May 4, 2022

How To Make Him Cum (6 Behind The Scenes Actionable Steps)

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How to make him cum fast and hard - How to make a guy cum

Today you are going to learn how to make a guy cum fast and hard. And you will learn it so well that it will work every single time.

You will know exactly how does an orgasm feels like to him and more importantly how to cum faster  and give him the best orgasm ever.

Giving him super satisfying orgasms and making him cum really hard is very important when it comes to pleasing your man.

If you read most articles on the web they are focused on “making a woman orgasm” or “how to please a woman in bed”...

But there are very few good articles on how to make a guy cum hard

Male orgasm is a topic that is not talked about much.

That’s why some of what you will read here might come as a surprise.

Some of it might even freak you out.

But it’s important to understand a man’s sex drive to make him cum and give explosive orgasms.

Be here with me for the next 10 minutes and you’ll not only learn about his secret sex drive and sexual fantasies.

But you’ll also find out how to take the lead in bed and what it exactly it takes to make him cum fast and harder.

Important Note: Every step in this guide is a build up for the final finale which is making him cum faster and harder. 

Making him cum is not about giving him a 5 minute blowjob and the deed is done. 

It’s a process that you need to master to become the SEX GODDESS he craves in the bed.

So keep reading, if you are truly enthusiastic about pleasing your man and giving him powerful orgasms.

The Role Of Testosterone For Making A Man Cum Faster.

If I asked you what you think sex is about for a man, you’d probably answer with physical pleasure. 

Good answer...but not exactly right.

Sure, physical pleasure is part of it (because, duh, sex feels good) but it really isn’t what drives a man sexually with a woman

After all, most guys are well-versed on making them cum faster and harder in under five minutes

Okay, so if it’s not physical, next you might guess that sex is about love or emotional connection

ENNNHH! (that’s the buzzer sound for wrong)

Love and connection are generally what drive women to want sex (although physical pleasure is right up there, too). 

And while there is a component of male brain chemistry that does equate orgasm to emotional connection, it is far from the driving factor.

What It Is That Makes Him Cum Fast?

I know you may must be thinking that giving him oral sex or playing with his balls or dirty talk or a great handjob is what makes him cum faster.

Well you’re right partially, but there’s a lot more for you to learn when it comes to sex and men. 

The truth about male sex drive is that sex and orgasm for men is about seduction, power, ego, conquest, accomplishment, and validation. 

It’s about knowing he’s rendered you defenseless against his magnificent dong and his tremendous sexual prowess

It’s the satisfaction he gets knowing he can deliver sublime physical bliss to you makes him sexually addicted to you.

It’s the pride he takes in making ladylike you lose all control in the bedroom.

In other words, he wants to cum faster but at the same time he wants to please you.

A study published in 2017 in the Journal of Sex Research found that men view the female orgasm as an opportunity to confirm their manhood.

So what can you do to give him that power and claim his manhood?

Talk Dirty To Make Him Cum Quickly.

A study conducted by the online dating agency, Saucy Dates, has revealed men love to hear women moaning, making noises and using dirty words while getting down to business.

You can see the difference between what men and women like to hear during sex in this graphic below.

When you talk explicitly and uninhibitedly, you reinforce his sexual prowess

This sexual communication strengthens his connection to you

Very few women understand how to speak to their men in this direct way and build sexual tension.

And even the women who DO understand how powerful this method is... well, they sometimes forget because life and all of its responsibilities get in the way. 

He may be (pleasantly) shocked when you first try out these techniques. 

But I guarantee that any immediate silence is NOT judgment. 

In fact, he is going to be completely floored by the intense way you can turn him on and cum faster with words, like no other woman ever has.

We can't emphasize enough how powerful this technique is.

You can find in this other blog post more than 100 examples on how to talk dirty to your man but here are some quick dirty talking examples to get you started.

  • I can’t wait for you to see how naughty I can be.
  • I need to feel you inside of me right now. 
  • You make me so fucking horny. 
  • I want you so bad, I’m aching for your cock. 
  • I don’t want you to stop until you are shaking, spent, and exhausted. 
  • Make me your personal slut tonight. 
  • I’m going to make you come so hard. 
  • Oh my god, your dick feels so good. 
  • You have me so wet right now. I want to wrap my mouth around your cock right now. 
  • I want you to go down on me until every part of my body is shaking with pleasure.
  • I want to be on top and take control of your dick completely and cum together looking in your sexy eyes.

