9 Powerful Motivation To Start Doing What You Love And Do It Best

Follow your passion to drive inspiration and motivation to start doing what you love doing and do it best. What I mean is try as far as possible without quitting, trust me the universe will show the light where there were darkness all around.... Manish yadav

​But how to find what you love doing, its a difficult question because the underlying truth is we are all busy doing unnecessary things in our lives ignoring our true passion. 

I want to ask you a small question.

Are you doing what you love doing? Are you following your passion?

​To boost your confidence I want to share with you a case study that will reveal the bitter truth of not doing what you loving and how you would feel when you are at the end of your life, how you would feel when you are doing something you are not passionate about.

This case study was done by an Australian hospice care nurse her name is Bronnie Ware, she conducted a study of terminally ill patients (patients who's life is less than six months) these patients were in the last weeks of life.

In the study, she asked a very simple question whether they had any regrets of dying and whether there was something they would have done differently or whether they had any regrets of giving up on their dreams.

Can you imagine what people said Read Below and Tweet it if you like... 

“I wish I had the courage to live a life that was true to myself, not life others expected of me"

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Now think for a moment and ask yourself, Are you really doing what you love? The sad part is it isn’t until death is knocking your door steps that most people are able to realize and reflect that they wish they would have lived life differently.

Do you also want make a choice that will make you regret at the end of your life. In the journey of life, most of us don’t live a life that is in tune with who we truly are, we live a life that don’t align with our true destiny and in the end most of us don’t fulfill even half of our dreams.

Lets find out some reasons of not being to find what you love doing, simultaneously we will learn how to derive motivation to do what you love doing and do it best..

1. Discover your passion

Remember there's a big difference between passion and hobby. Passion is something that you love doing, something that's inbuilt and natural. It is vital that you distinguish between the two before choosing something as a passion. 

For instance, just because you love making sketch does not necessarily mean you should turn it into your passion and profession.

You might be better at designing, which some what resembles to making sketch, what I want to say is stay open and explore all of your options to find what you love doing so that you can do it best in all aspects.

2. Recall what you loved while growing as a kid

It's because most of us are afraid of doing what we love and true passion emerges when we are growing as a kid and that passion gets killed in our everyday real life pressures.

But the truth is you need to build courage and  think about what you loved long before you got tensed about your career. When you try to recall and get in tune with those instincts it will help in finding your true passion and purpose of life.

3. You need to start somewhere

There are a group of people who do not even know what they want from their life.

If you think you fall in this group you need to realize that your mission is to live your life in such a way that you will be able to look back and say, “Yes, I lived a life that was true to me.” 

That means living the life you’re suppose to live, being the person you should be, fulfilling your highest potential and living with purpose and feeling emotionally connected. That’s what it means to be you which is possible only when you are motivated enough to do what you love doing only than you will perform to the best of your abilities.

4. Perform a Heart Storming Exercise

If you really want to build motivation to start doing what you love and do it best, I am suggesting a beautiful "Heart Storming" exercise that will help you discover your life purpose and true passion.

Grab a piece of paper and sit in a quiet place to sit and script your thoughts on a piece of paper.

Note that this is not a brain storming exercise but a “heart storming” exercise, to help connect you with your true passions and interests.

Before you start, take five deep breaths and ask the almighty to guide your way to find your true destiny. Think back to when you were a little kid growing up.

What was the most fascinating thing you loved doing? What were your liking and passions? What were the activities that excited you, in general what was your source of motivation.

Try to script your thoughts on a piece of paper and as you write imagine how your life would be if you were given a chance to live it on your terms and conditions. Would you be able to fulfill all your dreams?

5. All passion and interests do not make money

Note that living the life of your dreams by seeking inspiration from doing what you love is of course the best way to go, but there's a problem to be solved.

Note that its not necessary, if you passion is flirting around with girls or you enjoy playing video games so it will make you money.

There are many things you love doing in life, but follow only those interests and passion that will give you a good name in the long run among the people and the society where you live.

Try to develop your expertise in things that are worthy or else you will be lost in your own passions light which is not what you want. I hope its making sense and you are getting my point.

Watch this video on how to derive motivation to start doing what you love doing and do it best. 

6. Learn to cultivate good habits from successful people

Just by following your passion you won't manifest your dream life. Its about cultivating certain habits that make you more efficient and happier at work by looking and reading about some of the successful people.

Try to find out how they lived they life and followed their passion, what secret ingredient they possessed and how you can ingrained them in your life.

Note that these are little things but make a lot of difference when applied correctly into your own life. This things will help you streamline the way you do things, as well as build a constructive mindset.

7. Do not include money in your passion

Of course money is the basic and the most integral part of our lives, which is the reason most people fall prey to it.

They try to discover and develop their passion in which more money is there to be made.

But what you must realize is money is not everything and more importantly when you exclude money from your interests by following it purely, you actually end up making more money.

Better ensure that you don’t allow financial pressures dictate your choices. Your career should ultimately lead to financial security, but if financial security is the defining motivator, it’s unlikely you’ll end up doing what you love.

8. Read Motivational books and take some life mastering programs.

Finding out your passion can be very confusing and tedious at times. If this is your situation try reading motivational books  or look for legit programs that help people figure out what you need to do to find your true passion and live your dreams. 

One such program is Manifestation Miracle by Heather Mathews a famous life coach where she teaches how you can manifest your dream life with the help of destiny tuning.

This program gives you insights and tools to help you zero in on the things you love most and do best, and also be able to offer ideas and guidance on how to find a career that best suits those passions.

Manifestation Miracle Secret System is a beautifully designed course to manifest your dream life you can click this link to get more detailed knowledge about it.

9. Convert your passion into a goal

Following your passion is easy, but turning into goal takes plan, execution and commitment.

Do proper research and plan of the steps you need to take to make your passion a realistic goal and life changing opportunity.

Include what you need to do and how much you need to spend before you launch into your new venture. If possible, always have a back up plan in case your first plan doesn’t work out.

These are 9 core principles that will help you build motivation to start doing what you love doing and do it best.

Remember the journey to your success is not going to be smooth or easy, so plan for hiccups and stay positive to fight along the way. 

Be open to good advice and criticism as these are the things that will help you improve day by day. I am saying this because most of the times the best lessons are taught to us by our critics as there criticism opens our eyes to something new that we were missing. 

Believe me even if you follow your passion with honesty and determination still you cannot succeed alone. You will always need some guidance and advice at every stage of life.

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Are you on the path you should be on towards a life of great prosperity, love, health and happiness?

Or is something getting in your way? 

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I hope you found this post useful, if you really liked it please do not forget to share with others around you, see you in my next article, keep coming back and advice me in the comments section if you do not like something or needs some improvement take care and have a nice day.

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