10 Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Negative Energy in Your Life

​Negative energy can seriously ruin our life we all know that, but what we don't know is how to find powerful and effective ways to get rid of negative energy in your life. This post is for all those who are ingrained with negativity all around in their life. 

​Guys if you really want to enjoy and experience the positive energy that is made available to you by the universe, you have to find helpful and effective ways to get rid of negative energy in your life.

Its not optional, its a mandatory thing on which you have to take quick action or else this negativity will ruin your life.

Its obvious that if you do not remove negative energy from your life, it will somehow effect you and also the surrounding around you.

By surrounding I mean it can be your family members, people you love and care a lot, your office and everywhere you have liaising.

If your life is ingrained with negative energy there's no need to worry as in this post, I will share some powerful and effective ways to get rid of negative energy in your life in order to make your life wonderful and cheerful like before.

First lets understand what is negative energy and how does it influence your life?

Negative energy can really hamper your life style badly. It shrinks your true abilities to manifest something great and live a fulfilling, purposeful life.

It also has a very adverse effect on your health, Research reveal that people who develop negative energy experience more anxiety, stress, pessimistic approach and less success in life in comparison with people who take life positively.

​People who find themselves in the trap of negativity call it as misfortune, but that's not the point what's done is done, now its time to change it rather than crying over it.

The point is you need to find effective ways to release that negative energy from your life.

You cannot just keep living life with negativity, you have to remove it or else your life will become meaningless and purposeless. 

​Now, lets understand and learn some powerful and effective ways to remove this negativity from your life.

1. Laugh as often as possible.

Laughter is the best possible cure for any disease or problem in life and one of the best therapy to release negative energy from your life.

Busy and stressed life style is one of the major causes of negativity, don't you think we work like robots most of the times without taking any breaks.

Its important to brighten up your mood by diverting your attention from the stressed and only career oriented life schedule.

Try to laugh, have fun with your loved ones, crack jokes, make fun of yourself sometimes by doing humor.

Its important to laugh and have fun in life, believe me it will only increase your over all productivity. 

On the other hand staying continuously busy will not do any good, in fact it will provide you with more tension, anxiety and stress.

Come on guys life is not all about work and career, its also about humor, play and laughter.

If you really want to bring positive energy into your life and find your happiness again, better start from today and take life little less seriously and take the happiness and positivity factor little more seriously because your life will exist only when you will exist.

2. Stay away from Negative people.

If you have friends and colleagues who constantly think and talk negative. It can really hamper your life because I believe human beings easily get attracted to negative things.

Even when you try to talk positive things with them, their mind is so ingrained with negative thoughts that they spin your positive thoughts in a negative direction. 

Try to spend less time time with negative people and more importantly never get involved in arguments as they will never accept they are wrong and they will always try to drag you down. Why drain your precious energy in useless arguments that makes no sense. 

The best thing that you can do is never let there negativity influence you for example if they comment on you on any thing related to you just try to ignore, say O K or the best answer that you could give is a gentle smile and move on.

I know its tough to do, but its the best possible reply as far as I am concerned, at the same time it will also keep you positive and unaffected by their negative influence. 

Exercise for you - Try this quick tip and laugh at their comments, make a habit of it and see how it feels.

3. Change your approach and thought.

One of the powerful and effective ways to get rid of negative energy in your life is changing your thoughts which will automatically change your actions, because it is believed that thoughts lead to actions than why not change your approach for good.

Don’t allow little things to influence you. Just do your job don't complain, judge and criticize others. Look in their own conscience and thoughts before blaming or criticizing others.

What I mean to say is think before you speak this way you will be able to attract more positive energy in life and you will also be able to control your thoughts and perception towards someone.

Understand that no one is perfect in this world, mistakes are bound to happen why not learn to forgive our self and also others for their mistakes.

Why not learn to stay positive every day by reading inspiring and motivating quotes

Be graceful and thankful to GOD for whatever he has given you and stay optimistic on things that you still don't have, try to pursue those things but never cry for them just make your effort.

So what are you waiting for make a commitment to yourself to start from today.

Exercise for you - Read positive and motivational quotes everyday in the morning to start your day with fresh and positive energy.

4. Learn the art of helping others.

Try to be the light that helps other see, believe me or not, helping others is the key to bring positivity and happiness in your life.

But if you are negative in your belief you can never help anyone.

If you try to help and care for people around you and especially people in need.

You will yourself feel great inside you, automatically you will feel positive as helping others gives a sense of satisfaction and when you are satisfied you are positive that's the whole point.

The more you help others the more positive energy you will be able to harness.

Its because when you perform the act of kindness your brain releases a feel good chemical which helps to keep you stay positive and vibrant.

Helping others is one of the simplest way to create purpose and positivity in your life.

Once you start doing things for others especially when they are in desperate need, it will give you an inexpressible sense of value that will transform your life into island of positive energy and at the same time people will also start appreciating your good deeds.

Exercise for you - Help someone everyday if you can and if you can't help just smile and ask how was your day. Try to cultivate this habit in your daily life and see how it translates your whole life.

5. Repair what's broken

If you ask me to find another word for negativity, I ll tell you its procrastination. Human beings have ingrained this habit of delaying and not repairing broken things since ages. 