These dirty lines are so delicious that it would make any man turned on instantly.

Foreplay to Make Him Cum Faster During Sex.

"Foreplay helps to maintain intimacy. Physical intimacy but also emotional intimacy" says urologist and sexual health expert Dr. Jennifer Berman.

There's a huge misunderstanding floating around that guys don't prefer foreplay, that all they really want is a touch here and a nibble there and, done, they're ready for action. 

Not true. Not one bit true.

It’s a myth that women need to get out of their minds as quickly as possible.

Well, just like women, we men too LOVE foreplay.

It’s just that we are focused on the woman’s orgasm that everyone tends to ignore what men crave.

But ladies, if you really want to make your boyfriend or husband cum fast and hard.

Do not skip this step!

Step-by-Step Foreplay  Techniques To Arouse Him And Make Him Cum Faster.

Touch At Sensitive Places To Arouse Him:

Couples that have been together for any length of time can fall into a boring pattern of lovemaking

That is, they caress one another in similar ways each time they make love. 

At the risk of generalizing, men are probably quicker to fall into a pattern of going for the hot spots right away, forgetting about some of the subtler areas that might have been explored earlier in the relationship.

So this time being a woman I want you to surprise him next time you are in bed by touching him everywhere, kissing him and playing with his balls softly and touching each part of his body like you would lick an ice cream. 

There are plenty of erotic zones on a man’s body, and they surely need more attention.

1. Have him lying on his back, begin to softly kiss him, lick him lightly using your tongue and lips to raise goose bumps along his legs and arms. 

a) The underside of his neck from his chin to his throat 

b) The sides of his neck from his ears to his shoulders 

c) His inner arms and the creases of his elbows 

d) The inner curve of his waist and the sides of his hips 

e) The lower curve of his belly, above is pubic hair 

f) The backs of his knees.

2. Glide your hands over his legs, brushing his pubic area on your way down. The idea is to titillate him before he climax. Work your way back up again from his feet, using the same sensitive touch/lick.

3. Gently caress his shoulders, working your way down his arms to his hands. Use the flat of your hand and touch him very lightly. 

4. Move your hands to his chest, running your hands and fingers over them lightly, just brushing his nipples.

5. Stroke the length of his hard dick down to his pubic area. Tease him by gently brushing your fingers over his inner thighs. 

6. Return to his chest, using your fingers to stimulate his nipples and simultaneously licking and biting his ear lobes. 

7. Run your hands down his torso again and touch his pubic area more firmly, using your fingers to lightly massage the shaft of his penis. 

8. Take a few moments to run your hands over the tip of his penis, barely touching it.

9. Try this oral sex technique to give him a satisfying hand job but do not make him cum, sucking his cock but not letting him climax when he is at the brink. This will make him go crazy.

Allow the erotic energy to build until it seems like a natural time to start shifting the focus to more explicitly sexual activities. 

Bonus Ideas To Tantalize Your Man In Bed.

1.  Touch him only with your mouth/lips (Remember no hands)

How about an evening when you’re allowed to use only your mouth in the process of lovemaking. 

This may seem like a challenge, but a little variety didn’t hurt anyone.

So, the next time you are making love, touch each other only with your mouths. Keep your hands away. 

Kiss, lick, nibble, and suck all over each other.

Let your mouth roam where your hands would otherwise.

Take the lean in bed and brush your lips along his neck, run your tongue down his spine, nibble the sensitive parts around his nipples, and draw circles on his stomach with your tongue. 

Try not to use your hands except for support or until you just can’t stand not to use them.

It should be a delicious evening to make him cum really strongly.

2. Cuddle Him

This one is not "sexy" but extremely important to recreate or sustain that emotional intimacy with your man.

Cuddling releases oxytocin, which is also known as the feel-good hormone.

