May 5, 2022

How Long does The Honeymoon Phase Last? Woman’s Guide To Lasting Love

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How Long The Honeymoon Phase Last

How long does the honeymoon phase last? Can the honeymoon phase last forever? It's a question that's worth asking especially if you're a woman.

There are no feelings quite like the ones you get when you meet the man of your dreams and fall truly, madly and deeply for one another.

Every moment you spend together feels magical like a honeymoon phase, and in the time you’re apart, you miss each other fiercely.

Sadly, this feeling of honeymoon phase can be fleeting, and as time passes it’s common for those feelings to fade away. 

When this happens you may start to feel unappreciated or taken for granted, and what was once fun and intoxicating becomes chore-like and stale. In other words, complacency creeps in.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way, and with the right mindset you can make the spark you share in the early days of your relationship last forever.

If you follow these guidelines you'll never ever have to ask these question how long does the honeymoon phase last.

With these ideas you can make the honeymoon phase last forever more than just a chapter in your relationship.

Stop Complaining If You Want Your Honeymoon Phase To Last Forever.

Do you ever catch yourself in the midst of saying something, and wonder why you said it?

Are you guilty of speaking your mind without first questioning if what you’re saying will hurt or negatively affect someone?

Do you complain more often than not, or are you quick to jump to a pessimistic perspective?

If you’re hoping to keep the early day romance alive between you and your man, then it’s important that you start putting this age-old tip into play, and that’s to think before you speak.

This may sound like a cliché piece of advice, but the truth is that once couples become comfortable with one another, their boundaries and filters adjust and sometimes, disappear.

The things they would have never dared to say to or around their partner start slipping into conversation, and without noticing, their tone changes too.

Always Keep a Positive Attitude To Keep Romance Alive.

Consider this. Let’s say you had a terrible day at work. You felt like your boss was picking on you the entire shift, and no matter how much you focused on a task, you couldn’t seem to get it done as quickly as you had hoped.

This unpleasant combo has you feeling irritable and discouraged. Taking your crappy mood home with you, when you meet your man that night you’re snappy and full of sarcasm.

Every little move he makes you comment on, and before you know it you’ve serenaded him with sly insults.

In the early stages of your relationship seeing him would have made your entire day better, but now that you’re comfortable and used to his company, he’s getting the backlash of your rough day. 

Or, let’s say it’s a Friday night and the two of you head out to dinner and a movie.

Checking out a new sushi joint, after the waitress brings your tea you whisper to him it’s not very hot, nastily comment on her outfit and say she seems stuck up.

When the miso soup arrives, you say it’s too salty, and by the time your roll comes out he’s afraid to even ask you if you’re enjoying it.

After seeing the popular new blockbuster you go on a rant about how overrated it is, say that you could have written a better script and berate the actors.

Meanwhile, you don’t even notice all the cynical comments you’re spewing, yet all he’s seeing is a vicious side of you that he doesn’t want to get to know.

As tempting as it may be to take out your frustrations or unload daily annoyances on your man, don’t. Justified or not, this isn’t a pretty perspective for him.

The problem is that once you become comfortable in a relationship it can drastically affect the way you express yourself.

Since men are attracted to positive women, make a point to avoid complaining to and nagging him, and for heaven sakes, don’t be rude if you want the honeymoon phase to last forever.

Go On Dates To Keep The Honeymoon Phase Alive.

One of the biggest reasons new couples are smitten with one another is because their relationship is full of novelty and excitement.

A grand factor in these feelings is the fact they’re going on dates.

Since it’s normal for relationships to transition from hot and heavy to more comfortable and emotionally intimate over time, knowing how to avoid this scenario is crucial if you’re looking to keep your first year spark alive.

Why is Dating Important To Keep The Honeymoon Last For Long

Why is Dating Important To Keep The Honeymoon Last For Long?

In the early days of dating men and women make an effort to get dressed up and go out together.

They share their thoughts and stories with one another, and (hopefully) disconnect from all other distractions to spend quality time with one another.

It’s in these moments that they connect and form emotional bonds. In fact, researchers have found that since people have an innate desire to grow and experience new things, dating someone new gives you a means to do so.

However, once the novelty of that partner begins to fade, it can be easy to lose the spark.

That’s why continuing to go on dates and doing new and exciting activities together can keep the passion between you and your man alive and well.

It’s also worth noting that activities that are more exciting and stir up an adrenaline rush will create a more positive impact in your relationship than doing something that’s just pleasant or ordinary.

This means the more creative and adventurous you can get with your date ideas, the greater results you’ll see.

Pick a date night and come hell or high water, stick to it.

Even if this means you sometimes opt for a less adventurous activity together, like cuddling on the couch with a bag of microwave popcorn and your favorite movies, do so.

Setting aside time for each other is absolutely necessary if you’re looking to keep your spark alive.

Stop Fighting In Your Relationship.

