May 5, 2022

How To Get Your Husband Back After Separation Step-by-Step Guide

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How to get your husband back after separation probably the most significant question of your life at this stage...Right?

I can understand your situation your heart cries with every breathe you take and every time you look at him only one question comes in your tensed mind - How to get my husband back again after separation?

If you want to learn how to make your husband love you again by getting him back.

It's important to understand his mind, most relationships and marriages fail due to lack of understanding, anger, resentment, conflicts, and ego clashes.

Research has shown that more than 50 percent of marriage die due to one of the factors I mentioned in the above paragraph.

And in some cases also due to that other woman when men lie and cheat to defend by proving themselves as innocent, but most of the times they aren't.

This trend of failure is increasing with each passing day and it is very disheartening to see.

Sometimes I wonder why people get married when the end is separation in near future.

Many men and women fall in love every day with blind hope of living together happily and having the best married life.

But after the initial honeymoon phase begins to fade, the intimacy and emotional connection between this couples starts to fall apart.

In fact after a year or two they sleep in the same bedroom like strangers which is really discouraging.

This is the reason why you're reading this post. Whatever the circumstances maybe now you're wondering will my husband come back to me or not?

But don't worry you're in the right hands.

In this step-by-step guide, I will reveal the secrets on how to get your husband back after separation.

#1. Analyze The Reasons Why You Guys Got Separated

The first and the foremost reason even before you think of getting your husband back again is find out the exact reasons behind the separation. Write down the reasons in a journal and than go looking for the solution.
  • Was there any other woman? and if YES what was the reason behind it.
  • Do you guys constantly fought on little issues? If YES Reasons.
  • How was your sex life before everything started to fall apart?
  • Relationship and Love are hard work, they require effort for fulfillment
  • Even when you're going through rough patch fight it out coz your relationships once ended will break you for forever.

These are serious issues that has to be answered correctly and admitted in right spirits if you really want to get your husband back after separation.

The secret to winning your husband back and making him want and love you again lies in the answers of this questions.

I hope you're clear on this and only than you must proceed ahead.

#2. Even If There Was Any Other Woman Apologize And Kill The Issue Before It Kills Your Married Life

If you want to find out how to win your husband back give him the benefit of doubt and kill the issue.

In other words apologize even if he was the one who was the culprit.

Remember saying sorry doesn't mean you're at fault, it means you value the relationship more than the issues of your marital life.

Maybe he was wrong, but if he's a good man seeing you apologize to save the marriage will make him realize his mistakes.

Also try to analyze the root cause of the problem, it could you were extremely busy in your job and you didn't gave him enough attention and love.

It could be you were not fulfilling his sexual and emotional needs.

To be honest I am not trying to justify or support your man, just because I am myself a man. All I want to say is sometimes apologizing can go a long way.

Also apologizing doesn't mean you allow him to take you for granted.

Don't ever let this happen, apologize but in a way that makes him realize his mistakes. In a way that will increase his love and respect for you.

This is an art you need to master to get your husband back again after separation to fix your marriage.

PRO-TIP - Just continue reading in the last part I will reveal the secret behind why this other woman comes in picture and how you can qualify yourself with the skills to avoid this things from happening in future by making your husband sexually and emotionally obsessed with you.

#3. Why You Fought In The First Place And What Steps You Can Take To Correct It

There's no harm in fighting but constant fighting can bitter the sweet taste of love in your relationship.

It could be he was wrong in some of his actions, but it was also your duty to console him to make wrong things right. 

The point is, every married couple fight and it's nothing new. Sometimes on serious matters and other times on unnecessary matters.

In fact couples who get along well and have a stable marriage also have different opinions at certain point in life.

But that doesn't mean your unmatched opinions should effect your married life negatively.

In fact you should consider your unmatched opinions in positive way. Because you don't fight with people with whom you are not very closely connected.

Say for instance, you would rarely fight with someone you just met.

It's important to understand that being in a married relationship two people live and face life together for long enough and in this long period fights and differences are bound to occur.

It's in your hands how you handle this situations.

If you want to stop thinking "will my husband come back to me or not" you need to find out what he wants from you.

In tense situations do not argue or ask too many questions. Just be quiet and listen to his words, even when you know what he's speaking is absolutely nonsense and makes no sense.

When you do this he will realize that his words are being heard and not falling on deaf ears.

In other words it will make him feel significant, when you respect his words and give him time to process what he has done, he will open up to you eventually.

And the moment he opens up, it's your job to make him realize what he said and did in anger was not good.

Be gentle and polite while you do this, trust me it will make him think of very highly. But do ensure that he's not taking you for granted and dominating you again. 

#4. Sex Matters a Lot in Success of Any Relationship

Sex, mating, romance, lovemaking, foreplay or sexual Intercourse whatever it is the significant point is sex plays a huge part in your married life.

Not because it is the need of human body, it's because sex holds the power to bring two people so close that no other medium can do.

Having a disturbed sex life will obviously disturb the whole relationship. Like any other relationship, marriages evolve over time.

Situations change due to hectic lifestyle, job pressure, kids and many other small and big issues that effect your sex life.

