10 Secrets To Manifest Your Dreams Into Reality With Law Of Attraction

​Do dreams come true in real life?

This is a very common question that haunts every man or woman not once not twice but many times in their life. To be honest I must say "YES" Dreams do come true, but only when you learn the secrets to manifest your dreams into reality by taking the right decisions and working in the right directions.

​In this post lets find out the right secrets to manifest your dreams into reality, secrets that hold the key to success in life.

But before you continue to read this post I want you to believe and convince your mind first that "Dreams do come true in real life" and only than proceed ahead as it will provide you with the right energy and right frame of mind to manifest your dreams. But you must take action today or else you will regret 8 years from now at your choice of not making the decision at the right time.

​Do you know that our mind can manifest almost anything and everything that it visualizes. Our mind is a very powerful manifesting gadget or machine which has the ability to produce wonders when used in the right directions.

​The only problem is that our mind is ingrained with negative thoughts throughout the day and this negativity is what that doesn't allow us to think positively and use it in the right directions.

​To be honest it holds true for everyone of us as we all possess some sort of negativity. But its possible to eliminate this negativity with the help of the law of attraction.

The law of attraction alone cannot help you achieve your dreams. No doubt bringing positive energy and eliminating negativity is the purpose for which we take advantage of the law of attraction formula also called as Destiny tuning and Manifestation miracle.

But that's alone not enough to achieve success and manifest your dreams into reality. The law of attraction formula will definitely help you to think and feel positive, but positive thinking alone is not enough to achieve success in life.

Key to success in life is living your dreams in reality by attracting the positive energy and putting that positive energy and feeling in the right directions to get the right results. I hope you are getting my point and it makes sense to you. 

This is real world and not any dream or fantasy and in real world dreams don't come true with positive thinking or hopes or prayers. Its very easy to think positive and hope in our prayers for our dreams to come true.

But my friend even you know in your mind its not possible, execution of your positive thinking is what is required and it is the only key to success in life.

I know its easy to write here but very hard to implement and equally unpredictable whatever plans you are implementing will work out for you without any problems. 

This is where the law of attraction and destiny tuning comes into picture for your help. Of course its not a magic wand that will manifest all your dreams into reality in one night. But it will definitely help you to shape up your dreams and help them turn into reality with consistent efforts.

I will tell you how - Note that the human brain has the tendency to store negative thoughts and experiences which is the reason why we always tend to attract negativity.

We are addicted to negative thoughts because our mind is ingrained with layers of negative stories, orthodox thinking, pessimistic beliefs, fears and blocks that have become the interior picture of our minds that cannot be washed overnight just by thinking positive for one day.

If you want to master the art of manifestation with the law of attraction, you have to clear those negative pictures and patterns that are stored in your unconscious mind and substitute them with positive, empowering pictures. In other words, refurbish your negative mind. 

As I said above its easy to say but hard to do but in order to achieve the success you want, its important to practice this art of positive thinking and simultaneously implement those positive thoughts in your real life.

As you start to apply positive practices in your daily lives, You will automatically boost your energy level and vibration so that you are able to manifest your dreams calmly, peacefully to yield quick results. 

As I said above once you get accustomed to using this positive tools in your day to day life you'll be poised to deliver better experiences and results. 

Lets discuss some examples of Positive Habits to Manifest your Dream Life.

#1. Appreciate and love what you have

Appreciate others and appreciate yourself for whatever you are in your life and whatever you have. No doubt appreciation don't mean that you should be contented in what you already have and not strive for more.

No its not what I mean is when you start relishing and loving moments by appreciating yourself and others, it keeps you at peace and produces positive vibrations in your mind and body.

Those positive vibrations helps you to learn and grow and at the same time keeps you confident even when things aren't going well. That's the power of appreciation imagine if things aren't going well for you and you start to get frustrated and angry in stead of appreciating your failure.  

Do you think you will be able to achieve the success you are  fighting for. Think about it for a moment the answer lies in your heart believe me its looks complicated but in reality its not.

#2. Dump the Past

Just because you had tasted failure in past don't mean you should stop trying. Release the fears, uncertainty and doubts that you experienced in the past and realize that everyday is not same and things are never constant in life failure is a part of life.

Success will be more sweeter and tastier only when you taste the bitterness of failure.

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As Belleau wood said “Heaven’s not beyond the clouds it’s just beyond our fears.” Disappointment and fear are the culprits that steal our energy and fill all the negativity of the world in our mind.

Its important to understand and stay firm to accept responsibility in your life. What I mean to say is forgive and forget, live without opinions, throw out your old baggage and live for the present moment, feel it without throwing your opinions whether the moment at hand is giving you good or bad experiences. Just live it and enjoy it following your heart’s guidance and desires for tomorrow. 

Believe me you will automatically attract positive energy your heart and mind will never speak in fear and I believe it is one of the secret ingredients for manifesting your dreams into reality.

#3. Stay Unattached

By asking you to stay unattached to your desires I don't mean that your forget all your dreams. What I want to say is just do your job and expect for better results, but don't get attached to the outcome, when you get attached to the outcome and if the outcome is not good it hurts - isn't it?

When you get hurt there's a big chance that the failure or the negative outcome may turn all your positive energy into total negativity. Do not limit the universe with your negative experiences.

Success will come if not today may be tomorrow all you need to do is keep trying without losing hope and continue to manifest your dreams and that's the secret mantra the key to success.

