May 5, 2022

How to Make Him Desire You in 5 Powerful and Enchanting Ways

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"If you ever wanted to learn how to awaken any man’s inner romantic side and how to make him desire you and only you then this is going to be the most powerful article you will ever read."

In 5 simple steps, you can learn how to make him desire you and the best part is this article is for women of any age or stage in their relationship.

ALL the tips and tricks you need to make a man desire you and enchant him like never before, you’ll discover here.

This article is all the ladies who want to AWAKEN her man’s inner romantic side and have him falling over backwards to fulfill her deepest desires?

If you want roses and caresses and to be made love to like you never have before?

If you want to enchant his heart forever?

Learn how to make him desire you by unlocking YOUR inner enchantress, and connect with you man’s heart and soul in a way you’ve only ever dreamed of.

1. Be his #1 playmate 

Have you ever heard the phrase the couple that plays together stays together’?

Because nothing could be closer to the truth.

No matter how old, successful, or ‘mature’ men are, they never lose their desire to play.

He may do plenty of playing with his buddies already - joking around, acting like idiots, having tussles on the sports field, inviting each other to challenges… typical guy behavior, right?

But I’ll let you in on a little secret: there is no playmate he can have more fun with than YOU.

Nothing will enchant him OR CREATE ROMANTIC TENSION more than having a woman who can make him laugh and make mundane activities fun.

Laughing, teasing, and flirting are some of the things which can bring the greatest feelings of happiness and fulfillment in a relationship.

Unfortunately, when life gets really hectic couples often forget this JOY that they can share with each other, and the relationship becomes strained with tension.  

YOU have the ability to be the woman who can instantly take your man’s mind off things once he’s got home from a hard day at work - by creating an atmosphere of humour and positive energy.

Humour is amazing for your relationship AND for your health. It helps to relieve tension and stress, produces ‘feel good’ chemicals in the brain, and creates closer bonds with your partner.

And if he is always feeling good when he’s around you, he’ll never want to let you go.

The elements of surprise and spontaneity are great ways to start adding a little playfulness to your relationship.

So tickle him and start a play fight while he is lying on the couch. Give him a playful slap on his behind as he walks past. Flirt and allow him the opportunity to flirt with you.

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#2. Connect to his soul

The purest way of enchanting your man’s heart and holding it close to yours is to connect to his soul.

This is about showing your UNCONDITIONAL love for him, and always making him feel valued, supported, and respected.

There’s probably a lot of insecurities hidden just beneath your man’s hard exterior, which you may not even know about.

 And he needs you to understand him, support him and show love and belief in him to reduce these fears and allow him to be the best man he can be.

And all it takes to bring these insecurities to the surface is for him to feel a lack of respect from you, or feel like your love for him is only conditional.

Things like questioning his judgment, shooting down his ideas, criticizing him, or belittling his achievements, or not showing faith in his ability, all indicate to him that you do not really believe in him.

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And making him feel like you only love him BASED on the fact that he is currently toned, tanned and earning good money makes him anxious about what would happen to your love if these things suddenly changed.

In order for him to feel confident in himself, he really needs to feel your respect and your UNCONDITIONAL love – loving him for all that he is (even his flaws!).

How he sees himself in your eyes has a HUGE effect on how he feels about himself.

To a man, your respect is the clearest way of showing your love.

You can SHOW him your respect by making a conscious effort to always trust his judgment, accept and ask for his help and advice, show your appreciation for him, and acknowledge his achievements.

If you want to learn how to make him desire you then you must make him sure that you trust him COMPLETELY and really value his input.

And always, always, always show respect for him in public. There is nothing that will hurt and aggravate him more than being criticized in front of his mates or colleagues!

Making him feel respected will fill his love bank up with so many positive feelings of love and self-worth that he will be overflowing with loving and romantic feelings towards you.

Showering him with compliments, celebrating his success and making him feel like a MAN will overwhelm him with desire to cherish and protect you as his woman.

