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How To Make Him Cum Fast and Hard (Works Every Single Time)


In this powerful guide I will spend some time talking about male orgasm... Specifically, how to make him cum fast and give him TOE-CURLING PLEASURE EXPLOSION so crazy big he thinks he’s hit some secret bliss lair... ...with YOU as the mistress of the desire dungeon.

Learn exactly How Does An Orgasm Feel Like To Him and more importantly How To Make Him Cum And Give Him The Best Orgasm Ever?

Note that there are a few distinct differences in what orgasms feel like between the sexes.

Women’s orgasms can last longer than men’s, arriving in waves and then subsiding, whereas his culminates in a rapid burst of energy that lasts a few seconds.

Also, men have a refractory period after orgasm, meaning their penis needs time before it can get another erection.

So, unlike women, achieving multiple orgasms is impossible for some men (although I’ve have had many times in my life)

The refractory period can last anywhere from minutes to even days. I also served my Man subscribers to weigh in and give us the low-down on what orgasm feels like.

Here’s what they had to say: “It feels like a dam about to explode. Sometimes I fight the buildup, because I want to last longer, and when I finally can’t control it, I have to let it just go.

It’s like a really intense bolt of energy that’s shooting from deep within and after, I’m physically (and literally) drained.”

“It’s like a slow-building roller coaster that takes a very sharp incline almost straight up before you rocket straight back down.

And you get this amazing feeling in your stomach right before you climax, and then for the next 10-15 seconds the floor drops out and you are drifting in bliss. Then you come back to reality.”

To be honest being a man myself. “I experience an almost indescribable mental state right at the moment of climax.

Like I can understand all the secrets of the universe but only for that split second, then it’s gone.”

“I sort of feel like it’s almost like a full body seizure of sorts.

It starts as pressure, sometimes tingling, in my balls and lower abdomen but when I finally release, it feels like every muscle in my body kind of contracts and spasms. It’s an intense.” When I cum

#1. If you want to learn how to make him cum and experience the best orgasm ever you need to first, ask what he likes.

Every penis is slightly different, so asking your man what he enjoys is the number one thing to do.

Speed, position, and area of focus are critical to know in order to do a custom-made job for him.

#2. Wetter is better. A dry mouth on a dry penis can be painful. Flavored lubricant or lots of saliva is key.

Make sure you’re well hydrated to be in top saliva-producing mode.

#3. Practice. If you haven’t been giving many blow jobs or hand jobs lately, your jaw will likely cramp up, and it hurts like a mo-fo.

A lot of women don’t like oral simply because it can be uncomfortable. But like any skill, the more you practice, the easier it becomes!

You can practice by giving shorter oral sessions with him, like as a pre-cursor to vaginal sex and making him cum fast.

You can also practice alone with a banana (keep the peel on because a banana can break in two while stuffed in your mouth).

Get used to breathing through your nose, relaxing your throat muscles to calm your gag reflex, and keeping your jaw will make a big difference in your comfort level while giving head.

#4. Not just the tip. The tip of the penis is the most sensitive part on his body. Too much tongue action, too soon, may not feel good for him.

Think of how you enjoy oral sex. Most women like his tongue attention to start with slow and soft, and then vary between direct stimulation on the clitoris and licking/sucking on the inner and outer labia.

You want him to gradually build up to more intense and focused pressure on the clit.

If he just went to town sucking or pressing hard right off the bat, you’d probably yelp in pain.

Apply the same logic to his penis. Focus on the length of the shaft, the base, balls, and perineum while giving him oral pleasure. Start slowly and gently.

Vary where and how you’re placing your mouth and tongue on him, and build up speed and pressure as you go.

#5. Be enthusiastic. This is probably the Number One tip on giving great oral and giving him an explosive orgasm.

He LOVES it when you act like you genuinely want to give him pleasure. If he has to beg or you seem like you dread it, it massively diminishes his enjoyment. Now, let’s talk technique.

#6. Floppy Cucumber Technique To Make Him Cum Fast.

If you are starting out with a flaccid member, it’s actually really easy to get your entire mouth around it.

Gently suck, using only your mouth at this point.