But does that mean you need to fall apart from the person you're married to.

If you want to get your husband back, you need to reinvent the wheel again and spice up your sex life by creating new and innovative ideas to tantalize him.

Of course heavenly sexual experience is possible when it is from both the sides, but at least you can ignite the spark to get the initial momentum........Right?

If you're still confused Watch This Awesome Video Here By Felicity Keith How She Made Her Husband Sexually Obsessed With Her...I Urge You To Watch It Till the End it's Just Amazing.

#5. Improve Your Communication To Have Deeper Understanding of Your Relationship

Thousands of marriages have fallen apart just because of lack of communication. If you want to rekindle your damaged relationship.

Remember is the only tool that will help you to talk about all the things that were left unsaid! All the issues that you never clarified?

Now it's the time to dive deeper in your relationship issues and solve the puzzle.

Now it's time to analyze what went wrong on your part, what felt off, and what expectations remained unfulfilled.

This way, you both have the chance to speak out your heart and at the same you'll be able to figure out the missing puzzle.

Once you figure out this missing puzzle, now it's time to connect them to make a straight line but this time around this line should be unbreakable and unshakable.

#6. Even If You're Desperate To get Him Back Don't Reveal It

Remember right communication is the heart and soul of any relationship.

With right communication there's always a room for improvement and rediscovering the lost connection again.

Be confident and bold showing him your desperation will make you feel weak and miserable around him.

Don’t get all teary-eyed and start begging him to come back to you whenever you see him.

If you believe your teary eyes will lure him to you, you’re wrong. This will only make him ignore you, disrespect you and take you for granted.

In stead make him think that you're not obsessed with him anymore and you're not trying to get him back.

All you need to do is just keep normal relationship with your husband after separation. In other words just let him run free for sometime.

I can understand you’re habituated to some natural wife reflexes over the years, but now it's time put those reflexes in garbage for sometime.

As now the situation is different, now you guys have separated and he's not your husband anymore.

So just take a chill pill and be friends him. Believe me, it may seem unnatural to you now, but it will help you husband back...........Seriously I mean it, just do as I say.

#7. Men And Women Are Different Better Connect With Like a Woman

This part is very critical if you wish to win your husband back after separation.

This simple things I will share with you that will shake off those negative feelings of stagnation and suffocation that so many woman start to feel after the first flush has worn off.

And the amazing part? This things work for ANY relationship, because they’re UNIVERSAL TRUTHS.

In other words it doesn’t matter if you’ve been together for 3 days or 30 years – the results will still be immediate and across-the-board.)

It could be your married life was amazing initially but understand that between men and women things change very fast.

So if you haven’t experienced the kind of relationship that requires effortless, magical love and passion that continues to INTENSIFY, that’s OK.

It doesn’t mean that such amazing relationships don’t exist. 

If you haven’t experienced this magical effortlessness for yourself yet.

It’s likely because you haven’t qualified yourself with the SKILLS and TECHNIQUES that are required to maintain and intensify attraction.

Yes, it’s true: although it’s incredibly easy to maintain and intensify passion and commitment, these things WILL diminish away unless you use some self-awareness.)

I hope you remember about the other woman we discussed above, it is this lack of quality skills that pushes your man away and gives the other woman chance to enter in your beautifully married life.


Today, I’m going sharing with you some practical but useful tips for applying in your married life to fuel the spark and intensity for life long.

As mentioned above MEN and WOMEN are different

Most women forget to think about the role that ‘respect’ has in close, committed, loving relationships.

Generally speaking, it’s not something that our brains tend to consciously think about: we either love someone, or we don’t.

Men are different. Unless they truly RESPECT a woman they’ll not let her get close.

So, if you want to find the secret sauce behind how to get your husband back after separation, it's "RESPECT".

It is one significant factor that will help you to stay close and connected with a man, so you need to focus your thoughts on  winning his RESPECT first.

This is the reason I said in the above paragraph DON'T REVEAL YOUR DESPERATION... I hope now you understand why I said that.

Most women have been ‘brainwashed’ with an idea of focusing on the things that ‘pop culture’ tells us we need to have do in order to be attractive to man.

Remember these things only talk about the external appearance.

Say for instance, always looking sexy, attractive, working out, wearing sexy clothes around the home, keeping a clean house, and always knowing what’s up in the bedroom.

In other words, there are plenty of women out there who on some level literally BELIEVE that ‘what a man really wants’ comes perfectly packaged in Victoria’s Secret underwear, who cooks a mean batch of brownies, and who knows how to give amazing foot massages.

(‘If I can turn up looking really sexy and hot in my lingerie and serve him up some sexy appetizers, he’ll NEVER EVER leave me!’)

Sure, all of those things are great quality and skills to have. But that’s not the only thing that he craves.

What a man REALLY wants in a woman – a woman he sees as a ‘long-term’ thing – is to RESPECT HER.

He wants to see that you are a woman who is worthy of his respect, who deserves to be treated with love, respect and care who he can actually see himself making a life with.

And who he knows can ‘hold down the fort’ without him needing to make all the decisions. If you can't be that woman there's always a chance your man will pull away and withdraw.

