May 5, 2022

Try This Simple QUIZ to Boost a Woman’s Libido And Mix It Up With Yours

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try this simple quiz to boost a woman's libido

Women’s bodies are hardwired to have more than one feel good explosion and ultimate pleasure. But for that to happen first you need to learn how to boost a woman's libido (not with pills or supplements but naturally). 

As I said it’s important to get this one thing straight. To truly bring a woman on the peak (or on multiple peaks, it’s doable!), the matter of her libido is extremely important.

If it’s on a separate lane than yours, then Houston, we kind of have a problem. But how can libidos be different, you might wonder?

That’s because “they’re as varied as our personalities are,” says Sandra Pertot, author of When Your Sex Drives Don’t Match.

A woman’s personality can extend beyond her tastes in clothes, perfumes or the foods she likes to eat, and over to the mattress.

That’s right, she also has her own sexual style. ‘While her erotic moods can change and fluctuate from day to day, partner to partner, her sexual preferences and behaviors tend to stay relatively constant,’ says Yvonne K. Fulbright, author of Sex With Your Ex and 69 Other Things You Should Never Do Again.

By knowing how she behaves in the sack, you’ll know exactly what needs to be done to arouse her fully. If she’s truly wet and ready to go, multiple orgasms will come as naturally as your sperm when it’s overtly stimulated.

To help you mesh with your partner, I’ve designed a little quiz so that you figure out your woman’s libido and understand what you have to do to boost her libido naturally and be on the same page. 

Knowing where you intersect will prevent sexual ruts (if you share similar tastes) and get you in harmony (no matter how different your drives are).

Have her answer these questions (or answer them yourselves, if you know her really well, they’re basic personality-trait oriented), uncover her passion persona, then follow my frisky advice for maxing it out in the bedroom and unleash an orgasmic wave inside her.


Quiz - Discover The Best Ways To Boost a Woman's Libido By Finding Out What Food She Craves The Most.

1. The food she craves most is:

a. Chocolate, to satisfy your sweet tooth.
b. Pretzels, to feed her salt addiction.
c. Sour gummies, for their tart taste.
d. Chips and salsa, for that spicy kick.

2. To feel sexy, she slips into:

a. A flirty, lightweight dress.
b. A black top with skinny jeans and knee-high stiletto boots.
c. Leggings with an oversize cardigan, unbuttoned low and belted.
d. A brightly hued or animal-print dress with skyscraper heels.

3. Her signature scent can be described as:

a. Floral.
b. Clean.
c. Musky.
d. Exotic

4. When getting it on with you, she prefers to be:

a. Face-to-face, so you can really connect.
b. On top, where she can control the action and make sure you’re satisfied.
c. Under, over, hanging off the bed- it doesn’t matter, as long as you mix it up.
d. Anywhere but the bedroom.

5. When mingling at a party, she’s the girl who’s always:

a. Chatting one-on-one with someone that she already knows.
b. Dominating a conversation, preferably with a small group around her.
c. Flitting between groups, cracking jokes.
d. Seeking out the guests who seem like they’re the most interesting.

6. Her dream vacation would be:

a. Renting a villa in Tuscany, seeing the vineyards, indulging
in lots of wine and pasta, and learning some Italian.
b. Shopping in Paris, hitting high-end stores, and eating at the best bistros.

c. Skiing (in fluffy powder, of course) in the Alps, and ending the day with apres-ski cocktails, trailside.
d. Exploring the enclaves, beaches, and bustling markets of Thailand.

If she answered mostly A, her sex style is… Romantic.

Here is a simple way to and effective idea to boost her libido If her answer is A.

Feminine and flirty, she responds best to sweet words and sensual touch. 

Wham-bam action just won’t do it for her- she needs an emotional connection with a caring partner, one that takes notice and knows exactly what she needs in order to get off. 

To get her into an intimate mood, create a warm, inviting bed preferable with silk sheets that will caress her skin in pleasurable ways. Turn on some sultry tunes, and keep the lights dim so she can see your face and you can see hers. 

