May 5, 2022

How to Create Sexual Tension With a Guy in 6 Clear Cut Ways

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This article is for all women and girls who are under a myth that in order to create sexual tension with a guy and making him desire only her, she must have that KILLER looks and SEXY body.

Believe me that’s just not true and I will prove the same in this article.

Master the secret on how to create sexual tension with a guy, leave everything and FOCUS your attention here for the next minute 20 minutes.

Remember creating right sexual tension and sexual chemistry is an art and today the mystery will be revealed.

So let’s begin.

#1. Creating sexual tension when you are standing away from him

This is fun to do when you’re at an event together, but you are not standing physically together or making love.

Or you could even be at home and doing separate things in the same room. You could write something like:

“You look amazingly hot right now. Meet me on the roof in 5 minutes.”

Or you could even send something a little more romantic, funny or triggering phrases that will seduce him.

“Don’t mind me, just staring at my handsome boyfriend from across the room. Damn, you are one good-looking man.”

The key to making this be flirty and not clingy is to wait for him to find you in the room; smile seductively, look away, and don’t look back again.

It replicates the same kind of flirting as when you first meet someone attractive – and it elicits the same thrilling feeling.

#2. Ways to create sexual tension when you are about to meet up with him

You can alert him of your arrival in any one of a number of cheeky ways:

“I’ll be at the bar in 5. Please order me a martini. I’ll also need to be kissed passionately upon my arrival, please see what you can do about that.”

“Sorry (his name) I can’t make it, am meeting a dashing gentleman at (wherever you’re meeting him).”

“Running a bit late, had to get extra cute because I’m meeting a super handsome man in a few minutes.

Be there soon.” (Make sure you’re actually going to be only a few minutes late!)

“Pulling up to the house, how about you help a pretty girl get these groceries inside? I hear she’ll make it worth your while.”

“Hey, heading home, what are we doing for dinner? I was thinking pizza and a blow job, what do you say?”

I think you get the idea. But basically, you are setting the stage so that there is automatically a sexual tension when you see each other after having been apart.

Even if it means a sly look passed between you when you meet up, it is still better than the normal peck on the cheek – and with time, it can grow into a game where the stakes are ever higher!

This works especially well if you are coming home from a girls’ night out.

It reminds him that you are living your own life, but at the end of the day you still come home to him, and you are all his:

“Had to fight off the men tonight by telling them that I had a man waiting at home to ravage me. You don’t want to make me out to be a liar, do you?”

“Diane will be dropping me off in 10 minutes. Am tipsy enough for a handsome man to take advantage of me. You up for the job?”

“Spending time with the girls makes me long for the company of a man prepare to be ravaged in approximately 20 min”

And this is how to create sexual tension with a guy and the best part is it feels like you're playing sex games with him which keeps the excitement high all the time.

#3. Creating sexual tension when you are trying on clothes.

If you are cool with sending photos, then this one is a good one to get his engines revving!

And it is a bit less self-conscious than your typical “selfie” photo, because you have the excuse of showing him a piece of clothing and getting his “opinion.” at the same time making him addicted to you.

So find the best angle, snap away, and add your cheeky message:

(In lingerie) “Was thinking of you while doing some shopping. See you tonight.”

(In a swimsuit) “My body is ready for a beach vacation. Or should we just go skinny dipping?”

(In a bra) “This bra is making me re-think my wardrobe – in that I might just throw out all my shirts and just wear this. Even I want to cop a feel.”

(Close-up of bra) “Objects in mirror could seem closer than they appear... later on tonight.”

Again, you get the idea. You want to be funny and and show him a bit of the goods at the same time.

Warning, though: No body-shaming, and no fishing for compliments.

You can feel free to make fun of yourself in a funny photo message if something is truly horrendous, but remember – you are a confident woman.

If instead you send a picture of yourself in a swimsuit with a message along the lines of, “Ugh, another 10 pounds and this might work,” he’s going to see you as needy – and unsexy.

You tell him what to think by assuming that he is going to find the photo attractive.

If you really want to learn how to create sexual tension with a guy try this TIP it really works like charm.

#4. Creating sexual tension when you want to follow up after having sex.

There are times when the day after you’ve had sex, it is all you can think about. Which is fantastic!

But you don’t want to call him just to say, “Oh my God remember that sex we had last night?” I mean, with some guys you could, but for most it would kind of be pointless.

