May 4, 2022

How to Revive a Sexless Relationship – Feel Wanted Again

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How to revive sexless relationship? As per statistics approximately twenty million American men and women are in sexless relationships in which the man has stopped being sexually intimate.

What is the reason behind this behavior? Is the issue emotional ,physical, or psychological—or are these  couples simply bored with their each other?

To be honest it can be daunting and frustrating for both men and women to live in a sexless relationships or marriage.

But do not worry whatever is your current relationship status its time to improve your sexless relationship and take a U turn again.

Just be with me for the next 15 minutes and read this beautiful post till the end and I will share with you some astonishing tips and examples that will help you to fix the sexual issues in your relationship.

#1. A True Story On Men, Women and Sex

Mitchelle and John met in a close friend's party. They got attracted to each other everything was so spontaneous that they fell in love and things turns into a fast and furious relationship.

They were both infatuated and physically couldn't get enough of each other. Their mind was totally ingrained with sex-sex and sex.

Sex in the living-room, the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, on the staircase and in the garage. For John, the sex was amazing, so he decided that Mitchelle was the one for him.

It was wonderful for Mitchelle too, so she decided she must be in love. They were going to live together, for life long.

A year later, their sex life was still fast and furious - he was fast and she was furious. Mitchelle was happy with sex twice a week, but John wanted sex every day.

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After all, he had given up his single life for this relationship so he believed he was right on his part.

But the more he forced her to have sex, the less she wanted it, and soon they were having only Bedroom Sex.

They started fighting over little things, the kisses, romance and cuddles slowly started to fade away from their routine life and a day came when they started criticizing each other on little things and eventually their beautiful relationship turned into sexless relationship.

The moral of the story is relationships that are based only on SEX as top priority very easily turns into sexless relationships.

#2. The Problem Begins With Man Because They Can't Stop Themselves From Having Sex.

Men's vigorous and impulsive sex drive has a straight forward approach.i.e. To have sex whenever he wants.

Like most male creatures, he had to emerge with various elements for its success. Firstly, his sex drive had to be intensely focused and not easily distracted.

It would help him to have sex in any situation, which means his mind thinks of having sex a lot more than woman's mind and this is the number one reason of sexless relationships in the modern world.

A man feels the urge to ejaculate as often as possible in the shortest space of time but not all woman want orgasm every time.

For a woman, sex is emotional connection, bonding, and intimacy. But for a man, it is more of physical connection than emotional bonding.

#3. Why There's Difference of Opinion Between Man and Woman When It Comes To Sex

A study at the Kinsey Institute revealed that 37% of men think about sex every 30 minutes. Only 11% of women think of it as often.

For a man, a regular high dose of testosterone keeps his drive high and this is why, when it comes to sex, he's ever ready.

When it comes to sex, women need a reason; men need a place.

For a man, a continual high dose of testosterone keeps his sex drive high and this is why, when it comes to sex, he's always ready.

Since, men and women have different level of sex drives, and most couples in long-term relationships sense different levels of sex drive at different times in their week, month and year.

This is reason most of the times the urge to have sex does not match in both men and women which creates differences in relationships and also results in sexless marriage.

Many believe that modern men and women are equally excited about having sex, but that's not true in real life or else you wouldn't have been reading this post.....Right?

After all the above discussions now it's time to understand how to revive sexless relationship and to do that both men and women have to understand each others emotions and sexual triggers in the right manner.

Let's understand how to improve or save a sexless marriage or relationship.


#4. The Power Of Turn Ons

To Revive any sexless relationship it's important to figure each other's turn ons.

Here is a list of the top turn-ons for both men and women.

What I want to tell is most men and women do not understand or figure out each others sexual wants.

The list below corresponds directly to the sexual triggers, responses and thinking of men and women when it comes to sex.

Remember men are visual, creature and full of imagination and crave sex desperately.

On the other hand Women are concerned with feeling, connection, gentle touch and romance when it comes to sex.

If the thinking of both this genders will not match most relationships and marriages will fail.

Check the list below.

Women's Turn Ons

  • Commitment
  • Romance
  • Gentle Non Sexual Touch
  • True Intimacy
  • Right Communication
  • Emotional Connection

Men's Turn Ons

  • Porn
  • Variety in sex
  • Fantasizing other women
  • Seducing clothes
  • Nudity
  • Availability of Women as per their sexual need

#5. Secrets To Mix The Above Turns On To Reverse a Sexless Marriage or Relationships

Important Note: Both Men and Women needs to understand this critical fact that marriage and relationships have its good side and bad side.

It's up to you which side you chose. Remember the reality is that a good relationship teaches you devotion, patience, honesty, commitment, self-restraint, and other priceless qualities you wouldn't possess if you remained single.

Both men and women must inherit the below mentioned attributes and qualities very seriously to improve their sexless relationship and reverse it for GOOD.

For a woman, a man who rates a five at seven pm still rates the same score at midnight, irrespective of how much she's had to drink.

#6. Men and Romance

It's not that men don't want to have romantic women, it's just that they don't understand its significance to women.

Women spend countless dollars every year on romantic novels. Women's magazines focus mostly on love, connection, romance, other people's affairs or how to exercise, eat healthy and dress well to have even more romance.

One Australian study revealed that women who read romantice novels have sex twice as often as those who don't.

