Strategies To Attract Abundance Of Wealth And Prosperity into Your Life

attract abundance of wealth and prosperity into your life

​Before I start this post I want to ask you a question. Do you also think how some people continue to attract abundance of wealth and prosperity into their life and others just visualize in their hopes and dreams to become rich and wealthy someday? What is that secret ingredient that they know but you don't

​If you really want to attract abundance of wealth and prosperity into your life, please read this post till the end. Just like many other people if you truly want to achieve financial freedom and attract money join me in this post with a positive attitude believing in your mind "I can do it" Just get rid of negative energy in your life first.

What if I told attracting money and abundance of wealth is of course not easy, but definitely not impossible as many of you think. What if I said you can start from today itself and manifest your dreams into reality.

So guys if you are ready than lets learn some powerful strategies to attract abundance of wealth and prosperity into your life.

What if I told attracting money and abundance of wealth is of course not easy, but definitely not impossible as many of you think. What if I said you can start from today itself and manifest your dreams into reality.

Reading up on money, wealth, and how to manage your finances is all good knowledge is wisdom and power, but if you don’t understand the basics of how money works than you are definitely in trouble and also even if you know how money works that not enough to provide you with the financial independence that you are striving for.

Read my words carefully if you want to attract money and prosperity into your life and turn your dreams a reality, you’ve got to first identify those dreams, once you find your dreams focus on them. 

To be honest I am not providing you any get rich scheme, there's no shortcut to success, but if you apply whatever tips and strategies I am giving you will definitely succeed. But if you choose not to apply them, trust me this choice of yours will make you regret 8 or 10 years later from now

So take a deep breathe, before we begin, to find out what it is that I am helping you to do right now – what your should do to magnetize money and attain freedom from financial crisis, what does it take to fulfill your dreams and why you should never give up on your dreams.

It’s very easy to dream about being ‘rich’, and hope in our dreams and prayers for it to true, but to actually manifest and turn that dream takes ethical and firm belief that you can actually achieve it in real life.

The real pain of concern is not enough people have that rock solid belief to manifest their dreams into reality.

When you don't have the belief, consequently you won't develop that burning desire to attract money and  wealth.

Some people just don't have good enough reason to produce the supreme, constant effort that attracting money needs, because deep in their heart, they just don’t have faith and belief that they ever will really become rich. 

Note that we all grow through a stage in life where we feel we are short of money, I believe you will agree with me.

Of course the shortage is different for all of us, but we all can feel it and than we realize that we’ve been earning the same low amount of money for years now, and even though we’re trying hard to earn more, it’s just not happening. 

Its a common story for most of you reading this post and I bet you cannot deny it- But why is it, why the shortage? Its because you have your limits also known as peak point and that's what is holding you back. Trying to earn more money can make you uncomfortable, so you just don’t want to.

you need to learn how to think about money differently in order to attract money

But do you think its possible to change your circumstances without working hard, in this post I really want to divert your attention on working  towards your dream life which is possible only if you have sufficient money. 

So, how to attract abundance of wealth and prosperity into your life and wallet.

Destiny tuning program by Heather Mathews a renowned life coach in that program she reveals that money is simply a source of energy, and it needs channels through which it can flow easily.

And when those channels are blocked due to simple lack of belief that money will never come your way, then that notion becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy which is the reason why money stays away from those people.

On the other hand when you feel positive about money it comes your way, of course you need to work to attract money, but first you need to think your way to wealth and believe you can do it.

To attract more money your way, you must feel these things about money first

  • You must feel comfortable with it
  • You must feel you have enough
  • You must never constantly worry and think about it
  • You must stay cool and relaxed about it

Now your blocked channels are open, and it’s easy for more money to come your way. I know it sounds crazy for you but that's the truth. 

Of course you think your way to wealth, but constantly stressing about money, hoping you had more, figuring you’will never have enough.  And since most people are worried frowning ‘I Don’t Have Enough money and they constantly google about how to make more money and read every blog posts but never get what they want. 

I can tell you it works, I will explain with my own example.

I am a Banker by profession, but I am a passionate Blogger and I make enough money through blogging and I am able to do it, but not so long ago I was in total shock and panic about my future, but thanks to Manifestation Miracle Program by Heather Mathews it changed the way, I looked at money and life, This program is the inspiration behind me writing this blog post.

Even I changed my MINDSET about money. I started telling myself that I had enough,that I would always have enough, and that money was my friend.

I constantly pushed my mind to believe and stop panicking. Believe me, it wasn't easy, but I did it and you too do it. At the same time, I changed my attitude about work, and started to work ‘smarter’ instead of ‘harder and I have started making enough money through blogging alone and probably in a year or two I will quit my job. 

Now you need to understand four core principles for attracting abundance of money.