Picture this. You arrive home after a long day at the office to find that every light in the house has been left on.

What’s worse is there are eggshells on the counter, dishes in the sink, and his facial hair covering the bathroom counter and dirty socks on the floor.

As justified as you are to comment on the state of the place, how do you so is important.

For instance, if this happened in the first few months of your relationship when the honeymoon phase is on peak you probably would have brushed it off, given him the benefit of the doubt (maybe he was late and rushing around), or at most, kindly asked him to clean up after himself.

After months of being together though, your politeness has gone out the window and inside your blood is boiling.

As he walks through the door, you bark, “WHAT THE F*** IS WRONG WITH YOU?! DO YOU NOT KNOW HOW TO CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF?!”

Feeling attacked, your man puts his guard up and yells back, “OH, LIKE YOU’RE SO PERFECT. I’M ALWAYS CLEANING UP YOUR MESS!”

What could have been a quick, causal request to tidy up has turned into world war three, and all of a sudden the two of you are hurling insults at each other.

Keeping your cool in frustrating situations is important if you’re looking to forever live in the honeymoon bubble.

Since it’s so easy for arguments to escalate once one person is feeling offended or hurt it’s important that you speak calmly and stick to the present issue.

Don’t dig at old wounds or bring up problems from the past; it won’t get you anywhere. 

Before reacting to an unpleasant situation, take a deep breath and tell yourself that whatever is upsetting you could be SO much worse.

Choose your battles wisely and when shit hits the fan (because it will), hug each other tightly and silently count to twenty. You’ll be amazed by the power of an intimate moment.

As much as the idea of being away from your lover may hurt, it’s beyond important that you have your own lives, interests and hobbies.

That’s not to say that you both can’t be a part of what the other one does and enjoys, but that space is key to a passionate, romantic relationship. 

The problem with spending all of your time together is twofold. First, is that in doing so you’ll run out of new and exciting things to share with one another and talk about together.

Second is that slowly but surely, you will get under one another’s skin. This is especially true if either of you neglect your old interests and hobbies.

Once you start missing the things you had going on in your life before getting together, you may start to resent your partner for it.

For instance, let’s say that you used to go to the gym every morning before coupling up, but have since traded in the treadmill for an extra half hour of morning cuddles.

After a few months you start to notice the impact it’s having on your body and begin to feel insecure and unhappy.

Even though it was your choice to not workout as much, you can’t help but blame your partner for it.

Or, perhaps you used to go on weekly nights out with your girl gang but lately have been putting them off to do other things with your man.

Once you realize how lacking your social life has become, you might feel like it’s his fault.

If you want to keep the spark alive between the two of you then you need not only avoid circumstances that could potentially make you bitter inside and towards one another, but you also need to keep your own personal life fun and exciting.

After all, he didn’t fall for you because you were boring.

Appreciate Each Other To Keep The Honeymoon Phase Alive.

A great exercise to keep the spark alive between you and your partner is to actively find one thing a day to appreciate him for, and to tell him.

For instance, maybe one day you thank him for making the bed, and the next you let him know how grateful you are for the delicious home cooked meal he provided.

Or perhaps you let him know that you appreciate his ongoing support and listening ear.

By making your man feel like he’s number one in your books he’ll be glowing to know he has you by his side.

The truth is that even though men don’t always openly say so, they crave appreciation, and recognizing the things he does for you, both big and small, will take you far and will encourage him to keep doing them. 

After all, there’s a reason why the two of you were so crazy about one another in the beginning, so keep showing him that same appreciation and you’ll be in the honeymoon phase for the long run.

Laugh Together To Keep The Honeymoon Phase Last Forever

Laugh Together To Keep The Honeymoon Phase Last Forever.

Laughter, it’s said, is the best medicine, and there’s a lot of evidence proving how good it is for us.

From reducing pain and blood sugar levels, to improving your job performance and restoring positive emotions, it’s a kind of magic.

Perhaps the most important result, however, is laughter’s ability to establish a sense of connection between two people.

In fact, some researchers believe that this is the most powerful quality of laughter.

Psychologist Dr. Jeffrey Hall, a professor of communication studies at the University of Kansas explains that playfulness between romantic partners is a crucial component in bonding: “Shared laughter, particularly, is an important indicator of romantic attraction between potential mates,” he wrote.

In regards to a sense of humor, he says, “It’s good to have humor, but it’s better to see it in your partner. And it’s best to share it.” If you’re looking to keep a sense of closeness and passion with your man then make a point to laugh together.

Whether it’s through recalling hilarious memories together, or coming up with inside jokes or comical routines, being open to showing your goofy, fun side is a huge part of being love birds.

To get you going and keep the honeymoon phase alive, here are some ways you can introduce laughter into your love life:

• When you see each other after work, have your own quirky routine to greet each other 

• Come up with teasing nicknames for each other Create your own way to kiss

• Watch comedy films and shows together

• Tell funny stories and include sound effects when doing so

• When things don’t go according to plan take a moment to realize that things could be worse, and laugh it off

There is nothing exciting about knowing everything you could possibly know about a person.