Whether its your negative thought, your marriage, broken window or anything that needs to be repaired just do it, don't delay if you want to release the negative energy from your life.

You will always feel frustrated, out of energy and unsettled, if you leave things unfixed in your life, no matter how small they are.

Guys when you already know in your mind that some or the other day you have to do it why not do it today itself, if you leave it for tomorrow it will only pile up and stare at your face everyday.

For example if your married life is not going smooth with your spouse, you cannot ignore it, you have to talk and clear the misunderstandings in order to bring things to normal.

its your duty and you can’t wait for someone else to come along and fix it for you. I hope its making sense to you and you are getting my point.

Exercise for you - Commit yourself that you will always repair broken things and relationships in your life to remove the nagging negative feeling of negativity from your life.

6. Learn to Love yourself 

If you want to experience true intimacy and positivity with life you need to love yourself no matter what is the situation of your life.

Its simple you are here and whatever you need is right here. Cut out the distractions, praise and love yourself.

Note that we can't control our own destiny, w can only try the real truth is that the best way to experience self love is when you things are uncertain and delicate, when you are going through a tough phase in life and you have no one to support. 

This is the crucial time when negative energy is at peak in your mind, but if you can practice to love yourself by staying cool and untouched by the negativity.

You will experience more freedom and positivity to love yourself in a deeper way in future. What I want to convey here is you will stay emotionally and positively connected to yourself.

To be honest its very easy to love and pamper yourself by staying positive in good times, its how you treat yourself and also others when external circumstances effect your life.

Exercise for you - Learn to love yourself and stay positive in trying circumstances this way you will be able to remove negative energy and bring positive energy in your life.

7. Believe that you are powerful.

Sometimes our life gets so complicated that we just feel powerless and helpless.

We are so ingrained with the influence of external circumstances in our lives that we actually forget who we are and what we can do.

You need to strongly believe in your mind you are powerful and you possess the capability of doing anything and everything.

Unless you believe you cannot do it and you will continue to blame yourself by staying helpless and miserable.

​Remember there is no limit to your imagination and whatever you can imagine you can do - "Don't limit yourself, many people limit themselves to what they think they can do.

But the fact is you can go as far as your mind lets you. What you believe, remember you can achieve" - Mary Kay Ash

​I believe the reason why most people have a tough time believing is because they have never done it and never even tried.

What I mean to say here is that we never really constituted our own beliefs which is the reason why we never believed that we are powerful.

​The best way you can believe and feel that you are powerful is by

A. Make a habit of applying your belief in your daily life as it will make you feel confident and powerful at the same time will remove the negativity from your life.

B. Visualize your belief to stay powerful in trying circumstances

C. Take action in trying circumstances and show that you powerful and vulnerable

D. Rinse and repeat this exercise in your daily life, slowly and steadily you will feel firm and positive in your life.

Watch this beautiful video on effective ways to get rid of negative energy in your life.

8. Be happy and satisfied in what you have.

One of the common causes of negative energy in your life is not being satisfied in what you already have.

If you cannot stay satisfied in what you have, you just cannot manifest positive energy. 

By asking you to stay satisfied I am not telling you to stop striving for better in life.

Of course strive for better, but try to be compassionate towards yourself and feel that your life is full of abundance even if its not. Its just a question of how you look at your life.

Look at the people who are less fortunate than us you will find that there is so much sorrow and misery in the world.

You may believe that you need more than you have right now to be happy.

If this is the case, then you are absolutely wrong, do you think your needs will be satisfied even if you get more. Think about it and send your answer in the comment section.

The fact is human desires are unlimited and it will never end, its you who has to decide the where you want to stop of course you must strive for more, but only by staying happy and satisfied in your current situation and not by crying for what you don't have.

This for me is one of the best and effective ways to get rid of negative energy in your life.

9. Don't  feel shy - Yawn whenever you feel like.

Many people shy of yawning in front of others around as most us think its a negative thing. But I believe yawning is one of the effective ways to get rid of negative energy in your life. 

Yawning is way to help a tired body to wind down for the day.

Research also show that yawning is a natural way of maintaining your brain temperature which in turns help to keep you positive  by throwing out the unwanted energy.

Its as good as a breathing exercise to help your body reduce excess stress and anxiety in your body. Yawning helps you to relax and lift your tired mood in order to make you feel fresh and positive. 

10. Meditate 15 to 20 Minutes daily

Meditation is a way of promoting positive energy in our body, meditation balances the hormone called Serotin in our body which is meant to improve mood and overall behavior.

It helps to find peace of mind and clarity of thought, meditation helps to reduce excess stress and anxiety in your body.

If you want to know more about Meditation you can check my post on Manifestation Miracle Review here

Exercise for you - Start meditation from today I believe you would have already heard about its benefits, include it in your daily life and see for yourself how it transforms your life by taking it to another level.

I believe these 10 points are good to start with to help you bring abundance of positive energy in your life.

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I hope you found this post on ways to get rid of negative energy useful and if you liked it please do not forget to share it with others as there are many stressful and hard working people in the world who are filled with negative thoughts everyday in their life, please share it for them to help them bring some positive energy into their life. See you in the future post thanks for reading have a nice day.


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