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9 Proven Ways To Get Your Husband Interested in You Sexually

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how to get your husband interested in you sexually

Getting a man interested and involved sexually is no easy task, especially when he has lost interest and started to drift away from you.

If your husband isn’t being interested or responsive sexually, then it can be very hard to get him back into the sexual arena.

It can even be devastating for both of you who are in a romantic relationship.

There are two reasons why men lose interest or become unresponsive; they either feel disconnected with their partner, that their needs are not important, or have been exposed to pornography that has affected their view on sex and women.

This is What You Need To Do To Get Your Husband Interested in You Sexually?

If you want to regain his interest, here is what you need to know!

#1. Take the initiative for sex.

The first thing you must do to get your husband interested in you sexually by taking the lead in getting him more excited about having sex with you.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you should initiate the action, but if you don’t, he will think that he is doing all the work and you don’t care enough to make things happen.

The idea is to move your body in ways that excite and seduce him by touching yourself and making subtle gestures like moving your hips.

When he sees you doing something new and exciting that turns him on, he will start thinking about how much fun it would be for you to engage in some sexy behavior together.

Try wearing clothing that you love and dress up nice each day after he leaves for work to attract him physically. This can reignite your romantic relationship with him and boost husband sexual drive.

#2. Be his sexual masseuse

If your husband has already decided to lose interest, it may help to remind him of how good it feels to have an orgasm and enjoy the benefits of sexual release.

Tell him how this releases tension, relieves stress and strengthens the immune system. Remind him how relaxed he becomes afterward, and also let him know that there is nothing better than relaxing after sex.

A sexual massage can help a lot because you can touch every part of his body without using any force.

You could use only your hands and fingers, or try using a feather or soft cloth. Even just giving him a foot rub can stimulate him if done right.

Also, get your husband in the mood by wearing sexy lingerie to attract him physically.

Ensure that everything is clean before you go, and show your husband how great it feels when you give him a sensual massage.

Try different techniques and see which one works best. Remember, anything goes as long as it arouses him and increases husband sexual drive.

Give him oral sex the perfect way

#3. Give him oral sex.

Get your husband interested in you sexually by giving him oral sex. Oral attention is an essential component of a healthy sex life, so you should spend some time showing your husband how much you love going down on him.

Start with light kisses and gentle nibbles while caressing his face until he gets turned on.

As his arousal increases, begin to lick and suck on each of his sensitive areas – neck, ears, nipples, belly button, etc.

Once he responds favorably, add variations such as licking his perineum, sucking his toes, kissing his penis and balls, stroking his testicles and thighs, and fingering his anus.

Be creative in your efforts to get him turned on and attract husband sexual desires.

Remember that oral stimulation can be extremely satisfying for him since it helps him achieve climax and gives him pleasure during intercourse. This can help solve your sexual problems.

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#4. Keep instilling ideas in his mind.

Get your husband Interested in you sexually by feeding his mind with sexual ideas.

You don’t always need to be explicit with your husband regarding your desires, but if you want him to keep thinking about sex with you, you need to communicate with your partner.

Let him know that you miss him, too. Your husband probably misses having you around as well, and he wants to reconnect with you emotionally and physically. Express these feelings by writing to him as this valuable for men believe me. 

Write letters that include loving messages, intimate photographs along pictures of the time you spent together.

He’ll appreciate receiving them and will find himself missing home more often as he receives your sweet words of encouragement.

However, don’t send suggestive photos to your husband if you want to avoid being accused of sending pornographic materials, particularly since this will ruin any chance at rekindling husband sexual desires.

#5. Help him relax to get him interested in you sexually.

If you’re trying to get your husband interested in you sexually, it stands to reason that you are making your sacrifices.

When this happens, it’s not unreasonable for a man to feel stressed out and anxious. To combat this problem, you might consider providing your mate with relaxation therapy 

For example, you could ask him to lie back and close his eyes. After doing so, you could gently stroke his head and shoulder blades. This move will stimulate his senses and awaken his nervous system.

Alternatively, you could ask your husband to lie still and breathe deeply. His exhales will help calm his emotions and leave him with a sense of peace.

These simple steps can be performed anywhere from 30 seconds up to thirty minutes at a time. They are also effective ways to promote intimacy between spouses who feel otherwise distant from each other

Many men will respond quite well to massage therapy if performed correctly. So even though getting your husband interested in you is difficult, it certainly doesn’t have to be impossible!

As long as you’re willing to make some changes in your behavior and put forth an effort, you’ll soon notice results.

