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Secrets to Build Successful Long-Term Relationship With Man

For a successful long-term relationship with your man, it does NOT always have to be ‘passionate’ and ‘exciting’.Many women have a moment of self-examination at some point in relationships and

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How to Emotionally Connect With a Man To Keep Him Closer

If you want to make a man chase you and have a lasting relationship, he needs to evoke that deep, intense feeling of emotional attraction. In other word you need to know how to emotionally connect with

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How to Give Him Space And Not Lose Him (4 Mature Steps)

Today’s subject matter is the inimitable, unconquerable, entirely COMMONPLACE male need for SPACE. In other words how to give him space but not lose him.Alternative headline: ‘Was the Husband from

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7 Ways to Ensure a Smooth Transition When Moving in Together

Taking your relationship to the next level is an exciting time for you and your partner, but you are likely to face some challenges along the way.Moving in with your significant other is one of the biggest

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what is love definition

What is love definition In A Relationship

What is love definition? Can you define if somebody asks you, you will be confused to answer it even though you know what love is. You will find difficult to answer as it is the most difficult question

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broken heart love quotes

How to get over someone you still love

 How to get over someone you still love? Everyday around us you see people fall in love and fall apart. It is a continuous chain in the universe which cannot be changed. When your heart breaks the one

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how to be happy alone

Tips On How To Be Happy Alone

How To Be Happy Alone You must have found hundreds of articles on how to be in relationship, how to love, how to build good marriage or relationship and many more. But you will hardly find any tips on

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signs you are not in love anymore

Signs you are not in love anymore

Signs you are not in love anymore As we grow up in life we are taught that being in love is the best feeling in the world. It is natural and spontaneous, you will feel it when it happens, the feeling

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