May 5, 2022

Want To Learn How To Be Attractive To Men Read This Ultimate Guide

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Have you ever felt, dejected, hopeless and frustrated deep down, like you’re ‘lagging behind’ where you THOUGHT you’d be by now in terms of men and relationships all because you just don't understand the road to how to attract men in other words how to be attractive to men.

Do you try to be yourself with men, only to have them eventually lose interest?

Have you been in a situation where you feel your only real option is to follow ‘rules’ with men or to play hard to get even though you wish this wasn’t the case?

Do you want to learn how to be attractive to men?

Or probably you attracted the right man in the past, but failed to find out whether he was ‘the right man or not’ for YOU, and so you allowed him to go.

And now you find yourself in a situation where you're thinking will you’ll ever get one more opportunity to meet him again. As somewhere in your heart you believe maybe he was the ‘Mr Right’ for you?

To be honest there's no end to this list of questions. I can go on and on, I know. But I believe, most women if not ALL have certainly faced AT LEAST one of these heart-wrenching situations in their relationship with men. Correct me if I am wrong.

It’s not surprising that most of you feel ‘messed up’ when it comes to men and love. I have read through many forums and blogs where most women feel and believe that they can no longer trust their own gut instincts.

They feel they have been so scrambled up over time, from ‘mixed messages’, men who don’t know what they want, and GREAT relationships that inexplicably turned SOUR over time.

That's enough of criticism and stressful talk, now lets talk something positive like how to be attractive to men and what you can do to attract men, make him chase you and keep them forever in the confines of your heart.

#1. Don't Go Desperately Looking For Love

I want to guide your attention to something which you probably know, but never realized. Have you ever observed, when you’re actually LOOKING for love, it very rarely shows up.

On the other hand when you're busy focusing on YOURSELF and you just don't think about love. someone out there sees your happiness and notice how happy you are, and want a piece of that for themselves? Ironic, tell me isn't that feel good? Probably the best way to get someone's attention on you.

Even though this article is about how to be attractive to men, but most part of it will focus on enlightenment and realization.

I will tell you why, it's because most of the times you get so damn crazy in the process of attracting the right man that you tend to actually forget about your own identity, needs and wants.

I have observed that, when you rely on RULES and GAMES to get a man, what ends up happening is this: YOU get flat-out exhausted and you're actually in a relationship that is based on lie, even though it actually appears peaceful and happy on top.

Do you know why this happens because most women think they’re actually being ATTRACTIVE but what they don't realize is they're doing mistake after mistake that'll hurt them later if not now.

And this kind of relationships end soon and believe me you seriously deserve someone a lot better than this crappy men.

And because you're trying to attract men meaning you're actually going after "looking for love" which is actually the wrong way. Love and attraction has to happen naturally, it is not something that you need to chase.

#2. Be Confident And Believe You're The Best

When you believe you're pretty confident woman and you feel it's easy to flirt with men when you actually aren't interested in them, but you still give a shot because you don't see them as your ideal partner.

Have you ever noticed with those men your confidence level is sky high.

But the moment you see a man who genuinely catches your attention and triggers your emotional buttons, all that confidence and courage just blows off right out of the window and you find yourself getting tongue-tied and nervous, or acting strange and stilted.

This is where most women lose their confidence, where they feel less than on some level. They keep those guys on a pedestal, and accidentally SABOTAGING their own fortune.

To be honest it’s quite tough to build true quality, love and intimate relationships if all the time you’re anxious feeling as if he’s somehow superior’ to you.

It means you believe in your mind that he OUTRANKS you in all the departments when it comes to personality.

Now this is absolutely wrong, what I want to say is, “Take the men off the pedestal.” be confident and believe in your mind that you're at par with him if not more and it's a mandatory thing to do if you seriously want to learn how to be more attractive to men.

That doesn't mean that you need to be harsh, bitter or jaded-type women who believe that ‘women always come first’ or that ‘I’m owed a relationship’ or ‘who cares what anyone else thinks’.

Believe me that's not confidence, that's actually over confidence mixed with arrogance and this will not attract the right men in your life and even if you've got someone in your life he too will pull away and withdraw.

I hope you got my point here, remember you're not less than anyone and this belief will help you to take your relationship with men to the next level. "YES" it will take time, but definitely you can do it with little trail and error.

#3. You're Equally Important In a Relationship

I have seen many women, deep down somewhere in their heart, they believe that a relationship is what they REALLY NEED in order feel fulfilled and happy as a woman but what they fail to understand is it’s actually this negative mindset that’s stopping them from constructing happy and healthy relationships with the right men.

They give TOO MUCH importance to what men want and need, and this mindset REPELS the best ones.

They forget about their own existence who THEY are and what THEY want, they guide all their attention on what the guy in their life want and need from them.

In the process they lose command of their OWN life and interests, and also push their OWN friends and family on the brink of disaster.