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#6. Have a radical transformation in your appearance.

To win his heart and get him Interested in you sexually, you first must change certain aspects of your appearance to attract him physically. 

If you look overweight or unattractive, no amount of physical affection will persuade him into wanting to engage in sexual activities with you. Therefore, you must lose weight and take care of yourself.

Besides looking slim and attractive, one other important aspect of your body that needs improvement is the smell associated with your perspiration.

Try wearing deodorant, showering regularly, and keeping your nose clean. This will eliminate unpleasant odors which may irritate his olfactory senses.

Likewise, keep both feet dry when walking outside the house to prevent them from smelling strong.

It’s also wise to use a hairbrush rather than combing your hair because the bristles catch more dirt than the soft material found on combs.

Men tend to enjoy females who possess a light fragrance. Once your odor has been eliminated, it should act as the aphrodisiac for your spouse.

Surprise him while taking a shower

#7. Surprise him while taking a shower.

A sexual sensation in the shower is unique and exciting for both sexes. Get your husband interested in you sexually by using scented products such as bath oils and bubble baths to get your husband in the mood. 

One great way to get started is by pouring a little bit of shampoo into the palm of your hand.

Slowly spread the substance throughout the inside of your arm until all of its particles wash down your torso.

Now place your hands under the cold water stream of your shower and begin caressing your entire body. Another alternative would be to get him excited by performing oral sex during bathing time.

Begin sucking on his nipples and slowly moving further downward towards his penis. However, don’t forget about the rest of your body, including the bottoms of your feet, breasts, neck, and face.

Don’t just focus on those areas because they are already being stimulated through direct contact.

By incorporating these suggestions, you should find yourself able to seduce husband into having a sensual experience in the shower.

#8. Flirt with him via text messages.

While talking about sex isn’t always the best option to seduce husband, there are times when a verbal conversation won’t cut it.

You could tell him how much you want to do something sexual with him, but don’t expect anything concrete to happen.

Instead, send him text messages that display your desire to be intimate. Ask him what he is thinking about as you wait for him to come home from work. 

Furthermore, tell him exactly why you’d like to spend some quality time together tonight.

Tell him how sexy he looks and how you cannot stop staring at him. Also, let him know that his lovemaking techniques are driving you crazy. 

Send him a message every day to get your husband interested in you sexually. All that matters is that you are showing interest in his well-being. Eventually, this may lead to a passionate night together.

#9. Discuss your sexual life with husband.

It doesn’t matter if you’re married or not; getting involved in an open discussion to talk about your sexual experiences can be highly beneficial.

Just remember to avoid topics that can make others uncomfortable. For instance, if your goal is to discuss any specific fetishes, fantasies, don’t mention that topic. 

Instead, explain that you’d like to go on a date with someone new soon and ask whether or not he wants to accompany you.

If your husband expresses interest, think of a fun and romantic location where you’ll enjoy each other’s company. Discuss your sexual problems and try to resolve them together instead of getting distracted by different issues.

This will allow you to become comfortable sharing your desires. As previously mentioned, communication between partners is key to building a strong relationship where trust can flourish. 

So take advantage of this opportunity to build stronger connections within your relationship.

Conclusion – How To Ger Your Husband Interested in You Sexually?

#1. My husband has no interest in me sexually?

First off, do not immediately assume that simply because your husband hasn’t initiated physical affection with you lately, he does not have any interest in pleasing you sexually.

Men often need more time to warm up to a new activity.

If you’ve been putting in plenty of effort, yet your husband still is not displaying signs of attraction, then it might be time to explore other options to keep things interesting.

#2. How can I increase my husband’s desire?

Try starting with simple activities like kissing, cuddling, or even massaging your husband gently before moving on to more erotic pursuits.

Try experimenting with different locations for your romantic encounters; perhaps try a secluded spot in your bedroom where he can indulge in intimacy without fear of embarrassment or interruptions.

Remember that your husband needs time to grow accustomed to new sensations, so don’t force him into having sex with you too quickly.

#3. My husband hasn’t touched me in a month?

If months pass with your husband sleeping next to you without touching, then it’s understandable that he would feel somewhat disconnected.

However, if you find yourself in such circumstances, don’t lose hope just yet. It’s important to understand that most men require a certain amount of time to transition to a new idea of intimacy.

To help encourage your husband to initiate contact again, you could begin discussing subjects related to your sexual pleasure.

I will stop here. I hope you loved reading this top guide on how to get your husband interested in you sexually. If you really enjoyed reading please do not forget to watch this special video presentation below.

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