May 3, 2022

What is a Blended Orgasm And How You Can Give Your Woman One

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I firmly believe that you can never have too much of a good thing— especially in the bedroom. That’s why I’m letting you in on some blissful news called blended orgasms: 

With a little bit of know-how, you can help your partner experience more than one climax in a single sack session. In other words you can give your partner blended orgasms.

This is the most intense orgasmic secret you must add to your repertoire. Your new slogan may become “I’ll take hers blended.” 

Okay, you’ve heard of a clitoral orgasm and you’ve heard of the G-spot kind—both damn good in their own right.

Now imagine if you blended the two types for one phenomenal fireworks-like finale for your partner. Yep, you can actually do that.

A new research published in The Journal of Sex Research has the answer to exactly which sex techniques lead to blended orgasms. 

It takes some specific techniques to help your partner experience the bliss of blended orgasms—which I teach you below—and a bit of practice, but experts say it’s a skill you can master.

The Basics of Blended Orgasm.

As I said, a blended Orgasms is the combo of the two different ways women can climax. 

Clitoral orgasms usually come on faster because that area is so accessible. G-spot orgasms are considered much more intense because they reverberate from inside her body.

By simultaneously stroking her clitoris and G-spot, you mix the unique sensations of each peak into one, resulting in a longer, deeper experience for your partner.

This kind of big bang won’t just leave her feeling ah-mazing; you will reap its benefits too.

A blended orgasm requires different touches on two distinct body areas, and this extra effort naturally slows you down and helps you last longer. 

Plus, admit it, you love it when you see your partner losing herself in lust. Watching her experience twice the power of a regular orgasm will also boost her libido and at the same time drive you over the edge as well.

How to Help Your Woman Experience Blended Orgasm?

This position should make it easier: Have her lie on her back on the bed, her feet dangling over the edge, with a few pillows underneath her bottom to raise her pelvis.

It’ll be easier for your penis to hit her G-spot if her vagina is elevated. Stand or kneel (depending on how tall you are and how far off the floor the bed is) as you penetrate her

You two will form an L shape; you shouldn’t lean too far over her body because you’ll soon need room to reach down and touch her clitoris.

Once you’re inside her and you feel your penis stroking her G, thrust until you feel she’s getting close to climax...then stop and remain very still.

Softly tease her clitoris with your fingers.

Switch back and forth between touching her clitoris and stopping and thrusting until she can’t take it anymore and you have to do both moves at the same time. It’ll lead to an incredibly explosive finale i.e. the blissful blended orgasm.


How To Give Her Blended Orgasms in Doggie Style.

One option is a blended Orgasm during doggie-style. When she’s on all fours and you’re thrusting from behind, your penis naturally finds her G-spot.

Have her lean her upper body against the bed for support while you’re reaching down and massaging her clitoris as you thrust. 

If she craves more control over the G-spot stroking, try woman on top. Face your partner, and have her lower herself onto your body, and lean forward. She’ll feel your penis tickling her G-spot.

Because she’s on top, she can thrust fast or slow, up and down, or in circles while you touch her clitoris. Or by leaning far enough forward, her clitoris will rub against your pelvis, creating completely hands-free stimulation that will culminate in blended-O nirvana.

Real women describe how does blended orgasm feels 

Some of my female subscribers shared in a private quiz how does blended orgasms feel like:

Any climax is good, but that combo makes me weak. I can’t move because I’m so absorbed in it. ” —Sara, 24 

“When it’s about to happen, I get chills up and down my spine, and my body spasms. Then as I hit the peak, every part of me is way more sensitive than usual.” —Emily, 27 

“During a regular orgasm, I feel the pleasure in my pelvic area. But with this, a tingling explodes through my whole body, then turns into this rolling, wavelike response.” —Kendra, 25 

“Normally, it feels like a buildup of all my muscles tightening and then releasing. With this special orgasm, that still happens, but I also get intense electric jolts.” —Tamara, 31 

“As I get more excited, I get tense. Every nerve from head to toe perks up. I reach a point where I feel like I am going to burst, and then the release is so gratifying.” —Liz, 24

Can female ejaculation also be called as blended orgasms.

Female ejaculation may sound nutty, but at least 1 in 10 women has experienced it. Given the way people talk about it (or don’t talk about it), you’d think female ejaculation was some kind of freak phenomenon.

But statistically, it’s pretty normal. Between 10 and 40 percent of women say that after an extended period of G-spot stroking or before a big orgasm, they ejaculate a clear or milky odorless liquid.

Some describe it as a teaspoon or two, while others claim they ejaculate so much, the bed is drenched. Where the liquid comes from, remains a bit of a mystery.