This is totally unhealthy and unacceptable, believe me or not it will eventually paralyze any relationship you want to have with a man you like.

You have to think about your importance in a relationship, two people involved in a relationship are equally important and this equal treatment is what distinguish great relationships and an ordinary relationships.

Now, let's understand Three Core Principles that will help you to learn the secret behind how to be attractive to men emotionally, lovingly, sexually and in every aspect possible.

  • There's a difference between men and women.
  • Men are attracted to women not because they find them sexy or hot, they're attracted to them simply because they're women.
  • Great relationship don't just happen it has to be earned.

Now, before you continue reading further, I want to tell you something because The Three Core Principles that I'm talking about is something that you already know or might have heard of.

But what you don't know is the big gap between KNOWING SOMETHING, and actually APPLYING IT in real life.

In relationship both men and women make number of promises, but after some days all the promises are thrown out of the window.

But don't worry I will help you to learn, first, what you need to know to attract a men - and HOW to apply what you know into your own life and fulfill all the promises you made to him and eventually he too will fulfill all his commitment seeing your generosity and love for him.

Let's understand these Three Core Principles in brief below.

#4 The Difference Between Men And Women

You may wonder that we all know that men and women are different what's new in that?

But even though you know this reality, still many women behave differently around men why is this so?

It’s mostly because you're EXPECTING men to respond in a way, you would respond if you were him.

When you talk to men, most of you unknowingly try to impose your own traits and behavior into them. As I said above you want them to behave and talk in the way that you would behave, if you were in their place.

Naturally you'll get the response which is entirely different from your expectations. End result you get hurt, confused and annoyed.

To be honest you have to understand that men are not women. Even though you already know this truth, knowing itself is not enough, you have to apply it in real life by understanding what is to be expected from men.

I am telling this because it makes no sense to impose your feminine characteristics onto a man, even unwittingly and yet, I have seen many women speak to the men in their lives as if that man is, actually,a WOMAN like themselves.

And this happens mostly in all relationships which is to be avoided if you really want to learn how to attract men. You just cannot talk to him as if he’s a girlfriend or a sister.

Trust me his response will hurt you because you're expecting him to speak the way you think and you want him to..

Few examples are like...

  • If only he’d stop doing..
  • Maybe he don't love me, he's just too busy in his work..
  • I wish he could think the way I think..
  • If only he could understand my feelings and needs..

If you will read the above examples you will find one thing which is common "EXPECTATION"

You expect a lot, but don't ever analyze your feminine behavior which is actually the main matter of concern. To be honest I am not asking you to behave and talk like a men with your men, All I am asking is don't be kiddish, talk maturely to make him feel you're worth it.

But you do opposite, you get upset and start to worry. You feel like something’s wrong and end up CREATING doubts and arguments out of thin air.

I would also like to add that even if you happen to understand your man, some aspects of his behavior will always remain a mystery to you.

And that's absolutely fine, it's not at all necessary to understand men fully in order to attract them, OR to keep him interested in you forever.

#5 Men Are Attracted To Women, So Be Like a Women

Lots of women, if not all I have seen when they find a guy they really attracted to, begin to undergo a perplexing metamorphosis.

They begin to shrink their own personality and positive traits, they curtail their hobbies and interests and try to find new hobbies, the habits of their men which just don't make any sense to me.

In general they modify themselves in a version of the man they’re dating. They start taking an interest in things that HE’S interested in even when that particular interest does not fall in her category of interests. they start giving more importance to him than they give to their OWN friends, and their OWN lives. 

Doing this allows the men in your life take you for granted and give him the chance to use you as per his will and convenience.

And to be honest it's you women who gave them the chance to do this and believe me or not this is what kills new and old relationships. I will tell you how

The things that you do for him eventually become like a burden in the long run, even though you enjoy doing it initially just to attract him.

But later as the relationship unfolds and romance fades away you don't feel like pursuing his interests and hobbies anymore.

And the moment you stop pursuing his hobbies the relationship begins to crumble, because now he's use to it and wants to treat you like a doormat.

I know you do this in the attempt to make him like you more, it looks cheesy in the beginning, but it actually makes things EVEN MORE damaging and messed in the long run.

Your changed behavior makes him think that the woman that he was actually attracted to has disappeared into thin air, to be substituted with a strange version of himself and this is not at all good for the health of any relationship.

Suppressing your originality  to take up his originality is just not the kind of thing that a strong woman with backbone would do. Most men will sense that and try to use you as per their own will and conditions.

Don't let this happen to you be what you're, be good and nice, but never ever sacrifice your own identity or dignity just to attract a men.

#6 Be Cheerful And Smiling

No matter how difficult the situation is, always ensure to have a smile on your face. It will not only keep your confidence high, but also help your man to stay confident.

