May 5, 2022

How To Make a Man Addicted To You (For Lifetime in 8 Playful Ways)

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Have you ever wondered how to make a man addicted to you?

Yes or No, Less or More No need to worry.

Today you'll discover enchanting new possibilities that you never believed was possible, and you’ll learn exactly how to make a man addicted to you, how to be mysterioushow to make a man desire you and what it takes to transform your relationships with men (or that one SPECIAL man) forever.

Note that modern men may have smartphones and wear suits, but in many ways they are no different than their evolutionary predecessors, cavemen.

They have within them the same desire to chase their prey, to be the alpha male, and not eat scraps like a creepy jackal.

But the question is what inspires a man to chase you and how you can keep a man in love and at the same time keep up the sexual tension and heat.

To learn more keep reading this amazing article as I will share 8 playful and teasing ways to make him addicted to you for lifetime and in the end I also have a special recommendation for you.

#1 He wants to brag about you.

He wants to feel like he has earned your love. He wants to see you as the prize. He wants to stand up, beat his chest, and scream incoherently at finally having “caught” you, cavemen-style.

So, become the sexiest prey in the history of the hunt. Be intriguing. Elude him every so often.

Avoid his obvious traps (in modern terms, these would be his come-ons). You can even allow yourself to be caught sometimes – but always escape his grasp.

If you are on the right track with this, then you will know it because he will be calling you, texting you, telling you how much he misses you, and asking when he can see you again. He will become practically obsessed with having you.

If you are on the wrong track, then you will notice that he has sending you mixed signals, treating you like a booty call, taking you for granted, and saying things like, “I love you, but I am just not ready.”

If he has acting that way, don’t panic! Without saying anything about it, BACK OFF. Just walk away.

Go radio silent. Go AWOL. Don’t respond to texts. Stop having sex with him! Step away from the caveman.

As I keep saying, men aren’t dumb. He is going to know why you suddenly are not around. Even if he doesn’t know-know, he KNOWS.

And, here’s the best part: It is going to make him uneasy as hell. It will be as if he had the prey almost in his grasp, and then – nothing. It vanished into thin air.

But it will also make him realize that, hey, maybe he really does value you! He loves you – and he IS ready! He will want to win you back – and now you’ve got yourself a hunt!

#2 Remember in Sex And The City.

When Carrie became obsessed with “having sex like a man?” She wants to know what it’s like, and she thinks maybe it might be the answer to women’s relationship problems – so she fools around with a guy, and then walks straight out afterward.

Remember what happened? It drove the guy crazy!

Now, obviously, you do not need to do exactly all of these things, nor do you need to act like Carrie in Sex And The City.

What you do need, however, is to have the same attitude in your interactions with him.

What attitude is that, exactly? It is the attitude that you take what you want, and worry less about what he wants.

Of course, though, you will be doing it in a classy way. There’s no need to show him disrespect just because you are making him earn your love and attention.

And it is not about being selfish, either; it is about being intriguing, sexy, and a juicy challenge that will reawaken his inner caveman and make him chase you and at the same be in your control too.

You just need to let him know that he is going to have to work for it.

Trust me – he will rise to the challenge. This is how men are hard-wired, and there’s no changing them.

#3 Make Him Part Of Your Life, Not Your Life

While this piece of advice is also about the chase, it also need you to have that wonderful, magical combination of independence and confidence.

These are absolutely key to addicting him to you, mostly because he can’t define them as clearly as “pretty hair” or “super cool.”

Independence and confidence, instead, drive him absolutely insane with intrigue. They are what make him see you as a fascinating, maddening puzzle that he simply must solve.

But you will see that I said that you must PROVE to him that you are choosing him - not TELL him. So, how do you prove it?

#4 Stand on your own two feet.

Earn your own money; make your own decisions; change your own light bulbs.

The less you ask him to do for you, the more he will see that you do not need him. This will make him constantly search to find the ways that you DO need him.

#5.Talk about fun stuff you did that did not include him.

When he sees what an awesome life you have, he will want to be a part of it – and will wait for you to “choose” to invite him along on your adventures.

You will be amused to see how often he starts dropping hints about always having wanted to go camping, or how he’d like to see that band the next time they’re in town.


#6. Have a job that is not him.

This is not the same as earning your own money; this is about focusing on goals and objectives that have nothing to do with him.

When he sees that you have other things on your mind than him, it will assuage his fears – and it will also have him fight to keep your attention. (Although it is also about actually having a literal job, as well.)

#7. Have a passion that is not him.

You know how when you watch a man you are attracted to do something that he is completely absorbed in, so much so that he forgets you’re there? Isn’t that kind of hot?

Doesn’t it make you want to jump him, just so that he can look at you with that same intensity? Yeah, well, two can play at that game.

#8. Do not always be there when he wants you.

This is easy to accomplish if you have been following all the advice up until now.

But, suffice it to say that the last thing you want to do is be at his beck and call. Instead, you want to be just a touch elusive, so that when you do spend time with him, he knows it is because YOU have chosen to, not him.

You see, most guys are used to women “needing” them. While it does massage their egos for a moment, it mostly just annoys them to the point of boredom.

So, you want to be different. Don’t be afraid to stomp on that fragile ego that makes him assume you need him.

At first, he will be absolutely petrified, because he has rarely if ever encountered this in a woman.

He won’t know what to do. This feeling will almost immediately turn to intrigue, and then to outright interest. He will do whatever it takes to get you to CHOOSE him once he realizes you do not NEED him.

There are also a million other ways to prove to him that you and you alone make the choices in your life.

For example, if he suggests something – whether it is an item off a menu or something to do – don’t agree with him just because he said it.

If you don’t agree at all, give valid reasons why – and after some thought, if you do agree with him, give him those reasons why as well.

Also, you can be careful in choosing all sorts of things, from food in the market to your outfit to what television shows you watch.

The more you show him you are discerning and have a mind of your own, the easier it will be to assume that whenever you are with him, it is because it’s the best choice you could make at the time.

Oh, one last handy tip for this one – by working at proving to him that you are choosing him by being a sassy, independent, confident woman, you are not only moving towards your goal; you’re also giving him a kind of test.

You see, a guy who is worthy of you will want all these traits in a woman – and he will want them intensely. It is a surefire way to get him addicted to you.

On the other hand, if he instead is horrified by your behavior, guess what? He is a creep.

Why is he a creep? Well, because if he wanted you to need him, to be waiting for him at all hours, and not to have a life of your own, then he is a control freak and probably has an emotionally abusive streak in him. And let’s face it, that’s pretty creepy.

So in that case, you are better off without him. Which means this tactic is a win-win – you either get the awesome guy addicted to you, or you learned just in time that the dude is not your type.


These 8 playful tips are GOOD ENOUGH to make a man addicted to you.

But before I stop I would love to show you something amazingly powerful.

This secret is going to change everything about the way you experience love.

By knowing how to reach past his defenses and touch his heart deeply, he's going to see you as different to every girl he has ever known...

And make him plead for you to be his forever.

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