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Dirty Things To Say To Your Boyfriend To Ignite HIS Sexual Sensors


Author - Sandra Knezevic

My name is Sandra and I'm sharing some of personal life experience in this guide on dirty things to say to your boyfriend.

I created this technique on dirty things to say to your boyfriend to get a rise (literally) from my boyfriend, just like those little blue pills do, but I was just going to use seducing words to do it. 

Here is how it came about. . .

A few months ago, I sat across the table watching him talk with friends about the football game on TV.

It was Sunday afternoon, and we’d gone out with a big group to watch the Seahawks destroy the 49ers at a sports bar.

As the third quarter began, I couldn’t help but admire how cute he looked in his Twelfth Man jersey as he cheered on our team.

I don’t know about you, but to me, there is something totally sexy about a man watching sports and getting totally into it.

I also knew his mind was engrossed in the game unfolding on the screen. . . not even remotely on sex.

It gave me a sneaky little idea to jolt his attention. . . almost against his will. I pulled out my phone and with a fiendish smile, I typed:

"You look fucking hot in your Twelfth Man jersey. Don’t reply. I’m going to tell you in detail how turned on I am 😉 Send."

He felt the vibration of his phone in his pocket. I watched intently as he pulled it out and read the screen. His eyes got wide and he smiled.

He looked over at me and I gave him a quick wink and turned my gaze to the big screen.

A few minutes later, I sent him this saucy sexy text message:

"When you got out of the shower earlier, I couldn’t decide if I wanted to suck you or fuck you more. But we had to hurry here. I’ve been horny ever since..."

Trust me these are little dirty things to say to your boyfriend that he will admire, he will get hard and return the favor with love.

Continuing with my story - 

As soon as he felt his phone vibrate again, before he even read the screen, he was grinning like a kid in the candy store.

As he saw what I wrote, I notice he shifted a bit in his seat and pulled a bunched up napkin across his lap. Bingo! It was working 😉 So I sent this:

"I don’t think I can wait until we get home. How about I use my hot, wet, tongue on you in the car. Nod at me if that sounds good to you."

He looked at me, almost in pain, and nodded after reading.

We carried on this way for the rest of the second half.

I’d send a text telling him what I wanted to be doing, he’d grin and try to camouflage the growing bulge in his pants.

I’m trying to watch the game. All I can think about is how bad I want your dick right now.

I just want to bend over in front of you when we get home. So you can get so deep and fuck me hard.

Is your cock hard right now? Look at me and wink if you can’t wait to fuck me.

My poor guy. He was trying to watch the game but I had the full attention of his “little brain.”

I’m pretty sure it was the longest second half of football in his life.

As time ran out on the game clock, the Hawks had a clear victory.

And even though everyone around us was high-fiving, cheering, and ordering celebratory drinks, he grabbed me immediately to leave.

The bar was crowded and he used me as his personal erection-shield as we hurried to the exit.

Outside, he could hardly contain himself and pushed me against the building, kissing me like some sort of lusty romance novel character.

I’m glad it was already dark outside and our car was parked close.

Good thing we didn’t get pulled over on the short drive home to our empty house because I immediately started making good on my promises.

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So, the point is why this dirty things to say to your boyfriend works?

Why it makes him rock hard and cum fast.

When a man takes a little blue pill, he has no control over his erection.

 It’s pretty much going to happen whether he tries to have one or not.

Using sexually explicit texts in a situation where you can’t act on them works in a similar way.

Are you someone (or do you know someone) who is prone to laugh at the worst time, like say, at a funeral?

You know you aren’t supposed to laugh during a such somber occasion, and the very fact that you shouldn’t spurs on a fit of uncontrollable giggles.

This is the same idea. You are both in a real life situation where you can’t just strip naked and go at it.

But you are teasing him with very direct sexual comments. His erection almost becomes involuntary at this point.

The more he tries to contain the erection, the harder (haha) it becomes.

As if he’d taken a little blue pill. . . but instead your dirty texts are the blue pill.

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So Are You Ready to Try Out This Dirty Things To Say To Your Boyfriend Thing.

Remember to make this work you don’t need a lot of advance preparation. The only key ingredient is to be aware of the right situation.

Really, it’s that simple.

# Step One: Choose a situation

You need to be together but in a situation where there are other people near you and it’s not easy for you to rush off to have sex.