For years, experts thought it was urine that was accidentally released when a woman lost control during a powerful orgasm.

With this in mind, women who ejaculated were pretty embarrassed by it, since they thought they were peeing on their partner. But researchers now think urine isn’t involved.

Studies suggest the fluid originates in the female prostate—a recently discovered gland behind the G-spot, along the front vaginal wall—and contains a chemical similar to the one found in semen.

Researchers say all women have the capacity to experience it after intense G-spot stimulation.

In fact, she may ejaculate fluid and not know it, since she’s already super-lubricated before climax. Whether she does or not, what’s important is knowing that it’s possible, so you don’t have to panic if you feel like she’s sprung a leak.

Finally How Blended Orgasms Can Lead To Multiple Orgasms.

If you really want to crank up the heat and keep your sex life more stoked than ever, you have to push the envelope just a bit more.

By kicking things up a notch with a multiple orgasm (clitoral, Gspot and anal at the same time), you keep her excitement levels higher than ever.

This erotic guide is just what you need to really impress your partner between the sheets.

I promise you she’s never had one done before and she’ll be more than happy to experience it with you. Here’s how to achieve utter bliss, like neither you nor her have ever tried and felt before.

Step 1. Prepare Her Body For Multiple Orgasms.

Massage her all over with her favorite lotion or scented oil and blindfold her. She’ll love the thrill of it.

Then touch her lips, breasts, belly and clitoris with your tongue, mixing it up so that the level of anticipation is higher than usual.

Mix fondling her erogenous hot spots with paying attention to apparently non-sexual body parts as well- her pinkie, her lower back, her forehead, etc.

Also, use your tongue and fingers in tandem. The oil makes it more difficult for her to guess your touch and creates unique sensations, which will only increase her arousal and orgasm capabilities.

Turning her on to something unexpected boosts adrenaline.

The element of surprise also causes a rapid heart rate and faster breathing, which intensify the pleasure of sex.

For more intensity, do this in the bath. The hot water will keep her pulse racing and you also get to chance to get her really cleaned… down there, so that there’s nothing holding you back when it comes to anal pleasuring with your fingers and tongue.

Also, when you’re carefully washing and soaping her anus, she’ll get the point that you’ve got something bigger in store for her.

You don’t want to take her by surprise and risk her not wanting it. When it comes to anal sex, it’s important that she agrees to it beforehand. It’s only fair.

Step 2. Check If She's Ready To Experience Multiple Orgasms.

Heavy breathing? Check. Swollen clitoris? Check. Wet vagina? Check. Reddened labia?

Oh-so-very check! You’ve got the green light to move to her anus.

Start by gently circling around the area with one finger, without actually touching the magic button just yet, just teasing her so that her arousal comes full circle.

Keep one bottle of lube at hand, she doesn’t naturally lubricate down there and you’ve got to pave the way of entrance with something slippery and wet.

Also, make sure your nails are perfectly trimmed and cleaned, you want to give her the biggest orgasm of her life, not the nastiest rash or infection. 

Once she’s moaning, move on to some tongue action, this time you can also insert the tip, to test the territory.

While you’re doing this, don’t forget about the clitoris and the G-spot, so have one finger on her rounded button of bliss and one tapping feverishly inside the upper wall of her vagina.

Step 3. Finally End it in Style.

Triple style! Her breathing is heavier than that of a race horse? It’s time you put her out of her misery and serve her the much awaited triple orgasm.

You’ve got several possibilities: you can either insert your penis inside her vagina, and with one hand you stimulate her clitoris and with the other you dig deep inside her anus; you can penetrate her anally and use your fingers in the other two hot spots, or you can tickle her clitoris with the tip of your penis and finger her inside the vagina and the anus. It’s up to you.

Of course, there’s always the possibility of trying all three options in one heavy-hot session of multiple-orgasming. If you’re eager to go all the way, pay attention to protection.

Don’t use the same condom in all three spots, unless you leave anal penetration last.

Otherwise, the danger of infection is present. Also, don’t even consider not using protection at all. Especially when it comes to anal sex.

STDs are never a good way to finish an otherwise more than perfect sexual encounter.

Her screams are making your neighbors jealous? That’s good, you’ve done your job well.

Be careful though, she’ll want this treatment every night from now on. Not that you’d have any reasons to complain. She’ll be so happy she’ll want you from dawn to dusk. You’re welcome.

I will stop here. I hope you loved reading this step-by-step guide on blended orgasms and multiple orgasms. If you truly enjoyed reading do not forget to sign up for hot articles and offers.

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