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7 simple ways on how to keep a relationship strong

Best Ways On How to keep a relationship strong?

To keep a relationship strong it requires to create some chemistry and some investment.

By investment, I am not talking of investing money. I am talking about investing time, love and dedication.

For two individuals to stay happily together these ingredients are a must and mandatory. When I faced separation and hatred in my relationship I was totally dejected.

During this period of silence and loneliness, I was all alone with no hope of life.

It was one of the toughest period of my life. I use to think what was the reason behind my breakup with my Ex there’s no doubt I was the culprit most of the times but I believe not always.

In fact, I tried hard to get things on track but it didn’t happen.

Eventually, everything ended and I was left alone, but in all this years I have learned some very important facts on how to keep a relationship strong.

I believe all this facts play a very vital role to keep a relationship strong, loving and peaceful.


1. Honesty

Being loyal and honest is very important for the success of any relationship.

To be able to openly share your feelings takes lots of courage.

You need to be open to your partner on every little thing. Give your partner a chance to believe you as a lover, it will keep them free from worries.

Many times you lie to your partner on certain issues just to protect and save them from pain.

But in the longer run lying is not a solution as it shows the vulnerability of a relationship at the core level. Honesty cannot be attained if one partner is trying hard and other is quiet.

It requires a mutual understanding to keep it going forever. Honesty matters a lot in love life to keep a relationship strong as it gives a great deal of comfort and peace.


2. Show unconditionally love

When you find someone who shows love to you, it becomes very easy to love them in return.

But what if you don’t receive the same response from your partner?

If you want to know how to keep a relationship strong than one of the best advice is to express your love unconditionally irrespective of thinking too much about gaining anything in return. Be expressive in love life it is the most vital thing.

Show your love with actions by touching, cuddling gently, a sweet kiss while going office, a sweet text message during lunch.

If you want to know how to keep a relationship strong than show unconditional love towards your partner.

I bet seeing your unconditional love and commitment your partner will be forced to love you in return.

These are little gestures that count and substantially raise the standard of your relationship and commitment towards one another.


3. Communicate and Accept

Accept your partner as an integral part of your life. Make them feel important and appreciate them on a regular basis to keep your relationship fresh like a flower.

Listen to their words carefully and engage with their feelings to build a strong emotional connection.

Imagine how you would feel when you are talking something important with your partner and they are busy looking on their cell phone.

This action doesn’t send positive feedback to any relationship.

To keep a relationship strong proper and effective communication is a must.

Try and find solutions to problems and in a peaceful and loving way.

Appreciate them on their good personality traits and praise with generosity.

Acceptance builds deeper intensity and gives freedom to each individual in relation to share their thoughts and feelings without any restrictions.

Remember true love is appreciation without judgment with clear thoughts and positive intentions.

If you can build these qualities in your love life your relationship will always flourish.


4. Be Friends

How to keep a relationship strong being friends?

in a relationship doesn’t mean you can’t be friends. In fact, I believe if couple’s could build a tuning of friendship in their relationship than what else you want?

Do things that you would do with your friends around like spend quality time having fun cracking jokes. Follow each other’s interest to have an adventurous time.

Relationship is not only about being serious, most of the times in the initially part of our relationship we treat our partner like the best friend we had.

But later things change it shouldn’t be that way. We need to develop our relationship keeping the base of friendship alive.

If you think you are missing the friendly environment in your love life start today. Trust me you will feel great to bring back the lost intensity again in your relationship.


5. Stay firm in bad situations

If there are good times there will be bad times too. You cannot relish happiness everyday there will be times when your relationship will be under stress due to problems.

But you have to hold each other’s hands and stay firm. When you are making a long term commitment to someone you have to support them in every situation of life high or low.

Take problems as a challenge and find answers to those problems with mutual and peaceful discussion this experience will be stepping stone in growing your relationship strong and more importantly as a couple.

Note that supporting each other in tough times holds the key for the success of any relationship.


6. Touch each other

Touching each other is one of the most sensual and intimate things compared to all other actions.

It gives you a chance to feel free and explore the presence and connection of sensual touch. It’s good to say “I love you” but if you touch your partner physically with love saying “I love you” than it makes a huge difference.

Touch influences the body and the mind directly and releases the flow of endorphins.

This is how important is sex in a relationship which is the reason why most people complain their relationship lacks intimacy. It is because of the lack of physical touch.

Physical touch is not only about sex, but it is also about touching your partner gently in trouble times.

Being physically close to your partner makes you feel happier and healthier.

Also when you are physically close to your partner the body releases the happy chemical called oxytocin which adds up to help and keep a strong relationship.


7. Respect while Arguing

Every relationship goes through a period when one partner does not agree to the thoughts of the other partner which eventually ends up in the argument.

Argument is part of life which no one likes doing because sometimes arguments create differences. But the argument can be constructive if done correctly.

Make a promise to each other that while arguing no one will get hyper and when one person speaks the other one will lesson carefully without interrupting.

Remember words can hurt feelings so choose your words carefully while arguing. Keep control on your anger and try to find a solution for the argument to convert it into a healthier discussion.

It’s not the start that matters, what matters is the way you conclude your argument which determines the fate of your relationship.

It takes a lot of efforts probably more than love for any relationship to flourish and work.

Love is the base to keep a relationship strong, but love only is not enough.

In order to make a relationship work both the partners need to commit each other to work positively with one another. Strong relationship doesn’t just happen in a day or a month.

It’s an ongoing process which never ends. Remember it takes time to build trust but takes seconds to break it. So it’s entirely on you how you want to construct your love life.

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