9 Ways To Find Your True Calling In Life And Discover its Purpose

​Life is not complicated its you and me who make it complicated when you don't know why you are living and what's the purpose of your life than what's the point of living. If I am not wrong most of you never find your true calling in life and discover its purpose. Correct me If I am wrong.

​Its a common story of most us we die without living the life we want, we die without fulfilling our wishes. Most of us die without fulfilling even half of our wishes. The question is why? Why life is so complicated that we can't find our purpose and get tuned with it.

​Don't worry in this post I will try my level best to find ways to find your true calling in life and discover its purpose. By the end of this post you will have learned some powerful ways to find your true purpose in life.

​But before that first you need to understand that we all possess the power and potential to manifest all our dreams and desires into reality. Its only that we are not sure where to start and how to do it.

​The problem starts here when you don't know how to do it you start to ignore it instead of trying to find the purpose of your life. Finding your true calling in life requires focus and effort.

Once you start to put that focus you will automatically find where your true path lies but its not going to happen in one day its a process you need to listen to your inner voice within you.

​As I said above life is very complicated and we are surrounded by lots of negativity and unavoidable external circumstances that don't allow us to find the purpose of our life even when we are willing to. 

​Also there are certain things in life that cannot be avoided if you want to manifest your life and find your true calling, you have to look into your heart, your inner conscience irrespective of the circumstances.

We have a tendency of ignoring our inner voice and not trusting it and that's what lets us down most of the times. I hope you are understanding what I want to say and its making sense to you.

One more thing even when you listen to your inner call its not necessary you will reach your success. What I mean is even if your life isn’t quite there where you want it to be, imagine what you’d like your life to be like and how you’ll feel when you get there. That’s the powerful place where you true calling and purpose of life begins.

​Lets learn some powerful ways to find your true calling in life and discover its purpose.

1. The Feel Good Factor

​Do things that you like doing and you feel good by doing them. But most important thing here is do things that means business that serves the purpose of your life after all that's the whole point.

When you do what you love doing and more importantly what you are supposed to be doing, you feel connected, happy, stress free, expressive, loving and purposeful. This are triggers that you need to note and write them down from your daily life.

Let me clear one thing doing things that you like doesn't mean that if you love playing golf or playing guitar or drinking is your true calling and it will serve your purpose in life.

No its not - you need to realize and understand will this things help you find the purpose of your life and reach your goals. Listen to the call of the universe meaning pursue your hobbies but do things that will bring meaning to your life in the long run. 

2. Counter Distractions

​Two types of distractions you need to counter


​Avoidable distractions are Television, unnecessary waste of time in doing unproductive things like continuously going out with friends, late night parties etc.


​Unavoidable distractions are financial problems, relationship issues, conflicts, fights, frustration etc.

Let me make it clear you can avoid watching television and going out with friends, but you cannot avoid the issues and fights that are ingrained in your life and relationships.

You have to ensure this issues do not distract you from your goals and purpose. Also fighting to avoid this things will be hard at first it’s easy to fall in trap of these negative things and ignore our life's purpose and path. But you to have avoid this external circumstances and listen to your life's call in order to find the true meaning and purpose of your life.

3. Learn To Keep Patience

Patience is the key to success in life, its very easy to get frustrated and get diverted from your true path. But ask in your mind will it serve the purpose of your life and fulfill your dreams. Of course Not.

You cannot expect that the universe will ring your door bell and deliver your calling to your door step. Fighting, inventing and honing your path in life will be a continual part of your journey.  Keep patience and have faith in your own abilities learn to be compassionate to yourself and also towards others.

Whatever is your situation good or bad accept it and move on, listen to your inner call,  stay optimistic, treat yourself, your practices, doings and the world around you with patience, love and kindness.

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4. Script Your Calling On a Piece Of Paper

Grab a piece of paper or your journal and find a peaceful place to sit and write. This isn’t a brainstorming exercise but a heart storming exercise, that will help you connect with your true passions and interests.

