December 10, 2019

How To Kiss a Guy (9 Sexy Tips To Passionate Man Melting Kiss)

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I love kissing. I savor kissing. I try to spend as much time as I can kissing my lovely wife! And I want you to love kissing too and learn the secret art about how to kiss a guy.

I want you to know what it’s like to experience a true “Movie Star” kiss EACH AND EVERY DAY whenever you want so you feel butterflies in your stomach and the sides of your mouth curling up into a “OH, MY GOD I CAN’T BELIEVE I’M KISSING LIKE THIS THIS IS AWESOME!”.

Learn how to kiss a guy for the first time? A kiss that melts his heart like an (ice cream)

I’m going to help make that a reality by teaching you a few very specific and very awesome kissing techniques that will help you to kiss him properly whether it’s on guy’s neck or the lips.

So, if you are ready let’s start learning how to kiss a guy step by step.

It doesn’t matter first time or not this article works for like charm in any situation when it comes to kissing a man.

#1 Positive and Cheerful Smile.

If you want a great kiss (and a long-lasting relationship where a guy is absolutely gaga for you) you need to smile sincerely and warmly at him and project a feeling of femininity and softness.

A few ways to get “BONUS POINTS” for the positive welcome are to.

A. Give him a compliment (“My god my boyfriend or my husband or my man is handsome,” “I love your arms.”)

B. Let him catch you staring at him with love and lust. (Most guys NEVER get to feel truly objectified by a woman.

Try it, if you want to learn how to kiss a guy. . . trust me he’ll like it.)

C. FLIRT with him (play with your hair, touch his arm, grab his ass, tell him he smells great and use your feminine COYNESS.) All of this will PRIME THE PUMP for a great kiss.

#2. Get His Attention.

The world is fast and stressful and full of annoying distractions and things that seem important but aren’t (like EVERYTHING on the internet.)

By moving slowly and sensually, you need to break down your man’s “frantic” frame and so that he starts focus his attention on you.

The key to “Pausing the world” is to fix your attention directly on your man (no looking at your phone or babbling about some problems in your life. Not the time.)

The more you focus all your attention on him (and, even better, look at him with passion and HUNGER) the more he’ll feel an irresistible pull to give his attention back to you.

NOTE: If you’re walking towards your man to kiss him, words aren’t usually necessary.

Simply walk towards him “languidly” (it means slowly and dreamily) while staring at him and objectifying him. Check him out.

Lightly licking your lips or nibbling your bottom lip with your teeth will draw his attention to your mouth and have him thinking about the kissing that is about to happen.

When you reach him you can lightly push his phone or any other distraction out of the way.

If you like you can say “You can finish that in just a second. I need you right now” to let him know whatever “Important” thing he’s doing isn’t going to explode without him.

#3. A Cool technique on How to Kiss a Guy.

When you reach him, place your palm in the middle of his chest and lightly but insistently push him backwards towards the wall while staring him directly in the eye.

Alternatively, you can also “Bait” your man to come to YOU for a kiss (assuming you got his attention in step 2.)

To do this you maintain your slow, sensual and dreamlike movement and attitude but “invite” him over to see you.

You can do that by crooking your finger and beckoning him towards you, saying “Come here for a sec” in a soft voice or even “I need you to come over here and kiss me.

” Any kind of coy “command” here will work well.

If you try to get his attention this way and he’s just not having it (too deep in the phone, watching football whatever) don’t get upset or make a big deal about it.

It’s just not the right time. No big deal.

#4: Demand His Presence (And Give Him Yours) By Staring Deep into His Eyes.

Stare him deep right in the eyes. This is a powerful move that can be used by both men and women.

It also makes it absolutely clear that a kiss is about to happen and gives your man an opportunity to back off if he’s got bad breath or a cold sore or something. Useful!)

Cupping someone’s face in your hands is an incredibly intimate sexual move that makes the whole world seem to go away at least for a moment.

When you do this, your whole field of vision will be filled with his face and his with yours.

It’s important to keep a soft SMILE on your face at this point.

You can also lick your lips to draw his attention to them or even run your tongue lightly along your lips to wet them.

Breath SLOWLY (he’ll be able to inhale your breath and you’ll be able to inhale his. It’s cool.)

Let your eyes dash from his eyes to his mouth and back to his eyes again.

#5: Pull Yourself to Him

SLOWLY bring your face closer to him while wetting your lips to kiss (This subtle move turns him on and he looks at your lips as he can’t help it.)

Well if you’ve watched romantic movies then you’ll know that this is that moment in the movies where the music swells and, for some reason, the couple is standing in the rain.


The reason you do this is to build ANTICIPATION for the kiss. Don’t be in a rush.

There’s nothing more delectable than that build up to a kiss, thinking you’re about to be kissed and then having to wait that LITTLE bit longer.

#6: First Contact of Your Lip and His.

Now as you move in closer your lips touch LIGHTLY at first. There’s a shiver and a spark.

Well the first contact of your lips and his. You want this to be slow and light and tender. Just BARELY graze your lips against his.

It’s even better if you TEASE him a bit here: bring your lips ALMOST to his but NOT QUITE.

Note that if you do this he may just grab you and kiss you but that’s totally cool, right?

