May 5, 2022

How to Arouse a Man With Touch (11 Best Sizzling Touches He Can’t Resist)

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When it comes to learning about how to arouse a man with touch. Obviously, it boils down to learning about sex and more importantly where to touch a guy during sex.

I am going to spend a bunch of time talking about genitals and sensitive parts of a man during romance... Because there are COUNTLESS erogenous zones on our bodies.

All of these overlooked nooks and crannies and hot buttons are the weak spots to turn them on and these sexual touches can AMP UP your sexual pleasure and create that SENSUAL CONNECTION you want! 🙂

I’m going to show you... how to arouse him with touch, seduce him and joyfully explore each other and SIMPLE tricks that will cause a trail of goose bumps to spring up from his scalp to his toes.

Fun fact: Do you know what causes goose bumps? Goose bumps are an involuntary reaction to things like cold, as well as strong emotions, like arousal.

The brain sends a message to the tiny little muscles around the hair follicles, causing them to retract.

Remember, enjoying sexual touch and things that feel good, as well as giving and receiving pleasure, are at the cornerstones of becoming the hungry sexual tigress every man wants.

But before we learn how to arouse a man with touch, we need to first discover the sensitive parts of a man during romance.

Where Are The Body’s Erogenous Zones?

I will list them out, from head to toe...just to whet your imagination a little: scalp, ears, face, lips, neck, shoulders, chest, nipples, tummy, inner arms / armpit, hands back, sides of rib cage, thighs, feet ...and genitals, obviously 😉

That’s a LOT of body parts you have to arouse a man with touch! And chances are that you and your man have a few I didn’t even list!

A huge part of the fun in store for you is all the DELICIOUS experimenting you get to do while learning about the turn on spots for guys,

Gather Up Some Supplies. There are sooo many things you can use on this erotic touch adventure!

The good news is that there are a lot of things you already have in your own home to touch a man and seduce him, like:

• feathers (you can even use a cat know the ones with feathers on a stick)

• ice cubes

• a chain necklace

• a beaded necklace (anything from cheap plastic beads to your grandma’s pearls)

• candle wax (use soft paraffin wax candles with no scent or color – they melt at a lower temp, making dripping wax on skin safer)

• massage oil, coconut or olive oil

• body lotion

• silk scarves or neckties

• your own fingers

• ...and anything you might think of experimenting with!

When we get to the specific techniques, I might suggest an item that you don’t have. But for this first phase, you can use what you have on hand!

Try It Out On Yourself The foundation of being sensual is knowing what you like.

And while you can’t easily tickle yourself (it’s pretty impossible to surprise your own brain), you can see what it feels like to experience a variety of sensations across your erogenous zones.

From your list of supplies, gather up a few things you want to try out to touch a guy down there.

Pro tip: In a private moment, experiment with touching them against different parts of your body.

Try a slow, languid stroke...then try a slap or spank.

Lightly use your fingernails against your inner arm. Slide an ice cube down your inner thigh.

Drag a feather across your neck.

Put your chain necklace in the fridge for an hour or so, then run it across your shoulders or your chest.

Massage your own scalp.

And you probably already have a favorite body oil or body lotion you use that feels oh-so-amazing on your skin. See how it feels. What did you like?

Did anything surprise you? Note the things you particularly enjoyed. You will use that info later!

Time To Experiment.

The great thing with sensual touch is that it’s a wonderful way to play. Have fun experimenting and seeing what feels good!

Some techniques will lead to an obvious sexual arousal response, but the goal of this touching isn’t to end up having least not necessarily! 🙂

Once you learn the special, secret, where to touch a man to seduce him you will be able develop your own secret sexy language of touch.

You can sneakily run your fingernail on the backside of his ear...or rub your palm in a certain slow circle he likes on the small of his back...while you are in the most innocent situations and public places.

It’s a wonderful way to stay physically connected and enjoy each other’s touch outside the bedroom.

Here are a variety of techniques and ideas to touch a guy and turn him on. Try out a few...or try them all out!

I bet the more you experiment, the more your own imagination will blossom.

Also, while you will be the one introducing or suggesting each of these activities, you can also decide if you want to offer a treat just for him, or if you want him to reciprocate.

Just say “my turn!” or invite him to come up with his own way to sensually touch you back!

#1. Drawing Pictures Touch To Arouse a Man.

This is one of my wife’s personal favorites.

Having me lying down in bed, she turns my back toward her, takes off my shirt or lift it up so my skin is exposed.

Using just the tip of her finger or her fingernail, “she draws” a picture on my back and asks me to guess what she drew.

It’s like a sexier game of Pictionary.

The sensations feel great, and it’s funny to hear his guesses. This sexual touch technique is a great one to take turns with, too!

#2. Scalp Massage To Caress a Man.

A lot of people involuntarily clench the muscles in their scalp, especially when tense.

So giving your man a focused scalp massage feels AMAZING, and it’s also therapeutic.

Use the pads of your fingers and rub in small circles on his temple, hairline, back of the neck, behind his ears...even where his jaw connects to his skull.

Use slightly bigger circles on the bigger part of his scalp, including the base and down the back of his neck as you keep touching to arouse him.

Ask him if he’d like more (or less) pressure in your strokes. You can also use your fingernails in his hair and lightly across his scalp.

#3. Shampoo Girl

Taking the scalp massage to the tub, do the exact same thing while he’s in the bath or while you’re sharing a shower.

Massaging shampoo into his scalp will feel very it just feels great to have someone else wash your hair! 

#4. Kiss Massage

Using your lips rather than your hands, flutter little smooches all over his body.