"It increases overall happiness" says psychologist, physical therapist, and author of best-seller "A Happy You: Your Ultimate Prescription for Happiness" Elizabeth Lombardo

Couples that have been together for awhile sometimes lose touch with the simpler physical moments of their beginning. 

After awhile, you tend to just start in the middle of lovemaking, skipping the preludes.

Make the house quiet, hold each other and stroke one another.

Recapture the simpler time in your relationship, when this kind of physical communication was important.

Both of you will benefit from this return to some of your earliest forms of lovemaking, when just holding one another was charged with electricity. 

Sometimes the best way to heat up your sex life is actually slowing it down, and a few minutes of cuddling before you turn the pleasure thermometer is a great way to do that.

3. Sexy Scrabble To Make Him Cum Faster And Really Strongly.

To heighten the experience of love and lust for each other, play a game of sexy scrabble together, using erotic words to spark your sexual imagination. 

First, each of you should separately write down what you’d like your partner to do for you if you win the game, and put those desires in an envelope- no peeking!

Rule: it must be something sexy, and it can’t include penetrative sex.

These are little ideas if applied in the right way can make your guy cum every single time you make love to him.

4. Sexy From Distance.

Teasing your guy from a distance is particularly thrilling because it lets him know that you’re thinking about him, even when- and especially when- he is not near you.

Whether you are apart only for the day, or for longer, teasing through virtual technology can give you both a very real buzz.

An email where you describe to him what’s waiting for him when he comes back, or a raunchy text about how you are touching yourself thinking about him, can increase his desire.

Since you are giving him unambiguous hints of what’s to come later.

This sort of sexual communication is extremely tantalizing for a man.

In fact, he would become desperate to meet you and make love to you the next time you get together.

Step-by-Step Hand job Techniques To Cum Faster.

Most men can have an orgasm any time they want

Giving him a hand job isn’t ultimately about “giving him an orgasm.” It’s about the experience

Yes, the real “art” of a satisfying hand job is the amazing experience you can provide to him.

And that’s what makes this hand job technique so special.

So if you want to make him cum hard master this mind-shattering hand job techniques and give him levels of pleasure he’s probably never experienced before.

Handjob Technique - Step #1 - Use A Lot Of Lube.

No matter what kind of penis your man has, lube is your best erotic friend.

If you don’t have “real” lube, your next best option is coconut oil (all natural AND delicious).

If you don’t have coconut oil, then you’ll be limited to using your own saliva.

Licking your palm will give you enough to get things going, but it won’t be as good as “proper” lube.

You want to use enough to coat the entirety of his penis (but not his balls).

With his erection lying on his stomach (if he’s lying down), squeeze a line of lube from the base to the glans.

Then push the palm of your hand across the base of his penis and wrap your fingers lightly around his shaft.

This should coat your palm with the lube.

Gently and lightly (as lightly as you can for the most deliciously torturing effect) twist your hand around his shaft until it and your hand are completely covered in lube, then stroke upward to the glans.

Remember to keep your grip LIGHT at this point.

Just enough pressure to get the lube where you need it. Once you’re lubed up, the play truly begins.

Hand job Technique - Step #2 - Vary The Speed And Pressure Of Your Strokes.

Most guys reach orgasm by sticking to fast, relatively firm strokes while tensing up whole other parts of their body. 

Since we’re NOT trying to make him cum instantly, that means that during the play it’s best to start with a VERY LIGHT touch and a VERY SLOW stroke. 

From there you can increase the tempo and pressure, depending on what kind of reaction you’re getting from him. 

Going from very slow and teasing to VERY FAST, so he ALMOST comes to the edge, and then slowing down again isn’t just great fun for you, it’s frustratingly amazing for him

Hand job Technique - Step #3 - Ask Him What He Likes Or What He Wants (Slow Or Fast)

There’s nothing wrong with simply asking him what he wants you to do or how he wants you to touch him. 

“Where do you want me to touch you? Like this? Or this?” Or “Does this feel good? Can I put my finger here? I knew you’d like this.” 

Whether you actually listen to him is totally up to how naughty you’re feeling at the time. 

After all, you’re the one in control here, not him.

Hand job Technique - Step #4 - Focus your hand job beyond just his penis.

