this is a little bit of game playing, but it works. At least for the first few weeks you’re seeing somebody, you need to be the one that ends the conversation almost every time you text.

It doesn’t matter what you’re doing or what you’re talking about, you need to be the one to leave the other person hanging for a bit.

It creates a NEED in them to hear from you again and to even pursue you.

Here are a few more done-for-you examples of Curiosity Magnets:

“Stop it. . . ” (You follow this up with “Distracting me = )”)

“Do you have any idea. . . ?”

“You have no idea how much…= )”

“If I were there right now…= )”

“If you were here right now. . . = )”

The magic behind Curiosity Magnets is in the ellipsis at the end of the sentence. (Ellipses are the “…” for those who flunked English class like I did). . .

That little ellipsis is what gets your partner’s mind racing like crazy and engages their imagination as they try figure out what the heck you’re going to say next.

Step 2: Creating a Romantic Context

After that first text exchange (which you ended, right?), you need to leave them waiting for at least a day, maybe more. It’s really up to you. But it’s got to be long enough for them to be wondering about you a bit.

In fact, if your text partner gets in touch with you that first day, you may want to back off a bit. You’ve got to keep control.

After a day or so has gone by, you hit them up again with another Bait Question (or the first Bait Question if that’s not how you started).

Personally, I like the “If I were a genie and could grant you three wishes” question.

It just opens up a lot of avenues of conversation and will get the guy you’re talking to, to open up a bit, or at least play with you.

Once you’ve gotten to know each other a bit by going back and forth with Bait Questions, you can start slipping in some good Decoy Curiosity Magnets. . .

Like. . .

Tiffany: “Can’t stop thinking about. . . = )” Mason: “Me?” Tiffany: “No. Ice cream. Why would I be thinking about you?”

See? Playful. Fun. And keeps him off balance. From there you can go to ACTUAL Curiosity Magnets like. . .

Sera: “I keep wondering. . . = )” Ted: “About what?” Sera: “What it’s going to feel like if I let you kiss me.”

Notice that Sera doesn’t say “. . . what it would be like if you kissed me.” She’s showing confidence that he IS going to kiss her, or at least he wants to kiss her and intends to try to kiss her. (Can you see confidence being a theme here?)

It’s all about control.


Step 3: After You’ve Started Dating

Jackson was deep in the middle of the “Miserable Monday” avalanche of emails and reports.

He almost wished he could skip Mondays entirely and jump straight to Tuesday instead. Of course, that would probably make them “Terrible Tuesdays.”

At least he’d had a great weekend.

When his cell phone chimed quietly, it was a relief to shove aside the pile of papers for a moment to see which of his buddies was on his wavelength.

But it wasn’t one of the guys. It was from Sarah. They’d had their third (awesome) date just yesterday.

When he read the message, he suddenly forgot all about the Monday mess and a huge grin broke out on his face.

This might shape up to be a very good week, indeed.

After you’ve started dating, it’s time to start moving up the texting food chain and (dare I say it) start using texts to basically seduce your par ner into some actual romance.

This is where you start peppering in Sensual Compliments. Sensual Compliment texts are the kind that let your partner know you’re craving them.

That you’re distracted by them. That you’re focused on their body. You can be pretty blunt with Sensual Compliment texts – You’d be amazed at how SHOCKED and aroused men are when they meet a woman who can do this well.

Be aware that these can be incredibly powerful, so don’t use them unless you’re prepared for the inevitable result: his undivided, hungry attention!

“You’re the hottest guy here by far. Every time you look at me, I get electric shivers all up and down my back.”

“Your scent is like a drug to me. Every time I get close to you, I want to press my face to your chest and inhale you. = )”

“I keep thinking about the muscles on your back. I like the way they move under your skin. I should be working, but you keep distracting me. . . = )”

“Your arms. . . I love how big and SOLID you feel.”

“You have no idea how much I crave you. . . ”

“You have the softest, most wonderful lips. . . Thinking about what it would be like to. . . ” (Let his imagination finish that one.)

“I can’t stop thinking about your hands on me. How I feel when you stroke them down my sides and over my hips. . . ”

I also recommend that you bust out the Text Massage technique. Wait until your guy is at work and send him a Text Massage. You’ll absolutely blow his mind. Here’s how they work:

FIRST important step: Wait until you think he’s somewhere boring or stressful. At work is probably great, and if he’s a regular Monday-to- Friday guy, Mondays are probably a great choice for timing.

SECOND important step: Send an empathy text. Something that lets him know you understand what he’s going through, and yet. . . Something like, “I know you’re having a hard day. If I were there right now I’d. . . ”

THIRD important step: Use detailed language and powerful trigger words to give him a virtual massage by telling him EXACTLY how you would touch him and how it would make him (and you) feel.

I know you want an example = ). Try this one:

Corinne: “Mondays are a beast, aren’t they? And you’re just the man to tame them…= )”

David: “Wow, you make me sound like a lion tamer. . . ; )”

Corinne: “Mmm. If I were there right now, I would. . . ”

David: “You would what??”

Corinne: “You’d hear your office door shut, then you would feel me come up behind you, and my warm hands slide up under your shirt to your tight, hard shoulders.

I can’t stop myself from touching you. I push your shirt over your head, and you feel my hot breath on your back as I rub your muscles.

Little shocks of electricity rush through your body as you feel my fingers working on your muscles.

The only thing you can think of is this wonderful energy building up in your stomach.

Spreading through your limbs like a hot, soothing liquid. Your whole body tingles. You see bright stars in front of your eyes and you feel this incredible sense of relaxation.”

Sexy, no? Text Massage is a bit advanced, and of course you’ll want to WAIT until you’ve made it successfully through the earlier steps before you try these out.

But it works amazingly well. Why? Because guys are not used to women taking the initiative in any real way. They aren’t used to being taken care of by the girls they date.

Some guys won’t know what to do with themselves if you send this kind of thing, but most of them are going to feel an amazing buzz in their brain that makes man addicted to you.

Ready to take it to the next level? Turn the Text Massage into a Text Kiss.

The first time you kissed your man was probably the time you decided if he was someone you wanted to seriously pursue.

And biological research has shown that when we kiss someone, all sorts of crazy chemical reactions go off in our bodies.

The key here is to narrate what goes on inside his mind and body and tell him how it makes you feel.

So get it started, then take it here:

Stephanie: “You see me smiling at you. We lock eyes. I come closer. I can’t help myself. It’s like there’s a tractor beam between me and you. You wrap your arms around me. . . pull me close.

Our lips just inches apart. I try to get closer, but you won’t let me. I feel this incredible yearning in me.

Then finally, our lips meet and it’s. . . amazing. I feel your breath pushing into me. It’s like time stands still, and for a minute there’s just you and me.”

Don’t worry if this feels too advanced, you’ll get there. And even if you don’t get as in-depth as the texts above, you can still score a major hit with simple versions:

Ariana: “You pull me into your arms and I feel your lips brush against mine. . . Everything in my body wants more of you. . .

Once you’ve got rapport going and have established a texting relation- ship, the sky is really the limit.

You’ll find it will add massive spark to your dating life and give you a totally unfair advantage when it comes to getting the man of your dreams.

Don’t Forget. . .

If this was powerful goods for you, and you want to see, hear, and find out a LOT MORE, you definitely need to go check out this amazing video below.

There’s just so much additional information there, and there are so me seriously power-packed bonus items as well. All of it’s just waiting for you!

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