I want to make you feel that money can be your good friend, how to be comfortable and feel safe with money and how to always feel you have enough. I want to you to get rid of debt, build up a solid money in your bank account and I want you to feel safe, solvent, sane, and awesomely satisfied.

And this four core principles are absolutely key: you need to feel safe, solvent, sane, and satisfied to attract more money.

Unless you ingrained this four core principles in your mind, your channels are closed and you aren’t going to get more without a massive struggle.

Its just like starting small and building big, Once you learn all this levels, You should naturally attract more money into your life without any problems. 


Safety With Money

Feeling safe around money comes from knowing that you have enough, that you’ll always have enough, and that you don’t need to worry.

The first step towards feeling safe is to decide right now to feel safe around money. This is a conscious decision. It’s not a feeling that will ‘just happen’. You’ve got to make yourself believe that you enough money and you’re always going to have enough. 

All your bills will always get paid and that living within your means allows you to live an abundant, satisfying life. Tell yourself that right now and learn to believe and make habit of it.


Being Solvent

Being solvent is basically the feeling of being able to pay your bills on time without worrying. It’s also a feeling that you can rely on yourself, and that you know how to make ends meet comfortably.

But that feeling will come only when you act on solvency first

So starting right now, you’re going to pay each bill BEFORE the date it’s due.If that means you’ve got to live on rice and beans, then rice and beans it is.

To be rich you have to think rich

Believe me, I’ve done this myself a number of times when I was getting my act together money wise, and not only will you stay regular and lose a bit of weight, but your health will improve and you’ll sleep better. It’s a hidden blessing.

If solvency means you’ve got to sell something you never thought you’d sell – your car, your jewelry, your house – then do it.

The trappings of richness – jewelry, cars, and big houses – are no good if you’re still fretting over bills. Remember, to get more money, you’ve got to feel safe and solvent first. Every hour you spend worrying about bills, bankruptcy, eviction, repo men, and ‘not having enough’ is an hour spent driving money away from yourself.

Maybe you’ll need to take a second job for awhile, or work overtime. Whatever: do it if you must. The money will help, and you’ll be solvent, which is the second step towards attracting money effortlessly into your wallet, bank account, and sweaty little hands.

Pay the bills. Pay them as they come up. Stop worrying. Sell what you must. Take another job. Do what it takes. But pay the bills – and feel good about it.


Sanity With Money

Sanity with money is entirely based on your spending habits, lets understand how.

Does flashing your credit card or cash wad make you feel good about yourself?

Do you consider ‘window-shopping’ as a pastime?

Does a trip to the mall make you feel better after a hard day?

Do you feel a ‘high’ in the shopping moment, but then PANICKY and WORRIED soon afterwards, and wish you hadn’t bought as much?

Remember If you can’t control your spending, it’s your downfall.

Time to change: without judgment, simply look at yourself and see whether your spendinghabits are making you uncomfortable at all

If they are, good: again without judgment, acknowledge that they are, and acknowledge that it’s time to change.


Satisfaction With Money

Satisfaction is the apex of the triangle: once you’re feeling safe, you’ve got your bills covered, and your savings, debt implosion, and spending habits are all happily under check and that's when the satisfaction comes in picture.

Its a wonderful feeling No fear. No anxiety. No worries, stress, or scrabbling for last-minute money at the end of the month.

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Instead, you’ve got enough; you’ll always have enough; your debt is whittling itself away, your savings are growing; and you’re spending comfortably within your means.

Now it’s time to wallow in how good that feels: the knowledge that it’s only going to get better from here.

Sooner or later, more is going to start showing up in your life … because the better you feel,the more you get.

Are you on the path you should be on towards a life of great prosperity, love, health and happiness?

Or is something getting in your way? 

manifestation miracle program by heather mathews

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Trust me: extra provisions DO come for those who’ve made sure to provide for themselves first. Your pro-activeness here will be rewarded and supported with a raise, a more lucrative job offer, a gift, a promotion, or other ‘free money’.

Keep your eyes peeled for these gifts, and be sure to appreciate them when they come.Remember, whatever you appreciate, appreciates – it’s that experience of gratitude and happiness that kick starts the flow of abundance into your life!

Note that money is the outcome of your sheer hard work and labor. When you disrespect money, you disrespect yourself. Respecting money means keeping it organized. It means tracking it on a regular basis.

It means recognizing that money holds both restorative and destructive powers and that it is not to be handled lightly, you have to use it constructively in order to ensure smoothness for life long.

Money, when handled carefully, has immense power to grow and take care of your needs for the years to come. When disrespected, it turns atrophy and negatively influences your future life.

 I hope you found some good ways in this post by which you can attract abundance of money and prosperity into your life. I don't want to leave you confused that is why I am sharing with you a program that helped me change my life and reach my goals.

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