Touch his other body parts

If you’re only using one hand on his cock, that leaves your other hand free for “extra curriculars,” such as tickling or lightly tugging on his balls, scratching your nails down his chest, or stimulating his nipples. 

A lot of men enjoy having the pelvic area right above the penis lightly tickled with nails or rubbed. 

Lightly touch your nails down his chest and across his pelvic bone.

Also, kiss or stimulate his nipples.

Kiss His Inner Thighs, Neck And Ears.

Kisses never fail. Also kiss his neck and lightly nibble on his ears. Most men’s inner thighs are incredibly sensitive. 

Try lightly touching and kissing his inner thighs, slowly working your way closer and closer to his cock.

Rub Your Mouth Or Pussy Against His Cock.

Bring your mouth or pussy VERY close but do not suck his cock don’t let him enter

Rub his cock against the outside of your pussy (and only the outside) – remember, you’re building up to a hand job and not an intercourse.

Now, you can continue playing and torturing his penis with the lovely touch of your hands and combine all these different ideas we discussed in this part to finally get him to cum hard and fast.

Pro Secret tip about men ejaculation

Most women don't know this...

If you deliciously torture him by taking him to the edge of orgasm and then slowing down, not allowing him to cum (no matter how bad he wants it) for a period of time...

...his cum will be much bigger and larger.

If you truly want to make your man ejaculate BIG TIME repeat the process.

Following previous advice, slowly take him to the verge of orgasm and then slow down not allowing him to.

How To Love His Penis And Make Him Cum.

According to a 2016 study by Department of Urology and the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, University of California, San Francisco that surveyed a representative sample of over four thousand U.S. men, 86 percent were truly satisfied with their genitals.

In other words, men really admire their penises.

If you want to reach right into the core of any man’s raw, primal sex drive, you need to understand just how important his penis is to him. 

It may not be the prettiest-looking thing, but he LOVES it. And you should, too

Nothing will earn his undying devotion to you more than a never-ending well of cock worship

Learning to love his penis is the real secret to giving a man explosive orgasms.

Basics Of Giving An Amazing Blowjob and Making Him Cum.

Being enthusiastic this is probably the Number One tip on giving great oral sex and powerful orgasm.

He LOVES it when you act like you genuinely want to give him pleasure and make him cum.

If he has to beg or you seem like you dread it, it massively diminishes his enjoyment. 

So this is crucial, really crucial when it comes to learning how to cum faster for him by giving him oral sex.

Now, let’s talk technique.

Step 1 - Make Him Cum - Blowjob - The Tip Of The Penis

The tip of the penis is the most sensitive part in a man’s body.

Too much tongue action, too soon, may not feel good for him.

Think of how you enjoy oral sex.

Most women like his tongue attention to start with slow and soft, and then vary between direct stimulation on the clitoris and licking/sucking on the inner and outer labia.

You want him to gradually build up sexual tension to more intense and focused pressure on the clit.

If he just went to town sucking or pressing hard right off the bat, you’d probably yelp in pain.

Apply the same logic to his penis

Focus on the length of the shaft, the base, balls, and perineum while making him cum through oral pleasure.

Step 2 - Make Him Cum - Killer Blowjob - The Lollipop Oral Sex Technique.

Start by gently touching the tip of his penis and once he’s nice and firmly erect, switch it up by just using your tongue.

Imagine you are licking a giant lollipop and run your tongue up and down the length of him and then swirl it all around the top.

Pay special attention to his frenulum, applying specific pressure there each time you swirl around the head.

This technique isn’t what will bring him to orgasm, but it will give him a new, amazing sensation.

Trust me this is something that most men like during sex.

Step 3 - Make Him Cum - Blowjob - Flicker Tease To Give Him The Best Orgasm Ever He Has Experienced.

Let your tongue go crazy with this one!

You can do this with a closed mouth around his penis, or alternate by just using your tongue and playing with his balls.

Flick your tongue as you move up and down on him. If the head of his penis is extra-sensitive, do this mainly on the shaft.

Keep your tongue kind of wide and flat while he’s in your mouth and then switch it to a harder or pointier tongue.

You can also vary the amount of suction while you are doing this. Think of how it feels when he flicks his tongue on your clit, and do the same motion to him.