You try to do so much of the external immaterial things that you forget about the respect principle and in the process you give him chance to treat you like a DOORMAT

You need to show your husband you love and care him, but at the same time you’re self-possessed enough to NOT turn my own world upside down for him.

And NOT leave everything for him all the time, have a full life that you love, and that you’re capable of making good decisions.

Getting respect in marital relationship should be natural and willingly and it can't be forced and I believe without respect, you don’t have trust, and without trust, you don’t have a true relationship).

And to win that respect is that you need to behave in a way that shows you have respect FOR YOURSELF.

Remember the way that you treat yourself is mirrored by the people that you attract into your life be it your husband, boyfriend or friend.

Say for instance - I have seen many women trying to ‘act too sexy and hot’ to stay desirable’ around their husband and boyfriend, NOT because it’s an true expression of who they really are.

A simple example I will illustrate to make it more clearer, Let’s say you’re looking to mix things up a little bit and give him a bit of the  ‘wow’ factor to make him realize what a catch you are.

So you dress up in a see-through black lace lingerie and serve him up whipped cream and chocolate mousse, with a foot massage to follow.

Can you imagine what will happen?

Let’s find out first he’ll have sex with you which is obvious.

BUT, he will likely ALSO be able to sense that your actions are some how not quite‘ the real deal’, and wonder what kind of show you’re trying to put on and why you’re working so hard to impress him.

And then, he’ll go off to find more of a ‘real WOMAN’ elsewhere. Consider this: trying too hard is seen as UNSEXY, because it seems like you’re COMPENSATING for something.

As a result, you stop being natural, you seem like you’re acting out a ‘role’, and your behavior begins to whiff of insecurity and manipulation. This is not attractive.

A woman who DOESN’T try too hard, on the other hand, who merely is who she genuinely is, IS sexy because she’s NOT trying too hard.

Her naturalness shows right through … and as a result, her confidence and self-respect (and DESIRABLITY) are obvious to one and all.

The result? She’s desirable, but in a way that doesn’t cancel out his respect for her.And that’s the kind of woman he takes home to meet Mom.

So does that mean that you can’t ever dress up sexy in case you seem like you’re compensating for some deficiency of self-respect? Of course not.

The critical difference lies in the force that is MOTIVATING you. Use some self-awareness. Are you staying in touch with who you really are?

Or are you putting on a show because you’re trying to prove a point or create a certain out come to the situation?

For example, are you getting sexy and putting on a show because that’s an honest expression of yourself as a sexual being, because you desire him, and because it FEELS RIGHT for you to do so?

How you are being, and what is MOTIVATING you, is important, because it’s going to color what you say and how you act … and he’s going to be able to pick up on it.

 I am not trying to say you should not try to impress your husband and you shouldn't make an EFFORT.

I absolutely stand behind being your ‘best self’ and hope that you realize that ‘being genuine’ does NOT mean‘ not making an effort.’

The whole point of this little story is that it’s meant to illustrate the need to GET OUT of your own head and stop thinking about how he’s going to REACT, and whether that means you should do X as a response.

This is why it’s so important for you to he GENUINE about how you’re being. If you want to cultivate respect in HIS MIND for you, first treat yourself with SELF-respect.

#8. Last But Not Least - Don't Panic

I have discussed a lot about respect in detail, but all the above steps are possible only when you don't panic.

Sometimes what happens is after staying for together for so long in married life we believe that are relationship is getting closer and closer.

As you get to know each other more and more intimately but that's not always true.

The point is suddenly when you see him drifting away you start to panic and make decisions with an uncertain mind.

In the process it only hampers your married life further. I know it's easier said than done, but all I want to say is try to be stable and follow the above steps.

And more importantly have patience it will take a bit doing but the end result will be fruitful I can assure you for that.

Last but not the least GETTING YOUR HUSBAND BACK may look tedious but it's definitely doable if you apply the startegies in this post correctly and don't forget the RESPECT PRINCIPLE concept which is basically the theme of this post.

It may not benefit you now as your situation is vulnerable, but it will certainly benefit you once you get your husband back again after separation.

And at that time this respect principle will help you to take charge of the situation to ensure that he's not repeating the same thing again with you.

I will stop here and if you liked this post please do not forget to share it with other women in your friend circle and social media.

Before I end I would love to recommend you a step-by-step program designed intentionally to help woman like you to get their husband's or boyfriend's back.

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    1. I’m separated from my husband and kids for 9 months …I wish to reu ite with them…my husband wants to know my expe tations and where I see this going…please help

  2. I’m separated from my husband and kids for 9 months …I wish to reu ite with them…my husband wants to know my expe tations and where I see this going…please help

    1. It’s sad to hear you are in so much trouble I wish I could change things for you but I know that’s not easy. You see for now in a single comment I cannot help you much but as far as I understand All I want to say is tell your husband that you love him and want to make your marriage work and if there is some mistake or misunderstanding you are ready to sought it out and start afresh beginning again

      Tell him you love him and the kids and separation is not the solution.

      One more thing I am not here to sell you something directly but if your marriage really matters to you here is a course step by step course that I can offer you but it is not FREE.

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