Take few deep breaths, before you begin and ask the Universe to guide you through this exercise. to find your way to your true destiny and path.

Recall when you were a kid. What did you absolutely loved doing the most. What were your interests and passions? What activities or pursuits were you most excited about?

​Script your thoughts on a piece of paper, Ask yourself what is my calling, what are the things that inspire me note everything whatever pops up into your mind and go through each one of it individually and elaborate why this things inspire you. By doing this you will realize that you are able to know yourself better than before.

​To be honest for some of you this heart storming exercise will really make perfect sense. But to some others it will seem utterly stupid. Usually it takes 10-15 minutes to clear your head of all the negative thoughts and create new and fresh positive thoughts that will help you serve purpose your life.

The wrong answers will come from your mind and your memories. But when the true answer finally pops up, you will realize that it’s coming to you from a entirely unique source which is the universe.

​Watch this video on Ways To Find Your True Calling In Life And Discover its Purpose.

5. Use Your Virtues As Your Model

​Always respect your virtues and follow them as they are your base for achieving success in life. Remember your virtues make you and model you this are the things that define your destiny and true character.

When you live your life by respecting your virtues it provides you with a sense of satisfaction and vibrant world. Believe me guys you will reap amazing results when you start following your virtues.

6. Look For Signs And Signals

Life is full of mystery and unpredictable things which is the reason why you should always go looking for signs and clues that life provides you at every stage of your struggle.

These little signals and signs can help you discover more missing pieces of the puzzle you’ve been looking for. Don’t take them for granted or brush them aside because they can point you in the right direction and help you find the true purpose of your life.

7. Think Of Your Life As Your Favorite Song

​How do you feel when you think or listen to your favorite song, the song fills your heart with joy -  isn't it? This is how you should look at your life and believe me you will absolutely fall in love with your life

​Feel that your life makes you get up and dance with excitement. You live a life that is filled with meaning, purpose and emotion. You’re living the life of your dreams. And it’s a life that feels wildly wonderful.

8. Make Commitment To Yourself

​Its important in life to remain open to discovering and tuning into your destiny and allowing the Universe to work in tandem with you. Commit in your mind you will do whatever it takes to live the life you want and you will stop only when you discover the true purpose of your life.

Believe in your mind you will keep faith in your destiny and also in the power of the universe and you will never look back at your life with regrets, at the same time you will always strive harder for better.

There. You’ve just made the most important decision that you’ll ever make in your lifetime and this decision will help you get tuned with your calling and purpose of life.

9. Meditate Daily For 15 Minutes

The idea behind meditation is to flush your mind and eliminate the negative thoughts and distractions around you. Its like getting in tune with the universe and your inner conscience and eliminating the external world.

There's a myth many people think meditation is sitting down with your eyes closed until the answers come which is not true. However, this practice can take other forms such as working out, driving or listening music or painting a beautiful picture.

All of the above will help you get tune into the present and arrive at your innermost feelings and thoughts.

​Meditation will help you to train your mind to have a laser targeted focus on what you truly want and deserve in life. When you listen to what your gut is telling you, all of your future actions will come from this single place which is the call of the universe.

It is the reason why you must meditate at least once a day. It may feel like a burden and irritating task initially, but once you get into habit of doing it everyday you will see quick results.

Once you’ve made meditation part your routine, it will become a natural extension of yourself.

​These are 9 powerful ways to find your true calling in life and discover its purpose. What's important here is once you understand your calling, it becomes much simpler to find ways to make your work feel more satisfying.

​Its your life and you have all the rights to live it the way you want and your life and your time are the most precious assets you’ll ever have so better use them cleverly.  

It doesn't matter how old you are what matters is the burning desire in your heart to listen to the call that keeps coming back knocking your doors and taking right actions.

Last but not the least it’s never too late to start again and pick the path that has a meaningful purpose. Remember, if your dreams don’t scare you, it means that they are not big enough. Its not how big is your dream, its what actions you take to fulfill your dreams decide the fate of your life.

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