Use a little sucking and some tongue flicking, too.

This is meant to just be a sensual touch...although when he sees your head moving south, his little soldier is bound to spring to attention.

It’s up to you if you want to indulge him...and it’s perfectly OK to keep this massage sensual and not sexual.

Plus the opportunity to tease him by brushing your lips just over the top of him and then continuing down his legs is super fun!

#5. Slow Tickle Touch To Arouse Your Man.

It’s like that old game called Tickle Torture, but slower and sexier.

Use your fingernails or fingers to slowly and very, very lightly graze the most tickle-prone parts of his body.

Inside the arms, the arm pits, down the ribs, behind the ears, the lower abdomen, and the backside of his legs and knees. These are guys weak spots to turn them on.

You can try feet, too, as long as he’s not terribly sensitive there. When his body clenches and recoils and he begins to giggle, stop.

Let him calm down, and then move to a new body part. The point here is to elicit giggles, not to cause him to guffaw.

This can be heightened even more if you blind fold him and then randomly switch the places you are touching. The element of anticipation and surprise adds an extra zing.

#6. Captive Audience

Try this one when you are both “stuck” in a place where you’re sitting next to him, like driving, or at a concert, or even out for drinks or dinner.

Slowly begin to massage or touch his arms. Then begin to lightly stroke his leg.

Knead his muscles beneath his pants to touch him down there. Move to the inner thigh and work your way up slowly.

As you get close to his groin, move back to the top of the thigh and then back down toward his knee.

Repeat that motion, only this time, lightly and sneakily (if you’re in public) graze your hand over his crotch.

You aren’t going to launch into a handjob here (I mean, if you want to I’m not going to stop you...and I bet he won’t either), but the point is to let him enjoy the massage and have a teeny bit of frustration with your teasing, too.

#7. The Long Exploration

It’s time for you to gather up your goodies listed above!

Rather than try out one thing at a time, I love, love, love setting aside a long stretch of time just for experimenting with my man.

Tell him you want to explore sensual touch.

It’s not sex,’s more discovering what feels good to each other while touching one another but at the same time not indulging into SEX.

To prepare, set the mood. Dim the lamps, light some soft-wax paraffin candles. Put on a long playlist of music.

And have enough time, without interruptions, to really dive in!

You can start by getting partially undressed and kissing and lightly touching.

You can do a technique like the kiss massage, along with a scalp massage, to really get him relaxed.

Once he’s mellow, you can introduce a blindfold.

This may seem kinky but really, eliminating one of the senses (sight) amplifies the others.

It’s going to make the touch sensations he’s experiencing from you that much more powerful.

Once the blindfold is secure, begin by trying out different items against his body parts.

Try to tune into your intuition and imagine, from your own experimenting, what will feel good to him.

You can playfully ask him to guess what you are using and see if he can figure it out.

Take your time and enjoy giving him these sensations.

Make a mental note of the things he seems to like in particular.

You can end things with a nice full-body massage...or you can transition into him experimenting on you...or you may just dissolve into a blissful lovemaking session.

Like I always say, there isn’t a wrong way to do any of these things! Just have fun. 🙂


#8. A Word on Anal Play

OK, I said I wasn’t going to talk about genitals or “sex” specifically in this lesson...but the booty does deserve its own little shout out.

Anal play is not everyone’s cup of tea, and that’s cool.

However, it IS one of the body’s most highly charged erogenous zones.

If you are at all curious about just experimenting with how your anus region can give you some surprising thrills, keep reading for some things to try.

NOTE: for health and safety reasons, any toys you use in your bum must be marked “bum only.”

Additionally, any fingers venturing in that area need to be cleaned before and after and take care that nails are trimmed and filed.

There are certain bacteria that flourish in the rectum that can be bad news if they get up in the rest of your lady bits.

It is highly sensitive tissue and small tears in those tissues can become big problems.

#9. LUBE UP! Butt Plugs sound awful but they can be quite fun for both of you.

The sensation of having your anus “full” during intercourse or as you climax is surprisingly enjoyable.

They come in a variety of sizes and have a larger “end,” making it less likely for one to get too far in or “lost” inside. Eek!

#10. Anal Beads

These toys look like they sound: a series of beads, graduated in size from large to small, on a sturdy string.

At the end of the string is a usually a loop or some kind of handle.

You insert the beads as far as you want into the anus and then slowly pull them out. Vibrators and Dildos Again, it’s important to buy booty-specific vibes and dildos.

First, in order to not cross-contaminate, but second, because these are designed so they won’t slip too far in, requiring a recovery expedition.

They come in sizes Petite to OH MY GOODNESS. It’s recommended to start on the petite side of things. 😉

#11. Prostate Massage

Massaging a man’s prostate provides him an INSANE pleasure while he’s cumming.

Like eye balls popping-out-of-his-head AMAZING.

Again, not every guy is keen on sticking anything up his poop chute, so this might take some convincing.

But there are specially designed anal toys that vibrate against the prostate.

If you can encourage him to try it out, he may end up bowing down to you in awe.

The information on Anal Play was basically a BONUS if you want you can IGNORE it.

But the rest of the insights in this guide is just awesome.

I will stop here. If you loved reading this powerful guide on how to arouse a man with touch then please do not forget to share it on your favorite social media.

Last but not the least if you want have the best possible sexual experience with your guy and more importantly if you want to be the QUEEN of his heart then I urge you to WATCH THIS POWERFUL VIDEO PRESENTATION HERE.

Trust me it’s just awesome….Just watch it. Bye and have a great day. ..

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