This “grazing” and lightly kissing position is going to be your “Home base” as you have your epic kiss make out session (I have no idea why people stop making out after High School.

Making out is awesome.) You maintain control here by not leaning COMPLETELY into the kiss, at least not yet.

#7: Listen With Your Mouth

This is probably the most important part when it comes to learning the secret behind how to kiss a guy: Don’t let yourself just “kiss the way you always do.

” Don’t let yourself fall into your favorite moves (that he’s seen a million times.)

Don’t just be passive and make him do all the work (which, unfortunately, many women do.)  

No, just be present. Enjoy the light kissing. Pay attention to how he reacts. What does he do if you lick lightly at his lip?

Does he react positively or negatively?

Does it seem like he wants to be teased more or is he ready for the main event?

Does he take control or does he let you continue to drive?

I want you to take charge of the situation and make him so overwhelmed by the attention and sensuality of what’s going on that he himself decides to sit back and let you be in charge.

In most situations, the guy is immediately going to go into his standard kiss (usually with lots of tongue - maybe too much.)

If he does that, be receptive and let him do what he needs to do for a second before pulling back and saying “My turn” with a smile.


#8. Open Mouth Freestyle.

Their tongues dance. Time slows down.

Once you start using some of the techniques from this little article and now since, you are “in charge” lightly kissing him and pushing your tongue into his mouth.

The reaction of your action will be amazing.

As far as my imagination goes it is time now for the guy to take charge of the situation and show his manliness to you.

99 percent of the guys will look to dig their arms into hers. And if he does that- know that he’s going to take control.

What you should do?  Simple. . .

Just soften yourself and allow him to grab you from the back of your head and let him pull you towards him and let him kiss you passionately as every cell in your body turns electric.

This is where the give and take of a great kiss happens. This is where the CONVERSATION of the kiss happens.

It’s important to continue to LISTEN WITH YOUR MOUTH during this and pay attention to what he likes and doesn’t like.

It’s also important to COMMUNICATE to your man what YOU like with POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT.

What I mean by that is you don’t tell a guy “Man, are you trying to taste my tonsils?” but instead you let him know when he’s doing the RIGHT thing by:

1. Moaning or making other non-verbal noises.

2.Reacting physically (melting your body against his, grabbing his ass, trying to devour him.)

3.TELLING him “I love what you’re doing” OR telling him “I want you to kiss me like this” while showing him what you want. (Scary, huh? But effective.

Most guys really do want to know what you like and are happy to hear it as long as it doesn’t come across as criticism.)

#9: Disengage And Passion Pump.

Finally, after the kiss is over make sure to LOCK EYES with Joe for a moment and then says “Thank you, I needed that” with a coy smile. When is a kiss over?

Uhh, when one of you decides that it’s over (a good kiss can go on for minutes that feel like eternity.)

If you want to learn how to kiss a guy.

I recommend whenever possible YOU be the one to end the kiss your man.

As they say, always leave him wanting more.

To pull away and end the kiss simply place a hand lightly in the middle of his chest and gently push.

He should get the hint. As you pull away he’s going to be staring RIGHT AT YOU. Smile.

Lock eyes with him. One awesome move is to lightly run your fingers along your lips like you’re savoring what you just tasted.

Focus on your breathing and his. Maintain the languid world pause.

And THEN it’s time to PASSION PUMP him by using dirty WORDS to let him know how much you enjoyed this type of kissing.

Show positive gestures by saying “Thanks, I needed that” (which is great because it makes him feel like he was doing you a favor by kissing her - and makes him feel sexy and desired in a way most men never are.)

Depending on what you’re aiming to make happen with the kiss you’ve got lots of options as to what you can say at this point. Stuff like:

“I’m not done with you yet,” while pulling him by the belt buckle towards the couch.

“Wow.” (Yup, just wow. Does wonders.) “God, you are delicious.” (Great way to compliment him.)

“Where did you learn to kiss like that?” (Pumps his ego by making him feel like this was all his doing.)

“I don’t know how you manage to keep sending shivers down my spine.” (If you’ve been together a while.)

OR really anything you can think of that seals this experience in as something intimate and connected.

And That’s It! The 9 Steps on how to kiss a guy. Your secrets to A Man-Melting Kiss Not that complicated, huh?

Like I said above, the key is to LISTEN and to be PRESENT.

If you’re thinking while you’re kissing you’re probably doing it wrong. (Though just like with anything it’s going to take some time to learn how to blank your mind while doing this.)

What I love about these steps is that it takes kissing completely out of the realm of “Something we do automatically and don’t pay attention to” to an actual intimate act that is IMPORTANT.

If you’ve been in a relationship with someone for a long time replacing even one of your “Love ya honey” passionless pecks with a REAL kiss like this could re-spark your passion and romance in astonishingly little time.

And if you’re with a guy you’re just getting to know this will make him think you are the SINGLE GREATEST KISSER OF ALL TIME.

Seriously, if you follow these 9 steps for your FIRST kiss with a man he will turn into a crazy puddle on the ground.

Assuming you guys have kissing chemistry.)

OK! Now that I’ve explained EXACTLY how to kiss a guy I want to RECOMMEND you something special, something awesome, something that will change your sex life and relationship for the better.

WATCH THIS POWERFUL VIDEO PRESENTATION HERE to find out exactly what I am talking about.

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