May 6, 2022

What Do Guys Like in Bed Secret Sex Moves He Cannot Resist

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What Do Guys Like in Bed every woman wants to know. In fact I received a lot of questions from women like you about how to keep the spice of sex alive in their relationships.

Some times I even receive questions that goes one step further: What sex moves I should try to entice my man when sex is just not possible.

Some women if not all just don't know what men like in bed. Probably due to the initial honeymoon phase fading away and there man starts to lose interest.

Probably there man are bored doing the same act of sex again and again?

The message that I want to convey here is that it's very easy to have awesome sex life when everything is new.

But after some days the DOPAMINE level in both men and women drops down, as your body and mind gets used to the same stuff again and again.

If you're a woman before you understand what men really want in bed you need to understand something else too which is very significant and can't be ignored.

There will be times in your sex life when sex isn’t possible. For some reason your sex life with your man turns stale. But don't worry I will tell you what men want in bed.

What are those sex moves that drive them wild in your arms.

Trust me being a women if you truly understand your man's secret obsessions and secret sexual fantasies, then you really hold the key to your man's heart.

And if you don't know what those sex moves and mental games are that men find irresistible in bed.

Don't worry I will tell you just read this blog post and by the end of this article you'll hold the power to fascinate, tantalize and please your man in bed and satisfy all his sex cravings.

#1. If You Want To Know What Do Guys Like in Bed, First Understand That Sex is More Than Penis in Vagina

A lot of women misunderstand the definition of sex, they use the term to mean intercourse.

As women, you forget to realize that sex is more than just “doing it.”Making out is sex. Foreplay is sex. Oral is sex. Masturbation is sex.

It’s awesome that a little three-letter word can mean so many amazing things.

And for women, so much of what constitutes sex is happening between your ears. . . at least as much as between your legs.

To be honest you need to first find out what turns him on and what turns you on.

In other words when you're truly aware of the things that turn you and him on, sex becomes awesome automatically.

When you become attentive to all the things you find sexy, every little bit of your life can become a sensual adventure despite whether or not you are “doing it.”

You are taking control of your sexuality, and that is a beautiful (and highly attractive) thing.

This awareness expands your thinking beyond just intercourse, because sex is not only about intercourse.

But most women think of it that way, because being a woman you're not able to find out what do guys like in bed, what turns them on and what makes a  man hard down there.

Believe me knowing his secret fantasies will satisfy his sexual hunger right on you where it actually belongs. In other words you both will never ever think of sex as only intercourse.

#2. Get Into His Mind And Have That Mental Edge To Find Out What He Secretly Wants In Bed

Note that men don’t read a steamy romance novel and get turned on. Their brains (and their sex drive) are just wired uniquely than you woman.

Men can be seduced emotionally and mentally, however. It’s just in a unique way than how you or I would be seduced.

In fact, most of the techniques I teach throughout this article use some form of mental seduction to make him cum fast and hard.

What I want you to understand is that focus on having mental edge to avoid any concerns that “no intercourse = no sex life,” turning the obstacle into something fun, making a game of it For both of you.

In this article, you will learn a variety of tricks and techniques that will allow your sex life to stay sizzling with mental techniques whether you have intercourse with your man or not.

In other words having the mental edge over your man will not only help you to understand what he craves in bed.

But in his eyes you will continue to shine as a sexual super which is an awesome feeling in itself......isn't it?

#3. Create Space To Plant The Sexual Desire in His Mind

You must be wondering that this article is about what do guys like in bed, but I am yet to write anything about those sex moves that will drive your man wild....Right?

To be honest you must have read lots of articles on what men secretly want in bed or what men like in bed. But this article is all about winning the mental game.

Trust me girls sex moves and techniques have their own limitations. In other words even if you happen to discover a amazing sex move to tantalize your men in bed.

He will only find it awesome for a limited time and your sex life will turn stale again which actually makes no sense in my opinion.....

But if you can understand his sexual desires on mental level. It will eventually benefit both of you........

I hope you're getting my point and it's making sense to you and even if it's not it will start making in a while just continue reading.

This step is highly important if you want to understand the secret behind what men really want in bed.

If you’ve been sleeping with your man whenever he wanted, stop it and pull back a little.

No doubt sex is important in relationship but it is not something that should be taken for granted.