He LOVES your femininity and softness – and how one tender look from you can make him feel.

He wants nothing more than for you to be the ONE person he feels completely safe talking about his true fears and desires with.

There is nothing more soothing to him that having your sympathetic ear and comforting touch at the end of a hard day.

Be the woman who listens to all of his problems and fears, and helps to soothe his emotions.

With YOUR support, he can face any problem that comes his way.

When you start listening to him and loving him unconditionally with no judgment, he will open up his soul to you in a way that he never has with anyone before.

This is where the magic happens.

#3. Let your inner and outer beauty shine

Enchantress, it is time to let your inner and outer beauty shine.

It will come as no surprise that, yes, a man DOES place a lot of importance on his girlfriend or wife’s appearance.

Men are very VISUAL creatures. Your man gets a lot of pleasure just from looking at your beautiful self!

But secretly, men fear that once in a relationship, their gorgeous partner will start to ‘let herself go’.

You may not realize this, but the effort you put into your appearance is actually a signal to him of how much you CARE.

Let me repeat: the effort. Not how closely you resemble a supermodel, but the EFFORT you put into your self-presentation.

Although it’s natural that you will both relax a bit once in a committed relationship, he will be looking out for any major changes related to your appearance.

Changes, for example, in your eating or exercise habits, effort you put into your hair and makeup, and clothes you wear around him. Don’t worry - I’m not talking about any natural aging here!

Signs of your health, such as your fresh, glowing skin and clean shiny hair, are actually deep biological indicators to him of your fertility, and activate an innate desire within him to WANT you sexually.

When you feel healthy and good about yourself, you literally PROJECT beauty and vitality. You have so much more to GIVE in your relationship because you are satisfied in yourself.

Being confident in yourself will also naturally increase your sensuality and sex appeal – which he will love.

So make a conscious effort to keep looking after yourself and being the best woman you can be even, after you and your man have become an item.

Here is a quick checklist of things you can be doing to maintain a HEALTHY and VIBRANT appearance:

Ø Keep up a reasonable level of fitness by making regularly exercise an essential part of your daily schedule.

Regular exercise not only encourages fat-burning by increasing your metabolism, it also releases feel-good endorphins and boosts your sex drive!

Ø Maintain a reasonably healthy diet, with lots of fruits and vegetables to give you all the vitamins and nutrients your body needs.

Ø Buy clothes which flatter your shape and style (and throw out any old or ill-fitting ones!).

Ø Get regular haircuts (and colors, if you color your hair) and keep your hair clean and shiny.

Ø Maintain a high level of hygiene (teeth, face, and body).

Ø Keep your nails clean and trimmed.

Ø Put a little extra effort into your appearance when you are going out.

Seeing you taking care of yourself and making an effort to look nice for him will fire up his attraction for you and make him feel incredibly lucky to have landed himself such an amazing woman.

So don’t be surprised when he wants to be showing you off to everyone!

#4. Become a goddess in the bedroom

Ladies, you already hold a very powerful key to your man’s heart.

And that key is… SEX.

Sex is the very act of giving your man your love. It is a highly emotional experience which has direct links to his heart and his self-confidence.

In fact, science has PROVEN that sex is a key to unlocking your man’s inner romantic self.

When we have sex, especially at the point of orgasm, a chemical called oxytoxin is released into our brains, which is known as the ‘bonding chemical’.

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This is because oxytoxin creates feelings of attachment so POWERFUL that your man can’t even help being drawn closer to you.

Know that as he is holding you close in his arms after a wonderfully intimate romp between the sheets, oxytoxin is flowing through his veins - connecting him to you in an intense emotional way.

Your man desperately wants to feel sexually desired by you, and for you to CRAVE your time in the bedroom with him. This makes him feel like a MAN, and wonderfully loved.