Conversely, men spend millions on books and magazines that teach technical knowledge and skills.

It's no wonder when it comes to romance that most men generally don't know what to do. This is because modern man has never had a role model. His father didn't know what to do either, as it was never an issue for him.

I read in a book where a woman asked her husband to show her more affection and love - so he washed and polished her car.

This shows how men see 'doing things' as a way of showing they care.

So its not that men are bad by nature or they just want sex. All I want to say is sometimes its also important for women to understand his sexual needs and priorities.

It could be being a woman you want sex only twice a week but if he's insisting you for seven times a week, try to fulfill his demand four times of course seven is not accepatble.

The point is try to connect to his sexual urge but within your limits and it will certainly keep the balance and spice alive. I hope you're getting my point.

Marriage is a two way process and both has to compromise at some point to keep it from turning sexless and unromantic in future.

Now it's time for my male friends to understand their women.

If you're a man reading this post please read this lines carefully.

Always remember that a woman is romantic. She loves wine, chocolates, and flowers. Let her know that you, too, remember these things talking about them frequently.....Woody Allen

#7. Amazing Tips For Men To Use It On Their Women

Women don't have any issue when it comes to 1. Love; 2. Romance and 3. Sex.

The only thing what men need to understand is women are more comfortable with the first two i.e. love and romance, but if you can handle carefully the third part "SEX" than your relationship will always blossom like a beautiful flower.

But most men are in DARK they have a myth that having more sex makes you look MACHO in woman's eye.

Sadly it is not true.

But do not worry if you truly want to improve your sexless relationship and convince your woman to willingly have sex with you whenever you want:

TRY THE BELOW TIPS, trust me they work like charm I have used it on my wife too and it really works.

#8. Create a Romantic Environment

Women prefer a soft, romantic, dim light and comfortable environment to start of the love making session.

It's because the women's oestrogen hormones make her sensitive to the right lighting - dimly-lit rooms as it make pupils dilate, which makes couples feel and look attractive to each other and skin blemishes and wrinkles are less noticeable.

#9. Touch Her With Love Continuously

Continuous touching proves that your one hand is on your partner's body and you never remove that hand unless another of your body part substitute that place.

Most massage therapists and Reiki practitioners use this technique as a guiding principle to provide the best therapy to their clients.

When they are about to work on another part of their clients body they usually “glide” their hand to the second place starting from the position of the first place.

Or they simply put their hand on the second place and keep it in position until their other hand is ready to take its place.

Let me explain it correctly.

Your girl at any point should never feel during lovemaking session that there is less or no physical touch between her and you.

There should not be gap or space between one touch and another when you play passionately with her beautiful body.

This secret sauce will unlock the key to the passionate world of powerful female sexual arousal.

It builds up a strong connection between you and your woman and becomes the connecting dot that binds all other sexual seduction activities and thrusts her into an earth shattering world of one powerful orgasm after another.

So as a matter of fact, never lose body contact with your partner. Whether you are going from one body level to another, or changing your sexual seduction technique, always touch and play with her body passionately. She will be satisfied and so will be you!

#10. It's All in The Fingers Use Them Wisely

Your fingers are your “magical sensing devices” which can sense when and how to give a woman a rapturous orgasm.

She will be begging to be your love slave and do anything you want her to do- inside and outside the bedroom!

All you need to do is to harness this “Magical Touch”.Your dreams and sex fantasies will come to reality and every woman will want to be with you.

Believe me, she would crave for your touch because she knows you are amazing with your fingers.

Always Keep your Foreplay Techniques in your fingers

Learn the secret sauce to using  to four to six arousal techniques or e-zones at one time and become the undisputed master of the bedroom!

Select three to five areas of her body like the breast, ear lobes, neck, inner thigh, stomach and explore them.

But remember the key here is to go slow. It is better to be good at a few of those areas than to really be horrible at all of them!

She will cry, moan, and get thirsty for your love. She will become mad for you. She will start screaming what a fantastic lover you are even before you have inserted your penis in her.

Practice makes a man perfect so get on practicing and make your skills deadlier!

What I want to convey here is: Reviving a sexless relationship or marriage is entirely in your hands.

It's how both men and women look at their sex life is very important.

Think this way.

When you first met every thing was so new the sex was at peak but getting into a habit of doing the same kind of sex again and again actually killed your sexual desire.

So why not try to keep that same spark and spice alive in your sex life.

To be honest if you're serious about learning how to revive sexless relationship or marriage this post alone won't help your situation.

Accept this fact my friends as it is not an overnight process.

This is the reason why I'm recommending two powerful programs one for my female friends and the other one for my male friends.

This is only for people who're serious about fixing theirs sexless relationships and bringing that same spark and intimacy again in their sexual relationship.

Believe me when your sex life is good you naturally feel healthy and confident from inside and you truly BLOSSOM.

Check out the free videos below and take action for your life.

How To Make a Man Sexually and Emotionally Obsessed  With You (And Only You) Without Touching

3 Things You Can Do To A Woman To Give Her The Best Orgasms Of Her Life

I will stop here I hope you enjoyed reading this article on improving your sexless relationships if you really did please share it with other stressful couples around you.

BYE for now see you again and keep coming back and don't forget to WATCH THE VIDEO Above it's incredibly powerful.

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