Now, as you are sucking his cock and you’re moving your hand up and down at the same time, rotate it around his shaft.

Use a lot of saliva or lube and be careful to not actually twist his skin.

Moving only your palm, side to side, around him. You can combine this with the Flicker Tease for extra pleasure!

Step 4 - Make Him Cum - Blowjob - Deep Throat Technique To Make Him Cum Harder.

While deep-throating feels amazing for him, not every woman can do it (nor want to).

Some of you just have too strong of a gag reflex, or his penis might just be too big.

Or you may have a cold or allergies, and breathing through your nose is a no-go.

If you want to try to deep throat, do these steps:

1. Relax your throat as much as possible.

2. Breathe through your nose.

3. Suck his cock as far as you can.

4. Push your tongue forward (to make more room in your throat).

5. Slowly ease him back toward your throat. If you start to gag, don’t be embarrassed.

The more often you do it, the easier it gets.

And if you realize deep throating just isn’t your bag of tricks, your other OUTSTANDING B.J. techniques will make him cum and keep him MORE than satisfied!

Make Him Cum - Blowjob - Remember his balls.

Don’t forget the family jewels! Playing with his balls, letting alone putting them in your mouth, might make you say “ewwww!” at first.

But paying attention to this often-overlooked area is what classifies you as a blow job master.

The easiest way to pay attention to this area would be to put your free hand around his balls during the blowjob.

You can also take a moment to gently suck on them

If you can’t get both in your mouth at the same time, one at a time is perfectly fine.

Take care to be gentle. NO BITING.

One thing that drives some guys wild is the sensation of you tugging on his scrotum, especially right before they climax.

Start slowly and increase the strength at which you tug by using his moans or breathing as a guide.

If it hurts or it’s too much, he will let you know.

Make Him Cum - Blowjob - Putting it all together.

The actual blow job is going to be a combination of different sensations for him, always returning to the main up/down mouth/hand motion.

When you sense he’s getting close to climax (or let’s face it, your jaw muscles are in pain) return to the up/down mouth/hand motion and keep a consistent pace and pressure.

Let him guide you. He might put his hands on your head to show you the pace he wants.

Generally, faster is better, but again, every guy is different.

You don’t have to worry about suction when he’s close to orgasm.

It’s much more about pace and consistent sensation, along with wet warmth, that will bring him to climax.

Make Him Cum - Blowjob - When He Cums.

Gulp it...or spit it...or... If the idea of swallowing kind of grosses you out, you aren’t alone.

However, it is a really big deal to a lot of guys.

It’s like the ultimate way of pleasing your man and showing you accept him when you allow him to “give you his essence,” cumming in your mouth and seeing you gulp it down.

If swallowing simply isn’t your thing, just don't do it.

He can cum in your mouth and you can hold it and then spit it out, but that may feel to him like you don’t like it.

A sexier option is to pull away at the last second and let him cum on your breasts, your chest, your tummy.

You can also let him release onto your face or hair.

This is called the “money shot” in porn lingo, and to some women it feels a bit degrading.

REMEMBER: You don’t have to do that if you aren’t cool with it.

You can also have a towel at the ready to wipe it off quickly...or just hop in the shower.

That’s it.

FAQ About Making Him Cum.

What are the best ways to make a guy cum fast and easily?

Sex for men is about seduction, power, ego, conquest, accomplishment, and validation.

Men view the female orgasm as an opportunity to confirm their manhood.

The best way to make him cum is to let him know he is doing a great job pleasing you, that will turn him on and will inevitably make him cum.

Does every blowjob have to end in orgasm?

Ideally, yes But it depends on the situation. 

If he has a long refractory period between erections, give him head for a few minutes and then switch it up to vaginal intercourse.

Is foreplay really important to make him cum?

Foreplay plays a significant part in physical and emotional intimacy, helping your body and mind to get ready for sex.

Just like women, men also want kissing, hugging, licking to help them get aroused before they cum hard.


Remember making a guy cum is not that hard but the only thing that matters the most is how you make him feel when he cums.

It’s his internal satisfaction that matters the most.

And if you can do that you’ll certainly make your guy feel like he’s won the sexual lottery.

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