Once you start taking sex for granted the desire to enjoy it dies, because you know in your mind, you can it anytime you wish which kills the desire.

Say for Instance: at the end of a date that end in sex which is obvious to happen. But if you want to keep the spark alive in your sex life.

Get close to him, kiss him passionately, then pull back and bite your lip.

Look him in the eye and say something like, “Your kisses drive me crazy, but tomorrow I have an important meeting coming up So it’s time to say goodnight,” and send him on his way

After you reach home, send him a sexy text saying, “Enjoy those sexy dreams you’ll be having of me tonight.

This step works amazingly well as there's something intoxicating about a confident woman who knows how to irresistible and attractive to her man.

The point is even if you aren’t entirely sure of him having a sexy dream about you, telling him that helps to plants that seeds of desire in his mind.

Don't take it otherwise, I am not asking you to stop sleeping with him altogether,

It’s just that you need to intentionally hold back sometimes to stop him taking sex for granted.

#4. It's Time To Make Him Feel Amazing in Bed But in a Unique Way

To be honest making your man feel amazing in bed physically is a huge focus of this article of course.

But as I said above not by trying hot sex moves, but in an entirely unique way......It's by the way of appreciation.

Also, what you need to realize being a woman is that a man only respect, love and value the woman who makes him work a little bit to have her physically and even emotionally.

And the good part is any man is ready to put in work for the woman who makes him feel like an amazing man.....The only concern is do you know how to make him feel amazing? If NOT Don't worry I will tell you.

Most women fail in this trick. Either they play too hard to become that ice queen for him, or they shower him with so much love and attention that in the process they make themselves clingy, boring and unappealing by staying entirely too available on their man's call.

To avoid this apply STEP 3 Above Create the space to build the sexual desires and make him chase you.

You want to let him know that you respect and appreciate him. You do this by giving him true appreciation and genuine compliments which will naturally make him feel amazing and incredible.

Look for natural opportunities to pay him a compliment.

For example, if you're fascinated by his passion for his career and life goals, next time when he speaks about work, tell him, “I really appreciate how much you admire your work. It’s very attractive.

PRO-TIP - Whenever you're in mood and you're planning for a hot and steamy sex. Send him unexpected appreciative love texts to build up the environment.

You can remind him of your previous dates, sex or something he did for you that you really admired....SAY FOR INSTANCE you can send him these texts.

  • “Thank you for taking me to watch the football match. My favorite part was you cheering for that crazy triple play!”
  • “The moment I think of that sexy night, I get a mouth-watering tingle through my whole body.”
  • “You totally amazed me that night. I truly enjoy having sex with you! ;)”
  • “I swear my legs are still quivering from that astonishing orgasm you gave me on that cold chilly night"

To be honest it feels amazing to be appreciated.

As humans, we naturally want to be appreciated and stay close to the people who appreciate and love us and make us feel special in every possible way and that's what you need to do and that's what guys really want in bed too.

By using these steps in concert with each other, you are proving him that you are worth chasing and that a relationship with you makes him feel great, both sexually and otherwise.

Now that you have understood the mental game by picturing exactly what you want him to do now let's move on with very few but amazing sex moves that your man will enjoy in bed..............I can bet on that.

#5. The Mirror Sex Move Will Make Him Crave in Bed

Men are very visual naturally by instincts and characteristics and when it comes to sex they are highly stimulated and visual more intensely.

If you truly want to know what do guys like in bed than use my FOUR METHODS of visual stimulation and see the results for yourself......Trust me your man will go insane.

1. The First Method is the Blow Job Technique

Whenever you plan to give him a tantalizing blow job next time, I want you to place a mirror in his line of vision and if you've a full-length mirror than it's too perfect.

When you are going to give him head, Place yourself in a position where he's able to see your backside in the mirror.

In other words he's directly facing the mirror. A great position would be him facing the mirror sitting on the bed with you on your knees on the floor between his legs is just fantastic.

In this position he will be able to look down and see you giving him blow job, and at the same time he also has the liberty to watch your sexy ass which adds to the situation by making it more visually seducing.

To add more icing on the cake you can wear cute panties, sexy lingerie or stay naked.

2. The Slow And Sexy Tease

While you're giving him the awesome blow job, now it's time to switch to another sex move.

Tell him he is in for a amazing treat and get him into position in front of the mirror.

Remember his ROCK HARD DICK is your final destination, but to you've to take a slow and teasing way to get there.