Whenever he looks at you, make him feel that you have eyes for no other man but him and you simply CAN’T GET ENOUGH of his love.

Show your man how much you desire him by touching him outside of the bedroom – running your hands up his chest, lightly squeezing his muscles, and kissing him with passion, all while looking him up and down with your sultry bedroom eyes.

There is nothing that will enchant your man more than you making him feel like he is the complete MASTER of your sexual desire.

He wants to be able to make you go crazy with pleasure at his slightest touch, and turn you on like the flick of a switch.

Ladies, it’s time to explore your sensuality and sense of adventure.

Did you know that just by showing CONFIDENCE in what you have you instantly amp up your sex appeal?

Be confident in your naked body and let him appreciate every square inch of it.

Buy sexy, feminine lingerie that makes you feel like a goddess.

Have you had sex anywhere but the bedroom lately? How about doing it in the kitchen, the living room, or if you’re a risk taker - the balcony!

Try a position or technique you haven’t tried before, or focus on touching and stimulating an area of his body you may usually overlook.

If he usually initiates sex, try taking the lead for a change – he will LOVE you doing this, as it will make him feel deeply desired.

Your man WANTS to fulfill all of your deepest, raunchiest desires, if only you can feel comfortable enough to tell him.

There is nothing that will overcome him with passion and desire more than having you whisper in his air exactly what you want him to do to you (or what you want to do to him).

The bedroom is a place of the greatest trust and intimacy, where you face each other exactly as you are and should feel safe enough to express your innermost wants and needs, without fear of being judged.

So embrace the purest physical way we can show our love. Unlock your inner GODDESS and enchant your man with your raw sensuality.

#5. Be an independent woman – keep him wanting more

If you want to discover how to make him desire you. Ladies, there is nothing more exciting to a man that having a woman who is mysterious and always just stays ONE STEP out of his grasp.

What does this mean?

It means loving and giving yourself to your man, but not becoming dependent on him. Enjoying your time together, but also enjoying all the time you spend on the OTHER aspects of your life.

Because here’s the thing: Your man doesn’t actually want you to be ‘COMPLETED’ by him.

Making your man feel like the sole source of your happiness and support puts far too much pressure on him. No one person is designed to be your ‘everything’.

So be sure to not center your entire sense of self in your relationship.

Your man is one very meaningful part of your life, but you also have many other parts that make up who you are as a whole - your relationships with friends and family, your job, your hobbies and interests, and your hopes and dreams.

At the start of a new relationship, when everything is extremely passionate and exciting and you and your man can’t seem to get enough of each other, it can be tempting to start spending ALL of your time together.

But believe me, this can only be kept up for so long before the flame of your love starts to dwindle and burn out. And when this happens, you may both be left with nothing.

So feed oxygen to the fire of your romance and give each other space to breathe.

Guys don’t actually WANT a girlfriend who is going to take up all of their free time.

They need time to hang with the lads, play sport, and watch TV - just as you need time to catch up with YOUR friends, watch rom-coms, and go shopping!

So give him space in the relationship to do his own thing. Encourage his time playing footy with his buddies, and don’t ask to tag along. Doing this will automatically make him desire you more and more.

Let him wonder about your where about sometimes, to have him BURNING to have you back in his arms.

And be sure to keep up all of the interesting quirks and interests that make you who you are.

Because these are the things that keep him interested about you as a person, and make him hungry to discover even more of your mysterious secrets.

Having a life outside your relationship will enable you to bring fresh ideas and topics for conversation into your relationship, and keep his attraction for you PULSING.

Keeping your lives full and satisfying as individuals will only make your relationship all the more healthy and rewarding.


Enchantresses, you have been given your wands and potions of love.

You have learned how to become the playful and independent goddess who radiates beauty, and will finally be the one to put his soul at ease.

I hope you loved this article on how to make him desire you. Now it’s time to go and use these 5 love spells to enchant his heart and re-awaken the magic in your relationship.

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