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How To Be A Better Wife In 9 Amazingly Simple Ways

How to be a better wife to your husband

Many times in marriage even after being a good wife you think that things are not moving smoothly. Somewhere in your mind you think that your husband don’t love you anymore.

He don’t act and behave like the way you want him to, your mind seems unstable with lots of questions. With all this questions you make a long list of complaints like “now a days he doesn’t seem to love me, like he use to do earlier”, “he forgets to kiss me”,” he seems to avoid me”.

Probably a never ending long list of stupid question that could only create difference in your married life, you probably wish to change him and his attitude isn’t it? Note that I am not against any woman, but I believe before you try to change him. Try to change yourself and think about how to be a better wife.

Once you learn the art of how to be a better wife, you yourself would be able to add lot of spice and color in your married life without even trying to change your spouse.

If you want to learn how to spice up your married life come and read this post on how to be a better wife. It will definitely change your perception and attitude towards your spouse and your married life.

how to be a better wife
1. Care about yourself first
Before you even think about how to be a better wife, the first step is to take care of yourself initially and then think about your spouse. To make him happy, first you need to feel happy and strong from inside.

Look after your health by eating healthy, do regular exercise to stay fit and release stress. Keep yourself engaged in positive things which will help you build positive thoughts in your mind. A combination of all this little things in your daily routine will keep you happy and amused.

Once you feel satisfied and happy from inside, it would become much easier to share your happiness with your spouse to have a strong and healthy relationship.

2. Work on issues without getting angry
If you really want to know how to be a better wife, learn the art of being patient. Once you learn how to be patient anger will automatically stay away from you.

In today’s stressful life style both husband and wife go through lots of stress and work pressure. Imagine at the end of stressful day your husband comes home and you guys start arguing or fighting on little issues.

How terrible it would be, being a good wife you need to stay strong and help your spouse deal with his stress and problems by talking about it in healthy way. Without making any issue out of it I believe it’s your duty to make him feel better and not worse. Try it once and see the difference, you would definitely feel more confident and satisfied.

Same holds true reversely when you fight and argue you feel more vulnerable and dejected. Why create negative atmosphere when you possess the ability to create positive and happy atmosphere in your bedroom.

cook good delicious food

3. Cook good food
It is believed that the way to man’s heart is through his stomach. Always try to cook good meal for him, when his hunger for good taste is satisfied he will naturally be happy.

It’s not necessary that all women should be good in cooking delicious food. But definitely you can make efforts to improve your style of cooking. Search your husband’s favorite dishes online and cook them with lots of love and feelings. Believe me food prepared with true feelings will always taste good.

Once you fulfill his crave for good food every now and again by cooking delicious dishes. He will be at peace. Simultaneously he would recognize your efforts and praise you. Eventually your married life will also flourish like beautiful flowers in garden.

4. Appreciate and compliment him
Just think for a moment you work hard on daily basis try to do good things for the welfare of your family. After doing so much if you don’t receive any compliment and appreciation how bad you would feel isn’t it frustrating?

On the contrary it would only increase the gap in your love life. Instead try to appreciate his work and compliment him on regular basis. You would be astonished to see the difference it would make, a word of “thank you”, “it was nice we loved it” , “you are truly a great husband” This are small words but holds lots of value, it would make him feel appreciated enough to help him trust you in a better way.

Eventually your ordinary married life will become extra ordinary. But to make all this happen in real, you need to learn the art of how to be a better wife.

dating once in fortnight

5. Give away love
A time comes in married life that you tend to lose interest in your partner. It’s because you are not able to identify the reasons behind losing interest. There might be many reasons and not one single reason alone.

You need to understand that we all wish to be happy and our happiness includes the desire to be connected to your partner in a loving way. But to develop intimate relationship with your partner, first you need get intimate with your own self to feel good.

It becomes much easy to get intimate with your partner in a relationship, when you are connected positively within your own heart. When you will love yourself first, then only you will be able to give away love to someone else.

6. Go on Dates at least once in fortnight
It happens in married life especially after few years that you forget the word “Dating”. You feel it’s only for youngsters and unmarried couples but not for married couples.

Remember one thing just because you are married and have lots of responsibilities to deal with doesn’t mean you cannot date one another. To add little spice and tinge in your married life you should go out for dinner, movie or one day trip at least once in two weeks.

Being a wife you need to plan a surprise date for your husband, believe me or not it will help you guys to spend some quality and romantic time with each other. Also a good date creates new and blissful memories that would last long.

Romance and kiss in bedroom

7. Be friends to him
To know the idea behind what makes a good wife you first need to be a good friend with your spouse. Real and true love will develop only when you understand him as friend first and then as a spouse.

True friendship will develop only when you will show unconditional acceptance and the willingness to support him in any vulnerable situations of life. Having a friendly relationship will also reduce conflicts and fights in your relationship.

Remember true friendship will help both of you to work as a team and stay united and that’s what you want in your married life.

8. Make your lust for sex last
Sharing married life is different from sharing gifts, dinners and romantic weekends. You married the man you were dating but that was time when sex and romance was at peak and also the main focus and priority.

But later things change and life becomes gloomy and boring as you accept responsibilities of children’s, financial and work related pressure. You don’t feel the same excitement of coming home from office like you had in the earlier part of your married life.

A quick tip for all the wives I have is once in a week sit your husband on the bed and look in each other’s eyes, gaze constantly for some time. After some moments you would realize that the sexual intimacy between both of you is getting ignited. You tend to forget all the fights, rifts and issues.

Now try and come close to each other without blinking your eyes. You could feel the sexual tension building as you get closer and closer. At this point of time if you want you can have a passionate kiss ending up in hotsex that please your body, mind and soul. It’s up to you to decide but the idea behind is to keep the lust for sex last.

The desire for sex will keep the relationship exciting as we all know sex is full of magic and this is again a quick tip how to be a better wife for your husband.

make him a better person

9. Make him a better person
Being a wife I believe you should always strive hard to make your spouse a better person. Always pray for him whenever he needs to be heard and understood. Listen to his thoughts and concerns, give him all the sympathy and love he needs in crisis.

If he is facing any issues be ready to help him by erasing negative thoughts from his mind. Help him with alternatives to see tough situations in positive way. Divert his mind to focus always on positives and not on negatives that’s what makes a good wife.

Being a good wife can really improve your marriage and help it flourish. In the end it is important for both the partner’s to support one another equally. For any women it’s not an easy job to be a good wife, your husband’s mental state depends on how you behave and arrange things in your married life.

It’s your duty to walk parallel with your spouse and find answers to difficult questions working jointly. Marriage is not a romance movie that would end in couple of hours. It’s not a race too, it’s a marathon and lifetime romance. All the married women around the world have my best wishes and I pray for you to live a happy married life with your spouse.

I hope you found the post on how to be a better wife useful. If you really liked it please share and comment.

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