February 16, 2021

The Role of Sex For Women in Relationships – Every Women Should Read

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Is sex that important for women? Join us to find out about this as well as many other things you may have wanted to know but didn't know who to ask!

The fact is that women rarely talk openly about their sex lives! And when they do, it is mainly focused on men and what they want!

But, what about women’s sexual fantasies, desires and pleasure? What is the role of sex in the lives of women? This is what we are trying to find out in this blog post.

The thing is as we are living in a patriarchal world everything revolves around men and their needs and wants!

It is the same when it comes to sex. As women, you are led to believe that your purpose is to give men pleasure.

That, on its own, should be enough to please you, as well. So basically, for heterosexual women role of sex in a relationship as perceived by society, doesn't imply a woman's authentic desire.

But the thing is that there is much more when it comes to the role of sex in life and love, for women, that this world is willing to accept.

What I mean by this is, while undoubtedly sex is important for men, it is as equally as important for women.

To be satisfied with the relationship, sex needs to be enjoyable and pleasurable for women.

It is not to say that good sex life is the only thing that matters when it comes to having a happy relationship, but it is without a shred of doubt a very important one.

Sex is that special spice in the relationship that makes it stronger and more profound. Besides that, sex promotes the production of various hormones that make us feel satisfied and full of energy.

Of course, this doesn't mean that it is necessary to always have sex with your partner.

Sometimes, you had a hard day or week at work, or an argument with your friends and partner, and you don't feel like making love.

Sometimes, you are simply not in the mood for it – after all, you are not machines, right.

In general, sexual desire fluctuates over the years for women, and you can have highs and lows depending on what is going on in life. But there are other things at play that can cause low libido, such as pregnancy or menopause.

If the lack of sexual desire persists, it is important to figure out what is going on, since this can help solve the problem.

That is not as easy as it sounds sometimes, so we discussed this issue with experts to understand what's the role of sex in relationship for women.

Additionally, we wanted to know what is needed to make sure to have a healthy and memorable sex life.

The Role of Sex for Women.

Ah, there is another answer that you will get when you ask people what's role of sex in the life of women.

Besides the thing we talked about – giving pleasure and enjoyment to men, the majority will tell you that it is to have children.

If you don't want to stick to old, patriarchal lines of thinking that a woman's roles are only to be a mother and satisfy a man, you need to dig deeper and understand what’s role of sex in love for women.

The majority of women see sex as the deepest form of love, and when their sex life is stable they feel connected to partners at a most profound level.

You know, when we are talking about the role of sex and gender, we believe that it is safe to say that unlike for men, sex for women is not only about orgasm.

Women focus on other elements of sex such as caresses, kisses, cuddles, etc., as much as on the sexual act itself.

Therefore, they don't fix the orgasm and don't cum as quickly as men, but let's face it women’s orgasm is more often than not much more powerful. 

Additionally, many women enjoy multiple orgasms.

The way how women express sexual desire and experience sexuality is very different from men's concepts.

Today we are going to discuss some of the things that show what is the role of sex for women and how it is different from everything you might have thought.

Sex in Marriage.

When it comes to the role of sex in marriage for women, we need to say that things that are happening outside of the bedroom affect to a great extent the quality of sex life.

In the case, for example, a wife is under the impression that she is emotionally distant from her partner, or that some issues need to be resolved, she has a hard time putting these things aside. 

Besides that, things she needs to deal with, that are not related to marriage can also affect sexual attraction. If she is having problems with coworkers, for example, can make her lose interest in intimacy.

Another thing that women have more obligations – they work, but also take care of children, do house chores, etc.

All of these things can often be too much to handle and lead to women foregoing their desire for sex even if it is not what they want.

An additional thing, linked to the role of sex in marriage life has to do with how she perceives herself. Society teaches women that they have to be attractive to men.

That requires a lot of time and money invested in various beauty treatments, beautiful clothes, hours in the gym, etc.

When you are a working mom, for example, it is not so simple to find time and energy for all of this.

However, if a woman doesn’t feel good about her appearance, and thus doesn't feel desirable, it is unlikely she will be interested in making love. 

Sex in Pregnancy.

