12 Choices You Will regret in 8 Years From Now Better Take Care Today

​Do you know why some people regret in their life even after trying so hard? Its because of the choices and the decisions they make in their past.

Remember choices you make today will reflect back pointing towards you in your future life and these are the choices you will regret in 8 years from now, so better make good choices today that will help you thrive tomorrow.

Its important to understand that every person in this world wants to live a beautiful life and wants to make the right choices and decisions.

But its not possible for everyone to make the right choices or else everyone would have been Bill Gates of Microsoft or Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook - isn't it?

we are normal people and we are bound to make mistakes and wrong choices in our life. But all I want to say is think twice or thrice before you arrive at any decision in your life as this are the choices you will regret in 8 years from now or maybe 10 or 12 years from now.

The point is if your choices or decisions are not worthy you will regret for sure and believe me no one wants to be in a situation where he or she has to regret on their past actions.

Regret is a sad emotional state that involves negativity, resentment, frustration over a choice made in the past.

It’s often accompanied by a sense of loss and leads to self-blame. What's done in past cannot be undone but we think about it with regret and resentment in our mind. 

"What if I could have done things in different way"

"What If I could have listened to my heart's call and not my mind's call"

The phrase "It might have been" by Kurt Vonnegut very clearly describes the state of mind of all those people who regret about their choices made in past in some or the other way.

In the end, more than anything else, we regret the chances we didn’t take, the relationships we were too afraid to have, the moments to which we couldn't hold on and the decisions we waited too long to make and those are the decisions that hurt us today.

In this post we need to gaze our attention on things that you love doing and things that will not make you regret 8 or 10 years later from now.

In order to build the future you want, you need to take action and start manifesting it right from today and not tomorrow, and not when you feel like or when it’s convenient for you.

But how to manifest your dream life into reality - How and Where to begin? Its simpler than you think as Stephen Covey says - "Begin with an end in mind"

1. Give your body the attention it deserves or you will regret 8 years later from now.

Remember your body speaks the language of success. Today's generation is moving very fast and the lifestyle too has become very fast, which is the reason we want everything fast and easy.

And when it comes to food, we substitute junk food with healthy food which is not the actual need of our body.

In general we make the wrong choices of depending so much on foods that are unhealthy for our whole internal system. This is one of the terrible choices you will regret in later years.

If you are reading this post you have the luxury of changing your mindset and switching to healthy foods to help your body maintain its strength or else you will destroy your health.

2. Choose your relationships wisely

Good relationships are the base of success for any man or woman. On the other hand bad relationship will only ruin you, suck your energy and destroy the peace of mind. Its important to make relationships that will blossom like a beautiful flower in later stages of your life.

But as far as possible you should always strive hard to adjust and manage your relations from your end but if things do not improve and start sucking better let go of the things and people you can’t change because its not your fault.

Just think how peaceful your life will be if you don’t have to deal with these toxic relationships and things..

3. Make choices to help you stay out of financial crisis tomorrow

No matter how loving or caring you are towards your partner or how loving or caring your partner is towards you. If you have financial crisis than it will automatically effect your relationship and future life There's no life without money its the need of the hour and cannot be neglected.

Its important to make decisions on financial matters carefully, more importantly never make any financial decisions without discussing with your spouse or partner. There may be some clue that you skipped which they might tell you.

Financial decisions can be related to anything like saving money in bank accounts, buying a new house, buying a new car or starting a new business or applying for a loan it can be anything.

You need to take action on this things carefully so that you do not regret tomorrow and these for me are critical choices you will regret in 8 years from now if not handled carefully today.

4. Spend loving time with your loved one's to cherish and laugh at today's memories 8 years later

Life can be very tedious and in the process of making a better future for tomorrow sometimes we forget the people we love and the sad part is we don't even realize it.

If you don’t make the decision, today, to spend time with the most important people in your life, you will definitely regret tomorrow and that's not something you want to regret for.

Of course making money and better future is important but not at the cost of your relationships and the people you love the most. What's the point of having a bright and successful future when you don't have anyone standing beside you in times of urgency.

Of course you should never give up on your dreams. Still its a crime to hurt people you love the most and not taking out time for them from your busy schedule after all they are the people who support your dreams and want the best for you.

Believe me guys you will regret making the choice to ignore your spouse and kids and taking them for granted, instead of making them your number one priority.

It will definitely effect you tomorrow so why not love them so much today that they too will love you back with all their heart and good feelings tomorrow.

5. Don't keep Grudges and Hard feelings

Most people if not all keep grudges and hard feelings in their heart for all their life. Its a bad practice that will only hurt and kill you from inside.

Don't waste your time thinking of the past and the people who have hurt you try utilizing your time in doing something useful like helping others in need and making genuine efforts to blossom your own life and relationships.

I have often seen people blaming others for their mistakes and not looking in their own conscience. Learn the art of forgetting and forgiving believe me forgiving requires effort and courage but once you learn the art of forgiving you will always be at peace.

Holding grudges and blaming others will only borrow you jealousy and regret in return better reassess your thoughts and judgments and if you are in trap of this negativity come out of it, if you really want to live a peaceful, satisfying and life full of happiness or else you will regret later 8 years from now.