On the other it is believed that woman who smile a lot are 10 times more attractive to a man because it raises the DOPAMINE level in men as smile naturally creates the feel good factor by reducing stress.

Also, a smiling face makes you look approachable and presentable to the world or anyone you meet. So girls keep up with your smile as it can help you get your dream man.

#7 Hang Out With Your Girl friends

First reason, men really don't admire woman who are clingy, in other words no man prefer to be with woman who constantly keeps calling and follows him wherever he goes.

Second reason A study at the University of California proved that man or woman look tempting and appealing when they're seen in group, in contrast to when you look at them individually.

The study says that in group individual faces look more identical and pretty due to the combination of many average and pretty faces. Seriously you must have observed it too.

In five different experiments, the study showed where people rated the attraction of faces presented both alone and in a group with the same gender, and results proved that the individual received much higher attractiveness ratings while in a group.

So girls if you want to stay attractive to him, better hang out with your girl friends to look more pretty and awesome when he sees you.

#8 Shut Off Your Phone and Social Media For Sometime

In today's modern era every one wants to be on FACEBOOK, PINTEREST and INSTAGRAM. Every girl wants to click a bathroom selfie to get lots of likes and comments.

Girls there's no harm in that but constantly clicking pictures looking for comments and seeing others liking your pictures only satisfies your ego for 20 minutes. Have you ever taught how badly it influences your relationship and love life.

Imagine you're sitting with your dream man on a date and your phone's notification just don't end.

Tell me you're on date or busy chatting and seeing notifications on social media. Just stop doing this put yourself in men's shoe and imagine how would you feel if he does the same to you.

The problem is when a woman uploads a picture in a span of minutes she gets 100 likes and when a man does he hardly get 10 likes.

Girls please understand that those likes and comments won't come to your help in your tough times. It will always be your family and the man you love will come to your rescue. 

All I want to say is don't get obsessed with social media to an extent where it starts effecting your personal life and relationships negatively... I hope its clear.

#9 Look After Your Shape And Figure

Even though love is something that should happen naturally and good look and sexy figure should be secondary.

Still I believe being a man myself, if you want to know the secret behind how to be attractive to men especially in today's competitive age you must look after your shape, in other words your figure.

Remember men are visual by nature and in the first instant they're attracted to you by looking at your personality. Make yourself look so hot that "Even if a sexy waitress is passing by, he shouldn't lose his attention from you'.

Another important aspect of being in good shape is he should be aroused by thinking of you being naked.

A perfect body looks awesome without clothes, just think of you in front of the mirror without clothes. If it tantalizes you, imagine what it will do to him.

When it comes to sexy shape understand that men don’t want a bag of luggage full of bones, nor do they want a woman who looks like a football from every angle. They want a woman who can blow them off.

Can you be that women for him, because that's what most men adore in woman this days.

#10 Great Relationships Don't Just Happen, You Have To Earn it

Part of attracting a man to have a beautiful relationship also requires you to be a top-quality human being with all the good qualities that you expect in your man.

Note that relationships are not about ‘emotional transactions’. In fact, they are big opportunities for you to learn about yourself, learn about the man your're with, also learn about others and then CONNECT with them EMOTIONALLY.

But the truth is, most of us are more concerned in serving and protecting our own selfish needs and wants.

You want to have a top quality men and top quality relationship to be able to see and enjoy, but you never try to find and discover that top quality in yourselves which is sheer selfishness.

I beg your pardon, I am not trying to judge you and not all men and women are selfish and also not all are kind too. I am talking in general about relationship, dating and attraction. Why and how this three things influence our lives, when they are mixed in the right or wrong proportions with trust, integrity and love. I will explain it more in detail below.

Whether it's men or women all want to build attraction, want to go on dates and all want to have awesome relationships.

But my point is what about the other three factors trust, integrity and love. These three things are hard to develop, it takes months to build trust, years to keep your integrity intact and lifetime to love someone.

I hope now I am little clear to you and if not do not worry when you'll find true love, you'll learn automatically that's the power of love.

Great relationships are not about winning or losing. It’s not about ‘failing too. It’s about learning and GROWING with the relationship, at the same time staying attractive to the man you're with.

Finally, every encounter you have with a man will teach you something about how to better yourself for the next encounter.

That’s how you learn: from your mistakes, Being a woman you must always try to be attractive to your man and keep your relationship as hot and sizzling as possible.

But....But... keeping your own dignity and integrity alive, trust me if you can do this, the man you're with will respect and love you by will and you will never ever have to figure out how to attract men.

If you're read till here this means you're really serious about attracting the right men into your life, If you can trust me I would love to recommend you something that has changed and helped women all over the world. If you're serious you can Watch This Free Video Here or scroll down below to read more.

I hope you found this post useful, please share your thoughts below and also do not forget to share it with your other women friends too. See you some other day with a new and interesting article like this one. Do keep coming back, I love and admire your presence.

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