Pushing your lips out (like an imitation of a “duck face” feels really good to him as the underside of your lips are directly on his skin.

Be careful to not suck too hard...aim for something close to a gentle tug.

And keep your teeth off of his delicate skin. You can also roll him around a bit with your tongue. Pretty quickly, you should feel his erection beginning to grow.

#7. Hand Placement

Once his penis is erect, you might not be able to get as much of him in your mouth, especially if he’s well-endowed or girthy. That’s OK!

Your hand will play an important part here to make him cum and experience intense pleasure.

Wrap your palm around his base. If he’s the kind who shoots off some pre-emptive squirts, and you are the type who doesn’t enjoy that, grab him firmly at the base.

You’ll feel a big vein on the underside of his shaft. You can put pressure on that while giving him head if you’d like, as long as it’s comfortable for him.

As your mouth moves up and down, slide your hand right along with it.

This kind of creates an extended “mouth” which is helpful to keep the sensations going for him without giving you a giant jaw cramp while trying to go down super far.

Use this as your “home base” motion. This is the main action. You can move to different techniques and then return to this.

Chances are this basic up/down with your hand extension helping will be the technique you use as he climaxes.

When he’s getting close, a specific pace and consistent sensation will send him over the edge.

#8. The Lollipop

Once he’s nice and firmly erect, switch it up by just using your tongue.

Imagine you are licking a giant lollipop and run your tongue up and down the length of him and then swirl it all around the top.

Pay special attention to his frenulum, applying specific pressure there each time you swirl around the head.

This technique isn’t what will bring him to orgasm, but it will give him a new, amazing sensation. Trust me this is something that most men like during sex.


#9. The Harmonica Move To Surprise Your Man.

Curl your mouth around your teeth and run it sideways up and down his shaft.

You can hum a little bit, which vibrates your lips on his skin.

You can also add variety by using your tongue on some strokes and then going back to just your lips to make him cum.

#10. Flicker Tease To Give Him The Best Orgasm Ever He Has Experienced

Let your tongue go crazy with this one! You can do this with a closed mouth around his penis, or alternate by just using your tongue.

Flick your tongue as you move up and down on him. If the head of his penis is extra-sensitive, do this mainly on the shaft.

Keep your tongue kind of wide and flat while he’s in your mouth and then switch it to a harder or pointier tongue.

You can also vary the amount of suction while you are doing this. Think of how it feels when he flicks his tongue on your clit, and do the same motion to him.

#11. Palm Tornado

As you have him in your mouth and you’re moving your hand up and down at the same time, rotate it around his shaft.

Use a lot of saliva or lube and be careful to not actually twist his skin.

Moving only your palm, side to side, around him. You can combine this with the Flicker Tease for extra pleasure!

#12. Deep Throat

While deep-throating feels amazing for him, not every woman can do it.

Some of you just have too strong of a gag reflex, or his penis might just be too big.

Or you may have a cold or allergies, and breathing through your nose is a no-go.

If you want to try to deep throat, do these steps:

1. Relax your throat as much as possible.

2. Breathe through your nose.

3. Take him into your mouth as far as you can.

4. Push your tongue forward (to make more room in your throat).

5. Slowly ease him back toward your throat. If you start to gag, don’t be embarrassed.

The more often you do it, the easier it gets.

And if you realize deep throating just isn’t your bag of tricks, your other OUTSTANDING B.J. techniques will make him cum and keep him MORE than satisfied!

Putting it all together. The actual blow job is going to be a combination of different sensations for him, always returning to the main up/down mouth/hand motion.

It might go... Floppy > Basic > Lollipop > Basic > Harmonica > Slllloooowwww Lollipop > Basic > Flicker Tease > Basic As you vary the different techniques, also vary the pace.

Move fast and then slow it down, which can help extend his erection.

When you sense he’s getting close to climax (or let’s face it, your jaw muscles are in pain) return to the up/down mouth/hand motion and keep a consistent pace and pressure.

Let him guide you. He might put his hands on your head to show you the pace he wants.

Generally, faster is better, but again, every guy is different.

You don’t have to worry about suction when he’s close to orgasm.

It’s much more about pace and consistent sensation, along with wet warmth, that will bring him to climax.