6. Do what you love doing and turn it into a success story.

No one in this world have ever achieved their dream life or the success they wanted by doing things they did not like or approve of. If you spend your life trying to define yourself by what someone else loves, your life will become hell. 

Try to look life from your angle and do things you love doing, by doing things that you love doing and what you are suppose to keeps you connected emotionally and physically.

Of course explore different things and see what suits you and makes you hear music inside and what makes your heart swell, and then go do it. 

There's no harm in trying different things but stick to the one you love, at the same time try to explore everything to get the best possible knowledge about it, also find other people who love it.

Listen to your inner heart and stop wasting your time doing things that others find "cool and sexy" but you don't. Still its human nature we try to do because others around us love doing it. 

Better change this attitude of following others today or you will surely regret tomorrow.

Follow your own heart and explore your own possibilities there are endless things you can do in your life to make it meaningful all you need to do is find a quiet place and have a heart storming session and not a brain storming session.

I believe our mind is diplomatic but the heart is kind it will always guide you in the right direction.

7. Practice Kindness and Generosity

There's no other act better than the act of kindness, with kindness and generous attitude you can win hearts of many around you. It is one of the best qualities you can have. The act of kindness is the best possible response for any damn situation in life. 

What you do will reflect tomorrow as you grow older and you look back on your life, there's a chance you will forget the names of your school friends, your college friends, the lovely girl in your neighborhood and places you lived.

What I mean is you will forget all the general things what you will remember is the act of kindness when someone helped you when you were desperately in need. 

Try to be that person to others as often as possible. and as you know, what goes around comes around the things you do to others always reflect towards you in some or the other way.

People will forget everything but they will never forget that you helped and consoled them in their tough times.

If you are not practicing the art of kindness start from today or you will definitely regret few years later when you will look back at your life.

8. Shut your phone off and feel the nature

Its absolutely fine to stay in touch with your friends on social media, finding the latest news and exploring the latest trends.

But don't you think we must also take some time to experience nature beauty of the universe around us feel the sunshine and cool breeze on your face,  trust me there is no online substitute for it. 

There's nothing more complicated than trying to be present every where at the same time. You cannot make yourself available for everyone and every time when you are online can you imagine how much unnecessary pressure social media puts on your mind.

Social media keeps updating every second and you won’t be able to remember the cool Instagram photo you saw on your feed anyway.

But you will definitely want to remember the cool breeze, natural beauty of the nature, the beautiful conversations you had with your loved one's and the stories you lived through.

If you want to experience all this stuffs without regretting later better shut down the darn phone.

9. Stay away from negative people and habits

​Habits make or break people if you are someone who's mind is ingrained with negative thoughts and ideas there's a big probability that you too might become one of them. Its better to avoid such people and not let their negativity touch you.

Negative people will always speak negative, of course you can do one very good thing as we discussed above the act of kindness.

Try to change them with your act of kindness and generosity if they change and become like you its well and good. But even after trying if you could not change them its better to replace them and substitute them with good people.

If you are a teenager or any mid age person reading this post please follow my advice as negative people will always drag you in darkness so stay away from there company or you will regret few years later thinking "What If I could have..........?"

10. Forget the past and live in present

Not every one has a beautiful past at least not me. I have a terrible past behind me and that past is the inspiration behind my blogging career.

I took my past positively and today I am here, its all about how you look at things. You will reap positive outcome only when you look at things positively even when in reality they are negative. 

If you really want to position yourself at the edge of success and glory you must learn to acknowledge and accept your current situation, adapt to it, learn from it and success will be at your feet.

What you must not do is holding on to the past, its never the ideal solution because time flies, it never stops and when you hold your past in your palms the day you open it, you will have nothing and you will be left only with regrets, resentment and frustrations all over

11. Never giving up great things take time

When the going gets tough the tough gets going follow this mantra for success and nothing in this world will beat you. Many people say I failed, I failed, I failed but I say there are no failures, there are results. 

You tried once you failed, try again and again and again until you succeed don't focus at the results graph, focus on the graph of perfection.

If things do not unfold the way you expected it doesn't mean you are unlucky, it means a little extra effort is required at your end, just apply that extra effort in stead of crying over your failures and believe me you will be astonished with the results and more importantly you will be able to fulfill your dreams even better than you ever imagined.

12. Give up your lazy attitude and look up high towards your goals.

Nothing in this world can be achieved without working hard and if you are a lazy person things will be even more tough for you. I have seen people making plans and strategies, but only few execute them in reality - Why is this?

Its because of the lazy attitude and self developed habits of procrastinating and delaying things which actually leads you nowhere.

Guys its very easy to dream and wish in our prayers for it to come true. But in the real world dreams don't come true with hopes and prayers. 

In order to manifest your dreams into reality you must learn to develop a backbone not a wishbone.

Take responsibility of your deeds and your life if you really want to achieve success in the real world because the world doesn't owe you anything, but you definitely owe the world something.

So before lazy attitude turns into regrets and failures look high up towards your goals and do all that it takes to grab it.

These are 12 important choices you will regret in 8 years from now if not implemented positively in your routine life.

If you have read this post till here I must say you are really serious about your life and dreams.

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I will stop here hope you have a beautiful life and a beautiful family do share this post with your friends, family and other stressful and hardworking people in the world who are desperate to get success and peace in their life.


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