Also, you need to be able to (discreetly) use your smart phones to text.

So a movie, play, or other place where people would get mad at you using your phones isn’t a great idea.

A few situations that work well are:

a social gathering or party

a family reunion

a group dinner

a company picnic

a charity fundraiser

a sporting event

a concert or live music venue.

Those are just a few ideas. The only important thing is that you are in a place where you can easily make eye contact and use your phones without drawing  too much attention to yourselves.

Ideally, you are in the company of other people. It ups the sexual tension. . . and delicious torment.

# Step Two: Send him a kickoff message

This isn’t a tease text. You are going to hit him like a ton of sexy bricks out of the blue to provoke that automatic physical response.

So dive right in with something direct. I like to start with a compliment on how sexy he looks:

Your biceps look so muscular in that shirt...

Your ass looks hot in those jeans...

You look fucking sexy in that suit...

That 5 o’clock shadow on your face is sexy...

You look so masculine and sexy tonight...

Another idea is to compliment him on something he did recently:

You looked so strong chopping that firewood earlier...

I loved how sweaty and delicious you looked after your workout...

I love how smart and powerful you look when you are engrossed in work...

Damn your ass looked great when you hopped out of the shower this morning...

And follow that up with telling him how he’s turning you on:

...and I’m having all kinds of naughty thoughts.

...and it’s turning me on.

...and I wish we were alone right now.

...and it’s got me very horny.

With other sexting examples, you generally let him join in and banter back and forth.

But with this dirty things to say to your boyfriend technique you are the “drug” doing the work. So tell him not to reply. Just read.

If he is used to being the dominant one in your sex life, this will turn the tables on him a little bit. You are the one in charge 🙂

# Step Three: Get dirty and descriptive

By now you’ve gotten his attention. And if he hasn’t checked his phone yet, go over to him ASAP and whisper “check your phone” in his ear.

Then return to your seat.

"I want to show you how naughty I can be. Do you want to see what a naughty girl I can be for you? Look at me and wink if so."

Your next several messages are to turn up the heat, getting him physically aroused.

Send this group as a series of texts... My tight...(wait 5 seconds) wet...(wait 3 seconds) throbbing...(wait 3 seconds) dripping...(wait 3 seconds) aching for you. (send as one message)

Then send him a variety of explicit texts, mix and match. The point is to be highly explicit. Things like. . .

I need to feel your big hard cock. Now.

I want to be riding you right now. Until I make you cum.

My entire body is vibrating with desire for you right now.

I’m so hot for you right now, I’m squirming in my chair. The thought of you fucking me hard has me so horny.

What if I just unzipped your pants and started sucking your dick right now. Because I’m thinking about it...

You are going to set a certain pace here by sending a message every few minutes or so.

You don’t have to watch the clock and time it perfectly or anything. But space them out a bit.

It’s easy to do a sexy replay from a sexual time you’ve experienced together in the past, or you can give him a play by play of what you would be doing if the two of you were alone.

If those ideas don’t sound great, describe a wild dream you had of him. This will give you material to spread out over a few messages.

Send these as a series, a few seconds apart.

What if you were so wild with desire...

You could hardly control yourself...

And you pushed my skirt up...

You couldn’t even wait to take my panties off, pulled them to the side...

And you bent me over the back of the couch...

And you gave your big cock to me...

All of it...

Fucking me hard and fast...

Damn baby, you feel so incredible...

I love how you fuck my tight little pussy...

Making me beg for more...

If you planned ahead and wore sexy undergarments (or didn’t), be sure to tell him.

Also, I’m wearing the black push-up bra you love.

I have on that lace thong that makes my ass look awesome.

btw...I have no panties on under my dress 😉

Remember you can be graphic without cursing or saying anything you aren’t comfortable with.

However, in my experience, there is a stronger response when you throw caution to the wind and get raunchy.

# Step Four: Get alone and get down to business!

Chances are good that you will both find a reason to make an early exit from wherever it is that you are.

However, sometimes you might have to endure the event until the end. The torture can be sort of delicious in itself.

When you leave and are finally alone—whether that is home, a parked car, or a nearby motel—make good on those promises and enjoy some frenzied tear-your-clothes-off sex.

Give that poor man some relief, woman! 😉

I will stop here. I believe you loved reading this guide on dirty things to say to your boyfriend.

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