May 5, 2022

7 Tempting Ways To Master The Art of Flirting With a Man

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How to Master the Art of Flirting With a Man and Keeping Things Interesting

You may not think of yourself as the flirting type. You probably think of flirting as a bad thing, but in the context of a healthy relationship it’s not.

In fact mastering the subtle art of flirting makes a woman irresistibly attractive to a man.

When it comes to a healthy long term relationship where the man is ready and willing to commit, flirting is actually a necessity.

Flirting is not something reserved for a first interaction at a bar. It’s not a bad thing or set aside just for somebody who is trying to wreck a relationship.

Sure flirting has received a bad connotation through the years as it sometimes doesn’t come from a good source.

The truth is though that flirting can be a wonderful thing in your relationship!

The only thing is you need to know EXACTLY how to flirt with a guy to keep things interesting and smooth.

So, if you are ready to master the art of flirting with a man then join me. Believe me you won’t REGRET.

#1. What Exactly is Flirting?

Flirting means that you are both passionate about each other.

Flirting means that you are both interested in each other, find each other attractive, and you want to keep things interesting.

Chances are if you are being really honest with yourself, you probably stopped the flirtatious behavior with him when you started dating or became more serious.

We are so worried about the negative aspect of flirting that we don’t stop to think that it can actually be great for keeping the relationship going strong.

This is another aspect of intimacy and a way of emotionally connecting with your man in a fresh new way.

Flirting is actually fun to do, particularly when it’s with the one you love.

So how do you master the fine art of flirting, particularly if you have been away from it for a while?

Why is flirting so very important to a relationship and the ability to keep it fresh and new?

How do you incorporate flirting into your relationship without it feeling forced or strange?

Just the fact that you are open to flirting with your man, then it’s time to have fun with it and make it an important part of your relationship.

Flirting means that you are having fun together and that you value the physical, emotional, and mental connection that the two of you can share.

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#2. Avoid the Relationship Rut and Have Great Fun Together 

Here’s what flirting does for your relationship—it keeps things fresh, new, exciting, and so enjoyable for both of you.

This is not something that you do just for him, but rather for yourself too. You get to enjoy each other in a whole new way that adds to the excitement factor.

Flirting can be as elaborate as meeting at a bar and pretending to be different characters to just touching each other’s leg in public or sharing a gaze across a room.

You don’t need to build this up into something that feels strange to you, but rather you can find your fun balance together.

Think about both of your personalities and what makes you feel attraction towards each other.

Maybe it’s just a matter of sending each other a fun and flirty text throughout the day and that’s enough.

It’s about embracing your flirtatious side and then letting it come out. He is definitely going to stand up and take notice and you are going to love how good it feels.

What flirty behavior does is tell the other person that you love them, you are passionate about them, and you want to be with them.

Just your behavior can communicate this above and beyond any words.

This keeps things interesting and is a fun twist on your intimacy that has very little to do with sex.

I have some female friends who I always think of when it comes to the flirtation equation as I like to call it.

They are the epitome of what flirting is all about and they make it work.

They make it a priority to flirt, to send each other fun little texts or emails, and to keep things fun and interesting.

They can’t keep their hands off of each other, not in an offensive way, but just in a way that lets you know that they are connected.

They have always been like this and to me, it feels like they are still new into their relationship.

They recognize that sharing a fun glance across a room, brushing up against each other in a crowded area, or just finding fun and innovative ways to flirt is what keeps them alive.

You have to always keep it interesting and they get that. They are the perfect example of what flirting should be, why it works, and why it’s so important.

I think of them often and use them as an example when telling mostly women why flirting is a necessity in a long term relationship.

#3. Be a Couple Others Talk About

Do you hear that and wonder how to become that couple?

Do you ever look at your current love life and wish that there was a bit more excitement?

This is not a sentiment for which you are alone, because most couples need a bit more excitement and pizzazz in their relationship.

It’s that sort of excitement and newness that capture what flirting is all about.

That feeling that the two of you once shared when things were new is what you need to get back to.

For me, I think of that couple that I know that bring to life how flirting can be fun and so very healthy in a relationship.

To you it could be working towards a vision of what you want to be or how you want to move forward in a fresh new way.

It truly doesn’t matter how long you have been together or what point you are at, because this is about enjoying an early fun new phase again.

What flirting does without any words even being exchanged is to tell the other person that you are into them and that they make you feel something.

This is truly a case where actions, or even a look, speak louder than words!

That’s why I always bring up the example of this couple because they bring flirting to life more than anyone else that I have ever seen.

Remember how fun and exciting it was when the two of you were first together?

Do you remember that new feeling and how you looked forward to seeing each other?

Remember when things were so amazing, before life and the years got in the way?

Well it’s time to get back to that and flirting is the vehicle that will take you there.

It may feel a little odd at first, but you are going to love what it does for your relationship.

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#4. A Little Flirting Can Go A Long Way

Here’s the thing about flirting, if it feels forced or unnatural then you’re not going to benefit from it.

Not only that, but this will not become a main fixture in your relationship.

You have to feel it and put it out there for him to enjoy.

You have to both find that common ground where flirting is fun and doesn’t add another layer of stress to the relationship.

So as you consider flirting and its importance, here are a couple of things to help you along.

Again don’t force this as it will show and it will certainly not be something that you enjoy whatsoever!

Do what feels natural to you, but do get a little outside of your comfort zone:

If you try to flirt or do anything that falls outside of your comfort zone, then the truth is that you won’t stick with it.

