May 5, 2022

How to Keep Intimacy without Sex (Satisfy Him Without Being Physicaly)

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Have you ever thought how to get intimate with your man without being physical? In other word, Intimacy without sex?

There are times when being a woman even when you want to please your man sexually but you can't.

Instead of making the inability to have intercourse a bad thing, you need to focus on being creative with all of the activities you can do with each other and keep the romance alive in your relationship.

It also brings back the notion of a conquest or chase. In a long-term relationship, you’ve already had sex and explored each other’s bodies.

It is easy to take intercourse for granted. The tension of “is tonight going to be the night?” is gone.

This is one way to bring that back.

This intimacy without sex technique rekindles anticipation, creating the feeling that intercourse is forbidden fruit.

That it is something to yearn for, because it can’t happen.

Meanwhile, you both enjoy in the delight of taking each other right to the edge of that rule with “everything except intercourse.”

Like a horny but virtuous teenager, you obey the rule. . . but get yourselves as close to breaking it as possible.

And yes, this can absolutely be used before you’ve slept with someone (In other word, intimacy without sex technique works even when you are single)

It’s exactly what it was like when you were a rule-following teen. . . you take things right to the brink of intercourse. . . and totally amp up the heat in the process.

Amazing ways to be intimate without being physical.

I will share with my wife's example: In her case she was the one who wasn’t able to have intercourse. But this technique helped is in multiple sexual scenarios:

  1. There is a medical or health reason you can’t have intercourse but he is otherwise able to
  2. If you are on your period and one or both of you prefer to not have sex while you are menstruating
  3. There is a medical or health reason he can’t get an erection
  4. You are both able to have intercourse, but you just want to throw in some variety to your sex life
  5. You aren’t ready to sleep with someone but want to test out the sexual chemistry.

So how can you apply this intimacy without sex technique and satisfy your man.

# Step one: Introduce the Intimacy without sex technique.

Pique his attention by telling him that you want to play a little game. You can send him a text message to start out.

In my wife's example above, She introduced the concept in real time by introducing the concept of sensual tease with the help of dirty talking.

Had she thought of this technique sooner, she would have gotten hmy motor running with texts through the day.

As always, anytime you do a flirty text, use the winky face.

Here is how the conversation could flow. . .Remember this are texting conversations and not real time sex but they will really WOW your man.

So read them below.

You: “Tonight we are going to play a game you will love. I will explain later ;)”

Him: “Oh really? I’m curious. Give me a hint.”

You: “It will make you feel like a teenager again 😉 “

Him: “A teenager? What, are you going to give me a hickey?”

You: “Oh I plan on giving you a lot more than a hickey. But you have to follow one rule.”

Him: “One rule? What kind of game is this?”

You: “I will tell you everything when you get home. Now stop thinking about me and get back to work ;)”

When he gets home, he is probably going to ask about this game right away. Tell him the rules.

He can do anything he wants to you above the waist.

And you get to do anything you want to his entire body (or substitute your specifics based on your needs). The only rule is you can’t “go all the way.”

# Step two: Making out.

You can get yourself into character with a specific hairstyle or innocent looking outfit if you desire. But that isn’t necessary to enjoy the full effects of the technique.

Getting started with a hot and heavy make-out session is the best to make the intimacy without sex concept work.

Pretend you are teenagers again, and making out is a big focal point of your sexual connection.

Focus on kissing in all types of ways. Slowly, passionately, sweetly, and/or with biting.

Dry humping is definitely encouraged, too.

Making out was a big deal for most of us as teenagers. Savoring the make out is an important (and fun) part of this game.

True story: as a grownup, fully able to have sex, I once had a four hour make-out session with a girl I was dating.

We’d decided that we weren’t going to have sex unless we were exclusive.

But we had some major chemistry. So we made out on my couch for hours one night. . . until our faces were sore! It was super fucking sexy and hot, too.

Never underestimate the joys of a great make out!

# Step three: More action, minding the rules of intimacy without sex.

As you are both getting aroused, clothes are bound to come off, and you are going to go beyond first base (sorry, can’t help but bring back the old terminology).

If his hands, mouth, or other body parts venture too close to the forbidden zone, move him to a different place or change activity.

For example, if he’s playing with your breasts and his hand starts moving south (and your vagina is off limits for the night), grab it and place it back on your tit.

You can also tell him no in a playful way. . .

That area is forbidden tonight.

No no no, mister, keep your hands on second base only.

Hands on tits only please.

Oh no, that’s off limits tonight.

Naughty boy, follow the rules!

Make sure you keep your voice light and fun.

Invite him to spend a lot of time on your breasts.

Did you know that some women can achieve orgasm just from nipple stimulation? It’s true!

And for those who can’t, a long session of teasing, pinching, and sucking can get you damn close to the Big O.

So tell him. . . if he pinches and sucks your nipples, he will drive you wild!

Guide him to be harder or softer as needed. And if it feels good, tell him not to stop!

# Step four: Give Him Oral Sex.

This game is a perfect opportunity to give him an out-of-this-world blow job or hand job. I recommend reading my amazing guide here if you want to give an astonishing hand job.

And you can certainly make sure to talk about his penis if you give him a BJ or hand Job.

I want to suck your dick.

Want me to give you head?

Want me to suck your cock?

Give me your dick.

I love sucking your dick.

I love your big hard cock.

Let me suck your dick.

Can I suck your dick?

Let me wrap my mouth around you.

Does that feel good?

And if he’s giving you oral sex, give him a good play-by-play or directions. . .

I love how you lick my pussy.

God, your tongue feels amazing.

Lick it harder / softer.

Suck on my clit.

Make me come with your mouth.

Don’t you dare stop.

Keep going, you’re going to make me come.

You know what I like.

And don’t forget to Moan while getting intimate with him without intercourse! (Men love the sensual voice when you moan)

Oral sex to climax is a natural ending point to the game.

However, orgasm may or may not happen for you. You don’t have to focus on coming as the absolute goal.

I will stop here. I believe you loved reading this short guide on how to get intimate with your man without being physical.

If you loved reading it please do not forget to share on your favorite social media.

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