However, you can let him know you’re thinking about it – and thus reminding him of it as well (although I’m sure he remembers as well) – by letting him know just how much it affected you.

“At office. Have read the same memo 14 times. Keep being distracted by thoughts of last night. Well done, sir. Well done.”

“Almost left gym bag on bus; lady chased me down to give it back. Couldn’t tell her that the reason I was distracted was because I had mind-blowing sex with my husband last night.”

“Um... muscles I didn’t even know I had are sore today. What did you do to me?!”

“Hey, can we skip dinner tonight and go right to dessert? And by dessert, I mean let’s have more amazing sex.”

“Everyone at work is asking me what’s different about me today. Heather thought it was my hair. Jess thought it was a new shirt. Should I tell them it’s because I had fantastic sex?”

#5. How to build sexual tension when you are traveling without him.

Communicating with him while you are spending time apart for whatever reason can be tricky.

Remember, a man likes to have his space.

Even though he loves you to bits, spending time alone charges his batteries and gives him room to think – and to be honest, it should do the same thing for you as well.

So, you want to keep the messages to a minimum while you are traveling without him.

Otherwise he is going to get so that he cringes every time he hears the message alert on his phone. In other words, not this:

Checked in at airport.”

Airport food is the worst.”


They have wifi on board!”

Landed, waiting for baggage.”

Made it to hotel.”

Going to sleep now, pleasant dreams!”

Off to conference, wish me luck!”

And so on and so on. He doesn’t need a play-by-play. He gets the gist of what happens from moment to moment when someone is traveling.

Although letting someone you love know that you arrived safely at your destination is considered a common courtesy!

This are small things but really helpful to create that sexual tension and keep up the heat and spice alive in your relationship.

#6. How to build sexual tension with your guy on emails.

Emails are another species entirely from text messages, as they’re usually sent with more of a purpose, and not on the fly. You should really save emails for lengthy messages.

But that being said, there is no reason why you can’t add a bit of cheeky levity to an otherwise boring email.

For example, you know how friends’ weddings have become weekend-long affairs, with multiple events?

This is usually the kind of thing you want to make sure he has all the information for, so he can refer to it whenever he needs to.

These are the most insufferable emails, aren’t they? They’re boring to write, annoying to read, and are easily skimmed over.

But if you keep adding fun items in among the boring stuff, it’s fun, thoughtful, smart-ass, and will have him smiling. Let’s take just that kind of email to use as our template.

Friday, 6:30-11:30, outdoor barbecue at Lisa’s house. Casual attire; may I suggest your new khakis, because your ass looks divine in them. I’ll be wearing that red shirt that makes you stare at my tits, so prepare yourself.

Saturday, 4pm, wedding. We need to be in our seats by 11:45. You: devastatingly handsome in your charcoal suit. Me: stunning in my purple dress. People will swoon. Note that the reception is back at the hotel, so we can run upstairs for a quickie before they start serving dinner.

Sunday, 11am, brunch at the hotel. To save time and sleep in a bit, I suggest showering together.

Now obviously, not every single item on a list has to have sexual overtones. But throwing in a cheeky comment here or there will certainly liven up any email.

Alternatively, yo can go ahead and write the email as it should be, and then add a kind of non-sequitur P.S. at the end.

This works well for honey-do lists, even using pen and paper (remember those?).

“P.S. You are super-cute. Wanna go out some time?”

“P.S. I have a crush on you. Do you like me too? Circle one: YES NO”

“P.S. Meet me behind the bleachers after math class and we’ll make out.”

“P.S. Completion of above tasks results in immediate blow job.”

PLEASE NOTE: Be careful if you are sending emails to his work account! Keep personal stuff on personal accounts!

Why is that? Well, while men express their love through a physical connection, women tend to go for the emotional connection. This can include sex, but it’s more about words.

So combining your desire to create sexual tension with his desire to show you how much he loves you, you’re coming up with your own language for love.

Remember, though, that this is not all about talk. As they say, you also have to walk the walk. If you’re a hell cat in text but a shy mouse once you’re face to face, he will get tired of your teasing and learn to ignore it.

So, follow through! Hop in the sack with your man, you sexy minx!

I will stop here. I hope you loved this tips on how to create sexual tension with a guy.

Before I stop. I request you to watch this in-depth, step-by-step instructional video that will teach you how to make your man sexually addicted to you and only you. If you're interested in learning these techniques to keep your man addicted and deeply devoted to you as well as having a lot more fun in the bedroom, then you may want to check out the video.

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