Funny thing is that plenty of people don’t want even to think about the role of sex in pregnancy. Parents are usually overwhelmed with questions related to the baby's arrival.

There are so many things they need to consider, such as what to buy and prepare, how to make sure to do everything for the baby's wellbeing. Besides, there is also the realization that life won't be the same after the bundle of joy comes, etc.

Under these circumstances, it is logical that you don’t think about sex so much. On the other hand, pregnancy brings a lot of body changes, and one of them can be increased libido.

But truth to be told, one of the biggest things that can make women suppress their sexual desire in pregnancy, can be their concern that sex can harm the baby. 

However, it is necessary that there is a big role of sex during pregnancy and that it cannot hurt the baby in any way.

Making love while you are pregnant can increase your self-esteem, improve connection with your partner, strengthen pelvic floor muscles, etc.

Sex in Advertising.

Alright, when we are talking about women's sexuality, we need to talk about the role of sex in advertising and what it means for women.

You see, you might think that it is not required because nobody pays attention to advertising in reality.

But the thing is that advertising affects women in ways that you can't even imagine since wherever she turns, there is a commercial or two.

If you are watching TV, you will run into advertisements, same as if you are reading papers, surfing the web, riding on public transport, etc.

And in all this, women are represented as hyper sexy, hyper sensual, etc. Advertising sends a message to women that they have to be attractive and please 'their man'!

More than having to look in a certain way, which is a product of male fantasies, they also have to do things to show to a man that the most important thing is to be desirable for them. 

And while a lot of women don't have a problem using sex toys like the best flesh light sleeve, it doesn’t mean that they will do everything men imagine.

Another problem with sex in advertising is that it can adverse effects on women’s confidence. 

It is quite simple when you think about it.

A vast majority of women don’t look like women from the commercials. The messages that they keep receiving make them think that this is what men expect from them.

Unable to meet that criteria they, of course, don't feel attractive and desirable. The last, but by no means the least, is that advertising reduces women to sexual objects whose sole purpose is to satisfy men.

Sex in Spirituality.

Although you might be lead to believe otherwise, the role of sex in spirituality is quite big.

For example, if you understand it adequately, the sexual connection is something that deepens the love and other elements that affect it and make it perfect. Sexuality and spirituality are strongly connected.

For example, let's think about making love outdoors – it makes us kind of feel that we are linked to plants, ground, animals, and to an extent the entire planet and universe. This makes us even more connected with each other as well. 

On another hand, this idea that we are intimately tied to others and that we are living in interconnectedness and harmony can lead to the idea that sex has some kind of divine quality.

It can be a problem because a lot of women who start feeling this way stop using protection.

Plus, studies show that spiritual women have more partners, and have sex more often than those who are not spiritual.

It somehow turns out that spirituality affects women in a way that traits such as openness and mindfulness become more noticeable.

Sex Education.

Now we come to the highly controversial topic – the role of sex education. Some people are horrified by the idea of talking about sex and sexuality in schools or in general when it comes to young people. 

They believe that young brains shouldn't be bothered by issues like this and that they will learn everything they need when the time comes. But this is a quite conservative, and to an extent male-centered approach.

On the other hand, some other people think is the role of sex education in schools is critical when it comes to the prevention of sexual violence, understanding the concept of safe sex and consent, etc. 

The thing is that we do live in a misogynist culture that doesn’t give much consideration to women in general, let alone when it comes to sex, as we mentioned.

The idea behind the importance of sex education is to make teenagers understand that women must be treated as a subject of her autonomous desires in sex, as well as in life in general.

It also allows young women to understand how important it is to do whatever it takes to protect themselves. But moreover, it teaches them to value their body and their autonomy.

In general, we can say that the introduction of sex education in schools is one of the essential steps towards gender equality, and, as such, is quite useful for women. 

Final Word.

So here we are at the end of our blog post about the role of sex. As we mentioned earlier, keep in mind that sex is essential, but this doesn't mean that it is everything.

Many other things are required for women to feel good in a relationship, and they are all equally important.

It is necessary to remember, however, that sex makes us feel deeply connected with our partners.

That's why it is important to have sex regularly even if you are feeling tired from work.

I will stop here but if you loved reading this article you'll also love this special video presentation below.

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