Start by kissing his neck. Run your fingers and lip slowly and teasingly down his chest. Pinch his nipples gently with your fingers or teeth.

If he's wearing his boxers on, walk your hands or even your lip on his covered penis. Massage it gently.

Believe me or not but these are little things what men like in bed and they make lot of difference to your sex life.

Now guide your focus toward his groin, hips and thighs. slightly brush and stroke him.

Run your lip or tongue in those areas by trying to write your favorite alphabet. You can even touch, massage, play and lick his inner thighs if you want.

Continue this for around 10 to 15 minutes. nibble your fingers and lip over his penis but then quickly move away to the other parts.

This act will make him beg to put your mouth on his ROCK HARD DICK.

3. Now It's Time To Play With His Ears And Eyes

Now it's time to stop doing everything and initiate eye contact with him in bed. Smile and lick your lips. If you want, remove his boxer's or to see him naked in front of you.

Hold his Dick tightly (not very tight) and ask him, “Do you want me to suck your dick now?” with a naughty smile.....Trust me girls that what men secretly want in bed.

It’s just too awesome for him to resist, he will admire listening this words from your mouth.

As you take his ROCK HARD DICK into your mouth, make straight eye contact with him.

Take it out and slide your mouth alongside his entire length like it’s a cob of corn.

Gently churn your lip or tongue around the tip and slide it back down the other side. In between continue making the eye contact with him.

Remember intimate eye contact during sex is a big turn on for both men and women.

Now take his HARD DICK again into your mouth and continue to give him amazing blow job.

Don't forget to moan and make “mmmmm” sounds as you continue with the blow job. These sexy moans and sexy noises is what men like in bed during sex.

You can even praise his ROCK HARD DICK by saying some nice lines to intensify the whole scenario and make him feel more manly.

You could any lines that come to your mind or you can use these lines here.

“I love pleasing you blow job this way"

“I love sucking your dick.”

“Your DICK is just awesome.”

“How good is your man muscle (Dick).”

“Do you enjoy the way I suck your dick?”

As I said these are little things what men really want in bed during sex, if you can give them every once in a while than I believe nothing in this world can stop you guys from having the best sex life ever.

4. Now It's Time For The Final Finish

This is the last step of pleasing your men sexually in bed and I must say that very few women do this last step completely.

In fact, there's a BIG PROBABILITY your man has never felt it before. It’s like the cherry on top of the whipped cream on top of the yummiest sundae he’s ever had.

When he orgasms, better swallow every last dime of it. To most men, seeing a woman swallow his cum is the most fascinating and sizzling thing possible.

It can be a mind over matter scenario to not gag though. Just gulp it down as quickly as possible.

However, there are some men who love to ejaculate on their woman’s face, hair, or breasts or any other part of her body. If he's willing to do that, better allow him.

Well, you may feel undignified to swallow his cum or take his cum on your body. However, to him, it's dignifying.

So better understand that it;s just another thing what guys want in bed. But if you're really, really and really not comfortable with this last finishing step.....You may avoid it.

Last but not the least I must say that we all love being seduced and romanced sexually in bed.

Also, I must add a large chunk of this article is written on what do guys like in bed. In other words it's only focused on getting your man's sexual needs satisfied.

But believe me or not this awesome sex moves when combined with mental tricks can give you instant results with man.

I will stop here if you're really serious about having awesome sex life in your relationship with your man........I request you to Watch This FREE Video Here to unravel the secret techniques and psychological triggers you can use to seduce your man and keep him wanting more. . .

If you really enjoyed reading this article do not forget to share this with other women on your favorite social media.........See you some other day in a new article till than have my best wishes, stay happy and stay blessed.

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  1. Great article!!! Been married 24 years and now empty nesters. Want ideas & suggestions on how to spice up our love life and blow my amazing man’s mind!!! I’m a new fan and excited to read more of your suggestions! Jana

  2. I enjoy reading your articles and getting some tips, but I have a little problem. I’m in my 70s and there are some things I can’t do that I use to do. I’m talking about different moves and positions. What advice do you have for someone like me?
    You help is greatly appreciated.

    1. Well in your 70’s it’s really difficult to make love in different positions unless you are an athlete having a very maintained body. To be honest you should spend more time on cuddling and building emotional intimacy with your partner that’s what I would recommend.

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