It leaves little to the imagination and can make interacting with them borderline annoying.

Instead of sharing every little thing about yourself, interests, dislikes, hobbies, past, etc., to your man, leave some things unsaid. This will let you feed him new bits of information about yourself in various situations.

For instance, let’s say the two of you are talking about travel stories and experiences.

By having a new story to share about a particular place or time, it will give him something new to learn about you.

On the other hand, if any time traveling comes up you share a story that’s been told, then he’s going to start to feel like he’s heard it all before, and may even find your tale boring or frustrating.

The key is to let him learn more about you over time and in different circumstances.

Since no one likes the kind of person who tries to top others’ experiences, or who takes over a conversation to talk about themselves, avoid doing so by asking if whatever it is that you’re about to share with him is relevant to the topic at hand, or if you’re oversharing for no good reason.

If you can make him feel like there’s always something new to learn about you it will keep him on his toes, your relationship fresh,  your fire burning and give you everything you want.

That is what the honeymoon phase is all about, so don’t be afraid to play the slow game.

A good exercise to keep him feeling like he’s still seeing you for the first time is to avoid getting ready in the same room.

For example, let’s say the two of you are heading to a nice dinner. Instead of doing your makeup in the bathroom while he grooms himself, find another room to do get ready in.

Only once you are completely dressed and ready to go let him see you.

Making him wait to do so will remind him of the early days of your relationship, and it’s sure to get his heart pounding.

To Keep The Honeymoon Phase Alive Put Effort In Your Appearance.

Once you’re comfortable with your guy, it’s normal to want to feel comfortable physically too.

What this usually translates to is sweatpants and a messy bun. This isn’t to say that your man loves you less for it, but if you want to keep the first year spark alive then it’s important to put an effort into your appearance. 

This doesn’t mean you have to constantly be updating your wardrobe, strutting around in high heels, or getting your eyebrows done weekly, but rather make it known that you care about how you present yourself to the world.

Not to mention that a man who comes home to his wife or girlfriend in flannel pajamas isn’t going to be as attracted to her if she was wearing a nicely fitted pair of jeans or a cute dress.

Even though he may be too nice to say so out loud, men want to be with women who put an effort into their appearance, even if it’s only for his sake.

However, the way you present yourself speaks volumes to your self-confidence and respect, so show him that he’s hit the jackpot with you by going the extra mile to look good and smell fresh.

You can also use your looks to your advantage. For instance, if you’re making a point to look good then you can bet that he will too.

The chances of him letting himself go are much less likely if you’re keeping up an appearance.

Also, showing him how attractive you are will keep him feeling lucky to have you, and may even stir up the kind of jealousy that will have him working hard to keep you.

After all, if he doesn’t keep wooing you, then someone else may come along and replace him. It’s also worth noting that your appearance is strongly impacted by your mental state.

This means if you want to be looking your best then it’s important that you take care of your own needs.

Whether this means treating yourself to a relaxing soak in the tub on a weekly basis, setting an early bedtime, or de-stressing in a yoga class, do whatever you need to keep your head clear and feeling sharp.

Keep Having Lots Of Sex To Stay In Honeymoon Phase For Long.

This one goes without saying, but there’s no denying that over time your sex life may start to wade.

Sometimes this happens when couples find themselves overwhelmed with hectic schedules and exhausted by the time they get home, and other times it happens when partners start to feel unappreciated or unattractive.

To keep your fiery passion burning it’s important that you make time to be intimate together and communicate with one another.

This doesn’t mean you have to have intercourse every night of the week, but rather that you make time to be intimate together.

From cuddling on the couch and spooning in bed, to trying out new sexual positions or acting out each others’ fantasies, make your sex life a priority.

If something is getting in the way or crushing your desire to be intimate, then talk about whatever it is that is bothering you.

Even if it’s an awkward talk to have, do so for the sake of your relationship.

Fluid communication is absolutely necessary in any romantic relationship, and even more necessary if you’re hoping to keep the first year spark alive.

You may find that your man has been the one pulling away from sex, and if that is the case then make a point to be the initiator. If he doesn’t respond how you’d like him to, don’t get angry or upset.

Instead, encourage him to talk about whatever is on his mind, and let him know that he can share his thoughts and feelings with you, free of judgement.

At this time you may also choose to share your own concerns regarding your sex life with him, but again, do so gently.

In order for couples to feel fully connected with one another it’s important that they feel cared for and loved.

Make it known that you have his back, and before you know it, the sex will return and your relationship will feel like early days again.

I will stop here. I believe you truly enjoyed reading this amazing guide on how long does the honeymoon phase last.

Before you leave I want you to watch this special video presentation and I am hundred percent certain you'll love it.

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