Do be sure that you stay within an area that you feel comfortable with. If it’s totally foreign to you to send a text that is off color, then maybe try something else at first.

Do try to do something that is a bit outside of your comfort zone that is push the limits a bit.

If you only stay in the area that you feel the most comfortable, then there’s not much fun in that, is there?

You have to find that fine balance between what you are willing to push yourself in and what you feel completely uncomfortable with.

It is completely different for everyone and so you may have to dig deep here.

Again flirting should never be a chore, so don’t make it that way! This is not just another thing to cross off the checklist.

You do have to stretch yourself a bit and try to think of what made the relationship so fresh and new at a certain point in time.

You do have to take him off guard and introduce a sort of new ambiance and fun flirtation into the relationship.

You do have to step outside of your comfort zone a bit, but at the end of it all you should never have to push yourself so much that you feel uncomfortable.

Find that healthy balance and embrace it!


#5. Don’t be afraid of rejection

He may be surprised but he is going to love this: I hear so many women say that they are nervous about this part of things.

For some reason women fear that if they try something new like flirting they are going to catch their man off guard in a negative way.

Trust me when I tell you that they will LOVE IT!

There is not one man out there that I can think of who would turn down your forwardness in this manner.

I don’t know of any man thinking that the flirting is too much or that they simply aren’t interested in that sort of thing.

It could actually be a warning sign if he turns down your flirtation, but that means that something deeper is going on behind the scenes, and that’s not the usual scenario.

Know this—if you put yourself out there and try a little good old fashioned flirting he is going to love it and eat it right up.

He is NOT going to reject you, as a matter of fact you are probably going to get his attention almost instantly.

He is going to be so seduced and turned on by this and more than likely see you in a new light.

I guess I get it, for women it’s that fear of the unknown.

You are going along and flirting has sort of gone away and now all of a sudden you want to reintroduce and you simply aren’t sure of his reaction.

Sure the fear of the unknown can be scary and so can putting yourself out there in this way.

Flirting with a man however is fun and he will eat this up and so you have nothing to fear whatsoever.

He probably wants to get back to that fresh and new phase too because it was fun for both of you—ultimately that’s how you fell in love in the first place!

A little flirtation can really help to breathe new life into any relationship, so try it out and see how positively he reacts and how much fun you both have with this.

No fear of rejection here because this is truly good stuff!

Sometimes you take the lead and sometimes you let him take the lead: Start with flirting as a sort of analogy for the sexual chemistry that the two of you share.

#6. Remember flirting is not about sex.

Even though flirting is not about sex, but the way in which you do it can really help to set the tone for some thrilling sex.

Do you feel like he is always initiating things?

Alternatively do you feel as though you are always the one that has to get things started?

Use flirting as a great first step to get things heading in a positive direction and see how great it can work for you.

Start by putting yourself out there to spice things up a bit and begin the flirting process.

The best part of this though is that you take turns and really have fun with this.

By nature one of you is bound to be more of a control freak than the other, but this is one area where there need not be any control freak at all.

If you can both take turns then you easily find that middle ground. This means that you can both have fun taking the other one off guard.

This also ensures that flirting doesn’t become like so many other things life where it’s a chore or where you know exactly what to expect.

It’s all about the surprise and the spontaneity that helps to make things fun.

Maybe you take the lead in this case, but then let his masculine side shine through and let him have a go at it.

You will become so natural at this that it will just happen without you even thinking about it, and that’s a beautiful thing!

It need not be anything elaborate, just a quick glance or touch can go a long way: This is not about planning out every move or making it into something huge.

The truth is that flirting can be an exchanged glance or rubbing against each other in a subtle way in public.

It can be a flirtatious trigger words or even a dirty note to each other left in the morning.

Flirting is so many different things and it’s fun to create your own magic.

So knowing that, don’t turn this into a chore!

#7. Take Flirting as a Fun

Have fun with flirting and know that it really doesn’t have to be anything dramatic or major at all. It can be the subtleties that the two of you exchange.

In essence you are sort of creating your own love language one exchange at a time.

Think of it that way and therefore don’t put so much into it that it stresses you out.

Know that you can really enjoy what flirting with a man is all about and you can do so a little bit at a time.

If you flirt a little bit at first then you’ve made progress over where you used to be. So build from there and don’t make it anything too huge.

A little bit at a time, a subtle touch of the hand in public, or even the way that you look at each other can really speak volumes to the one that you love.

These are little steps that will help you to master the art of flirting with a man.

This is beyond your sex life, and another way of showing passion for each other:

We will get to the sex life in some other post and the importance of this relative to a truly committed man and relationship.

For now though just recognize that flirting is another way of showing passion for each other.

Albeit a more subtle way of showing passion, but an important one at that.

Flirting is how you can show that you are hot for each other in public, most of the time without anybody even noticing.

Flirting is how you can subtly connect to each other without being considered inappropriate.

This is such a fun and innovative way of showing that you love each other.

I have seen it and passion can exist on a number of different levels, flirting being one of the most fundamental.

We all need to have fun and to connect to each other.

When you think of how important it is to make your man feel good about commitment, flirting is a great way to show it.

Make passion an important element again and use flirting as a way of getting there.

Embrace it and make it your own, and you will love the reaction you get!

I will stop here. If you loved this article on mastering the art of flirting with a man, you’ll also love my recommendation below.

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