Don’t forget the family jewels! Touching balls, letting alone putting them in your mouth, might make you say “ewwww!” at first.

But paying attention to this often-overlooked area is what classifies you as a blow job master. You can put your free hand around his balls during the blow job.

You can also take a moment to gently suck on them. If you can’t get both in your mouth at the same time, one at a time is perfectly fine.

Take care to be gentle. NO BITING. One thing that drives some guys wild is the sensation of you tugging on his scrotum, especially right before they climax.

Start slowly and increase the strength at which you tug by using his moans or breathing as a guide.

If it hurts or it’s too much, he will let you know.

Gulp it...or spit it...or... If the idea of swallowing kind of grosses you out, you aren’t alone.

However, it is a really big deal to a lot of guys.

It’s like the ultimate way of showing you accept him when you allow him to “give you his essence,” cumming in your mouth and seeing you gulp it down.

If swallowing simply isn’t your thing, it’s important to communicate that ahead of time (or during, especially if you notice an overactive gag reflex happening that day).

He can cum in your mouth and you can hold it and then spit it out, but that may feel to him like you don’t like it.

A sexier option is to pull away at the last second and let him cum on your breasts, your chest, your tummy.

 You can also let him release onto your face or hair. This is called the “money shot” in porn lingo, and to some women it feels a bit degrading.

You don’t have to do that if you aren’t cool with it. You can also have a towel at the ready to wipe it off quickly...or just hop in the shower.

#13. Erectile Dysfunction:

Why It’s An Opportunity For pretty much every man, there will come a time where his little soldier refuses to cooperate.

An erection may be difficult to maintain, it may fire off prematurely, or it simply might not happen at all.

And when this occurs, it can be awkward, if not downright humiliating, for both partners. Being a man I have experienced it sometimes in my life only sometimes.

And the one reason I can almost GUARANTEE isn’t on this list? His desire for you and the level of attraction.

This is where a lot of women get it wrong.

You’ve been sort of conditioned to think that a man’s erection is the automatic response and reflection of his sexual attraction to you.

And so a lot of women incorrectly presume that no boner = no attraction.

And in most cases, that actually couldn’t be further from the truth!

I want you to imagine for a second what that must feel like to be a man. Actually, wait.

First let’s talk about you. Because sex for you? It can generally “work” even if your systems aren’t cooperating fully.

You can still have intercourse whether you are super horny or not.

And if for some reason your lady bits don’t get all lubed up from your own juices, you still have options.

You all know your level of wetness isn’t a reflection of your attraction level to your partners.

Medicine and hormones and all sorts of things can interfere with your self-lubrication function.

If you are as dry as the Sahara, you can whip out a tube of lube and be ready to rock and make him cum.

But back to thinking about what intercourse is for a man.

His penis needs to respond with an erection in order for intercourse to take place.

That’s a lot of pressure, right? Imagine if, for reasons completely beyond your control, an erection just wasn’t happening.

AND remember just how much importance most men place on their penis, how closely it’s tied to their identity as men.

Then think for a moment about how much erectile dysfunction can affect a man’s psyche, ego, and mood.

The absolute WORST thing you could do when faced with this situation is to blame him or accuse him of not being attracted to you.

Believe me, he wants nothing more than to be able to penetrate you with a rock-hard, erect penis right that very second and experience explosive orgasms with you.

Except he can’t. This moment you have with an uncooperative penis is really an opportunity to show your man how much you love and accept him, and how you DESIRE him no matter how temperamental his little soldier may be.

And if you truly wish to understand how to make him cum and feel sexually and emotionally satisfied with you.

Then you must communicate your love for and attraction to him, reminisce about other sexual escapades you shared together, and basically let him know that while you love having intercourse with him, his penis isn’t the sole focus of your sexual satisfaction.

His relief knowing he hasn’t disappointed you will be tremendous, and the knowledge that you still find him desirable and sexy makes him feel accepted and loved.

Which, ultimately, serves to strengthen your emotional connection and love for one another.

I will stop here. I hope you loved reading this guide on how to make him cum and If you TRULY enjoyed reading then you'll also love this POWERFUL VIDEO PRESENTATION below.

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