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Why Men Pull Away After Getting Close (Serious Issues Revealed)

Do you know why men pull away after getting close? Anyways before that you need to know HOW attraction works if you want to figure out the correct answer to this question. And once again, I’m drawn

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My Boyfriend Still Talks to His Ex, What Should I Do?

Some guys try to do the right thing and move on, but they still have lingering feelings for their ex. It’s a situation that a lot of women find themselves in.  What would I do if my boyfriend still

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Why Men Lie in Relationship 13 Secrets Women Don’t Know

Why men lie and cheat in relationships? Still a mystery why do men lie, probably every women want to know the reason behind this brutal truth. I believe sex, Money and Emotions are three vulnerable traps

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how to deal with someone flirting with your husband

Proven Tips To Deal With Someone Flirting With Your Husband

As we all know, there is nothing worse than seeing someone flirting with your husband and not able to do anything about it. It can make you feel jealous, angry, and even panicked. While it’s

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Why Men Withdraw After Intimacy – 16 Easy Steps to Reverse It

How can you read his mind? Can you ever know what he is doing, let alone thinking? Is he lying? Men can be confusing… especially when it comes to relationships. Why men withdraw after intimacy in a

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how to stop obsessing over a guy

How To Stop Obsessing Over a Guy Made Easy in 16 Unique Ways

How To Stop Obsessing Over a Guy! one question that haunt every girl with a broken heart. ​It’s a fact in life the more you cling towards something or someone very special in life you lose them.

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How To Read His Mind And Find Out Exactly What He Is Thinking

Do you believe men are complicated? Do you find them to be confusing and frustrating at the same time? Do you ever wish that you had a secret window which could help you look inside a man’s mind

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Signs of a Controlling Boyfriend With Crucial Steps to Deal with Him

Signs of a Controlling Boyfriend You’ve tried every method… Yet he still ignores you… He still refuses to give you affection… These are signs of a controlling boyfriend. In other

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