#4. Stay Focused

Its not only focus, its consistent focus without diverting your attention from your target. Its awesome to set goals and make plans, but that's only not enough what matters is giving proper laser targeted attention towards your goal and executing those plans as I said above many times in this post.

Rinse and repeat your affirmations by meditation, visualization, gratitude and relaxation. It will help you focus easily and relax your mind at whatever actions and decisions you make. You will be mentally and physically at peace wherever you will go and at the same time you will be able to build habit of executing your plans by staying focused.

#5. Believe your dreams will turn into reality

Unless you believe in your mind you can do it, you cannot achieve your dreams. Belief has so much power in itself that with true belief you can move rocks. But if your mind is filled with doubts and insecurities no matter how hard you try you will never ever accomplish your dreams.

That is why again and again I am stressing to stay positive, belief will stay only when you stay positive. Belief motivates your desire and opens the highway for your dreams to land easily without much hassles in the way.

Additionally, with belief as your fire, you will be less likely to run out of "desire fuel" conclusion whatever is your desire in life to fulfill that desire the first step is to believe that your desires and dreams will turn into reality.

#6. Keep an eagle's eye on what you want

If you want to hit the nail on the head you need to keep an eagle's eye on what you want. It is one of the important steps in manifesting your dreams into reality. 

Understand that the universe only radiates energy and the energy radiated by the universe is neither positive nor negative. Its up to you how you absorb that energy and mould it in your life to get positive or negative results. 

I hope its making sense to you that the law of attraction will work only when you too are determined in your mind to attract positive energy and use that energy in the right direction.

#7. Be Crystal clear in your thoughts

Whatever you think has a direct effect on your doings, analyse your thoughts because they become your reality. Keep your thoughts and inner conscience focused on positive, empowered outcomes.

Be clear on what you want and how you want to achieve it. The universe can give what you want only when you are clear in mind about what you want. 

If you don’t know what you want, how can you expect to achieve success. To achieve success you need to have a clear goal with clear mindset and if you think that you have confusion than reassess your strategies and try to clear your mind of worry, worry, doubt, lack, drama, stress, clutter and fear.

Unless you eliminate this negative things you cannot attract positive energy and clarity of thought and when your thoughts are not clear, you can't reach your goals its as simple as that.

#8. Consistency is the key

Nothing in this world can be achieved if you are not consistent in what you do. Perseverance is the key to success and it cannot be neglected by any means, strive hard but never give up. Listen to the guidance the Universe is giving you, mould yourself according to the situation and learn the art of adaptation.

No doubt the road to success will have unavoidable twists, hurdles and challenges. Keep moving towards your goals with positivity and trust me you will achieve your dreams with grace, peace and ease.

#9. Trust your own abilities

Have trust and faith in your own abilities and allow the seeds of your desires to manifest within Divine timing and process. Believe in your mind that whatever is happening whether its good or bad, sooner or later it will manifest your dreams into reality even better than you have imagined. 

#9. Release the Fear and Doubts

Fear of failure is a very common symptom that is experienced by every one of us. In fact if you ask any successful person even he or she will tell you that at some point of time in their life even they experienced the fear of failure and even they felt like giving up. 

To be honest its absolutely normal, but what important is to counter your fear with positive vibrations and don't let fear or doubt to take control of your destiny. Always try to look up high towards your dreams that will provide you with sense of security and belongingness and that's what you should do when fear creeps in your mind.

Friend these are 10 very crucial ingredients you must follow to manifest your dream life and turn it onto reality.

Are you on the path you should be on towards a life of great prosperity, love, health and happiness?

Or is something getting in your way? 

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What is Manifestation

​Manifestation has become a jargon in recent times. manifestation is basically the law of attraction that teaches us to stay positive and imagine that you already have everything you want. 

​But I want to clear that the concept of manifestation can be a bit misguiding for those who are not ready to do the heavy lifting. If you really want to make best use of the universal energy and power to manifest greatness, you first need to understand a key concept that manifestation is not something that will fulfill your dreams into reality in one night.

​Its not a magic wand or trick its a process that will guide and help you in your journey to get the desired results if you have patience, trust, determination and the burning desire in your heart to taste the sweetness of success.

That's what you will learn in the manifestation miracle course by Heather Mathews, it teaches that on some level, you’ve asked for everything that happens in your life. Your intentions and desires create your reality. 

There’s no need to get frustrated or worried all you need is to understand your level of thoughts whether they are negative or positive and how these thought influence your life which for me is the first powerful step toward changing your life experiences. 

If you truly want to live your dreams start the manifesting process by staying honest about how your negative thoughts, energy, and feelings of disbelief block you from receiving what you desire. Once you get clear about the blocks, you can begin to clean them up to clear space for positive manifestations to occur in your life.

The concept of manifestation and fulfilling your dreams with the help of manifestation is a vast topic that cannot be covered in one single post. Still I have highlighted some very crucial points you will find really helpful in your journey of fulfilling your dreams.

All you need is to follow this 10 principles without procrastinating and believe me guys nothing in this world can stop from meeting your dreams and desires.

Friends I hope this post has provided you with enough knowledge about how to go chasing and manifesting your dreams into reality. 

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I will conclude here if you liked this post on secrets to manifest your dreams into reality useful please share it with others around you as there are many stressed and hard working people in the world who want to fulfill there dreams but are not able to due to some or the other reasons. 

Are you on the path you should be on towards a life of great prosperity, love, health and happiness?

Or is something getting in your way? 

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