As she comes out of the shower, offer to rub lotion on her naked body. Take your time doing it and pretend you’re not aroused; you just want to touch and spoil her amazing skin.

After you’re finished, have her lie on the bed, and get on top of her. Nibble and kiss her ear and neck. At the same time, gently run your fingertips up and down her chest. 

She’ll be blown away by the tingly sensations she’s getting simultaneously, both above and below.

As far as her go-to position is concerned, although she’s a romantic, it doesn’t mean you have to stick to the missionary sex position

Yes, she likes it because it provides closeness, but it can get kind of tame even for her.

To switch it up, bring one of her legs over your shoulder and twist the rest of her body so it’s at a 45-degree angle to yours, which allows deeper thrusting, and creates a different sensation for you both and at the same time it enhances her libido.


If she answered mostly B, her sex style is… TAKE CHARGE.

She’s a dynamic woman who loves controlling the action and gets off on watching you squirm with pleasure.

She also usually shows you how she desires to be touched. If you want to truly get her going, all you have to do is take a step back and let her channel her inner dominatrix on you.

If she wants to tie you up with a silk scarf, let her do it. If she wants to keep the room pitch-black to keep you in a state of nervous anticipation and sexy high alert, agree to it. Just stand in front of her and tell her you’re hers for the taking.

This simple move will certainly boost her libido and sex drive.

She’ll enjoy teasing you all over and playing with all kinds of moves and positions. There’s really little advice to give any further. All you have to do is stand back and let her strong sexual persona have her say. 

Not that you could ever complain about that. You know very well how lucky you are. I mean, she’s practically doing all the work. And given the fact that her main purpose is really turning you on, you rip a whole lot of benefits.

If she answered mostly C, her sex style is… PLAYFUL. Here's what you can try to boost her libido in that case.

She knows that sex is supposed to be a good time, so she likes to keep things light and frisky. She’ll try different positions or play a silly sex game, all in the name of fun.

To get her going, put on a playlist of songs you probably hooked up to in high school and light a cinnamon or vanilla candle- the sweet cookie scents will fire up her libido.

Given the fact that she’s a playful girl, you’d better do more than just stick to the actual sexual encounter.

Send text messages during the day, each with a different detail about the things she’s wearing and how you’re planning to get her out of them. In the final text, tell her to meet you at home.

When she gets there, put notes around the house where you mention the items of clothing she should drop, so that when she finally enters the bedroom, she’s completely naked. She’ll be more than happy to play out your sexy fantasy.

This kind of playful erotic tension will boost her libido and set the frisky tone she’s after.

To get her really riled up mess with her by lightly spanking her, spraying her with water, straddling her on the couch, even tickling her. The light-hearted conflict has an aphrodisiac effect on her.

If she answered mostly Ds, her sex style is… ADVENTUROUS. In that case try this to boost her libido.

She’s always coming up with creative ways to push your bedroom boundaries, by experimenting with new sex positions, new toys, and new venues.

Embrace her bold personality by asking her to play the “who’s got the naughtiest sex fantasy” game- when it comes to displaying yours, there’s only one rule: the more daring, the better.

As for setting the mood, choose rhythmic music, she doesn’t need the lyrics to distract her.

To maintain the passion going between the two of you, tell her to make a list of local places where she’d love to have sex, whether it’s her office or the baseball dug-out. Then, on a random night, tell her you’re going to one of her sexy spots.

Build the anticipation by taking the long route. When it comes to choosing a sex position, go for a standing one.

Press her against a wall, lift her leg up onto your hip, then thrust. Erotic adventurers are willing to go where few women dare, so be prepared to reward her with the same liberated attitude.

Don’t deny her anything mattress-related and she’ll orgasm like never before.

Well, boosting a woman's libido is not an over night job it's take time, effort and most importantly love and patience.

If you believe your sex life is in a rut you can try this quiz to boost your woman's libido and see how it will transform your sex life.

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