6 Signs You Are Manifesting Someone Else’s Dream And Not Yours

​Have you ever thought what do you love doing the most in your life or you are just trying to manifest someone else' dream into reality and not yours. Didn't got my point? let me elaborate it for you.

When we were kids we were innocent and all are life decision's were made by our elders and it was totally acceptable as being a teenager we had very little idea about life and making decisions. But in this post I ll highlight some points that will show some signs you are manifesting someone else's dream and not yours.

​Being a teenager we always wanted what our parents wanted and we happily accepted it. But now that you have grown up into a youngster and if they want you to be a Doctor, Architect or Designer just because its there dream, is it possible for you to fulfill it.

I am not talking about any parents but I am talking in general. As far I am concerned I believe in order to manifest there desires there are three possibilities

​a. Either your parents and you share a common dream than there's no problem.

​b. Either you don't have any purpose in your life and you feel being a Doctor, Architect or Designer is cool and respectable profession so why not do it for our parents and manifest their dreams into reality.

​c. Your dreams are calling you and you have a purpose in your life still you are following someone's dream and not yours.

I hope you got my point now, all the three possibilities above give signs you are manifesting someone elses dream and not yours.

Now I want to ask you one thing. Do you really need to do this, don't you have any purpose in life and if you have why don't you do it for your own self.

I don't believe in following someone's else dream and if you do read this post on 11 Powerful Reasons Why You Should Never Give Up On Your Dreams. Trust me it will change the way you live and look at your life. 

​It is vital that the goal or dream you pour your energy into is one that aligns with your purpose and core value, I hope it makes sense to you.

​In this post I will discuss some heart wrenching points that will prove why you should not make a choice of manifesting someone's dreams and if you do how your choice will make you regret 8 or 10 years later from now.

​#1. You Will Never Get What You Want

​Its a very obvious fact and reality you must realize that when you try to follow someone else's dream in your life, you will never get what you want because its not your dream. At the same time you will never experience the pleasure of chasing it.

You are not working for what you desire for, you are working for to manifest someone else's desire. How can you expect to get what you want which is a clear signs you are manifesting someone else's dream and not yours.

​#2. You Are Betraying Yourself

Do you think you would feel the same intensity and pleasure in chasing someone's dream, that you would feel while chasing yours.

Ask yourself do you really agree with what you are doing? Because in the end it is only you who will regret and not others that's just the way people are in the real world

Are you pushing hard and stopping yourself from wanting what you want. Just because it’s going against others, if this is your situation, just break the shackles and strive for what you want in life and not what someone else wants.

​#3. Do You Really Find It Cool, Just Because Others Think Its Cool.

There are instances in life where you get attracted to others creativity, hobbies and dreams. It happens and you find it so cool and adventurous that you decide to turn it into your dream and passion. 

Do you really believe you need to do this? Just because someone else is doing, doesn't mean you should do it. Its not your cup of tea, remember the one who finds it cool drives his or her passion from it. That cool stuff is the source of inspiration for them which is the reason why they love doing it.

Chasing someone else's passion and dream is not a mistake, its a crime and injustice that you are doing to your own self. It's a clear signs you are manifesting someone else's dream and not yours. If this is your situation better come out of it, before its too late.

​#4. Does Your Dream Align With Your Core Values

Do you think your dreams will manifest when they just don't align with your core values. If your dream is in conflict with your values, you will lose interest over time. It will only create, confusion, fear and resentment and its because you are not following your own passion, you are not following your own values that align with your heart and mind. 

There's a big mismatch between what you want want and what you are doing. Being in such a state of mind will only hamper your self confidence and self esteem and ultimately it will ruin you and to be clear this lack of alignment with your dreams is a clear signs you are manifesting someone elses dream and not yours.

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​#5. Are You Learning And Growing Positively With Your Dream.

When you follow your own dreams in the process of manifesting it into reality you learn and grow. But when you follow someone else's dream in stead of learning and growing you feel trapped in your own life, you don't experience the luxury of feeling positive and happy with yourself.

​The sad part is it isn’t until death is knocking at your door, most people realize and reflect back and regret only for one thing saying "I wish I could have lived my life on my own terms and conditions and not how someone else wanted me too"

Its not only your story, its a common story of many people, over the course of their life time, they don’t live a life that is in tune with their own self and what they wish to be, they don’t align with their true destiny which is the reason most fail to fulfill even half of their dreams and goals.

I want to ask you do you want to be a person who killed his own dreams just to fulfill someone else's dream. Do you want to live a purposeless and passionless life? Pause for a moment and think where you are heading towards in your life before its too late.

​#6. Your Mind Will Always Confuse You.

Mind is the most beautiful gift GOD has given to human, but it is also the most ugly and destructive gift you can have if not used correctly and in the right direction. I ll tell you how

Our mind is very greedy and it is full of never ending desires which is the reason it wants to be anywhere and everywhere at the same time. Your mind will always play host to a countless of wishes and desires, but its your duty to distinguish your deepest desire from whims, kink and passing fancies.

You have to manifest the power to choose that dream which is closest to your heart, you cannot just keep chasing every thing fancy and attractive that comes your in way.

You have to cleverly choose between your desperation and needs meaning what's genuine and relevant only than you can embark on a path that will manifest your dreams and not by choosing someone's dream just because it looks fancy and appealing.

This are six powerful signs you are manifesting someone elses dream or you are not in tune with your own dreams. But if this is your situation you definitely need to come out of it before its too late.

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