May 6, 2022

How To Make Love To Your Husband – 7 Sizzling Secrets Finally Unlocked

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How to Make Love To Your Husband and make him want you sexually

One question most women (if not all) have asked in magazines, books and forums over the years is “How can I drive him wild in bed?”, or "How to make love to my husband" or "how to attract man sexually?"

The answer to this question is very simple: Have orgasms (your orgasms).

Learn how to give a really good blow job

Know his body, find and explore his sensual zones, and play with them tactfully.

It sounds easy to say, but seems quite difficult to perform in reality... isn't it?

But do not worry, whatever your present situation is when it to comes to pleasing your man sexually in bed.

Everything will change today as today you're going to explore the whole new world of sexual adventure in this detailed and step-by-step article.

You'll learn exactly what guys like in bed, you'll learn how to tap into the erogenous of your man and the foreplay secret that will make him want you badly sexually and emotionally both for the rest of your life.

So, ladies, if you're really serious to learn how to make love to your husband, let's get right in.

#1. The Lingerie Show

Men are visual by nature so its important to hack their minds and make them visualize and feel you from top to bottom.

And one of the best kinky sex moves that you can try to attract him sexually and force him to visualize is by wearing a sexy lingerie, the one he admires.

Or you can also a buy new set to surprise him in the bed.

Hand him the camera and ask him to some sexy photographs while you cat walk the bedroom in lingerie and heels this will raise his DOPAMINE level and push him to get closer to you.

Please notice that it doesn't necessarily has to be lingerie.

It could be a sexy t-shirt, a cleavage that he likes, a mini skirt, even tight jeans or yoga pants!

Something that enhances your best features and he won't be able to look away.

#2. Foreplay Mixed With Sensual Kissing is The Key To Turn On Your Husband

Sex play is not just about getting to the end of the line and cutting straight to the chase.

It’s a virtuous pursuit in and of itself. 

In fact, sometimes the anticipation of chasing and teasing are part of what makes it all so sexy. Enjoy the whole ride, from the very first spark.

And this act of seducing, in other words, is termed as foreplay.

Before you get to sex, or even kissing, you need to know how to flirt and tease.

If you have ever watched a skilled flirt work a room, you know that she possesses the following traits:

1. She is not necessarily the most beautiful woman, or the youngest, but she is self-confident.

2. Uses eye contact and touch effectively.

3. Is charming to men and makes him feel like she has eyes only for him at the moment.

4. Exudes sexuality.

Foreplay starts with the KISS

Science tells us that the kiss is where the real sexual chemistry is tested first, exchanging biological signals with our saliva.

The sensitive nerve endings on the lips, on the tongue, and elsewhere inside the mouth react quickly to delicate erotic stimulation by the tip of another tongue.

If you truly want to arouse your man sexually, French kiss is way to go.

It's the most delicate interplay of the tips of your tongues.

How to French Kiss Your Husband

Use the tip of your tongue to play with your husbands lips and tongue and the inside of his mouth.

Lead with the tip. Pull back. Circle your lover’s tongue with the tip of yours. Pull back.

Repeat, repeat, repeat.

When you are both very aroused, thrust the tip of your tongue in and out in a rhythmic, stabbing movement.

Your lips are passionately locked, but your tongues are not wrestling for control of the shared oral space.

Only tease one another with the tips of those fast-moving tongues.

As you’re kissing, don’t let your hands be idle.

Run your hands up and down one another’s bodies.

Let your caressing and stroking heat up as the kisses do.

This is a simple kick ass kissing foreplay if done correctly can really turn him on .

#3. Touch—But Not on The Genitals

Avoid the genitals during the foreplay session, touch any other part of your husbands body.

Run your fingertips lightly up and down his inner thighs.

Stand behind him, put your arms around his waist, and massage his chest as he shaves.

Rub one another’s back or shoulders as if you are cooking together.

Hold hands the way you did when you were first together, and rub the back of his hand with your thumb or make circles inside his palm.

Believe me this little things will bring new excitement and help you both to spice up your sex life.​

#4. Rub His Penis

Rub your breasts against his body.

Take his erection between your breasts and simulate intercourse and the moment you feel he is about to cum just remove it.

I know this sounds little harsh stopping a man and wanting him to cool down from the brink of orgasm.

Do not do it everytime, but sometimes is important because it will give you control of the situation.

#5. The Mind Blowing Oral Sex - His Secret Sexual Fantasy.

Kiss and lick his inner thighs while pulling down ever so slightly on his scrotum.

With your finger pads, scratch his testicles.

Put his balls carefully in your mouth one at a time

Roll them around. Then, ever so gently,pull them down with your mouth.

While you’re attending to his balls, run your fingers lovingly up and down the shaft of his penis.

Get into a comfortable position, either kneeling at his side on the bed, at a right angle to his body, or kneeling between his legs.

If none of those is comfortable, bring him down to the edge of the bed and kneel on the floor.

Wet your lips and be sure that your lips cover your teeth.

Run your tongue around the head of his penis to moisten it.

Hold the base of his penis firmly in one hand.

With the other hand, you can form a circle with your thumb and forefinger—what sex expert Lou Paget calls “the ring and the seal” to elongate your mouth and prevent him from going in further than you would like.

Maintain a twisting motion with that hand as you fell ate him.

Or, if his erection is not firm, use both hands (wrapped around the shaft) in an upward twist stroke.

Circle the head with your tongue in a swirling motion, then work your tongue in long strokes up and down his shaft.

Now back to the head.

Follow the ridge of the corona with your tongue while working the shaft with your hands, the penis sandwiched between them—unless, of course, you want to keep that ring and seal in place.

Make eye contact with him from time to time.

