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7 Unhealthy Signs Of A Bad Relationship You Should Know

Signs of a bad relationship revealed

Ending a good relationship is like someone forcefully is pricking the needle in your ass. To be frank every relationship goes through ups and downs in their love life. But there are certain toxic signs of a bad relationship that are unacceptable. In a happy relationship couples do not need any assurance of having to ask whether any one partner is happy or not. If you see happy couples you would feel sense of belongingness, love and security that exist naturally. On the other hand if you see unhappy couples you can say from their gestures, behavior and approach towards one another that something is missing. That missing thing is actually signs of a bad relationship. I hope you are satisfied with your relationship status? If not, that means you are either confused or the hope of being happy in a relationship is slowly fading. So guys let’s find out those toxic and unhealthy signs of a bad relationship and find some ways to repair a relationship.

signs of a bad relationship

1. Communication Gap
A relationship always starts healthy as it is the starting point you hardly know each other. But the adrenaline gets it going as the romance and sex is at peak. Later things change every problem in relationship starts only with one simple thing which is communication gap. The word communication seems simple but it is the root cause of all the problems believe or not. It is communication which truly makes you understand how you actually with your partner. How you behave and support each other in testing times when miscommunication creeps in mind. This is the time when real lovers win the battle and weak lovers fail. Communication in a relationship is very important for its existence and if it’s missing it’s surely a signs of a bad relationship.

lack of trust

2. Lack of Trust
The most significant part in any relationship is trust. Imagine if your partner doesn’t trust you and keeps calling you continuously just to know where you are and with whom you are. It’s not love it’s sign of possessiveness and insecurity. If they check your mails and messages in your absence just to confirm your honesty than it’s not a sign of a healthy relationship. Trust is giving and taking, the more you give it, the more you usually get it. But if it seems one sided in your relationship. You need to reevaluate and think over it to come out of such dishonest love life as it is clearly a signs of a bad relationship.

unhealthy romance

3. Unhealthy Romance
True love is always full of romance, respect and responsibility. In a healthy and romantic relationship even for a day if your partner goes away from you. You would feel the difference as if a part of you is missing and you won’t be able to resist the temptation to meet them. Where as in a bad relationships it simply doesn’t matter whether your partner is away or with you. The feeling of love is not there, in fact you feel drained and devoid of happiness around them. You feel better while you are away from your partner with friends or a secret lover. Also you realize that you are much happier to share your feelings with people outside your relationship than sharing the same with your partner which is again a signs of a bad relationship.

sexually frustrated

4. Sexually Frustrated
Do you know a successful relationship is not only about being in true love and fulfilling the basic relationship commitment, if this was the case life could have been so boring and adventure less. A healthy relationship also consists of great chemistry combined with sizzling sex life. Both the partners have equal role to play in sex life and that is only possible by two things one is always try to look good for your partner to keep them interested. By looking good already the job is half done and second is to spend great quality but romantic time together to keep one another interested. If this chemistry of sensual touch and attraction towards one another is missing in your life than it’s really a time for you to rethink as it is again a signs of a bad relationship.

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arguments and fights

5. Arguments and Fights
Remember it takes two people to make a relationship and two people to destroy it. Relationships defined by arguments and fights never last long. If one partner makes a mistake and the other makes issue out of it. Than this behavior shows the vulnerability and weakness in a relationship. Arguments and fights needs to be sought out peacefully, arguing in relationship is must to clear out misunderstandings if there is any. But argument needs to be constructive without hurting sentiments of both the parties involved in it. Argument is like a trap the more you go deep into it the more you get caught in the trap. It’s you guys who has to decide whether you wish to have peaceful and loving relationship or a relationship full of arguments and fights. If this is your situation believe me you definitely need to think again as your position shows the signs of a failing relationship.

feeling worse in love

6. Feel worse and not better
If a relationship is not able to provide the comfort and love you deserve then what’s the point staying in such a relationship. Two people in love are meant to stick together and provide the shelter that is required in tough times. If this shelter is lacking you would naturally feel worse and not better. Every relationship needs certain level of maturity and acceptance to survive. A matured partner will always welcome your problems and accept you without being judgmental. At the same time will provide you with all the comfort and love to make you will feel better and happy. If a relationship lacks comfort and happiness then it’s simply a signs of a bad relationship and it’s time to take necessary steps to repair a relationship

no equality in relationship

7. No equality
True definition of love says that each partner needs to be treated equally in a relationship. A true relationship always focuses on equality for its survival. Is it a situation in your relationship where your partner is dominant and makes all the decisions ignoring your advice making fool of your sentiments? If it is than you need to rethink again where you stand and what is your stake in your partner’s eye. A good partner always listens to the thoughts and opinions of the other one while making any decisions. A good partner understands the priceless value and efforts that you put into your relationship. What is your stake in your relationship? I believe you know it better than anybody else that you are in a controlling relationship and you need to break up to come out were you not treated equal.

It’s obvious that being human we all wish to have a loving partner to share and live our life. It is not an easy task to find that true partner and one’s you find it is not necessary you would find all the good qualities that you want them to possess. It’s a fact that no relationship can have all the good qualities as it is we who make relationships good and bad with our attitude towards it. If two people involved in a relationship try and manage things in a peaceful way without blaming and being judgmental. Trust me all the bad qualities will automatically turn into good qualities and there on’t be any need for ending a good relationship.

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