Best Oral Sex Techique for a Great Blowjob

Do this showy move for at least ten to twenty seconds:

Repeatedly pull his penis into your mouth, then push it out, using suction—while keeping that tongue in motion.

Go back to the head. Swirl your tongue around it. Tongue the corona. Suck the head. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

Follow his lead if he pulls back from stimulation. He knows that he will reach orgasm sooner than he would like if you don’t stop.

Take his hand and put it against your vagina. Let him stimulate you until his excitement subsides a bit.

Apply gentle pressure with your thumb or finger to his perineum if you want him to come.

Don’t feel badly that you can’t deep throat his penis without gagging.

He won’t notice or care if you don’t take the entire shaft into your mouth. And if you want to give him something really special, fellate him to orgasm.

If you can do this comfortably, when he’s near ejaculation, take his pelvis in both hands and rock him toward you so that he goes deeper into your mouth.

If you want to, let him come on your face or breasts (or swallow).

Source - The Sex Bible For Women

#6. The Women On Top Sex Position

This is one of the most amazing position for female orgasm, because you have the power and freedom to stroke your clitoris during intercourse while controlling the angle and depth of penetration and the speed of thrusting.

Men like it because of the visual stimulation, and the fact that it allows them to lie on their backs and let you do most of the work. 

This position is ideal if he is much larger than you.

Squat or sit astride him as he lies on his back.

Bend your knees, one on either side of his body.

Lean forward or backward, using your hands for support, or sit upright, keeping both hands free.

The forward movement generally gives you better clitoral stimulation while the backward movement gives you G-spot stimulation​.

Pro Tip: Male intimate eye contact while making love in this hot sex position.

#7. How to Make Love to Your Husband with the Power of Dirty Talking

irty talking is the need of the hour in the modern day world.

Talking dirty adds a bit of kink and spice in your sexual relationship.

This is how you could incorporate dirty talking to your sex life:

Pique his attention by telling your man that you want to play a little game. You can send him a sexting text to start out.

Believe me this sexy text (or sexting) has the power to attract your husband sexually and get his motor running with texts through the day.

Remember anytime you use a flirty text, use the winky face.

Here is how the conversation could flow. . .

You: "Tonight we are going to play a game you will love. I will explain later ;)"

Him: "“Oh really? I’m curious. Give me a hint."

You: "It will make you feel like a teenager again ;)"

Him: "A teenager? What, are you going to give me a hickey?"

You: "Oh I plan on giving you a lot more than a hickey. But you have to follow one rule."

Him: "One rule? What kind of game is this?"

You: "I will tell you everything when you get home. Now stop thinking about me and get back to work ;)"

Here you can find another example on how to use sexting to drive him wild. It's a downloable PDF you can print and have with you anytime you need it for inspiration.

Also, You could watch the video below. It will speed up your Dirty Talking learning curve.

When he gets home, he is probably going to ask about this game right away.

Tell him the rules.

He can do anything he wants to you above the waist.

And you get to do anything you want to his entire body (or substitute your specifics based on your needs).

The only rule is you can’t “go all the way”​ tell him strictly.

Next thing you guys can do...

You can get yourself into character with a specific hairstyle or innocent looking outfit if you desire. But that isn’t necessary to enjoy the full effects of the technique.​

Getting started with a hot and heavy make-out session is the best.​

​Pretend you are teenagers again, and making out is a big focal point of your sexual connection.

Focus on kissing in all types of ways. Slowly, passionately, sweetly, and with biting.

Dry humping is definitely encouraged, too. Making out was a big deal for most of us as teenagers.

Savoring the make out is an important (and fun) part of this game.

True story: as a grownup, fully able to have sex, I once had a four hour make-out session with my wife.

We’d decided that we weren’t going to have sex unless we were exclusive.

But we had some major chemistry

So we made out on my couch for hours one night. Until our faces were sore!

It was super fucking sexy, and hot too.

In other words Never underestimate the joys of a great make out!

Bonus Content For More Action With Some Amazing Tricks To Make Love To Your Husband

As you are both getting aroused, clothes are bound to come off, and you are going to go beyond first base (sorry, can’t help but bring back the old terminology).

If his hands, mouth, or other body parts venture too close to the forbidden zone, move him to a different place or change activity.

For example, if he’s playing with your breasts and his hand starts moving south (and your vagina is off limits for the night), grab it and place it back on your tit.

You can also tell him "no" in a playful way.

"That area is forbidden tonight."

"No no no, mister, keep your hands on second base only."

"Hands on tits only please."

"Oh no, that’s off limits tonight."

"Naughty boy, follow the rules!"

Make sure you keep your voice light and fun. Invite him to spend a lot of time on your breasts.

Did you know that some women can achieve orgasm just from nipple stimulation? It’s true!

And for those who can’t, a long session of teasing, pinching, and sucking sex game can get you damn close to the Big O.

So tell him if he pinches and sucks your nipples, he will drive you wild!

Guide him to be harder or softer as needed.

And if it feels good, tell him not to stop!

Source - Language of desire by Felicity Keith one of the best and the hottest selling program for females on ClickBank.

You Can  Watch The Free Video Here​

I believe these 7 powerful tricks can really assist you to wake up the animal in your husband and fix his sexual hunger right on you, where it actually belongs.

But if you are really curious about taking your relationship and marriage to the peak of sexual intimacy and pleasure than I urge you to try the "language of desire" program by Felicity Keith" Trust me you won't be disappointed.

I will stop here​ I hope you enjoyed reading this article on how to make love to your husband and attract him sexually.

If you really loved it please do not forget to share it on your favorite social media or send this article to someone that may need it!

BYE for now have a nice day and keep coming back on my blog for more great tips!

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